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关于”骂人的霸气“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Cursing domineering。以下是关于骂人的霸气的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Cursing domineering


1、A female can't flood the gene l by commandeering extra mates;

2、 Whenever his boss reprimands him,he eats crow with no resistance.无论老板何时责骂他,他都忍气吞声,毫不反抗。


3、Create my own Starcraft and/or first-person shooter level.


4、At the Griffith Observatory, Keith angrily attacks Carl, demanding justice for George Ferragamo’s death.


5、Not even the wonderful brains of Oxbridge can solve that problem.


6、There are plenty of reasons to doubt the dollar's dethronement.


7、When his father saw the grades, he became very, very angry and said, "You always fail in cl!"


8、Don't your other girls ever get upset when you call them by so many different names?


9、Jackson teed off on the selection committee in an ill-tempered article.


10、Afraid of being scolded, the naughty boy ran away without turning off the water.


11、In the society, we always hear some abuse on the academy and think it is an apple of discord for copy and no life.


12、Grimlock, Smash! -25 Destroy all hidden Decepticon symbols in the Autobot Campaign.


13、Really, when he opened on me in that unreasonable tone of displeasure after I had scolded Heathcliff till I was se for him, I did not care, hardly, what they did to each other;


14、After her harangue was over and I had been dismissed, the party continued, but the atmosphere was much more subdued.


15、Gold mother see high well-being indifference doesnt like jinyuan, flew into a rage lambasted high well-being is a beast, scold the high well-being gold mother gas fire heart faint in the ground.


16、Nine sister gas but, on the blame mother liu to calculate words you want to scold her, didnt teach her.


17、The other buffalos became angry and shouted at him. There you are, trying to deceive us!


18、Thenardier had that peculiar rectilinear something about his gestures which, accompanied by an oath, recalls the barracks, and by a sign of the cross, the seminary.


19、Papa charged me nothing: he'll not scold me, Ellen--he's never cross, like you!'


20、Ailey scold product such as occupied her Venus, loud to product such as the Venus her back.

21、Dad bad-tempered, no less dozen you scold you, you can not bear grudges father ah!爸爸脾气不好,没少打你骂你,你可不要记恨爸爸呀!

22、Well, I reflected, there was never a pleasanter, or more harmless sight; and it will be a burning shame to scold them.嗯,我想没有比当时的情景更为愉快,或者是更为无害的了;要责骂他们将是一个奇耻大辱,红红的炉火照在他们两人的漂亮的头上,显出他们那由于孩子气的热烈兴趣而朝气蓬勃的脸。

23、Thanks to the Decepticons, who come up with another evil ploy to take over our planet, the frustrated Gen-Yer has another opportunity to team up with the Autobots to bring peace to the world.多亏了霸天虎纠集了另一个坏人图谋称霸地球,我们懊丧的“擎天柱”终于有了又一次和“汽车人”联手解救世界于水火的机会。

24、If you get upset, ticked off, cry, pout you don't appear as confident.当你气馁,被责骂,哭泣,撅嘴时,你看上去并不自信。

25、It is not in the genes of the Chinese nation to invade other countries or seek world hegemony. China does not subscribe to the outdated logic that "a strong country is bound to seek hegemony".中国爱好和平,中华民族的血液中没有侵略他人、称霸世界的基因,中国不认同“国强必霸”的陈旧逻辑。

英文句子26:,26、A: She told me off for about ten minutes, told me that I was the cheapest guy she has ever met, called me loser, and then stormed off.她骂了我将近十分钟,说我是她见过的最小气的男人,说我是失败者,然后就摔门走了。

27、I picked up this bad habit when growing up in Santiago, Chile, where drivers are ill-tempered and routinely curse each other.当我在智利的圣地亚哥长大时养成这个坏习惯,那里开车的人脾气很坏并且习于互相咒骂。

28、BDBD hedge anger snarls Han Jinquan Han Jinquan can only apology.魏东篱气得怒骂韩金铨,韩金铨只能连连道歉。

29、Bo Pi is an important person in the late Spring and Autumn Period.伯喜否是春秋后期吴越争霸史上的重要人物之

30、When you go to war for oil, You call it liberation.你们为霸占油田而发动战争,却美其名曰:“解放人类”。

31、She huffed off the house when her mother scolded her.她母亲责骂她时,她气鼓鼓地离开了家。

32、Hamilton James observes that his local birds are always willing to annex a backyard goldfish pond.汉密尔顿·詹姆斯发现一些鸟类会霸占当地人后院的人造鱼塘。

33、Raging bullies: These people intimidate everyone in the vicinity with their out-of-control anger.狂怒恶霸:这些人用自己失控的愤怒把周围的人吓得够呛;

34、I was physically influenced by the atmosphere and scene, and my ears were filled with the curses the maniac still shrieked out;我确实深受这种气氛和景色的感染,而我的耳朵却充斥着疯子尖叫着的咒骂声。

35、The CIA acts like bullys and expects ody to fight back?中情局的行为就像恶霸而且无人能够制止?

36、They defraud a man of his home, a fellowman of his inheritance.贪图房屋便夺取;他们欺压人,霸佔房屋和产业。

37、Holly was forced to move schools after the bullying became unbearable.当这些霸凌变得令人无法忍受后,迫使荷莉换学校。

38、Tang Guanzhong is very angry curse in the fields in the day, just tin heart out.唐冠中还是很气愤的骂在田在天,正好田心也出来。

39、This enraged many people, who severely reproached him for his permptoriness. One of them, an old translator, felt so insulted that he burst out crying.这就触犯了许多人,都大骂傅雷狂傲,有一位老翻译家竟气得大哭。

40、" They replied, "Five gold tumors and five gold rats, according to the number of the Philistine rulers, because the same plague has struck both you and your rulers.他们说∶“要照非利士人霸主的数目、用五个金鼠疫疱(或译∶痔疮)、五个金老鼠,因为你们众人和你们的霸主们都遭遇了一样的疫灾。

41、We don't threat or invade others. We oppose hegemony.我们不去威胁别人,也不会去侵略别人,我们反对霸权主义。

42、One day his mother was mad at him and made the mistake of calling him a puppy. His retort有一天,他的妈妈对他忍无可忍,在气头上错骂他小狗崽子。

43、Harry gets put in the Triwizard Tournament. With dragons and mermaids.哈利被陷害参加了三强争霸赛,关卡中有龙有人鱼。

44、Lord , and then a long but I. ; Yidefuren to last forever .称王称霸,再长不过一世;以德服人,才能天长地久。

45、Oslash; Starscream, Overlord, Scorponok and Onslaught agree to follow Megatron.红蜘蛛,霸主,萨克巨人与袭击同谋共保威震天。

46、The earth have the courage and the sea is like a beautiful home wine called out Hello trouble, the old woman.大地鼓起勇气和海就像是妍家家酒一样骂了出来你好烦,老太婆。

47、As you exhale, allow your diaphragm to deflate gradually.吐气的时候,任横膈膜慢慢地把气释放出来。 一个笑柄,就不大可能对一个占了你停车位的讨厌鬼破口大骂。

48、"Beast! Animals! "Qiao son spirit criticize openly, her fire, her breast blocks up badly.“畜牲!禽兽!”巧儿气得破口大骂,她火啊,她胸口堵得厉害。

49、My farm has been taken over by a rich man. His slaves are harvesting my fields.农场由富人霸占,农地上有他的奴工在收割。

50、Embroider cloud scolded said officer with silver is relief, MaXiaoHu black eat black fundamental and wu is the day, is not justice.绣云斥骂说官银是赈灾之用,马小虎黑吃黑根本和吴霸天无异,是天理不容。

经典英文句子51:骂人的霸气,51、He's too angry to hold on to himself not to scold.他太生气了,甚至控制不住自己大骂了起来。

52、Watching the tears of mothers and sisters together, Feng angrily blaming the infant sister.看着哭在一起的母亲和姐姐,冯文儿生气地骂了姐姐。

53、You worthless bag of filth – and continues in that tone ad infinitum.你,只配与污秽长存——以这种语气开始了那永无止境的斥骂。

54、The most famous PPP calculation is the Economist's Big Mac index.最有名的PPP计算方式是“经济学人”提出的巨无霸指数。

55、Likely is angry curses at people, arrives the smile joyfully, I arrive the sob sad, despairs is affectedly unconventional, then circulates once more.就像生气到骂人,快乐到微笑,我难过到哭泣,绝望到矫情,然后再次循环。

56、You die, the her the better! Let me see you once again scolded, my temper you should understand!你死开,越远越好!再让我见你一次骂一次,我的脾气你应该了解!

57、Installed air-conditioning and Yuba Water heaters for me this afternoon.这一天苏宁电器的人过来给我装了空调和浴霸。

58、See the casualties of students, captain Duan Zhenguo angry scold a meal.看到死伤的学生们,队长生气的责骂了一顿段振国。

59、Idea 想法

1: Mark is upset that the men wearing blue tracksuits called him stupid. What does he do?

一: 马克很气那些骂他迟钝的蓝衣男子,他会怎麽做?

60、This shames the person being criticized and makes it very likely that the person will want to attack you orally rather than listen to you.被批评的那人受气以后更不会跟你沟通而是会想直接跟你对骂了。

61、This is the hand that ensures Decepticon plans remain secret from the Autobots.这是确保霸天虎的计划不至于泄密给汽车人的手段。

62、This made Confucius really angry, and he knocked Yuan Rang on his shins with his staff, scolding him, "You!"孔子真的生气了,就用手杖敲敲原壤的脚胫,骂他道:“你啊!

63、Whenever he gets angry, he never shouts but beats the devil's tattoo on his desk.每次他生气时,他从不 大声 叫骂,而总是用手指把桌子敲得“得得得” 地响。

64、NASA will attempt to grab the media stage, preemptively explaining what occurred.NASA将企图霸占媒体的舞台,先发制人地解释发生了什么。

65、He has a very bad temper. Yelling at his kids and beating his wife has become a habit.这位父亲平常脾气很不好,骂孩子、打老婆已经成为习惯。

66、But these days the region's grandest sight is man-made: the Baling River Bridge.但是,最近该地区最引人瞩目的景观是人造的霸陵河大桥。

67、Just because you've lost your temper, you needn't round on me.你用不着困为自己发了脾气就对我乱骂一通。

68、The Autobots want the All Spark to rebuild Cybertron and end the war, while the Decepticons want the All Spark to defeat the Autobots and conquer the universe.“汽车人与霸天虎都为各自的目的不断追寻着火种源:汽车人是为了重建赛博斯坦及结束战争,而霸天虎则是为了打败汽车人及统治宇宙”。

69、When you are angry and fly into a rage when the child may wish to use these methods to replace the maltreatment-rearing methods.当您被孩子气得火冒三丈的时候,不妨用这些方法来取代打骂的教养方式。

70、But once, a student let teacher be mad, teacher then scolded him as the wall which the dung stuck.但有一次,一个学生让老师气极了,老师便骂他是大粪糊的墙。

71、Editoral:This is my first dairy on the Internet here after iciba changed her form.编者注:这是爱词霸改版后本人的首篇博客。

72、Don't go in yet, father's letting off steam about the razor you used to sharpen your pencil with.不要进去,父亲正在发脾气,骂你把他的刮胡刀片拿去削铅笔。

73、That early cultivation has ensured diving supremacy for the People's Republic.早期培养为共和国确保了跳水的霸主地位。


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