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1、In corny ethanol, for example, we are not only incented to turn food crops inefficiently into fuel;


2、You need some props to make the moment special and perfect. Below are some tips on how to kiss perfectly.

给朋友个远大目标然后说“你应该那么做!” ,没有什么比这更有鼓励性了。

3、Nothing is more encouraging than a friend throwing out some huge goal and saying, “You should do that!”


4、In 1925 he 'encouraged'his admirals to endorse a decision not to build any carriers.

我们鼓励从两个核心领域- 绘画/印刷媒体和静止/动态艺术。

5、You will be encouraged to think outwardly from within the two core areas – painting/print media and sculpture/time-based art.


6、Encourage them to look at the mouth, the forehead, the bridge of the nose – whatever works.


7、When Nancy goes shopping, I should encourage her to buy anything she likes, and pay emulatively , any reluctant behavior is forbidden.


8、China encourages its businesses to invest in Venezuela and also welcomes Venezuelan entrepreneurs to expand market in China.


9、Spreads may need to drop to 200 basis points to encourage lenders to resume new lending, NewOak's Lieberman said.


10、Bouyed by my tasting of Salon I tasted my way through a distinguished cross section of Australia wines.


11、Cities should endeavor to protect tangible and intangible cultural heritage and encourage the development of multicultural Society.


12、WHO encourages the media and the tourism industry to publish UVI forecasts and promote sun protection messages.

非常感谢 Peter Welch 教授在我编写这个文章系列期间给予的鼓励。

13、I would like to gratefully acknowledge the kind encouragement I received from Professor Peter Welch during the writing of this article series.


14、Warlords stand on the front line issuing commands and bolstering their allies while leading the battle with weapon in hand.


15、Each of them was expected to lead sessions encouraging all the female executives there to step up “into leadership” roles.

should be encouraged to… if time permits, because it can benefit them a lot.在这种情况下,如果时间允许,应该鼓励……去做……,因为这对他们大有益处。

16、In this case, I think…


17、Ur in Pisces may well encourage the view that we can invent financial schemes that achieve the impossible.


18、A foreign party is encouraged to deposit in the Bank of China any part of foreign exchange which he is entitled to remit abroad.


19、Fourthly , in-depth processing trade accompanied by the bonded zone and governmental custody gave incentives to the development of general trade.


20、Double-cropping of rice was encouraged, so farmers could harvest twice in one year and effectively double their output.

21、One possibility would be to provide tax-free savings plans to encourage saving and make it accumulate more quickly.一种可能性是提供免税储蓄计划,鼓励储蓄并使其更快地积累。

22、China has committed to a target of 20% forest cover by 2010, and tree planting has been actively encouraged.中国在大力鼓励植树造林,以期在xx年使森林覆盖率达到20%。

23、What I did know was that my professors thought highly of clerkships, and they encouraged me to apply.我只知道我的教授们相当推崇法官助理的工作,并且鼓励我申请。

24、Let me come off the stage a second, so I can encourage you to get involved in the discussion.让我站下讲台一会,这样我可以鼓励大家都参与到讨论中来

25、In fact, we could encourage them to get bogged down for 100 years in an unrealisable project.事实上,我们也可以鼓励他们耗费百年精力来实现这个无法实现的任务。

英文句子26:,26、JiFei to encourage is low due to loss of Dan, meet Dan meet benevolence to the skating rink.季菲为了鼓励因丧亲而陷入低潮的丹仁,相约丹仁到溜冰场见面。

27、Jobs in the social media, and I would encourage you to take some time to explore them.乔布斯在社交媒体上也有许多贡献,我鼓励大家花些时间去探究一下。

28、You might consider this a feature: it encourages you to fix your errors as you go along.您可能认为这是一条特性:它鼓励您在继续前进之前修改您的错误。

29、We chose to keep local owners and management (as minority owners) as an incentive to stay on.我们选择保留本地股东和管理层(作为少数股股东),以鼓励他们留在公司。

30、Once they became comfortable with the concept and the tool, we started encouraging that they observe some measure of conservation.当他们适应这些概念和工具之后,我们开始鼓励他们节约资源。

31、Encouragement is motivating, listening to, and running interference so employees can do what they are expected to do.“鼓励”是给予动机,倾听,并且排除障碍以确保下属能按你的期望去做事。

32、Burney hopes these findings will encourage countries and development groups to invest in the green technology.伯尼希望这些调查结果能够鼓励各国和发展集团为绿色科技投资。

33、Hence, "we're encouraging everyone to use Battle.net as much as possible to get the most out of StarCraft II."我们鼓励每一个玩家都尽可能地使用战网来发掘《星2》的乐趣。

34、With her encouragement, he applied for a job with the Fuller Brush Co. only to be turned down.在她的鼓励之下,他向福勒牙刷公司申请一份工作,结果却遭到拒绝。

35、Orange will allow you to digest your emotions without holding onto stuff and encourage emotional balance and optimism.橙色 会帮助你轻松消化不良情绪,鼓励乐观向上,做到情绪上的平衡。

36、Involve friends and family. A support group, such as friends and family, will offer encouragement and istance in your job search.求助亲友。 一个亲友支持团,会在你求职过程中给你鼓励和帮助。

37、Fifth, we should encourage mergers, standardize bankruptcy procedures, redirect laid-off workers, increase efficiency by reducing redundant staffimplement re-employment programs.第五, 鼓励兼并、规范破产、下岗分流、减员增效和实施再就业工程。

38、The offsets are meant as an incentive to develop projects that would not otherwise have been financially viable.交易量是作为一种鼓励来帮助发展那些原本在财政上有困难的项目。

39、Encourage the use of rainwater cache storage projects to develop and apply low-water gravity micro-irrigation techniques.鼓励结合雨水集蓄利用工程,发展和应用低水头重力式微灌技术;

40、Within bounds of confidentiality, coachees should be encouraged to give feedback to the organization because it is sponsoring the coaching;在许可的范围内,应该鼓励教练向组织提供反馈,这有助于训练;

41、With a long history and worldwide membership, it encourages the joy in the outdoors and promotes the skills necessary to develop such appreciation.配合其历史及遍及世界性的会籍,它鼓励进行户外活动。

42、The hubei broadcasting and tv station and the provincial publicity department have also given encouragement and support to the chorus.湖北广播电视总台、省委宣传部对合唱团也给予了鼓励和支持。

43、These programs and libraries were always rather difficult, though; they did little to encourage source-level reuse.但是这些程序和库总是那么难以编写;它们很少鼓励源代码级的重用。

44、Do not know whether it into the semi-finals at best come, first I would like to thank Bo faithful encouraged me.不知道能否进半决赛呢到时精彩来了,先谢谢博友们鼓励我。

45、New public management emphasizes the market-oriented principle, pays attention to the customer choosing, encourages competition and underlines achievement.新公共管理强调市场导向原则,重视消费者选择,鼓励竞争,注重绩效。

46、Second, we must encourage the development of energy-saving environmentally friendly cars, energy and land-based residential and public buildings.二要鼓励发展节能环保型汽车、节能省地型住宅和公共建筑。

47、Encouraging and straight-forward, this book offers a multitude of suggestions, hints and even a chapter on "shop therapy".鼓励而坦率,这本书提供了许多建议、线索甚至还有一章“购物治疗”。

48、The mayor awarded Paul a gold medal for his dedication to social work over the past two decades.市长颁给保罗一枚金质奖章鼓励他过去xx年来致力于社会工作。

49、Hog futures were up sharply today, offering encouragement and no need to cut back there.活猪期价今天急剧上涨,起到了鼓励作用,没有必要再目前的行情下削减头寸。

50、But Ms. Wang wanted to use reality television to do something more, by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.不过王利芬的目标比这更为远大,她希望借此类节目鼓励创新和创业。

经典英文句子51:鼓励,51、We encouraged enterprises to accelerate technological upgrading, and provided 鼓励企业加快技术改造,安排200亿元技改专项资金支持4441个技改项目。

20 billion yuan to support

4,441 technological upgrading projects.

52、The idea appears to be to encourage consolidation within the sector by dis advantaging smaller property companies.这一想法显而易见是为了鼓励行业内部的合并整合而对小开发商不利。

53、Above all, he focuses on inspiring and nurturing grroots action by the 15- to 29-year-old “Millennial” generation.最重要的是他注重鼓励和培养15-xx岁千禧年一代的草根行动。


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