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关于”互联网的好处“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Benefits of the Internet。以下是关于互联网的好处的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Benefits of the Internet


1、Internet skills, no matter how novice or advanced, can change people's lives and make the Web better for everyone." Mozilla Service Week will take place from September 14-21, 2009.


2、Last year after seismic happening, people is open-eyed be absent at the nowhere of Internet, be in especially so critical juncture, the effect of Internet is more profound popular.


3、Ubiquitous network access. Cloud services are accessed via the network (usually the Internet), using stan­dard mechanisms and protocols.


4、Do you have Internet-access?


5、Compere : The development of Chinese Internet is in intermediate level, how do you understand?


6、The technology bubble's bursting in 2000 was supposed to put an end to the dreams of oddball Internet startups.


7、And the fact is that China's control of the Internet also hampers its own Internet companies.


8、Discuss the internetworking and integration of UMTS and WLAN.

A 足球网非常好。我在互联网上跟踪了解英国足球赛况。

9、The football websites are really good. I follow English football on the internet.


10、Your best bet for finding love is to join an Internet dating site.


11、I think the Internet is a great thing. It is liberalizing.


12、Now there is bacn (ounced "bacon"), the latest buzzword to infiltrate the Internet.


13、Agriculture informatization; Internet +; suihua.


14、SUSAN TELTSCHER: "There are still very huge divides when it comes to accessing the Internet, especially high-speed Internet."


15、"The internet-savvy will grab more of the benefits, " Treasury said.


16、He rules over friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, networking, science (interconnectivity), electricity, and the Internet.


17、Software upgradeable via internet



18、Who should run the internet?


19、The database is web-accessible.


20、Brian: I suppose that the Internet has one advantage - it is fast!

21、A startup in four easy steps: IP, ping pong table, zen desk, IPO.(互联网公司的四个简单启动步骤:互联网协议,乒乓球桌,禅台,首次公开招股)。

22、" Find the best radio stations online for free, AM and FM radio, Internet radio stations Streema "live.找到最好的免费互联网广播,调幅和调频电台,并Streema生活网络电台。

23、Nine trend: alliances, the Chinese Internet on the eve of a big merger.趋势


24、China's net-work industry is now in its introducing period.中国互联网产业,目前正处于导入期;

25、Fiber-optic cables are the lifelines for connecting Internet users on different continents.光导纤维是各大洲的互联网用户相互联络的生命线。

英文句子26:,26、Says Kitch, "People skills and your interactions with employees and customers become even more critical when dealing with an internet business.Kitch说, “社交技能和你同员工及客户的互动在处理互联网业务中变得更加关键。

27、For " black Internet bar " offer Internet to receive a service, will be in with highest 500 thousand yuan of the following amerce.为“黑网吧”提供互联网接入服务的,将被处以最高50万元以下的罚款。

28、DUCK faces and peace signs are all over the Internet.互联网上到处都是鸭子脸和剪刀手。

29、The attack ads are everywhere - on television, radio and the Internet.攻击对方的广告到处都是--电视、广播、互联网。

30、Instead, they must carefully study the idiosyncrasies of Internet use in China and the online impulses of its digital consumers.相反,他们必须认真研究中国互联网使用的独特之处,和网上消费者的上网波动规律。

31、About 14% of the world's Internet users are in North America – where 76% of the population are already using the Internet.约14%的互联网用户在北美---其中76%的用户已经在使用互联网。

32、ROBERT SHAW: "Internet protocol-based networks, they're almost behind everything we do."基于互联网协议的网络几乎无处不在。

33、Network routing experts have been aware of the limitations of IPv4 addressing since the 1980's--before most of the world even knew the Internet existed, and before the Web became ubiquitous.网络路由专家,早在xx年代在世界上大多数人还没知道互联网之前,在互联网变得无处不在之前就意识到IPv4的局限性。

34、At the same time, the organisation also talked up high-speed internet services to sceptical residents, creating demand where it was slack.与此同时,该组织也对有疑虑的居民大谈高速互联网的好处,在市场疲软地区创造了需求。

35、The evolution of the Internet is godsend for people who are in long distance relationships.互联网的出现对于处于异地关系的人们简直是天赐之物。

36、Do not close my case until I have Internet connectivity, OK?I'm getting bursitis in my knees.在我互联网连上后再关闭我的问题,好吗?

37、But veteran Chinese Internet users still remember an Internet-based life experiment in 1999.但是,有经验的中国互联网用户应该还记得xx年那个基于互联网的生活实验。

38、Internet is number one!国内互联网实是底呱呱!

39、Would mass e-interaction bog down the White House?互联网上的互动会否让白宫陷入困顿?

40、The original architects of the Internet got the big things right.开发互联网的第一批工程师做对了一件大好事。

41、Shop for Internet Shopzilla wall.店,为穿墙Shopzilla互联网。

42、Mobile internet in emerging markets移动互联网络的新兴市场

43、Currently, the research on the security and credibility issues of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) is still insufficient.目前下一代互联网技术中解决互联网的安全可信问题的研究还不充分。

44、A good domain name is the Internet's most valuable real estate!一个好域名是互联网最有价值的不动产!

45、It arose out of very particular cirtances in the development of the Internet.它的出现是因为处于互联网发展这个特殊的环境背景。

46、Our growing, global interconnectedness via the internet is a great opportunity, both for corporations, their employees and the public.通过互联网发展起来的全球性互动联系,对公司及其员工和民众都是很好的机会。

47、From the managing of the customer premises network, every customer premises network should get high quality to make nice services in Internet possible.从驻地网开始治理,使得每一个驻地网都有良好的品质,可为互联网提供良好的服务创造条件。

48、To enact the development programs of internet press undertakings and guide and coordinate internet press reports.制定互联网新闻事业发展规划,并指导协调互联网新闻报道工作。

49、Okay, either that, or we're rather internet-savvy.好吧,要么就是,我们更是互联网专家。

50、A year later, Google was handling 500,000 queries a day and winning recognition across the Internet community.xx年之后,谷歌每天处理50万次查询,赢得互联网界的认可。

经典英文句子51:互联网的好处,51、Chinese domain name " internet of make one's bow, it is the achievement that Chinese Internet bound tries hard for years."“中国域名”正式进入国际互联网,是中国互联网界多年努力的成果。

52、Give an outline of the developing of future networks, the reason of designing next-generation internet is to solve the problems of using internet architecture.对未来互联网发展作了简单介绍,下一代互联网是为突破目前互联网体系结构所存在的问题而需要进行更合理的设计的。

53、If the real-time Web and its fundamental characteristics are widely understood, its benefits and opportunities can extend throughout the Internet and across all industries.一旦即时网络的基本特征广为人知,它带来的好处和机会将惠及整个互联网和其它所有行业。

54、Why isn't there compulsory internet filtering so children can be protected from internet predators?为什么没有强制性的互联网过滤,以便保护儿童,使其远离互联网上的毒蛇猛兽?

55、The China Netcom broadband high-speed Internet network was launched, with its overall level standing in the front ranks of the international telecom networks.中国网通宽带高速互联网开通,总体水平处于国际电信网前列。

56、The ARPANET was one of the "eve" networks of today's Internet.阿帕网是一个“前夕,”网络今天的互联网。

57、Network routing experts have been aware of the limitations of IPv4 addressing since the 1980s--before most of the world even knew the Internet existed, and before the Web became ubiquitous.网络路由专家,早在xx年代在世界上大多数人还没知道互联网之前,在互联网变得无处不在之前就意识到IPv4的局限性。

58、Where the use of web-based resources is either recommended or required, what are we doing to accommodate students who find themselves unable to access the Internet?对基于互联网的资本的用处在哪里引荐什么或需求,本人们做着包容发现本身无法拜候互联网的学生?

59、21st century is the era of Internet.世纪是互联网的时代。

60、There may be pre-compiled versions around on the Internet.互联网上有已经编译好们下一步就来作这个。

61、with distinctions between workflow and straight through processing, internet vs intranet etc. disappearing.工作流与直通式处理之间的区别,互联网与内联网的区别将会消失。

62、This is not a problem: You are Internet or intranet connected with access to technology.这不成问题:只要能访问互联网或内联网。

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