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关于”描写大象“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Describe the elephant.。以下是关于描写大象的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Describe the elephant.


1、This book is awesomely detailed, ingeniously plotted, judiciously gory, and fantastically imagined. If you haven't read it, you've never had the creeps.

正如您可以看到的,WSIF 的 API 由以 WSDL 编写的抽象服务描述驱动;它完全从实际使用的绑定中分离出来。

2、As you can see, WSIF's API is driven by the abstract service description in WSDL; it is completely divorced from the actual binding used.


3、Writing is a big problem in Chinee teaching in universities and many teachers has found that many masons contribute to this phenomenon.


4、Until the 20th century, most paintings were representational. This means that artists" represented" their subjects in a way that was realistic and recognizable.


5、Firstly, this article makes an approximate description for present situation of modal particle research in Linli dialect.


6、“The elephants are so frightened by humans that they will not drink, ” Mark wrote.


7、De Grebber preferred historical subjects and depicted them in large paintings for private homes and also altarpieces .


8、Chi Li majority of works take female as written object.


9、I prefer abstract to realism.


10、The king says, "Feel the elephant and describe it to me.


11、Describing non-executable abstract processes.


12、SMIL (pronounced "smile") stands for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. It is an HTML-like language for describing audiovisual presentations. It is a W3C standard and is written in XML.


13、Case-sensitivity for database object names


14、Both the feeling and look of a hilltop town are portrayed in this dramatic image of La Morra, Italy.


15、The inverse contrast image is an image observed by the scanning electronic microscope.


16、The graph is used to represent geometry property and topology relationship of the image.


17、We describe the aspect category in the lexical meanings of concrete nouns and abstract nouns in Russian from the perspective of morphology and semantics respectively.

道格拉斯-汉密尔顿博士和他的夫人奥里亚共同撰写了两本获奖著作“在象群中”(xx年) 和 “为大象而战”(xx年)。 他们还拍摄了许多有关大象的影片。

18、Douglas-Hamilton and his wife, Oria, have co-authored two award-winning books, Among the Elephants (1975) and Battle for the Elephants (1992), and have made numerous television films.


19、The case-sensitive name of the schema into which the objects are to be restored.

描绘了以超越前作的充沛活力大显身手的鬼冢形象。 。

20、Describes the to surpass the previous play energetic spirits of the mound image.

21、How to describe the wave-particle duality of light?如何描述光的波粒二象性?

22、Federal object model and simulation object model was described, and federal member was judged with OMT.OMT描述联邦对象模型和仿真对象模型,判断联邦成员。

23、Some subjects saw an ad with a vivid description of the brand's “big white fluffy kernels.一些志愿者看到了此品牌的“又大又白的果仁”之类的形象化的描述。

24、The Yuhua's novel creation preliminary work take unfolds human's evil, the violence and the death as the main description object, its later period creates take exaggerates the misery heavily.余华小说创作前期作品以展现人的罪恶、暴力和死亡为主要描写对象,其后期创作以渲染苦难为重。

25、Imagination is a crea- tive power that is necessary for inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a build- ing, painting a picture or writing a book.想象是一种创造性的力量。 发明一个仪器,设计一件服装,设计一幢大厦,描绘一幅图画,写一本书,都必须要运用想象力。

英文句子26:,26、Czech-born French writer Milan Kundera's novels take the possibilities of exist for the subject, describe a lot of distinctive characters, and also involve much public image description.摘 要 捷克裔法籍作家米兰•昆德拉的小说以探讨存在的种种可能性为主题,塑造了很多个性鲜明的主人公形象,同时也涉及许多公众形象的描写。

27、Figures are abstract types that represent objects that can be drawn on a raster display.Figure 是代表对象的抽象类,该类可以通过光栅显示描绘。

28、The normal ultrasonography of the eye and the abnormal ultrasonography of various ocular injuries were described.本文描述了直接探查法在轴位扫描时所见正常眼B超声象图及各种外伤眼的声象图。

29、In practice, the vast majority of optical phenomena can be accounted for using the electromagnetic description of light, as described by Maxwell's Equations.在实践中,绝大多数的光学现象,可占利用光电磁描述,由麦克斯韦方程描述。

30、In scanning, the technique of using more than one vertical scan to reproduce a complete image.利用多次垂直扫描来重显一幅完整图象的扫描技术。

31、We cannot, except in superficial terms.恐怕不能,我们只能描述一些表面现象。

32、In 1983 Italian artist and designer Luigi Serafini produced Codex Seraphinius—an encyclopedia of an imaginary world , written in an imaginary language which has yet to be deciphered.xx年,意大利艺术家、设计师Luigi Serafini虚构了一个神奇的百科全书和难以置信的世界——Codex Seraphinius,书中描写的想象出来的语言至今仍未被破译。

33、The logic synthesis of VHDL language is a method that the description of higher abstract hierarchy is shifted to lower one automatically .VHDL语言的逻辑综合就是将较高抽象层次的描述自动转换到较低抽象层次描述的一种方法。

34、He was impressed by the war scenes, saying that this film describes something that Western people don't know about World War II.他对战争场面印象深刻,认为这部片描写了第二次世界大战里,西方人所不知道的一面。

35、They say that this ghost roof tile of Silla was made in the image of the Emperor Chiwu's face.据说这片新罗屋瓦上的鬼神是根据想象中蚩尤大帝面貌描绘的。

36、In addition to intense human interactions and nature imagery, Cather's work often comments on the arts-- on music, on painting, on all expressions of the impulse to create.除了人类之间强大的相互影响和对自然形象化的描写,凯瑟的作品也常评论艺术——包含音乐,绘画以及所有对创造冲动之表达。

37、Describe federal object model and simulation object model through OMT, judge federal member.OMT描述联邦对象模型和仿真对象模型,判断联邦成员。

38、That set of alternatives is then bracketed by case-insensitive word boundaries (\c\<\(...\)\>) to ensure that only entire words are matched, regardless of capitalization.这组待选对象随后使用大小写不敏感的单词边界括起(\c\<\(...\)\>),确保只有完整的单词被匹配,而不需要关心大小写。

39、It is significant for phenomenon of creations made by children at the turning of centuries.“低龄化写作”现象是世纪之交中国文坛的一大景观。

40、In reality, most of the time hieroglyphs were used for innocuous inscriptions or historical depictions.在现实中,大多数时间象形文学被用于相当无害的题字或历史的描述。

41、In fact, the classical Chinese novel on ghosts has its own unique personality and temperament, and has a distinct flavor of the times in Five Dynasties and Song.事实上,五代、宋时期的以鬼为描写对象的文言小说,有着其独特的个性与情趣,有着鲜明的时代气息。

42、If a write to an object is encountered while there is a previous write to the same object in progress, the previous write is invalidated.如果对象写入时遇到前一个对相同对象的写入正在进行,发生这种情况时,前一个写入是无效的。

43、The realistic and non-realistic problem was aroused after the emergence of western abstract art and only after that when people started to call the above mentioned as realism;写实和不写实的问题的出现主要是在西方出现抽象主义出现之后,大家才说之前的这些叫写实;

44、Portraying myriad pictures for Shunyi.描绘出顺义万千气象。

45、Likewise, using a gesture to indicate an object's size adds clarity to adescription.同样,使用手势来表示对象的大小也增加了描述的清晰性。

46、There were no rhinoceroses or elephants on the real battlefield, for example, and King Xerxes was more dignified and remote than his depiction in the movie.例如,在真实的战场上既没有犀牛也没有战象,薛西斯王也远非影片描写的那样庄重威严;

47、Like most virus scanners, ESET NOD32 has an option to create a list of specific folders, files, or filename extensions to scan under certain circumstances.象大多数病毒扫描器,ESET NOD32有选择创造了一份具体的文件夹,档案文件名或扩展扫描,在某些情况下。

48、Academy and Tony Award-winner Geoffrey Rush stars. Even though Gogol wrote about a mid-level bureaucrat in 1835 Russia, Rush says it feels like modern absurdist writing.拉什表示,尽管果戈里描写的是xx年俄罗斯中层官僚,但是这就象是现代的荒唐主义作品。

49、Concerning the poets' ways of image arrangement: unitary image, image of a figure of speech, descriptive image, symbolizing image, common sense image.按诗人选取及安排意象的方式,可分为单一意象、比喻意象、描述意象、象征意象、通感意象;

50、I can see that Mark has drawn an elephant on the ball and written, ‘Play Soccer, Don't Poach Elephants!’我知道马克在足球上画了一头大象,并写上了‘踢足球吧! 不要偷猎大象!’ 的宣传口号。

经典英文句子51:描写大象,51、The violence in Blood Meridian is richly described and deeply imagined.《血色子午线》中描绘了大量的暴力行为,并留给人以深刻的想象。

52、So, if Kayak Connect seems like a major change — which it is — Kayak downplays certain aspects of it.如果Kayak Connect看起来是很大的变化,这确实也是,Kayak对某些方面则有些轻描淡写。

53、Second is a survey on the realization of the features in aspects of structure and objects to describe.其次从构架、描写对象以及文势等三个方面分析了这一价值取向在汉赋中的具体表现。

54、You never want to outright lie on your resume, but you do want to paint the best picture of yourself.你一定不想在简历上全盘乱写,但你一定想要描绘出你自己最好的形象。

55、While he describes significant themes and creates distinct figures of times, Mao Dun shows much concern on the younger generation with a strong sense of social responsibility.茅盾在描写重大题材、塑造鲜明时代人物形象的同时,以一种强烈的社会责任感关注下一代,最能体现其儿童文学观的是他的三篇儿童小说。

56、Describe a restaurant you like(to go to)/ that impresses you.描述印象中你喜欢去的一个餐厅。

57、These can all be signs of dysgraphia.这些都是书写困难的迹象。

58、One feels its trunk and describes a snake, one feels its tusk and describes a spear and so on.一个摸到了象鼻子就把它描述成蛇,一个摸到了象牙就把大象形容成了一只矛,诸如此类。

59、Elephants are pictured at sunset in Addo Elephant Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth in South Africa on July 大象被描绘在夕阳的伊丽莎白港附近阿多大象加梅里瑟夫在南非xx月xx日到xx年。

1, 2010.

60、Also called tapa, the pieces are made by scratching or painting the designs.在树皮做的非织物布料上涂抹或描绘象征性或抽象性图案的设计。

61、The symbol of a Buddha's greatest enlightenment is the so-called enlightenment-elevation on the top of the head, described in old texts as that which emerges out of the head of an enlightened saint.佛陀的象征符号是最伟大的教化,所谓的启迪——上升到头顶之上,古老的文献描写着,浮现在头之外的是一种神圣的启迪。

62、Every word, every image used for God is a distortion more than a description".任何描述上帝的词语和画象,它们不只是一种描述,也是一种扭曲。

63、The ancient character for the word "big" described a man standing facing the front, with feet and hands wide open.古体的大字描摹的是一个正面站立,岔开两脚张开双手的人的形象。

64、But we would need space rockets using techonology from sci-fi series Star Trek to help us reach hospitable planets orbiting other stars."但是我们需要借助太空火箭才能到达其他星系的行星上去,就象科幻小说<星球大战>中所描写的那样。"。

65、These questions –which on the face of it seem like bloopers, as they are called by film buffs –actually invite you further into the world of the novel and the time it was written.这些问题表面看起来象漏洞,就象电影里的穿帮镜头,而实际上,会让你更加深入到小说的世界里和小说描写的年代中。

66、Caption :Four-month-old Asian elephant calf Luk Chai plays with a football in his enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.描述:澳大利亚悉尼塔龙加动物园,四个月的亚洲小象鲁克·柴在圈里玩足球。这只小象的妈妈通迪,以前是曼谷街象。

67、In this regard, the author of the book carefully observes the Chinese grammatical phenomena, laying emphasis on description as well as explanation.后一方面,主要表现在对汉语语法现象观察得非常细致,重描写而不轻解释;

68、If conscious exists, it is a sort of conceptual existence, only describing the abstact and virture function of brain.只是用来描述大脑的抽象虚拟的功能。

69、To avoid losing references to objects, threads that have not been scanned yet during a GC have the barrier track both the overwritten value and the value being stored.为了避免丢失对象的引用,GC 期间未被扫描过的线程让屏障跟踪重写值和存储的值。

70、Normally we would use bright colors to paint that future, using imagination, energy, and hope.我们一般会用明艳的颜色描绘未来,用我们的想象力、能量和希望去描绘。

71、Bolter again: Our culture is itself a vast writing space, a complex of symbolic structures…伯尔特写道:我们的文化本身是一个大的书写空间,一个象征性建筑的复杂群落…

72、Tracking coefficient, defined as the correlation between follow up BP Z score and initial BP Z score, was described "tracking phenomenon".用追访血压Z值与初测血压Z值的相关系数描述轨迹现象的大小。

73、In folklore, folk customs should not only be recorded and described, but also be explained.民俗志不仅要记录、描述民俗事象,而且要说明和解释民俗事象。

74、Qin Keqing is a character whose symbolism outweighs realism and structure significance outweighs image significance, hence a bond that connects the two worlds described in A Dream of Red Mansions.秦可卿形象是一个“镜像”,是一种象征,是“梦”的象征,是贾府走向自我毁灭的象征,是一个象征意义大于现实意义、结构意义大于形象意义的人物,是连接《红楼梦》中所描写的两个世界的纽带。

75、And communism propagandas are more likely to show that the leader, who is always a male, is much taller than the people.红色宣传也更倾向于把领导(必然是一个男人)的形象描绘得大大高于普通人。

英文句子模板76:Describe the elephant.,76、That was some, not too complicated, but hopefully understandable description of a whole area of biology called signal transduction.这些并不复杂,却有希望描述清楚,生物学领域一大类现象,称为信号转导

77、"Art is like" When refers to the existence of this specific Motif or spirits for the art objects depicted.“具象艺术”当指以这种具体存在的物象为母题或描绘对象的艺术。

78、Ultrasonographic features of bladder tumor were described.文中对膀胱肿瘤声象图进行了描述。


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