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关于”鼓励孩子的话“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Words of encouragement。以下是关于鼓励孩子的话的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Words of encouragement

1、His mission, after all, was to encourage future generations, and here was this eight-year-old looking for encouragement. 毕竟他的任务是鼓励下一代,而此时此刻一位xx岁的孩子正渴求他的鼓励呢。

2、Parents are trying to encourage the children to be thrifty. 家长们在试着鼓励孩子节约。

3、They encourage others to talk and provide you with maximum information. 这种问题鼓励别人谈话,最大限度地向你提供信息。

4、Rappelletoi qu'il y a toujours une fille qui t'encourage! 请记住一直有个女孩在鼓励着你!

5、我的妈妈鼓励我好好画画 My mother encouraged me to paint 我的妈妈鼓励我好好画画 My mother encouraged me to paint

6、"You don't want to encourage girls to run away," Melching says. “你不会想鼓励女孩子逃走的。” 默尔岑说。

7、Before I sign off, I encourage you to pray without ceasing for your children. 收笔以先,我鼓励你不间断的为你的孩子祈祷。

8、Alice is very shy, try to bring her out. 爱丽丝很怕羞,要设法鼓励她说话。

9、Hearing this inconsolable answer I wanted to encourage him not to give up, but my mouth felt unable to say any positive words. 听到他失落的回答,我很想鼓励他一定不要放弃,但我却无论如何也说不出任何鼓励的话语。

10、Encouraging words said to people in despair, can inspire them with renewed spirit. 对绝望的人说几名鼓励的话,常可以使人重新振做。

11、Try to instill happiness, peace, encouragement, health, positiveness in every conversation. 试著将快乐、和平、鼓励、健康、积极,注入在每一个会话中。

12、If a child lives in encouraging, he learns self-confidently; 如果一个孩子生活在鼓励中,他就学会了自信;

13、Mary is very quiet,try to fetch out at the party. 玛丽非常腼腆,设法鼓励她在聚会上开口说话。

14、The doctor speak word of cheer to the sick child. 医生向病童说了一些鼓励的话。

15、"If you have a bilingual babysitter, encourage her to speak her native language to your child exclusively, " says Rhodes. “如果你们的保姆会讲外语,鼓励她专门用地道的外语和孩子们讲话”,罗兹说道。

16、"If you have a bilingual babysitter, encourage her to speak her native language to your child exclusively," says Rhodes. “如果你们的保姆会讲外语,鼓励她专门用地道的外语和孩子们讲话”,罗兹说道。

17、We implement the policy the spirit encourage as the main and material encourage as the facilate. 我们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的总方针。

18、Encourage children to put aside some of their pocket-money to buy Christmas presents. 应鼓励孩子为圣诞礼物而积攒自己的零用钱。

19、The principle of combining moral encouragement with material reward shall be applied in rewarding judges. 对法官的奖励,实行精神鼓励和物质鼓励相结合的原则。

20、Today I want to encourage you to be an encourager. 现在,我想要鼓励你去成为一名鼓励别人的人。

21、It grows out of thousands of cautions or encouragements, negative statements or positive ones. 它源自千万次瞀告或者鼓励,积极的或者消极的话语。

22、Encourage the child to be neurologically “bilingual.” 鼓励孩子能够“神经双语”。

23、Encourages partition. 鼓励参与。

24、If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. -----by Dorothy Law Nolte. 在鼓励中成长的孩子,充满自信。

25、We get implemented general policy which consists of major spirit stimulus or minor substance stimulus. 咱们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的总方针。


26、You can try some self-talk to encourage yourself. 你可以多试试跟自己说话,来鼓励你自己。

27、Draw strength from His Word and be encouraged to endure. 你要从他的话中汲取力量,得到鼓励而能忍耐。

28、Encouragement - Ones that refuel and inflate, encourage the person that does not dare to go ahead. 鼓励-加油打气的,鼓励不敢往前走的人。

29、鼓励小朋友上学的故事的英文翻译 鼓励小朋友上学的故事 The story of encouraging children to go to school

30、I hope my story will encourage you and that you will encourage others. 我希望我的故事能鼓励你,而你又胡鼓励他人。

31、He said a lot to hearten me. 他对我说了许多鼓励的话。

32、I’m so glad to hear your encouraging words. 听到你鼓励的话我非常高兴

33、Encourage your child to express feelings of fear. 鼓励你的孩子,将恐惧表达出来。

34、She smiled after a word of encouragement from her mother, who was dressed in a white suit. 身着白色套装的雅子对女儿说了些鼓励的话,爱子听后面露微笑。

35、Ginger sinus, ShangMingYang, BaiYu and concern and fellow soldiers shouted words of encouragement. 姜窦、汤名扬、白羽和关心等战友高喊着鼓励的话语。

36、I nodded at it and said more encouraging words. 我冲它点点头,又说了一些鼓励的话语。

37、Mui: I always encourage my fans: Study hard. 梅﹕我成日都鼓励我班歌迷话﹕读书啦你地。

38、A very little encouragement would set that worldly woman to talk volubly, and pour out within her. 稍一鼓励,这个世故的女人便会滔滔不绝地把她一肚子的话都倒出来。

39、He was filled with confidence again after the teacher's pep talk. 听了老师的那番鼓励的话语之后,他又充满了信心。

40、That gave us more encouragement than promises would have. 相比于承诺而言,这一席话给予我们带来了更大的鼓励。

41、Moses speaks encouraging words in Deuteronomy 32: God is faithful and will not reject his people. 摩西在申命记第32章有一番鼓励的话语:神是信实的,祂不会丢弃祂的子民。

42、Gene Lasch, of Shawno, was mentioned for writing that when he speaks, his wife listens. 肖诺的吉恩·拉什也得到了鼓励奖,他的牛皮是当他说话的时候,他的妻子会听。

43、We raised her spirits with encouragement. 我们用鼓励的话给她打气。

44、The doctor spoke words of cheer to the sick child. 医生向病童说了一些鼓励的话。

45、They came filled with holiday greetings and words of encouragement. 信里充满了节日的问候和鼓励的话语。

46、One of the greatest ways to motivate our children towards an end is by using encouraging, positive words. 鼓励孩子走到终点的最好的方法之一就是使用鼓励性的,积极的语言。

47、She smiled behind a word of encouragement from her mother, who was wore in a pearly meet. 身着白色套装的雅子对女儿说了些鼓励的话,爱子听后面露微笑。

48、They've done a good job. let's give thema big hand. 他们真是干得不错,让我们给他们掌声鼓励鼓励吧!

49、My child's middle school encouraged this behavior and set up teacher-supervised, kid-to-kid tutoring sessions. 我的孩子上中学的时候,我就鼓励他采用的这种行为,在有教师监督的情况下,鼓励孩子互帮互学。

50、They encourage boys to be sensitive and artistic 他们鼓励培养男孩子的敏感和艺术气质。


51、Boys are asked to do certain "male" jobs while girls are encouraged to "play house. 男孩子要做的是“男性”的活,而女孩子则鼓励其做“过家家”的游戏。

52、I encourage my children to attend Mothers' Day Carnival. 我会鼓励孩子参加母亲节园游会。

53、She encourages her kids to adopt the same attitude. 她鼓励她的孩子以同样的态度对态。

54、The kindly woman left cookies for her and spoke words of love and encouragement. 这位好心的女士给孩子留下饼干,对她说鼓励和慈爱的话语。

55、I encourage my children to attend Memorial Weekend Camping. 我会鼓励孩子参加国殇假期露营。

56、Dr. Ralley encourages parents to let their children be bored. 莱利博士鼓励为人父母者放手让孩子无所事事。

57、Becky cried, and Tom tried to think of some way of comforting her, but all his encouragements were grown thread-bare with use, and sounded like sarcasms. 贝基哭起来,汤姆想另换话题来安慰她,可是她已不止一次听到他这样鼓励,现在这些鼓励的话听起来倒像是在挖苦她。

58、Let them watch cartoons and movies in English. 鼓励孩子多看英语卡通片和英语影片。

59、Encourage humour. 鼓励幽默。

60、When children has completed, remember to give him obverse and positive encouragement. 当孩子完成后,记得给以正面以及肯定的鼓励。

61、Encourages parents and children to read together to improve parent-child relationship. 鼓励家长与孩子共读故事,促进亲子关系。

62、Encouraging words produce leaders and inspire followers, but flattery destroys confidence and demeans the recipient. 鼓励的话语造就领袖并启发跟随者,但奉承的话摧毁信心,贬低听者。

63、Our general policy is to place moral encouragement first , material incentives second. 我们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的方针。

64、Read out loud to your child and then engage her in a conversation about what you have read; and engage your child in age-appropriate activities that promote good listening skills. 给你的小孩大声朗读故事,并鼓励他就你朗读的故事编一个对话。 要鼓励你的小孩做一些适合他年龄的事情以提高倾听的技巧。

65、We have to encourage children to externalize their grief. 我们必须鼓励孩子们将痛苦通过具体方式表达出来。

66、It encourages the writer and the reader to be involved in conversations. 企业博客鼓励作者和读者之间的对话。


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