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1、Wanna please, wanna keep, wanna treat your woman right.


2、So, she decided, since what happened in the future good bad not clear, you live in the present moment, thing on the examine oneself, feeling no shame.


3、A good degree can be an open sesame to a good job.


4、It was nice(characteristically thoughtful) (more than kind) of you。


5、Okay. Hasek went over to see if he was okay.

薇姬: 好的。准备好了吗?

6、Vikki: OK. Ready? One, two, three! Smile, please!



7、Q. Which is better with Catherine, solo or group?


8、Great team, great actors, great story, hope you guys get to see it soon.


9、JIM: Hello, I'm Jim O'Brien. How are you?


10、I've had quite a lot of lessons in my school life.


11、Well, you've been treating them for years, but I cured them both in a week.

迟到总比不到好。 祝你下一次好运。

12、Better late than never.

10. Better luck next time.


13、I looked at, and good gas and amused , forgive it.


14、China sincerely hopes that South Sudan and Sudan can be good neighbors, good partners and good brothers forever.


15、They prefer an A to a B+, they prefer a B+ to a B-, and they prefer a B- to a C.


16、Before I thought that will spread many skin care frosts to the skin to be very certainly useful, now thought that so long as the mood good, will rest well, eats good, the skin will be naturally good.


17、But tomorrow we shall certainly do better-much better.


18、Believing that all is to be good, then good luck befalls!


19、The anxiety of girls, he is a father no very thin ask, must await to return to 100 one inside mountain, let the wife annotate ugg boots convince her well.


20、Best Buy Company has its own business concept that we called it "3 Best", Best Price, Best Brand and Best Service.

21、Let me see, Hm. In case we can't get the contract ready by then, we'll.好吧,我们各方面都好像是谈到了。我们在几天内就把合同准备好。

22、Driving License, employee's card and dirver will be verified when picking up the goods in factory.要求安排车况良好的货车,素质良好、服务态度良好的司机运送;

23、The best fish swims near the bottom.好鱼常在水底游。 有点“好料沉底”的意思。

24、You will not only feel better, but you will look better.你将不仅感觉好,而且气色好。

25、I'll do it when I HAs time.别罗唆了,好不好?我有具体时间就去做。

英文句子26:,26、The last thing she told me was to take care of my brothers and sisters and to set an example.他最后告诉我的事,是好好照顾弟妹们,并且做个好榜样。

27、Kate:Yes , she's good at Chinese , maths and science .好,她语文、数学和自然科学学得很好。

28、The fried noodles is ready. Would mind serving now?炒面已经做好了,现在上菜好吗?

29、Ni doing too good, so good E feel bad.伱做得太好,让硪觉得自己好差劲。

30、Gerry Conlon: Look, you are not going to die alright? If you do, sure I can look after Ma alright.瞧,你不会死的,好么?倘使你死了,我一定会好好照望妈妈。

31、It happened several times this week, so maybe it's a good sign.他笑着说,“这种情况在这周内发生了好几次,所以弄不好这是一个好兆头。”

32、Yes, madam. Mat I suggest the noodle soup with shrimps?好的,夫人,您的面条配虾汤好吗?

33、It seemed the world was divided into good and bad people. The good ones slept better… while the bad ones seemed to enjoy the waking hours much more.世人好象被分成了好人和坏人。好人睡得塌实…但坏人好象更享受清醒的时候。

34、I do well in English, and so does my sister.我英语学得好,我妹妹也学得好。

35、Hungtse Lake is an excellent setting and also a great crab farm, constantly producing an abundance of high quality crabs.洪泽湖有好环境还有好蟹农,才能出产硕大多膏的好蟹。

36、Does everybody feel bit fatter good thin still place is good?大家感觉胖点好还是瘦点好?

37、It is important to have a good solution. The issues are complex and need to be discussed.想出一个很好的解决方案很重要.问题太复杂,需要好好讨论.

38、Old wood is best to burn, old horse to ride.老柴好烧,老马好骑。 越老越聪明。

39、And you can get a good view of St. Paul's from the top of the Monument.不过你要是想从最好的角度看圣保罗大教堂,你就得好好做准备。

40、it’s a byproduct of a life well lived. 幸福不是目的,只是好好生活的结果。

41、My advice is that It's best to forgive and forget .我的意见是最好不计前嫌的好。

42、Bob:That's a great suggestion, and I'll make sure the rankingstei am and I discuss this more!相当好的建议,我保证我和我的团队会好好的商酌一下这个题目!

43、Gerry Conlon: Look, you are not going to die alright? If you do, sure I can look after Ma alright.瞧,你不会死的,好么?如果你死了,我一定会好好照顾妈妈。

44、Great! Then you are off to a good start.好极了,那你就有了一个好的开始。

45、Yes , she's good at Chinese , maths and science .好,她语文、数学和自然科学学得很好。

46、Would that for but one day I could serve You worthily !巴不得我能好好事奉祢一天。

47、Er, a best braggadocio is also a 'best'.额,最好的吹牛大王也算是个最好的。

48、Have a good rest and then you'll feel better. I'm feeling even worse. Nothing serious, I hope.好好休息,你就会好起来的。 我感觉更糟糕了。 我希望不严重的。

49、But just seems like no time and no mood to sit down and tidy up myself here. what am I thinking? What I want to do?只是好像好久没时间和心情坐下来好好的理一下自己。自己到底在想什么?想干什么?

50、Certainly, sir. But our special meal is nice this week.好的,先生。但是本周特餐非常好。

经典英文句子51:好,51、Champions of Law: the champions of the men is lying, the champions of women is fanciful.拿手好戏定律:男人的拿手好戏是撒谎,女人的拿手好戏是撒娇。

52、But before the research, it feels good to feel good.暂不说研究,感觉好就是感觉好。

53、We have just come off the ranch; had a good rest and good New Year's with some friends.我们刚刚离开牧场,好好休息了一下,跟一些朋友过了个好年。

54、154.Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse. ◎知识能使好人更好,坏人更坏。

55、Is it good debt? Of course it is!这算好债吗?当然啦,好得没话说了!

56、Good song, great singer, funny music video. :) :) Thanks for bringing a smile on my face. :D 好歌,很好的歌手,好玩的音乐片:) :) 谢谢你,给我带来微笑, 5个星!

5 stars!

57、One man’s meat is another man’s poison。 对一个好的事对另外的人并不是好事。

58、SP-1 modified tapioca starch shows cationic nature, it has good stability, good liquidity and good film- founding ability.木薯变性淀粉呈阳离子性,稳定性好,流动性好,成膜性好。

59、Your wife will be back in a week or two and everything will be right as rain again.好啦,好啦!你夫人一两周后就会回来的,一切都会好起来的。

60、You would write better if you had a good pen.要是有支好钢笔就能写得更好。

61、I find lessons well-worth the time and trouble.我觉得这些课程值得好好学一下。

62、Travis: OK, all done.艾莉森:你好,我是来这儿洗头的。 特拉维斯:好的。

63、Those who eat best and drink best often do worst.只图吃好穿好,学坏常常免不了。

64、Coffee can be good for you - the stronger, the better.咖啡对你有好处——而且越浓越好。

65、OK, OK, my two clever apprentices. And first, I'd like to impart my forte skill to you!好,好,我的两位好徒弟!首先,我想传授你们我的一项拿手绝活。

66、She felt it her duty to take good care of them. 居里博士吩咐我好好照顾你。

67、Her good habits bode well for her future.她的好习惯预示她将来会有好前途。

68、You're going to pay really good attention to all the details of the pericope.好好留意,选段的细节。


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