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关于”保护动物的方法“的英语句子25个,句子主体:Methods of protecting animals。以下是关于保护动物的方法的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Methods of protecting animals


1、This means, in essence, that the guardians of these plants and animals are millions of poor indigenous people and local communities.


2、Bayer will help the local population with knowledge and skills in crop protection as well as animal and public health.


3、The methods by which the common article protects the legal interests are indirect protection and direct protection.


4、Ask: What protects the good method of eyesight?


5、The basic principles and spirit of this law are integrative protection for lawful property.


6、Illegal business activities are called 'rackets', for example, protection rackets.


7、A new method of georadar is applied to the rocky historical relic protection.


8、The animals' body parts may also be used in traditional medicines, according to IUCN.


9、It explains the current situation, significance, principles and methods of regenerating those fragments and brings forward some practical means using the case of Xiaosu District as an example.


10、That's when many ministers bless animals for the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi - the patron saint of animals.


11、Learn the proper way to toss the birds in this free animal care video.


12、The invention relates to a protective device for the top of an inclinometer pipe and a protective method thereof.


13、Based on the Neighborhood Preserving Embedding (NPE) algorithm, a novel dimensionality reduction method called ONPE is proposed.


14、Even more progress may be made if and when China's first-ever animal protection law is passed.


15、The copyright protection mainly refers to the law-enforcing protection of copyright, including the administrative approach and judicial approach.


16、Biodiesel is a renewable energy source produced from renewable bioresources, such as waste oils and fats.


17、"It's the best way to protect yourself," Shoham says.


18、To damaged mechanism of coppered well test recording card, a set of physical and chemical protecting way for preserving well testing card for long time has been studied and searched.


19、She fell hedged in by the protection of the police.


20、In many people's minds, "Social Insurance Law" is the working of the Welfare Act, is the umbrella of the rights of workers.

21、If we understand the importance of the area in terms of its invertebrate fauna, then we can try to protect it.如果我们大家都能理解该地区在无脊椎动物群方面所具有的重要性,那么我们就可以设法保护它。

22、This thesis bases on the quakeproof safeguard used by Xiamafang, illustrates the protection view point, method and effects, for similar projects' referrence.本文根据下马坊防震的保护实践,阐述其保护观点、保护方法与效果,可供类似工程参考。

23、They also provide new research methods which can assist in the conservation and characterization of biodiversity.它们还提供新的研究方法,有助于生物多样性的保护和特性描述。

24、Chen predicted that taking steps to improve the protection of French-owned intellectual property would enhance business ties between the two countries.他相信,与法国加强智慧财产保护的互动,保护合法,杜绝非法,双方工业合作将更趋于具体而扎实。

25、Methods:Nurse understands the mentality and de- mand of nurse.方法:护士长主动洞悉护士的心态与需求。

英文句子26:,26、Myocardial protection in the present research is still mainly concentrated in the low temperature, cardioplegia, the myocardial protective effect of drugs, perfusion methods.目前有关心肌保护的研究课题仍主要集中在低温、心脏停跳液、对心肌有保护作用的药物、灌注方法等方面。

27、Provide tools to protect these tokens (Section q 提供方法来保护这些令牌(第9节)。


28、The methods by which the common article protects the legal interests are indirect protection and direct protection. The former is the common phenomenon in the legal practice in every country.侵权法一般条款对法益的保护方式,可以分为间接保护和直接保护两种。

29、Self-handicapping is a special way of self-protection which means one intentionally sets obstacles in order to protect himself.自我设阻是个体自我保护的一种特殊方法,该方法甚至不惜自己设置障碍来保护自己。

30、The protection of non-material cultural heritage must be paid attention to the classification and carry out different protection methods to different category.非物质文化遗产的保护要注重因类而宜,实施各不相同的分类保护方法。

31、It is an indirect way of protecting such relics to make them as unmarketable as possible.尽量压缩文物市场,是间接保护文物的方法。

32、In the process of IGBT protection circuit design, we propose a new low-cost short-circuit protection circuit based on IR2110 and a new protection method.在IGBT保护电路的设计过程中,还提出了一种基于低成本专用驱动芯片IR2110的短路保护电路及方法。

33、Compared to normal protection high-tension motor's microcomputer is fast, accurate, reliable, has low failure rate and convenient maintenance.高压电动机的微机继电保护与常规保护相比,具有快速、准确、可靠、故障率低、维护方便等特点。

34、Redispersible polymer powders were prepared with different protective colloids by way of chemical process.利用化学方法,在不同保护胶体下制备了可再分散聚合物粉末。

35、Considered sacred by India's Hindus, the animals have long roamed city streets, protected by law.印度人把牛看得很神圣,这些动物受法律保护,可以长时间在道路上游逛。

36、It is applicable to three-phase faults, but is invalided for earthing faults. For earthing faults, a scheme combining zero-mode locating method and area-mode locating method is proposed.对于接地故障,提出了一种零模测距方法和线模测距方法相结合的保护方案,并且分析了接地保护对零模方法测距精度的要求。

37、This approach makes testing protected methods much easier because the test case class can now extend the class that contains the protected methods.这种方法使得测试受保护的方法非常容易,因为测试案例类现在可以扩展包含受保护方法的类了。

38、Encryption is one way to guard privacy.加密是一种保护隐私的方法。

39、As for the software design, three-stage algorithm was used, and a new instantaneous protection algorithm based on the three-dot slip window and the improved differential coefficient method was .在软件方面,采用了三段保护算法,特别在瞬动保护中提出了一种基于改进型导数法加上三点滑动窗口的瞬动保护算法,可以达到可靠性与速动性的统一,有效兼顾了实时性和抗干扰性。

40、This is an effective way to protect password security.这是一种有效的保护口令安全性的方法。

41、The principle and design method of practical drive circuit for GTR with self protection is introduced. The withdraw saturation protection of this circuit is also tested.介绍了一种实用的GTR自保护驱动电路的原理及设计方法,并对该电路的退饱和保护功能进行了测试。

42、This approach to data security is known as whitelisting.这种数据保护方法被称为 白名单(whitelisting)。

43、The safest method rises relevant driver protection namely, prohibit be being visited without the user of attributive.最安全的方法就是把相关驱动器保护起来,禁止无权限的用户访问。

44、Chemical or physical treatments, if appropriate, will be undertaken using the gentlest means possible. Treatments that cause damage to historic materials will not be used.如果必须采取化学或者物理保护方法处理,要选择应用最温和的处理方法。不能采用会损害历史材料的处理方法。

45、Lorrie Otto, of Wisconsin, a founder of the natural landscaping movement, which promotes biodiversity through the preservation and restoration of native plant communities;威斯康星州的洛莉·奥托(Lorrie Otto):自然园艺运动创始人,致力于通过保护和恢复地方原生植物群推动生物多化。

46、The national university libraries should not only take some concrete measures of the protection, but also suggest promulgating the People's Republic Non-Material Cultural Heritage Protection Law …民族高校图书馆除了应采取一些具体保护措施,还应建议尽早出台《中华共和国非物质文化遗产保护法》,将非物质文化遗产保护纳入有序的法制轨道。

47、At WSPA, we are determined to put a stop to this cruelty – a vision we think you share.在世界保护动物协会,我们决定阻止这一残忍的举动--我们相信你我想法一致。

48、Hence, the approach to protecting the legal interests in the tort law is below: 侵权法对法益的保护途径有如下两种:通过规则实现法益保护即以保护权利之名保护法益;

1. Protecting the legal interests by the rules, namely, protecting them as if they were rights;


49、Renovation of memorials and ancient buildings certified by law as cultural relics for protection shall be carried out in accordance with relevant laws of protection of cultural relics.依法核定作为文物保护的纪念建筑物和古建筑等的修缮,依照文物保护的有关法律规定执行。

50、The UK Health Protection Agency says the best way to protect against rotavirus infection is good hygiene.英国卫生保护局说保护抗轮状病毒感染最好的方法是良好的卫生。

经典英文句子51:保护动物的方法,51、In the field of debt law , it should emphatically perfect the insufficiency of"Contract law"and"Guarantee law".在债权法方面应重点完善《合同法》和《担保法》在信用保护层面的不足。

52、We select the acetoxy group to protect the hydroxy group from a great number of the protection methods for the hydroxy group.在众多的羟基保护方法中,选择了乙酰氧基对其进行了保护。

53、After conservation efforts "akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic", say the report's authors, there was hope that approaches to conservation were improving.报告的作者说,虽然为保护动物所作出的努力类似于“在泰坦尼克号上重新排列帆布躺椅(注:此话原为习语,表示于事无补),但保护方法有望得到改进。”

54、Windbreaks can be highly valuable for protecting grain crops.防风林在保护粮食作物方面极具价值。

55、And the protection scopes of steep inclined upper-protective layer of POM located by the method of practical test and numerical simulation are basically consistent.同时,由现场考察方法与数值模拟方法所确定的急倾斜俯伪斜上保护层保护范围基本一致。

56、Part two focuses on the labour rights.第二章侧重于对劳动权及其法律保护的论述。

57、A thermal overload inverse time equation that is quite close to the real thermal locus of motor and its implementation method are proposed based on the thermal characteristic of motor.介绍了一种利用电动机正、负序等效电流实现电动机热过载保护的方法,给出了保护动作的数学模型、离散算法及其计算机实现方法。

58、The Scenic Spot are both the material wealth and precious spiritual wealth of human. Its legislation is an important aspect of the environmental protection.风景名胜区既是人类的物质财富,又是人类的宝贵精神财富,其立法保护是该区域环境保护工作一个重要方面。

59、Provides methods for protecting and unprotecting data.提供保护和解除资料保护的方法。

60、Reinforcement of ceramic relics by use of reinforcement materials is an effective way to prolong the life of ceramic relics.用加固剂加固保护陶质文物是一种延长陶质文物寿命的有效方法。

61、To avoid differential protection mal-operation due to inrush current, the theory of 2nd harmonic restraint is widely used.利用二次谐波制动原理防止励磁涌流造成差动保护的误动作是目前最普遍应用的方法。

62、Some people think that all the zoos should be closed, because zoos are cruel. However, others think that zoos are useful to protect the rare animals. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.有人认为动物应该关闭,因为过于残忍,然而,有人认为动物园可以保护稀有动物,讨论两方观点,给出你的结论。

63、In terms of legal protection, they're in no-man's land.在法律保护方面,他们得不到保障。


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