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关于”常用的句型“的英语句子45个,句子主体:commonly used sentence patterns。以下是关于常用的句型的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:commonly used sentence patterns


1、Either type of handler is removed.


2、PWM control mode and phase-shift control mode are typically used in full bridge PWM converter.


3、The selectivities used in the model varies with the temperature and conversion instead of being a constant.


4、Seriously skilled and beautiful athletes are serving it up, often for substantial amounts of money.


5、Compared with synchronous explosive AND gate, it requires no synchrony and time sequencing to its two inputs, thus extends its application area and improves its reliability of normal function .


6、Hyperlipideamia and hepatic steatosis in abdominal adiposity group (were divided by WHR) and visceral adiposity group (were divided by BMI) were examined more than normal weight group (P<0.01).


7、In the process of constructing volume tables and building experience formulas, the expecting results arc obtained by means of the common linear regression.


8、In recent years, there was a great deal of to adopt the new-Keynesian policy rule in research of monetary policy.


9、However, in reality a profile coming from the die is forcefully cooled, often using a water bath.

随着用户群的增长,发生了这样的事:有几个用户是 A 类型的,即非常细心型的(我之所以这么说是因为我就是这样的人)。

10、As the user base grows, something else happens: Several of those users will be type-A, ultra-detail-oriented types (and I can say that because I'm one of these people).


11、Conclusion The new type of

2.5X monocular or binocular telescopes can effectively improve the distant vision of low vision patients.


12、The current at the channel base is specified, and use two time constants can get the much better shapes than single time constant.


13、For many years, computer users have been able to run processor-intensive speech recognition applications executing commands based on voice processing and requiring extensive configuration.


14、The conventional design model was solved by numerical methods, which could be applied to binaryideal or non-ideal solution.

目的观察西京- 87型鼓泡式氧合器在常温体外循环中的应用效果。

15、Objective The effect of XIJING-87 bubble oxygenator on warm cardiopulmonary byp in open heart surgery was studied.


16、As often used in the construction of C steel, some of its understanding of our future use is also good.

大型 Web 站点通常用动态页面进行装载 —— 它们使大型站点更容易保持新颖的内容和设计。

17、Large Web sites are typically loaded with dynamic pages -- they make a large site much easier to maintain with fresh content and an up-to-date design.

没有权力或燃料的浪费闲置,通常60-85 %的时间用于这些类型机车。

18、No power or fuel are wasted for idling—typically 60–85% of the time for these type locomotives.


19、They are low overlain pressure para lost ls with normal pressure;


20、At present, two stress states---the planar stress and the planar strain are usually adopted in the modeling experiment of the equivalent materials.

21、Test of the combined method in a constant velocity model shows it can optimize raypath, especially in a network with co node spacing.文章对常速模型的试算,显示了改进方法对射线路径优化的作用,在模型网格稀疏的情况下效果尤其明显。

22、It was suggested that the SWAN model could well simulate the development and propagation of steady and unsteady wind-induced waves.结果表明:SWAN模型较好地模拟了渤海湾在定常风和非定常风作用下风浪成长和传播过程。

23、It is very difficult for a large-scale complex scene to build the 3D models, manage the data of the 3D models and real-time interact and walk-through in the scene.用传统的方法建造大型场景、组织和存储大型场景的三维模型数据以及在大型场景中进行实时交互漫游,都变得非常地困难。

24、For example, you can populate arrays based on populating functions, which is likely to be useful for physical models.例如,您可以使用填充函数来填充数组,这对于物理模型来说非常有用。

25、Quite often other attempts at such atonement are often mere words like the ubiquitous "sorry, " which means nothing.然而,类似于此的赎罪的其他方式常常仅是含糊不清的一句“对不起”,而这样的道歉,毫无意义。

英文句子26:,26、Real estate industry is one of the typical capital denseness industries.房地产业是一个非常典型的资本密集型行业。

27、Methods Discussing monitoring technology in routine and new pattern equipment of disinfection and sterilization.方法探讨医院常规使用及新型消毒设备的消毒灭菌效果监测技术。

28、It was took a question of "Logarithmic Model" in the calculation of the species density which was commonly used in the research of biodiversity at present.同时还对目前常用的计算物种密度的“对数模型”方法的普遍适用性提出质疑。

29、Exploitive styles must be conducted with great subtlety as very few counterparts are so desperate as to welcome or tolerate outright exploitation.使用利用型谈判方法必须非常巧妙,因为没有对手如此铤而走险的欢迎或容忍无条件被利用。

30、It expounds that the electro-static Driven Comb Micro-resonant set is widely used in the linear driven equipment.静电梳微谐振子是微机械领域常用的直线型驱动装置。

31、It is shown that the autocatalytic model gives a better description of the kinetic process of the GICZPS gl crystallization compared with the JMA model.结果表明,较之通常采用的JMA模型,双参数的自催化模型可以更好地描述玻璃的析晶动力学过程。

32、In general, parameters are placeholders for actual values or types that are filled in at a point of use.通常,参数 是那些在使用时需要填入的真实值或类型的占位符。

33、Generally speaking, several kinds of models are usually used to estimate the volatility. They can be divided into two types: liner models and non-liner models.分析研究了众多的国内外文献,综合来说,有几种模型经常被用来估计波动率,大体分为两类:线性模型和非线性模型。

34、Luminaires and lamps used for accent lighting are typically described by performance characteristics such as beam spread.用于重点照明的灯具一般都能够非常典型地描述产品,如射灯。

35、How often do I pace it three times a day, early and late, ay, and in all weathers too, and say nothing about it?我常常不分早晚,日晒雨淋,一天跑三趟,可我一句话也没说过。

36、We were able to use Naked Objects to build a very rapid prototype of their model, defining purely anemic entities and then having the services contribute all the actions.于是我们使用Naked object非常快速地为他们的模型构建了一个原型,原型中定义了完全贫血的实体,并让服务承担所有的动作。

37、So let's take our one model that we keep going back to Equation of state, and just see how it works.我们回到经常使用的理想气体模型,或者说状态方程。

38、However, it can quickly become unmanageable as the numbers of user types and privilege levels increase.但是,随着用户类型和特权级别的增加,管理很快就变得非常困难。

39、One inlet and one outlet, and are used to permit and shut off fluid flow. The two types of operations are "Normally Closed" and "Normally Open".一个入口和一个出口,和用于允许流体流动和关闭。不同类型的行动是“常闭”和“常开”。

40、The new Benz - Very different…这新型的宾士车─非常不一样…

41、The GDD scenario we've worked through in this article is one of the more common models that organizations are using or contemplating today.本文中所讨论的GDD场景是各个组织今天正在使用或考虑使用的更加常规的模型。

42、Typically this is at a very locked-down environment (for example, some Citrix environments, and also some non-Citrix environments where the end user’s Internet Explorer is heavily ‘locked down’).通常,这种类型用于一个非常 “锁定” 的环境(例如某些 Citrix 环境,还有某些非 Citrix 环境,其中终端用户的 Internet Explorer 被严重 “锁定”)。

43、As E5 is often found in high-risk HPV, while seldom found in low-risk HPV, so it is umed that E5 has sort of connection with carcinogenesis of HPV.E5一般存在于高危型HPV,在导致良性肿瘤的低危型HPV中经常缺省,这一特点可能和高危型HPV的致癌作用具有潜在联系。

44、I stype which I likes, I also can to you extremely, extremely good!是我喜欢的类型,我也会对你非常,非常好的!

45、The aim of this study, therefore, was to study the effect of GTX on different cells of the liver.我们用正常的和肝纤维化的大鼠肝脏精密切片来研究胶霉毒素对各种类型肝细胞上的作用。

46、The greater stability of these power sources allows very low currents to be used particularly for micro-TIG welding and largely replaced the plasma process for micro-welding operations.这些电源稳定性较好,允许专用于微型TIG焊的电流非常低,可以大量取代等离子方法用于微型焊接作业。

47、A clever foreign correspondent can often avoid censorship by careful wording, leaving his audience to read between the lines.聪明的外国记者常常可以借推敲字句进过新闻检查.而让读者去了解弦外之音。

48、The 8字型身材被认为是完美的体型,通常也称之为沙漏状体型。

8 frame is considered the perfect body shape. It is often called the hourgl figure.

49、And according to Taub, installing cages and other safety measures often costs more than the robot itself.根据托布的说法,安装防护笼和其他安全设备的费用通常比造一个类人型机器人的费用还高。

50、As always, new usage models will evolve like Knowledge Management, synchronous messaging, and cross-product workflow.通常,新的使用模型的演进就像 Knowledge Management、同步消息和跨产品工作流一样。

经典英文句子51:常用的句型,51、Measure current - Model 7169A relays remain normally open and Model 7158 relays go to normally open.测量电流——7169A型继电器仍保持在常开位置,7158型继电器连接至常开触点。

52、UCO company on DSP routines source code used to achieve very comprehensive models help beginners grasp the development of skills…合众达公司有关DSP的常用例程源代码实现,非常全面典型,帮助初学者快速掌握开发技巧和方法。

53、In other words, one person might like something very much while another person might hate the same thing.换句话说,一个人可能非常喜欢某样东西,而另一个人却非常讨厌这种东西。

54、Built-in exception types cannot be deleted.无法删除内置的异常类型。

55、In addition, its light viscosity makes it ideal for high-performance tuner cars and sub-compact vehicles.此外,它的光粘度使其非常适用于高性能改装车和次小型车。

56、These are generally made of carbide insert variety in view of the large material removal involved, though high speed steel is also used.这些齿通常由碳化插刀组成,根据所要切削大型材料类型决定刀刃,但也用高速钢材料。

57、Shield hauler is a usual main hauler of underground transportation in a modern coal enterprise.支架搬运车是现代化煤炭企业井下搬家倒面常用的一种主力车型。

58、Composite patterns are combinations of business and integration patterns that have themselves become commonly used types of e-business applications.复合模式(composite pattern)是业务和集成模式的组合,这些组合是常用的电子商务应用程序类型。

59、The limb-girdle muscular dystrophies are divided into two types according to inheritance pattern, type 目前根据遗传方式分为1型(常染色体显性)和2型(常染色体隐性) ,每一型根据不同基因缺陷又分为许多亚型。

1 is autosomal dominant and type

2 is autosomal recessive.

60、If you determine that these types are frequently mapped together, consider using a Submap which is re-usable, otherwise, a Local map is the way to go.如果确定这些类型经常一起映射,请考虑使用可重用的 Submap,否则就可以使用 Local map。

61、In short, there is a real need for some experts to guide developers through the surprisingly complex world of creating graphically rich applications.一句话,的的确确需要有些专家来引导开发者们,穿越“创造视觉丰富的应用程序”这个异常复杂的世界。

62、The article mainly describes the application common ceramic water-reducing agent in home and abroad, the change nature of new model agents and the developing trend.介绍了常用的陶瓷减水剂及其在国内外的应用、新型减水剂的改性及发展趋势。


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