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关于”冬天的小诗“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Winter's Poems。以下是关于冬天的小诗的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Winter's Poems


1、Dice the mushrooms, dried shrimps, preserved turnip, carrot and celery;


2、Stouter hearts that a woman's have quailed in this terrible winter.


3、Based on the field experiment conducted in 2004~2005 in Changping, Beijing, the effects of field rainwater harvesting on the soil moisture, physiology, growth and yield of winter wheat were studied.


4、Living deep in a Swedish forest, he had to take an hour and a half walk from the nearest train station—a trip that could take four hours during the winter, when the snow was deep.

我和因纽特人向导迪内斯(Dines Mikaelsen)乘一艘小船去看裂冰。 冬天他会乘坐他的由16只爱斯基摩犬拉的五米长小雪橇穿越冰盖。

5、I take a small boat to see the calving with Dines Mikaelsen, an Inuit guide, who in the winter will cross the ice sheet in his five-metre sled pulled by

16 huskies.


6、Hot and spicy but also has the sweetness and sourness of Tom Yam, with erfly -shaped pasta in it, the ingredient which makes this dish special and unique.


7、Some people saw symbolic value in the gold medal won by the Ukrainian women's biathlon team at the Winter Olympics, edging out the Russian squad.

8、Interpersonal relationship is not a matter of important but love. 3. 给我一个小太阳,在阴霾的冬日,驱走严寒。


9、The intergrowth stage is a key stage of the winter wheat and cotton relay intercropping, which is not only important for the crop growth and yield but also for the quality of winter wheat.


10、One winter day, a little boy was standing on a grate next to a bakery trying to keep his sless feet warm.


11、Cure speed is fast. The time of initial cure is only 5minutes also in summer, 8-10minutes in winter. After 30minutes, the strength up to 80%. Post cure for 24h.


12、Christmas Eve :this Christmas, now you and who have used the winter cold, but some memory always covered with a layer of snow.


13、No matter how terrible my day started, I always felt sunny walking home from Greta's house-even beneath the winter starlight.


14、The results also showed that the consumption of irrigation water under sub irrigation condition was obviously reduced, and the sub irrigation was propitious to winter wheat growth and yield formation.

Not only is it unbelievably cold while the emperor dad stands holding his egg all winter,it's also dark.


这个xx年来最冷的冬天里,河流和运河被冰封,通往某些 波罗的海 小岛的运输联系也中断了。

16、The arctic winter, the coldest since 1957, froze rivers and channels, and disrupted transport links to some islands in the Baltic Sea.


17、The most distinctive biological feature is the Leaf Area Ratio(LAR), it is higher in former phase and lower in later, and decline to its smallest around the period of Milky Ripeness.


18、The nuts were her food in winter, and when snow and ice came, she crept amongst the leaves like a r little animal that she might not freeze.


19、China will increase spending to pledge more than 333m mu (22.2m hectares) of winter wheat nationwide this year.


3. 给我一个小太阳,在阴霾的冬日,驱走严寒。

20、Interpersonal relationship is not a matter of important but love.

21、Average winter temperatures hang around -58 degrees Fahrenheit in Oymyakon and only about 500 people brave the cold to call the town home.冬天,奥伊米亚康的平均温度为零下58华氏度(零下50摄氏度),只有大约500人生活在那个寒冷的小镇上。

22、The main reduction factor of wheat yield was waterlogging. 80 percent of reduction in wheat yield (rate above 结果表明,渍害是冬小麦减产的主要因素,淮河以南区域冬小麦减产率)10%的情况有80%是渍害引起的。

10 percent) was caused by waterlogging to the south of Huaihe River.

23、Our hot beef noodles are home-made, good for this cold winter.我们的辣牛肉面是自家做的,适合寒冷的冬天吃?。

24、"Ding ding" before little bowl COINS issued the voice of the collision.“丁冬”在小碗硬币发出碰撞的声音。

25、RS-virus is short for respiratory syncytial virus which, in the winter months, is a common cause of acute bronchitis in small children.RS病毒是呼吸道合胞病毒的简称。在冬天,它是诱发小孩子急性气管炎的普遍原因。

英文句子26:,26、This was partly because of a plague of bark-beetles in its temperate and boreal zones, a record number of which have been surviving the recent mild winters.造成这种损失的部分原因要归结于温带和针叶林带里爆发的小蠹虫虫害,创纪录数量的小蠹虫撑过了最近这些个温和的冬天。

27、No matter how terrible my day started, I always felt sunny walking home from Greta‘s house-even beneath the winter starlight.每天,不管一开始怎么糟糕,从葛丽塔的小屋走回家时,即使是披着冬夜的星光,我都会感觉心情舒畅。

28、Three A small bird was way the way to fly to south to overwinter .三一只小鸟正在飞往南方过冬的途中。

29、When the winter came, we played catching birds in the snowfield, while in summer stealthily we went swimming and fishing in the brook with pals… All above, However, have already become a dream for me.在冬天的时候,可以在雪地里捕鸟; 而现在一切已变成梦境。

1、 夏季可以偷偷的与一群小伙伴在小河里畅游、钓鱼…

30、Also asked the audience, Chen heard in this film, the story of MengXiaodong not start after the shooting may be the film biography of Meng Xiaodong.也有观众问,听说陈凯歌因为在这部电影中对孟小冬的故事没有完全展开,以后可能会拍摄孟小冬的传记电影。

31、Through many years of survey and investigation of plot tests and high-yielding cultivation, the main stem stage, the basic seedlings and the fertilizer rate were studied.通过多年的小区试验、高产攻关与高产示范,对冬小麦不同栽培方法的冬前主茎叶龄数、基本苗和施肥量进行了研究。

32、This feather was picked up from the heath, the bird was not shot: we saw its nest in the winter, full of little skeletons.这根毛是从石南丛生的荒地里拾的,这只鸟儿没打中:我们在冬天看见过它的窝的,满是小骨头。

33、But I found that if one person took the shower first, the room could get a little warm, so every time I rushed to the bathroom first.我们搬到的这个浴室里只有一个水龙头的小公寓,在滴水成冰的冬天冲个淋浴室多么冷啊。

34、There are few farms, only small stores, and in the winter the power is frequently off in a snow storm and it becomes very hard to travel.有几个农场,只有小商店,在冬天经常关闭电源在暴风雪,它变得非常艰难的旅行。

35、The squirrels probably are getting ready for their winter hibernation.连小松鼠们估计都在准备过冬了。

36、The bulk density of PS was small and porosity was large, especially in winter wheat harvest time.PS的容重较小,孔隙度较高,在冬小麦收获期表现尤为明显。

37、Business in the small village usually slacken off during severe winters.严冬季节这个小村庄的生意常常萧条。

38、To get fresh air, so the sky bluer, and clearer water If I were an angel, I want to enter the fairy world, so that r little girl survived the cold winter to live happy life.让空气变得新鲜,让天更蓝,水更清 假如我是天使,我要进入童话世界,让卖火柴的小女孩活过来,在寒冷的冬天过着幸福的生活。

39、BaiDongJu to stop supporting work, villagers LiBiao also in BaiDongJu beauteous modesty persuasion, agreed to take three squads into the village.白冬菊对村民停止压服工作,李彪也在白冬菊的泼辣劝说下,同意带着三小队进村。

40、Tania had seen snow before but only very little as it mostly falls in the Dutch winter, when polar bears hibernate.塔妮亚以前只见过几场小雪,因为荷兰冬季降雪的季节恰好是北极熊冬眠的时候。

41、He sensed in, Levchenko a quick mind, and took a paternal interest in him, talking to him for hours on winter nights.他发觉列夫钦科头脑敏捷并象慈父般地关怀他,在冬天的夜里,两人一谈就是几个小时。

42、Any of various shrubs or vines of the genus Lonicera, having opposite leaves, fragrant, usually paired tubular flowers, and small berries.忍冬一种忍冬属的灌木或藤本植物,有对生叶,芳香的常成对的管状花和小浆果。

43、Transport costs are a small fraction of labor costs, but they are now rebounding from a vertiginous plunge over the winter.相对劳动力成本,运输费用所占比例很小,去年冬天大幅下跌,现在已有反弹。

44、That’s why a heated mug that can be used either via USB or 12v plug for the car is a perfect gadget to have this winter.所以,可以通过USB接口或汽车的12v插头来加热的电热杯,就是这个冬天的理想小装备之一啦。

45、Let me laugh Meng Xiaodong is the largest, most cried.孟小冬是让我笑得最多,也哭得最多的角色。

46、Accroding to climatic changing, the climate is unadvantageous for winter wheat production in Fujian, it pointed out the new plant division for winter wheat in Fujian.最后对福建冬种小麦种植区重新进行了划分,对福建冬种小麦生产布局提出了建议。

47、I train on small bouldering walls only. I usually train 冬天的时候,我仅在一些小的攀岩墙上进行训练,通常一周

4 or

5 times per week, maximum strength and also endurance (20-30 moves).


48、The tiles blank can be overlapped and stacked, but you should handle with care to avoid abrasion. Water and protect the tiles in 3-7 days. (It can be longer in winter).喷涂后的瓦坯放于通风干燥处晾至表面干即可进行重叠堆码,但需小心轻放,以防擦伤,三天至七天后即可洒水养护瓦体(冬天适当延长)。

49、Not only is it unbelievably cold while the emperor dad stands holding his egg all winter,it's also dark.整个冬天当帝企鹅爸爸站立着孵化它的蛋时,不仅天气异常地寒冷,天也是黑的。

50、Tania had seen ow before but only very little as it mostly falls in the Dutch winter, when polar bears hibernate.塔妮亚以前只见过几场小雪,因为荷兰冬季降雪的季节恰好是北极熊冬眠的时候。

经典英文句子51:冬天的小诗,51、All perch high in the canopy, with great views over the Lule? river, meaning you can catch the northern lights in winter, or watch wildlife p below through 24-hour summer days.每间小屋都高企在苍穹下,可以远眺吕勒奥河的风景,在冬天可以观赏极光,而在夏季每天24个小时里都可以看见树林里野生动物的踪影。

52、Migratory birds that winter in Africa, corncrakes are related to moorhens, coots and rails but live on dry land, mostly in Britain's western islands and in Scotland.长脚秧鸡为候鸟,冬天在非洲度冬,和黑水鸡、白冠鸡以及秧鸡有近戚关系,不过长脚秧鸡栖息在旱地,大部分都在英国西方的小岛以及苏格兰。

53、But we must make a provision for winter, or else we shall suffer from hunger, said the cat, and you, little mouse, cannot venture everywhere, or you will be caught in a trap some day.“我们得准备过冬的东西了,不然我们到冬天会挨饿的,”猫说,“至于妳嘛,我的小老鼠,哪里也不要去,我真怕妳会被什么老鼠夹子夹住。”

54、A small bird was way the way to fly to south to overwinter.一只小鸟正在飞往南方过冬的途中。

55、By using stepwise regression method, the linear regression model between NDVI and winter wheat yield was established, with the precision validated by the ground survey data.同时,采用逐步回归方法筛选建立冬小麦关键生育期旬NDVI与冬小麦产量间关系的估产模型。

56、In the next few days, comfortable family, including a joy, no one to see small mann, welsh lambasted comfortable home is Lord of the preference for sons, small, also very sad.在接下来的几天里,包括一乐在内的舒家人没有人来看小曼,李冬梅痛骂舒家都是重男轻女的主,小曼也很伤心。

57、The results indicated that nitrogen stress at tillering and turn green-jointing stage could reduce the yield of winter wheat, but had no effect at late stage;结果表明,越冬期和拔节期氮素亏缺对冬小麦的产量影响最大,后期缺氮对其产量的影响最小。

58、Seeds dressing with havmaline can increase seedling ratio, capacity of tillering before winter, 1000-grains weight and yield of winter wheat.骆驼蓬碱拌种能够明显地提高冬小麦的出苗率、冬前分蘖、千粒重和产量。

59、Also, don’t keep your wine somewhere it could freeze (an unheated garage in winter, forgotten for hours in the freezer).同样的,不要把你的葡萄酒保存在会结冰的地方(冬天没有暖气的车库,忘记了几个小时,就会结冰)。

60、Long long ago, there are lots of darks . They get ready for flying to southern. One of the dark get lost with their parents. It spend his life on his own. And then it get together with his parents.从前有很多鸭子,它们准备飞向南方过冬,有一只小鸭子与爸爸妈妈失散了,它自己度过了寒冷的冬天,后来它与爸爸妈妈团聚了。

61、Have a Break Every Couple of Hours - The air-conditioning units of most offices are set to simulate winter, minus the snow.每两个小时休息一下 ——大多数办公室的空调系统把温度调得像冬天一样,就差下雪了。

62、Boy friend play weighs small gesture is fairy tale in " the daughter of the sea " , cine tail changes a pair of legs, can appear to in the winter so scale.男朋友戏称小姿是童话里的“海的女儿”,一双腿是鱼尾巴变的,所以一到冬天就会冒出鱼鳞。

63、Owing to the higher cold resistance, autumn sowing may live through the winter like winter wheat, but do not need vernalization, and spring sowing can normally flower and fruit.由于这一类群小麦具有较高的抗寒性,秋播可以和冬小麦一样安全越冬,不同的是开花结实不需要经过春化;

64、Small sections of roads take a whole in year. then winter the road cracks again from all the salt sprayed on it. so repeat next year!一小段路修了一整年,到冬天一下雪,撒上盐后路又坏了,很好,来年接着修。

65、The effect of Rhizoma Pinelliae, Rhizoma ET Radix Notopterygii, Radix Aspadagi and Cortex Meliae, on the aggregation of platelet, with ADP and collagen as inducing agents, was studied.以ADP、胶原为诱导剂研究清半夏、羌活、天冬、苦楝皮对血小板聚集性的影响。

66、In order to make the small winter more close with my mother, old Pete take little winter mother back to my live, mother and daughter make more for them to get along with.为了使小冬跟妈妈更亲近些,老皮特意把小冬妈妈接回自己家住,为他们母女俩制造更多相处的机会。


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