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1、Odeon will now be showing Alice In Wonderland beginning March

5 in cinemas in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Austria.


2、And Chinese money prefers Chinese paintings and ceramics to Warhols.


3、Since the South Korean soap opera has entered China, gradually likes for the Chinese female.


4、WHO? British Assyriologist Henry Creswicke Rawlinson and Irish clergyman Edward Hincks


5、And that's how Labraid became High-King of Ireland.


6、ALS: OH! the king and the queen comes !


7、Established in 1998, Epson (China) Co. , Ltd. is headquartered in Beijing, being responsible for Seiko Epson's investment and business development in China.

列出了英国和爱尔兰共和国的20,000 余种课程及其内容。

8、Comprehensive listings of over

20,000 programmes in the UK and Eire including course content.


9、Incidentally, Chinese women also drink more whisky than their counterparts in the west.


10、If life is the flower, then love is the honey.


11、Love Without Borders, I love the people will bring me a lifetime of happiness.


12、And we are much bigger patriots than all you foreign compact car driving sissies !


13、Zhang Xiaoxiang was a famous patriotic poetry person at the beginning of the South Song Dynasty, and his patriotic poetry is important and unique in the history of poetry.


14、With a long civilisation, Dhina favours international exchange and loves world peace.

宗旨: 支持侨民爱国爱乡的理念,希望大家团结,同侨一家亲。

15、Purpose: Support for expatriates, love of patriotic overseas, hope everyone with a family together.


16、My personal interest is English and international news and events.


17、Love rules his kingdom without a sword.


18、In 1988, Kiam Bought the New England Patriots.


19、For my part, xiangqi. Maybe it`s because my girlfriend is Chinese.

20、Panda is one of the most lovely animals in China 熊猫是中国最可爱的动物之一

21、Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) will integrate their teaching in international development and also partner with the National University of Rwanda;都柏林大学圣三一学院以及爱尔兰国立都柏林大学(都柏林,爱尔兰),将整合其国际发展专业的教学并与卢旺达国立大学合作。

22、There are tens of million stamp hobbyists across the country.全国有数千万邮票爱好者。

23、In april this year , i joined iaeste china.今年xx月,我加入了爱因斯特中国。

24、Love rules his kingdom without a sword.爱,统治了他的王国,不用一枝利剑.

25、The article holds that national salvation is the historical theme of modern China's patriotism.本文认为救亡图存是中国近代爱国主义的历史主题。

英文句子26:,26、And propaganda is used at home to arose patriotic support for the illegally occupied territories.并在他们国内宣传非法占有领土是一种爱国行为。

27、Ireland is also called the Emerald Isle because of its rich green countryside. two political units:Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.爱尔兰因其葱翠欲滴的乡村景色,又称绿宝石岛。 两个行政区:北爱尔兰和爱尔兰共和国。

28、Raytheon remains dedicated to continuously improving Patriot hardware and software to ensure that Patriots can defeat all known and potential threats.雷声公司一直专注于改进“爱国者”的软硬件,从而确保“爱国者”能够应对所有已知的和潜在的威胁。

29、Patriotism itself is a necessary link in the golden chains of our affections and virtues.爱国主义本身是爱和美德组成的金链上必不可少的一环。

30、The first two islands comprise the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (or Eire )第一组的两座岛构成英国和爱尔兰共和国。

31、For instance, French president Nicolas Sarkozy loves fried wonton.如法国总统萨科齐爱吃炸馄饨。

32、And particularly these activities play a unique promoting role in cultivating the students patriotism, collectivism, dedication spirit, fraternity spirit, spirit of devotion to others, etc.尤其是对学生的爱国主义与爱校情怀、集体主义精神、奉献仁爱之心、社会公益之心、博爱乐群之心、并重自爱与利他之心,具有独到的促进作用。

33、Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, a city in Germany.爱因斯坦出生于xx年在德国乌尔姆,一个城市在德国。

34、Einstein was born in Ulm, German in 1879.爱因斯坦于xx年出生于德国的乌姆。

35、The coronation of King George I of Great Britain and Ireland took place.大不列颠和爱尔兰联合王国国王乔治一世加冕。

36、I only am an ordinary Chinese, perhaps in the partial person eye, I does not have what training culture, but I have a patriotism, a not bright magnificent patriotism!我只是一名普通的中国人,在部分人眼里,也许我没有什么修养文化,但是我拥有一颗爱国心,一颗并不灿烂辉煌的爱国心!

37、This country's affection is overwhelming and furtive.这个国度的爱势不可挡却又遮遮掩掩。

38、I have done much more patriotic work than him.我做的爱国的事比他多很多。

39、Chinese women have a glorious peace-loving tradition.中国妇女有着热爱和平的光荣传统。

40、Patriotism can turn into jingoism very quickly.爱国主义可以很快转变为沙文主义。

41、Ayre clearly aims to exploit the worldwide market.爱尔的目标是要开发国际市场。

42、Tim Burton's new film version of Alice in Wonderland will not be screened at Odeon cinemas in the UK, Irish Republic and Italy, the cinema chain says.蒂姆·伯顿的新版影片《爱丽丝奇境记》将不会在英国、爱尔兰和意大利的国宾影院上映。

43、The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland and Wales.联合王国也包括北爱尔兰和威尔士。

44、Weve often expreed our interest in investing in China.我们一直对在中国投资很感爱好。

45、Westerners like to borrow money to spend, while Chinese eat less, waste little and save for a rainy day, so their savings rate consistently ranks Number 西方人爱借钱花,而中国人则爱省吃俭用,未雨绸缪,故中国的储蓄率稳居世界第

1 globally.

46、We are all deeply moved by his patriotism .我们都被他的爱国精神深深感动了。

47、In fact, this love is mutual, because Kulthum also a very patriotic person.事实上,这种爱是相互的,因为库勒苏姆也是一个很爱国的人。

48、By having done so, he is an excellent, kind and patriotic minister.他能这样做就是一位优秀的部长、亲民的部长、爱国爱民的部长。

49、Young people between the two countries of statistic difference.中日两国年轻人的恋爱观差异。

50、Ireland was finally conquered by the English in 1603.爱尔兰终于在xx年被英国人征服。

经典英文句子51:爱国,51、Deployment in space, the Chinese painter Yunyan preference.在空间的布势上,中国画家偏爱云烟。

52、The purpose of the village is not only looking after the old Monks and even the lay Buddhists, but also serving the society. It is a very important parts of Ziguo Monastery's philanthropy.弥陀村的宗旨是爱国爱教,服务社会,是资国寺慈善事业的重要组成部分。

53、General Zhang Xueliang is a typical representative of patriotism in modern Chinese history.张学良将军是中国近现代史上爱国主义的典型代表。

54、Most of ladies who esteem Country House with the concept of Beauty, Pure and Natural . That's why Country House became a well-known and respected authority in EU and UK Market.一直深爱爱美、爱纯正、爱天然的女士所拥戴,因而成为欧洲及英国护肤市场极具名气及权威品牌。

55、Thinking of returning Li Tsung-jen is a patriotic motive.李宗仁归来的思想动机是爱国。

56、Its lithosphere and the Republic of Ireland border on.它的陆界与爱尔兰共和国接壤。

57、Is that a Patriot Girl doll in your locker?你寄物柜里有个爱国者女娃娃?。

58、At such college, teachers said their priority was to ensure that students placed "patriotism over religion".在此类学院,教师们说他们的重点是确保学生们“爱国重于爱教”。

59、I love you, China, for Ican feel the deep love you give me every day, every minute.我爱你,中国,因为我可以感觉到深深的爱你给我每一天,每一刻。

60、This place is Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing.这,就是张裕爱斐堡北京国际酒庄。

61、Abigail Washburn has a special love for China.阿比盖尔沃什中国有一个特殊的爱。

62、Rely upon the patriotic Jury, dear citizeness. I answer for my fellow Jurymen.相信爱国的陪审团吧,亲爱的女公民,我可以为我陪审团的伙计们打包票。

63、Land of righteousness, we love and cherish.王道国土我家乡,吾人既爱且忆惜。

64、It shows how the country loves them.这足以体现中国人对桃花的喜爱。

65、Bernd Krausse was a German engineer who loved nature.Bernd Krausse 是个热爱自然的德国工程师。

66、Love rules his kingdom without a sword. 爱,统治了他的王国,不用一枝利剑。

67、For my part, xiangqi. Maybe it's because my girlfriend is Chines…我嘛。更爱中国象棋。大概因为我女朋友是中国人的缘故吧。

68、Almost every Chinese likes to listen to cross talks.几乎每一个中国人都爱听相声。

69、For my part, xiangqi. Maybe it's because my girlfriend is Chinese.我嘛。更爱中国象棋。大概因为我女朋友是中国人的缘故吧。


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