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1、Disco Bear goes trick-or-treating for Halloween, but gets more tricks than he bargains for!


2、You can line the driveway with junipers , enlarge the gazebo and even plan outdoor Christmasand Halloween decorations.


3、On halloween , people burn the fire to drive the evils away.


4、The first time I dressed up as a woman was Hallowe'en1).

虽然诸圣(或圣' )节是目前被认为发生一天后的万圣节,这两个假期,在那个时候,庆祝的同一天。

5、Although All Saints' (or Hallows ') Day is now considered to occur one day after Halloween, the two holidays were, at that time, celebrated on the same day.


6、Fresh pumpkins might end up as jack-o- lanterns at Halloween.


7、Trick kor treat what it will be? Wishing you a happy Halloween!


8、At what point can I consider Halloween to be officially over?


9、Older boys put us up to pointing the statue red on Halloween.

10、看起来就好像有人在向南瓜外面张望, it is not really a church holiday;lantems”,也就是万圣节前夜; Day!


11、The first time I dressed up as a woman was Hallowe'en.


12、The winged mammals can thank vampires for that.


13、Usually, costumes reflect pop-culture trends.


14、I ate all your candy. You have no more Halloween candy left.


15、Nell: Wow, Holly, your place is totally decked out for Halloween. It's cool!

Are you going to do a show about Halloween?

16、你们准备做一个关于万圣节前夕的表演吗?------------------------------------------------------------------ …


17、Her first gig was sewing fabric coffin linings for a Halloween show.


18、Today, I was walking home from my acting gig at a haunted hayride.


这里还有中英文对照的哈: 关于万圣节有这样一个故事。

19、" The narrator shouts and jumps at the person near him!


20、Hallows Eve has been possessed by Hollywood and Walmart.

21、Today jack-o-lanterns in the windows of a house on Halloween night let costumed children know that there are goodies waiting if they knock and say "Trick or Treat! ""现在,如果在万圣节的晚上人们在窗户上挂上南瓜灯就表明那些穿着万圣节服装的人可以来敲门捣鬼要糖果。

22、Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns is a Halloween custom.用南瓜雕制南瓜灯是一个万圣节传统。

23、This times, I plan to go to Clarke Quay wiz my frds 2night.今天是万圣节,我打算去克拉码头。

24、Halloween celebrations have also been banned in some schools across Michigan.密歇根的一些学校也颁布了万圣节庆祝禁令。

25、I'm still trying to get rid of this candy, Halloween's coming, where were we?我很想把这个糖送出去呢,马上就是万圣节了?

英文句子26:,26、Welcome to the first CarnEVIL party at Circus 2416bar.欢迎来到2416部落第一届鬼屋嘉年华万圣节派对。

27、I'll be "at" Tom Kite OTN, and said he was 'heavy weight' Q & A "session.外用万圣节 …我能赶上汤姆凯特的OTN之前,他的'重量级'问答环节。

28、Learn how to avoid looking like a monk when dressing up as a druid for Halloween costume with costume tips from a makeup expert in this free Halloween video.了解如何避免类似和尚看时,打扮成一个万圣节服装与服装从化妆技巧的专家在这个自由万圣节影片德鲁伊注册。

29、Welcome to the first CarnEVIL party at Circus Barbarossa.欢迎来到芭芭露莎第一届鬼屋嘉年华万圣节派对。

30、Horace and the Gorgons gossip on the horrible Halloween.赫拉斯和蛇发女怪三姐妹在可怕的万圣节前夕聊八卦。

31、And the "Scream" mask has become a clic Halloween costume.“惊声尖叫”面具也成为经典万圣节装饰。

32、Learn how to create a schedule and planner for a haunted house for your Halloween party in this free ghoulish holiday planning video from our costume party and Halloween expert.了解如何创建一个时间表和规划师在这个自由鬼怪假日规划视频为你的万圣节鬼屋从我们党的化妆舞会和万圣节专家。

33、Trick or treat what it will be? Wishing you a happy Halloween!捣蛋的将会是什么?祝你有个快乐的万圣节! !

34、And this year's Halloween finished in the gayer atmosphere.今年的万圣节就在这欢乐的气氛中结束了。

35、NASA engineer Mark Rober created just about the best Halloween costume we saw this year.NASA工程师马克罗贝尔的万圣节装扮最有创意。

36、But Mr. K said he will back on the eve of all Saints'Day before he dead.但是他(绪方六夜)说他将在万圣节那天回来。

37、Why did the vampire(吸血鬼) go to the orthodontist(正牙医生)?

38、On Halloween, try a long black wig to dress up any vampire costume.在万圣节,尝试黑色长戴假发穿任何吸血鬼的服装。

39、We sat on Al Capone's grave one Halloween night.我们还曾一起坐在 Al Capone的坟墓前度过了一个万圣节的晚上;

40、Steve Boswell will never forget Carly Beth's Halloween mask.史蒂夫鲍斯韦尔将会汽车不再忘记贝丝的万圣节前夕面具。

41、Dead plants, old Halloween decorations in the middle of January, cobwebs?死掉的植物,老万圣节在xx月,蜘蛛网中间装饰品吗?

42、In fact, the only holiday that seems to be celebrated by the whole wizarding community is Hallowe'en.实际上,唯一整个巫师社会全民庆祝的节日是万圣节前夜。

43、Not only children, but most grown-ups also love Halloween and Halloween parties because on this day, they can disguise themselves as personages or ghosts as their imaginations will lead them.不仅孩子,许多成年人也喜欢万圣节前夕和万圣节前夕晚会。因为这一天他们可以根据自己的想象把自己装扮成名流或幽灵。

44、Not only children, but most grown-ups also love Halloween and Halloween parties because on this day, they can disguise themselves as personages or ghost as their imaginations will lead them.不仅孩子,许多成年人也喜欢万圣节前夕和万圣节前夕晚会。 因为这一天他们可以根据自己的想象把自己装扮成名流或幽灵。

45、Because vacuum cleaners(真空吸尘器) are too heavy。

46、Observing the crowd management operation of Halloween in Central Police District.观察中区警区万圣节的人群管理行动。

47、Halloween is a strange holiday. It started several centuries ago in Europe.万圣节是一个奇异的节日,它起源于几个世纪前的欧洲。

48、Send me Halloween with the little witches, ghosts, cowboys and pirates.把万圣节,连同那些小女巫、鬼魂、牛仔和海盗一起寄给我。

49、Garnish the drink with a single candy corn for a festive Halloween look.用一颗玉米糖来装饰出万圣节的欢乐气氛。

50、Akkad also produced the popular Halloween horror film series.阿卡德还制作了深受欢迎的万圣节系列惊悚影片。

经典英文句子51:万圣节,51、The pranksters understood that Halloween "was a night of a different order, " adds Durant.这些恶作剧者知道,在万圣节,“这个晚上没有规矩”。

52、In recent years, awareness of Halloween in China has grown, in part because many hotels, clubs and bars organize Halloween-themed parties and promotions.近年来,万圣节在中国越来越为人熟知,原因之一是很多饭店、俱乐部、酒吧都组织以万圣节为主题的派对和宣传活动。

53、Fresh pumpkins might end up as jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.新鲜的南瓜可能会在万圣节的时候最终变成南瓜灯。

54、Wishing you a bright Halloween .Growing happily as your smile.!你的微笑照亮了我们的世界,许你一个晴朗的万圣节。

55、There have been few studies to examine how the holiday affects children.很少有人研究万圣节到底对孩子会产生怎样的影响。

56、Halloween Hungama meet Diwali Doings: how do I blend my two worlds?当洪卡玛万圣节遇上排灯节行为时:我该怎麽融合这两种世界?

57、Wear a costume to disguise yourself as one of them.穿上万圣节的服装来伪装自己是恶鬼凶灵里的一员。

58、It ' s that time of year again: time to get out the pumpkin carving tools and create your very own jack o' lantern for neighborhood trick - or - treaters.又到了xx年一度的万圣节,是时候拿出南瓜镂刻工具,制作你自己的南瓜灯用来玩“不给糖果就捣蛋”的万圣节游戏了。

59、Have a safe and happy Halloween. I'm Allen Smith.祝大家有一个安全而快乐的万圣节。我是阿伦斯密斯。

60、In a way, this is much the same as Halloween, yet there can be no party for it.某方面而言,鬼节很像万圣节,只是要搞派对大概不行了。

61、Why do witches use brooms to fly on?Because vacuum cleaners(真空吸尘器) are too heavy。

62、Wish you all happiness of holiday season and the best of everything in new year.欣逢圣诞 新年佳节,祝幸福顺利,万事如意。

63、Jack-o-lantern: First ociated with Halloween in 1866.南瓜灯:xx年,南瓜灯第一次与万圣节前夜联系在一起。

64、The Halloween jack-o'-lantern is made out of an orange colored pumpkin.万圣节杰克南瓜灯就是用橙色的南瓜制成的。

65、We're like gluttonous kids on Halloween with a big pile of candy.我们就像万圣节前夕贪吃的孩子,捧着一大堆的糖果。

66、Buffy the Vampire Slayer 捉鬼者巴菲赔本的买卖;残影。

2: Halloween Rain; Bad Bargain; Afterimage.


67、Not only children, but most grown-ups also love Halloween and Halloween parties because on this day, they can disguise themselves as personages or ghost as their imaginations will lead them.不但孩子,许多成年人也喜好万圣节前夕和万圣节前夕晚会。因为这一天他们可以根据本身的想象把本身装扮成名士或幽灵。

68、Every Halloween, children enjoy being frightened by this scary story.每年万圣节,孩子们都喜欢被这恐怖故事吓得直打哆嗦。

69、Then, on Halloween of my senior year, I met Sam.然后在大四的万圣节前夕,我认识了萨姆。

70、Beside the Halloween party, when did you wear unusual clothes?除了万圣节以外还有在什麽时后穿特别的衣服?

71、Why not dress up your kids as Mario and Luigi for next Halloween?下一个万圣节,把自家孩子也装扮成超级玛丽吧!

72、So, what are this year’s trends for Halloween costumes?那么,今年万圣节服装的流行趋势又是什么样的呢?

73、People are using Halloween to pay homage to Michael Jackson.人们也用万圣节盛装向迈克尔杰克逊致敬。

74、From Publishers Weekly In Make Your Own Halloween Treats by Sonali Fry, illus .在这本书中,小朋友可以动手布置万圣节的食物喔!

75、I think all holidays have kinda gone overboard, and Halloween is one of them.我认为所有的节日都花销不菲,万圣节只是其中之

英文句子模板76:Halloween,76、New research has revealed that the most popular Halloween costumes this year will be of the avian variety. Angry Birds topped the list of costume-related searches from Google.今年万圣节好多朋友们都要准备穿羽毛装了——新调查揭示,鸟类将是今年最受欢迎的万圣节装扮。

77、A few days later, Halloween night, Holly's cousin is staying over.几天后,万圣节前夕夜晚,荷莉的表妹来过夜。


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