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1、Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde and also in North America.


2、Exxon Mobil declined to comment on the reports.


3、Bananas are nutritious so they're the perfect no-fuss snack.


4、An excellent choice are the Ultimate Ears 700 from Logitech.


5、And we must not allow the perfect to become the enemy of progress.


6、I believe the amount of English I know is sufficient to work in an American firm.


7、She's always in perfect suits, you know, pastel colours, all matching.


8、"quiet attention" in the Chinese ancient esthetics is an esthetics category that contains active life spirit, not as absolutely as the west" quiet view" emphasizes to isolate with the world.


9、Middle and Late Northern Song Dynasty carved exquisite decoration, unique style.

蜡染的“冰纹”就是它让人们为之赞美 不绝的性格特征。

10、The waxed "ice lines" is the characteristics that allow people to praise.


11、Its brilliant colors, the idea gives to the U. S. , the U. S. enjoy, can play a wonderful peerless artistic atmosphere.


12、The relationship between interest rates and the dollar is non-trivial.


13、He spent a couple of years submerged in nothing but the beauty of nature itself!


14、The beautiful scenery of Lishan Mountain attracts a steady stream of visitors.


15、Taylor was known for her incredible beauty. And that beauty came with an equally strong personality.


16、I'm just gonna say that the Chinese Miku is absolutely beautiful.


17、Close to Istanbul, the hauntingly beautiful city of Edirne is Turkey's true gateway to Europe and the Balkans.


18、Now you look down at your feet. The gr is absolutely perfect too.


19、Speaking of the Ottomans, Talat Pasha was the key architect of the Armenian genocide, one of the largest genocides in modern history.


20、He used to brag about the unique and wonderful fans he sold.

21、The Pafos forest contains some of the most spectacular scenery in Cyprus.帕福斯森林的美堪称壮丽,可以说,它是塞浦路斯绝色美景的代表。

22、By the way it's an absolutely beautiful site, a great tourist site; you can see quite a lot there.顺便说一下,那是一个相当美丽的景点,绝佳的旅游胜地,你能看到许多美景

23、It's a glutinous side dish that's perfect for practicing your chopstick skills, for sopping up curry sauce and, amazingly, for building really strong pagodas.以它为原料的小菜黏糊糊的,绝对适合练习你的筷子技术。糯米不但能美美的蘸着咖喱汁吃,更绝的是,它还能用来盖结结实实的塔楼。

24、The demise of the driving instructor may still be decades away, but the project is no mere pipe-dream.或许令驾驶教练绝迹尚需几xx年,但是该项目绝非仅是黄梁美梦。

25、Gili Meno Island was my ultimate truth and reconciliation hearing.美侬岛是我的绝对真理与和解审讯。

英文句子26:,26、You might not be perfect, but you’re certainly not evil.你中规中矩,尽管算不上完美,但也绝非恶人。

27、The young, the all-beautiful Ione, is seated by that rude fire.年轻的绝代美人伊俄涅坐在粗陋的火炉旁。

28、Nevertheless, there is also in this section a spectacle of enormous magnificence that inspires in us pers-by a delightful sensation of splendor.在这一段道路上,实在亦有一种气绝壮绝的境致,使我们经过此段道路的人,感到一种壮美的趣味。

29、In the deepest desperation, I always see the most beautiful scenery.我老是在最深的绝望里望见最美的风光。

30、There is a lot of beautiful rockwork, which is a place you must visit.假山既多且精美,绝对是游园林的好去处。

31、Antigone refuses and bids Ismene to go back to bed.安提戈涅拒绝与出价伊斯美妮回去睡觉。

32、Never give up during the difficult days and better time are sure to come some day.在困境中绝不放弃,美好的日子总会到来。

33、The Fed is basically out of bullets.布里斯说:“美联储基本上已经弹尽粮绝。

34、And the sea send to New Zealand ceaseless scallop, p , sturgeon and other delicious fish.而大海则源源不绝地为新西兰送来鲜美的扇贝、笛鲷、鲔鱼以及其它味道鲜美的鱼类。

35、And their excellent virtue enabled the opportunity to be recognized.而其绝佳的美德,让该机会得到认可。

36、And enjoyed the drive and beauty along the drive.我们享受到了这段车路和沿途的绝妙美景。

37、Off-world colonies advertise a greater life via flying billboards.与世隔绝的殖民地通过飞行板宣传着自己生活的美好。

38、Spokeswomen for both Citigroup and Merrill declined to comment.花旗及美林发言人拒绝发表相关评论。

39、Sweet Helen, made me immortal with a kiss.美艳绝伦的海伦啊,请给我一个吻,使我永恒不朽。

40、Cavers in Mexico confront extreme conditions and find extraordinary beauty.身处墨西哥的探洞者遭遇极端的环境并发现绝世美景。

41、He paid out $24,000 in damages, but wouldn't apologize.他付出了两万四千美元的赔偿金,但拒绝道歉。

42、Wild pigeon of western north america; often mistaken for the now extinct penger pigeon .北美西部的野鸽;常被当作现已灭绝的候鸽。

43、I've been to Guilin before. It's absolutely breathtaking.我以前去过桂林。 那绝对是一个美得让人窒息的地方。

44、Light, fire and brilliant color combine to create these magnificent Opals .明亮,炙热,闪耀的颜色的结合造就了这绝美的欧泊。

45、The artist's work shows the perfect union of craftsmanship and imagination. 这些音乐家作了一场绝对完美的演出。

46、Every life is beautiful, even a small flower also won't refuse.每一个生命都是美丽的,再小的花也不会拒绝。

47、Every life is beautiful, again small flower also won't refuse.每一个生命都是美丽的,再小的花也不会拒绝。

48、Does this landscape look like an alien one? Of course, this is the Earth.走走看看吧,看看这绝美的地球风光!

49、Fox Network Card, 说明:网狐棋牌,2人双扣源码,绝对完美可用哦!

2 Twill source, absolutely perfect available Oh!

50、On this road , there is a really a kind of magnificent scence, which makes us felt a majestic interest when we go through.在这一段道路上,实在亦有一种奇绝壮绝的境致使我们经过这段道路的人感得一种壮美的趣味。

经典英文句子51:绝美,51、Waiter: Would you like to try our delicious cakes. Our cakes have many variety of tastes.请问试不试我们的精美蛋糕呢?我们的蛋糕品种繁多,美味绝伦。

52、To be a good person, I believe the vast majority of all people.做一个美好的人,我相信是绝大多数人的心愿。

53、The works are instructive, often beautiful and occasionally thrilling.这些精美绝伦的展品颇具启发性,有的甚至令人震撼。

54、Jervois beauty of the world must, Guilin, a human landscape.苏杭美景天下绝,桂林山水甲人间。

55、The controlling ability of language and culture show in a wonderful song title will get numerous acclaims from audiences.一个绝妙的歌名翻译对美的表现力,对语言和文化的驾驭能力不禁会让人拍案叫绝。

56、Your very voice is in my heartbeat, sweeter than despair.你独特的嗓音融入了我的心跳,比绝望更甜美。

57、Stunning scenery, welcomes the intention of moving the two world, organiza…绝色美景,欢迎两人世界用心感动,团体不要来…

58、This region of Pakistan, known as the Northern Areas, is almost flamboyantly beautiful.巴基斯坦的这个地区被称为北方地区,风景绝美。

59、Increasing foreplay time will lead to antition of the big event.增加前戏时间,会将你带入绝美无伦的人间天堂。


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