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关于”日常生活常用句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Common sentences in daily life。以下是关于日常生活常用句子的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Common sentences in daily life

1、The proof is in the pudding这个道理可以用在日常生活的各个方面。

2、Daily Life in A Perfumer Company. 在香水公司的日常生活。

3、Parents should always talk to their child, let his life fulfill with stories, songs and rhymes. 父母应该经常和孩子说话,让故事、 歌谣和童诗充满在日常生活中。

4、Learn how to use Chinese punctuation marks, use of Chinese radicals, learn Chinese words from the daily life dialogues and understanding sentence principles. 瞭解中文标点符号、部首使用、从日常生活对话了解中文造词、造句原则。

5、He wants to know something about your life in China. 他想了解一下中国中学生的日常生活。

6、"Zhe NP"is a kind of common structure in our life, it can exist as the form of sentence element , sentence and so on. “这NP”是日常生活中的一种常见结构,它可以以句子成分、句子等多种形式存在。

7、Parents should always make time to talk to their child, and fill his life with stories, songs and rhymes. 父母应该经常和孩子说话,让故事、歌谣和童诗充满在日常生活中。

8、You'll hear them all the time and you should be using them all the time as well. 你会总是听见人们在使用这个句型,你也可以经常使用到生活中。

9、And this, of course, is common enough in everyday life. 习惯化在我们的日常生活中随处可见。

10、Computers have become element of our everyday life. 电子计算机正垂垂成为我们日常生活的一部分。

11、Pig is a common animal which can be seen anywhere in daily life. 猪是日常生活中常见的动物,但在远古时期,却包含有丰富的文化现象。

12、Hard water is fine for many uses around a home. 在日常生活中,硬水的用途很广泛。

13、so as to get familiar with the everyday life there.作家每天去那村子,为的是想了解那儿的日常生活。

14、Mr. Mori said such cases were common in Japan. Mori先生说这样的例子在日本很常见。

15、Although shocking experiences deviating from routines do occur to the characters, they are nevertheless transient and finally subdue to the ordinary lifestyle. 那些人物也曾有过逸出日常生活常规的震惊体验,但这只是生活中短暂的插曲,他们最终都回归到惯性十足的日常生活的轨道之中。

16、In ordinary life, we tend to equate focus with concentration. 在日常生活,我们常把焦点等同于专心。

17、The Barthel Index (BI) and Stoke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement (STREAM) were used as standard measures for ADL and motor function. 以巴氏日常生活量表和中风复健动作评估量表作为评估患者日常生活活动和动作功能的测量工具。

18、Du Fu often writes daily life which little appears in other peoples poems, created many daily life images. 杜甫常常把前人诗中很少出现的日常生活题材入诗,塑造了许多日常生活意象。

19、Also another day to day difference: 还有一个日常生活中的不同点。

20、Duck and twist during your daily routine. 日常生活中练习扭身和躲闪运动。

21、Aerogel is also being used for everyday applications. 气凝胶也正在日常生活中得到应用。

22、I hope to have another some daily life terminologies. 我希望多一些日常生活用语。

23、I think you'll enjoy using "I like" in your daily life. 在日常生活中,你一定会喜欢上使 “I like” 句型。

24、Do you use table lamps in daily life? 你在日常生活中会否使用到桌灯?

25、The ability to use English in daily life. 运用英语文于日常生活中之能力。


26、So this oft repeated phrase makes the dairy people happy 看来这句经常被重复的小语真的能让人们的日常生活变得幸福

27、Music can release stress in our daily life. 音乐可以纾解日常生活中的压力。

28、 They waste a lot of water in their daily life. 日常生活中他们浪费很多水。

29、Digital clock in their daily lives the most common, the most extensive applications. 数字钟在日常生活中最常见,利用也最广泛。

30、All these humors are daily talks, which mean they happen in our daily lives. 所有这些幽默都是日常对话,也就是说他们发生在日常生活中。

31、Handholds are needed also during the course of everyday life. 在日常生活中,支撑点也是非常重要的。

32、As a case of "daily life" narrative in the Hundred years of history, Wang Zengqi pays close attention to pondering of their own regional "daily life" , and give "daily life" a poetic. 作为百年“日常生活”叙事发展中的个案,汪曾祺偏安于自己地域性的“日常生活”的玩味,赋予“日常生活”一种诗意。

33、And this is obviously a toy example but you could see the use of recursion in everyday life and in everyday use of language. 这只是个小例子,但在日常生活和日常用语中,递归的应用极为广泛

34、Everyday life is full of opportunities to establish loving connections with our kids. 日常生活中和孩子们建立爱的联系的机会俯拾皆是。

35、On the other hand, frostbite, an injury caused by freezing, is more common in everyday scenarios. 另一方面,冻疮——由严寒引起的损伤——在日常生活中更常见。

36、Encyclopedia of daily use went deeply into people's daily life, and became one guide to people's life. 日用类书则深入到民众日常生活中如老黄历一般成为民众的生活指南。

37、Capsicum is usually used for seasoning of foods in people's life, and it has sanitarian effect. 辣椒是人们日常生活中常用的调味品,具有保健功效。

38、Egg is one of nourishing foods in our daily life. 鸡蛋是人们日常生活中一种非常有营养的副食品。

39、However, in daily life, mother is usually considered the primary care giver, while father is much less involved in fostering the children. 但在日常生活中,母亲常常被认为是子女教育的主导,而父亲则被描述成养儿育女的局外人。

40、It began as just one of those niggling everyday frustrations. 灵感源于日常生活中常见的那些让人头疼的琐事。

41、Give some uses of expansion and contraction in our daily lives. 举一些我们日常生活中热胀冷缩的用处的例子。

42、Recent research indicates that ydreing is part of ily life. 白日做梦是日常生活的一部分。

43、Synchronically, schematization of experiences, typification of everyday communication, and enhancing non-everyday thinking as common sense, are three practical generative ways of everyday thinking. 从共时态来看,经验活动的图式化,日常交往活动的类型化,非日常思维的常识化,分别构成日常思维三条现实的生成途径。

44、In daily life, a wide range of festive activities, festive activities common marriage, have children, birthday, celebration, opening up a business. 在日常生活中,喜庆活动的范围很广,常见的喜庆活动有结婚、生子、寿诞、乔迁、开业等。

45、Someother use sentences that sound extremely old-fashioned or way too formal for daily life. 其他一些日常生活中使用的句子听起来要么极其老式要么又太正式。

46、It is often used suits, is the most basic clothing men's daily life. 它通常与西服搭配使用,是男士们日常生活中最基本的服饰品。

47、 They waste a lot of water in their daily life. 日常生活中他们浪费很多水。

48、Electromagnets are very useful in our daily lives. 电磁铁在日常生活中用处非常大。

49、Image enhancement ranges over numerous subjects. The most common application is digital photos taken in our daily life. 影像增强是一个非常广泛的领域,最常见的应用就是我们日常生活中的数位相片。

50、Based on information theory, some examples which reflect the principle of mutual information in daily life are given. 基于信息论,例举出了日常生活中的一些实例,体现出互信息原理在日常生活中的应用。


51、Korean "za" inducement sentences and Chinese Imperative sentences as the communicative style are frequently used in daily life. 韩国语“(?)”类共动句和汉语请求句作为交际语体,在人们的日常生活中使用得非常频繁。

52、The Barthel Index (BI) and Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement (STREAM) were used as standard measures for ADL and motor function. 以巴氏日常生活量表和中风复健动作评估量表作为评估患者日常生活活动和动作功能的测量工具。

53、One way he does so is by using vernacular motifs familiar from daily life in China or its recent past. 刘治治定义当代中国视觉语言的方法之一就是利用中国的日常生活中很常见或者曾经很常见的中国味的图案。

54、Obviously it is very convenient for plastic bags to be used in people's everyday life. 显然,这长短常便利的胶袋可用于在人们的日常生活中。

55、It also clarifies the relationship of mutual penetration and influence between daily campus life and non-daily one. 阐明了学校日常生活与非日常生活相互渗透、相互影响的关系;

56、In short, the aesthetic activity of tourism realizes human's aesthetic existence, perfect and sublimates human's free life by "stepping out" and "stepping into" human daily life. 一句话,旅游审美活动在“走出”和“走进”日常生活中,实现了人的审美化生存,完善、提升了人的自由生命。

57、The two formula could evidently improve the instrumental activities of daily living scale of ADL( P

58、With a accelerated pace of life in these days, gastrointestinal diseases become more common and recurring gradually, seriously impacting people's health and daily life. 在人们生活节奏加快的今天,胃肠道疾病日趋成为常见病和多发病,严重影响着人们的健康和日常生活。

59、Experts say getting children back into a routine - even an unusual one - is key. 专家认为,让孩子们回到日常生活,甚至是不平常的日常生活,是十分关键的。

60、The traditional education concerns only the non-daily life overlooking the learners' present life, especially their everyday life. 传统的教育目的观关注的是非日常生活,忽视了学习者的当下生活,尤其是日常生活。

61、Computers haudio-videoe be a compenent of our everyday life. 电子计算机正垂垂成为我们日常生活的一局部。

62、I used to practice Joycean sentences and punctuation. 我过去常常练习乔伊斯式的句子和断句方式。

63、Here are some clever uses for ordinary stuff. 这里介绍一些巧用日常生活小常识。

64、Stress is a normal part of life and usually comes from everyday occurrences. (英译汉)压力是生活中正常的一部分,来源于日常发生的事情。


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