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关于”悼念逝者“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Tribute to the dead。以下是关于悼念逝者的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Tribute to the dead


1、Eulogy is the unit (group) representative at the memorial service for those who expressed his deep condolences over the death of his speech.


2、In Japan, the focus will be on honoring the dead, and moving on with life.


3、There are "a few days of acute upset and then a much longer period of the longing, the tearfulness.


4、Let's mourn for the dead in "5.12" earthquake and let peace be with them.

5、May the victims rest in peace, May the survivors come up stronger(生者吧,死者怎么坚强)

灵堂里面聚满了死者生前的亲友, 大家都怀着悲痛的心情悼亡伤逝。

6、The mourning hall is crowed with relatives and friends of the deceased. All people are mourning the death.


7、In Massachusetts at a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches.


8、His passing will be mourned by many people.


9、Candles flickered in the night as thousands of Elvis Presley fans filed silently by his grave in Tennessee, Monday, marking 33 years since the American icon died.


10、At Hanshan Middle School in Anhui, students flew 512 lanterns to commemorate the victims.


11、Two squares evoking the footprints of the WTC towers, the pools were not nearly big enough to accommodate the flowers and photos that mourners placed on them.


12、She conveyed her condolences to the millions of victims of the earthquake that struck China and the powerful cyclone that ravaged parts of Burma.


13、In Moore, Oklahoma, the first of many funerals and memorial services is held today for those who died in Monday's massive tornado.


14、Women mourn and gaze up at the entrance of the damaged building.


15、He was joined by survivors of the attack at a ceremony honoring those who died and were injured while working for peace.


16、I mourn for my love, I'll be chief mourner .


17、Tributes have been flooding in from around the world following the death of the Czech Republic's first President, Vaclav Havel.


18、A memorial service is planned at Pomona College.


19、Lamenting the dead children of the air.


20、Mourners attend a mass celebrated in the cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Wroclaw, Poland Saturday, April

10, 2010.

21、Give something that will live on. Consider skipping the flowers. Perhaps share a memento, or make a charitable donation to honor the deceased.送一些能够延续下去的东西。不妨跳过鲜花,也许可以分享一本纪念册,或者做一些慈善捐款来悼念逝去的人。

22、In the United Kingdom after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997英国人悼念xx年皇妃戴安娜的去世。

23、The pastor began his eulogy. It was a tribute to both Dad and the dog who had changed his life.牧师开始念颂词,悼念爸爸和狗改变了他的生活。

24、But Victoria never stopped mourning her beloved prince, wearing black until her death in 1901.但女王从来没有停止悼念她的爱人。 她一直身着黑衣,直到xx年逝世。

25、Come mix & mingle with Denver’s top IE6 mourners.来和丹佛的IE6悼念者们聚会下吧。

英文句子26:,26、People visited and put the petals into the ship under the sea to mourn for the martyrs.人们在参观的时候悼念殉难者,将花瓣撒向海中的沉舰。

27、In it he found a group of mourners assembled in the east Room of the White House and upon inquiring who was dead, he was told that it was President Loncoln.在梦中,他看到一群悼念者齐聚白宫东厅,他询问死者是谁,人们告诉他,死者是林肯总统。

28、Nobody is perfect. A eulogy, however, should not focus on the deceased personâ s weaknesses, but on his or her positive traits.没有人是完美的,但一篇悼词不应该着力讲述逝者的缺点,而应该多讲讲他的优点。

29、Uma pequena homenagem a uma grande banda.小悼念一个伟大的乐队。

30、Last week, the world mourned the loss of Norman Borlaug, the agronomist credited with saving as many as a billion people from starvation by introducing high-yield crop varieties.上周,全世界悼念了Norman Borlaug的逝世,这位农学家被誉为通过推广高产作物品种从而拯救了数以十亿的人们的生命。

31、It mourns the loss of a friend of Milton's from Cambridge.它哀悼弥尔顿在剑桥的一个朋友的逝去。

32、I sat, and wept in secret the tears that men have ever given to the memory of those that died before the dawn, and by the treachery of earth, our mother.我坐下来,暗自哭出了泪水,这是人们为悼念黎明前逝去的人都流过的泪。 逝者被险恶的大地夺去了生命,大地是我们的母亲。

33、Funerals should not only serve to memorialize the dead, but also to give hope to those they`ve left behind.葬礼不该仅仅是为了追念逝者,还要给予生者希望。

34、Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the two boys.上千悼念者参加了那两个男孩的葬礼。

35、We were distressed to learn that your Chairman Mr Henry had died and are writing to express our deep sympathy.惊悉你公司董事长亨利先生逝世,特函致以深切的哀悼。

36、The mourners filed past the coffin.悼念者们排队走过棺材。

37、This is the stage where a person mourns the past.这是人们悼念过去的一个阶段。

38、The people mourned over the death of the president.悲悼总统的逝世。

39、Mourners walk into the service for Einstein, passing the parked hearse that carried his body from Princeton.悼念者们经过停在一旁的灵车走进灵堂,灵车里停放的是爱因斯坦的遗体。

40、In the Volga river, passing ships Ming flute, some passengers threw wreaths to the river to mourn the victims.在伏尔加河面,过往船只鸣长笛,一些乘客向河中抛下花圈,悼念遇难者。

41、Memorial services for the 80,000 people killed last year in the massive earthquake will be held across the country Sunday.周日,全国各地将召开追悼仪式,悼念于去年大地震中丧生的8万余人。

42、Gorbachev wipes away tears as he and fellow mourners pay their last respects to his wife Raisa in September 1999.xx年xx月,戈尔巴乔夫与其他悼念者向亡妻赖莎告别,戈拭去泪水。

43、Makeshift memorials like this one have appeared as the city mourns its loss.城市在悼念亡者,像这样的街头悼念形式出现了。

44、A makeshift memorial urges residents of Shanghai not to cry as they remember the fire victims and push for countrywide safety reform.街头悼念的招贴要上海人悼念亡者时不哭,推进在全国范围内的安全改革。

45、We lament (over) his death.我们哀悼他的逝世。

46、Today is the 62nd anniversary of Gandhi’s death.今天是甘地逝世62周年纪念日。

47、If this era is over, few will mourn its passing.如果这个时代结束,很少人会哀悼它的消逝。

48、During the ceremony, mourners watched a video message Yow had recorded for the funeral.在她的葬礼上,悼念者观看了凯姚事先为此葬礼而录制的视频。

49、His passing will be mourned by many people. 很多人都会哀悼他的逝世。

50、See pictures of people around the world mourning Michael Jackson.看全球人悼念迈克尔杰克逊的图片.

经典英文句子51:悼念逝者,51、Mourners laid a sea of candles and flowers outside the presidential palace in Warsaw to remember the victims of the plane crash that killed Poland's president, Lech Kaczynski, on Saturday.在周六,哀悼者在华沙的总统官邸前铺下蜡烛和花的海洋,以此悼念在飞机坠毁事件中遇难的波兰总统和其他受害者。

52、Clusters of lit candles flicker outside the presidential palace where mourners are still leaving flowers.总统府外烛光摇曳,悼念者还在那里摆放了鲜花。

53、Hundreds of firefighters gathered at the fire command post Friday to honor their fallen comrades.数百名消防人员星期五聚集在消防指挥站,悼念他们逝去的战友。

54、In Memorial of Lossen Souls Who Perished with RMS Titanic.悼念和铁达尼号葬身大洋的灵魂。

55、Some of the mourners divined in the dust the ghosts of those they lost.一些哀悼者虔诚地认为尘土中有逝去亲人的灵魂。

56、Today I mourn the loss of a dear friend.今天,我悼念我去世的一位好朋友。

57、Messages in memoriam hung on a picture of the Cheonan naval vessel in Seoul Tuesday.韩国海军天安舰纪念照片上贴满人们的悼念;首尔。

58、Much of the speech was dedicated to its core function: to commemorate the dead and comfort those in mourning.他演讲的中心思想就是:悼念逝者,抚慰生者。

59、Some mourners wrote inscriptions on the wooden barriers of the pools.有些悼念者还在水池旁的木框上写下话语。

60、And the birds of the air came near and mourned for Snow-white;天空着的鸟儿也来到附近悼念白雪;

61、Online funerals or burials would not retainthe ashes, but set up an online cemeteryand memorialize the deceasedby posting an obituary and funeral messages.网上葬礼不会保留骨灰,而是建立一个网上墓地,通过发布讣闻和悼念信息来纪念死者。

62、Once the funeral was over and we’d all offered up our condolences and gone back to our respective homes, rumors began to circulate.葬礼一结束,人们表达了对逝者的哀悼后,便各自回家了。 随之谣言也开始传播开来。

63、Mourners also gathered in Bikfaya, where Gemayel's coffin was brought to his family's home.悼念者聚集现在比克费亚,杰马耶勒的灵柩已经被送回他在比克费亚的傢中。

64、Street tributes went up from Paris to Karachi, from Moscow to Mexico City.街上的悼念者越来越多,从巴黎到卡拉奇,从莫斯科到墨西哥城。

65、Up and down the hard-hit northeast coast, families and communities came together to remember victims.整个受灾严重的东北海岸地区,家庭和社会聚集在一起悼念遇难者。

66、Many will pine again for such a strong leader, forgetting how such leaders punish the weak.许多人再次悼念如此一个强有力的领导者,却忘记了领导者是如何制裁弱者的。

67、Online funerals would not retain the ashes, but set up an online cemetery and memorialize the deceased by posting an obituary and funeral messages.网上葬礼不会保留骨灰,而是建立一个网上墓地,通过发布讣闻和悼念信息来纪念死者。

68、The citizens deplored the death of their King.市民哀悼他们国王的逝世。

69、Wang Can; Cao Pi; Cao Zhi; the sequence; associated poems; mourning ways;王粲; 曹丕; 曹植; 排列位置; 诗文交往; 悼念方式;

70、Church services to honour their memory were earlier held across the country, as was a two-minute tribute, with church bells and police sirens.在波兰全国各地,教堂为悼念逝去总统的礼拜仪式提前准备举行——鸣起两分钟的教堂钟声和警笛声作为敬意。

71、Tangshan mourns quake victims on 34th anniversary .唐山地震34周年,市民悼念遇难者。

72、Today, many wreaths are made from Rosemary as a symbol of remembrance.今天,许多花圈是由罗斯玛丽的象征悼念。

73、That was the chant from the mourners at a funeral in a Damascus suburb today.这是今天来自大马士革郊区一个葬礼上悼念者的口号。

74、A ceremony will be held at Ground Zero, where the twin towers stood, to remember those who died in the co-ordinated attacks on 人们将会在世贸双塔遗址举行悼念仪式,悼念那些在xx年xx月xx日的连环撞击中死去的人。

11 September 2001.

75、Family members mourned the loss of their loved ones at the World Trade Center.家属在世贸中心悼念死难者。

英文句子模板76:Tribute to the dead,76、Once again, I am so sorry for your loss.对你亲人的仙逝我再次表示哀悼。


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