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关于”虐心“的英语句子41个,句子主体:Abusive heart。以下是关于虐心的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Abusive heart


1、King chu's fatuity sycophantic courtiers'evil your kingdom's crisis people's hard livelihood all stab your sore spot.


2、Do not know how long the AH1N1 flu willful persecution!


3、Westering, the shadow, ravaging, the dragons.


4、Certainly, a strong vein of erotic fantasy, with deep draughts of sadomasochism, runs just beneath the order of Japanese society.


5、Daemon Engine Khorne - Lord of Battle, a Greater Daemon of Khorne in mechanical form, armed with Chain Fist, Doom Burner, etc.


6、A BBC investigation has done found allegations of prisonnal prisoner abuse set in at a US Detension Center detention centre in Afghanistan.


7、Three weeks later, it happened again: A gut-wrenching dropoff left me overcome with sadness.


8、One of these the plasmodium causes malaria. other protozoa cause sleeping sickness and amebic dysentery .


9、The same is true for the various methods for "correcting" troublesome fetishistic and sadomasochistic tendencies.


10、Here I am in spite of St. Swithin!


11、Businesses shut down and water-borne diseases spread.


12、Thereports of prisoner abuses there outraged him, but also rekindled an ambitionto be an officer.


13、I don't mind if you heat me.It doesn't matter at all.I'm not living to please you.


14、The C.D.C. reports that 37 states now have widespread influenza activity, highly unusual this early in the season.


15、He used the names of two famous writers to characterize two of them: Sadism and Masochism .

上一篇: 你在关系中习惯受虐么?

16、Are You a Relationship Masochist?


17、A proclivity for violence and authoritarianism.


18、The healthy man does not torture people else - generally it is the tortured who changing into torturers.


19、Her works include "Niederungen" and "Oppressive Tango, " which depicted life in a small German-speaking village in Romania.

必须带: 求知的头脑, 求虐的身体,和空杯的心。

20、MUST Bring your learining willness, your body to experience, and an empty cup mind.

21、Super-hurricanes hit coastal cities.超级台风将肆虐沿海的城市。

22、As soon as it is this focus on two people meet, abuse of the heart of the conversation.这是这集中两人一见面,就虐心的对话。

23、What do you think, I'm a masochist?你以为我是什么,受虐者?

24、Better lose a jest than a friend.宁失一虐,不失一友。

25、The kids aren't all right. Self-harming on the rise?现在的孩子不断自虐的现象正在增加,你担心吗?

英文句子26:,26、A person who wields power oppressively; a tyrant.暴君暴虐地行使权力的人;

27、Are some people hard-wired to self-injure?有些人天生的去自虐吗?

28、There is even a Spiked Paduka used for masochism.甚至有一种钉履用以自虐。

29、I have also prepared to go abuse a cat-lover friend that is even softer-hearted than I am.我还准备去虐我一个比我还心软的爱猫朋友去。

30、Competition in masochism and sadism is hardly a prescription for sensible international economic policy!明智的国际经济政策是不会将施虐和受虐式的竞争作为处理争端的良方!

31、Child molestation is a touchy subject.凌虐小孩是一个敏感的话题。

32、LA2: Get away, you masochistic freak!走开,你这个自虐狂!

33、Even so, a recession is under way.即使这样,衰退正四下肆虐。

34、A tornado rips across the Missouri Plains.龙卷风在密苏里平原肆虐横行。

35、The need the close this facility is clear: along with the abuses at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo has been decried throughout the world.关闭这个中心的必要性是清楚的:和在阿布格拉布虐囚的情况一样,关塔那摩中心也遭到了全世界范围的谴责。

36、This is both masochistic and cowardly.这样的行为是自虐性的,也是胆小的。

37、Practically, abuse survivors can apply this principle by writing down the name(s) of their unrepentant abusers.在实践中,受虐的幸存者可以这样应用这个原则:写下不悔改的施虐者的名字。

38、Skepticism is the sadism of embittered souls.怀疑主义是受难灵魂的自虐。

39、Could share in that discourtesy of death.竟会分担那死亡的暴虐无礼。

40、This winter came so wildly, so much so that it is just like a sharp sward that cuts my heart brutally.今年的冬来的那么肆虐,像锋利的刀刃狠狠地割着人的心!

41、A psychologist named Baumeister writes that masochism is a learned behavior.一位叫做鲍迈斯特心理学家写到受虐是一种习得的行为。

42、Relive those times of self-inflicted celibacy!重温这些自虐的单身时光吧!

43、Are You a Relationship Masochist?你在关系中习惯受虐么?

44、When Sin claps his broad wings over the battle.当罪恶煽动巨翼在战斗中肆虐。

45、Some would call it masochistic.有些人会称呼其为受虐心态。

46、But in this case, it seems, everyone needs concern, even the abuser.但是,在这个案例中,似乎每个人都需要关心,即使是施虐者。

47、Few abusers say, "I was hitting my wife and kids."施虐者甚少说:「我打我的妻儿。」

48、Edward Cullen: What a sick, masochistic lion.爱德华: 多病态、 爱受虐的狮子啊。

49、Battered Woman Syndrome" was originally a concept of social psychology, to prove the rationality of battered women's counterattack act under the condition of untraditional justifiable defense;"“受虐妇女综合症”原本是社会心理学概念,用以证明在不具备传统意义正当防卫的条件下,受虐妇女反击行为的合理性;

50、It is said, many ages ago there was a great beast, known as the Nian.据说很久以前,有一头叫“年”的巨兽,它在中国肆虐,随心所欲地吃了好多人。


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