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关于”主谓一致“的英语句子52个,句子主体:subject-predicate agreement。以下是关于主谓一致的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:subject-predicate agreement


1、The host offers the first toast.


2、"Ingenious taste" refers to his broad aesthetic taste, an ability to discover beauty where it is overlooked.


3、However, morphologic evaluation is subjective and has low interobserver agreement.


4、Enter on groundlevel to find quirky homewares and stationery, then head downstairs tothe vintage treasure trove below!


5、One thing we still have in common with the past is quack techniques to achieve whatever body type is in the norm at the time.


6、Broadly, liberals and pro-market forces stand on one side;



2 predicates that can improve performance if rewritten as Stage

1 or indexable.


8、This is called stricture and can lead to problems with digestion, such as food sticking when you swallow.


9、Cornal scar is the main reason to cause visual decrease or lost.


10、But the conclusion that obesity may be a factor in some swine flu deaths opens up a new line of investigation for epidemiologists.


11、Dr. Sui Khar said an important topic at the congress was unity.


12、A verb must agree with its subject in number and person.


13、Decision points in the process can become "Governance Gates" and should align to the "strategic governance" bodies and review sessions.


14、Then I rededicate myself to this thing called society—a continuous living drama equal to anything Hollywood ever produced.


15、Acoustic agglomeration is one of the main causes for the fog dissipation.


16、The verb must agree with the subject in person and number.


17、Numerous facts have proved that when a thing to perfection time, the next step will be to its negative, the so-called reach, Sheng is also very necessary things.


18、An active engine mount with electrostrictive actuator was studied.


19、Use subject lines that carry a consistent theme that recipients will ociate with your brand.


20、Background: end-stage ankle arthrosis is one of the leading causes of chronic disability in north america.

21、"Zhi" has become Mondeo users' attitude to work and life: doing everything to its best in the office while enjoying life heartily with limitless originality at home.“致”,俨然成为贯穿蒙迪欧-致胜车主工作和生活的一种态度:工作时,全力以赴、成就极致;生活中,创意无限、享受极致。

22、So imperfect was this so-called cure that the death rate attributed to diabetes actually went up.这种所谓的“治愈”方法是那么地不完美,以致糖尿病的死亡率反而上升了。

23、Occipital bone comprises compact os integumentale.枕骨主要为致密的皮质骨。

24、Other parasites have life cycles that involve intermediate organisms, or vectors, which carry disease-causing microorganisms from one host to another.其他一些寄生虫的生活史牵涉到中间宿主或是带菌者(指将致病微生物从一个宿主传给另一个宿主)。

25、Virus comes from the Latin word for “poison” or “slimy liquid,” an apt descriptor for the bug that causes flu and the common cold.Virus (病毒)一词 来自拉丁文,意为“毒药“或“黏滑的液体, 是对导致流感和普通感冒的所谓虫子的描述。

英文句子26:,26、the right brain, the “anomaly detector” or “devil's advocate,” picks up on inconsistencies and challenges the left brain's model in turn.而右脑,所谓的“异常探测器”或“魔鬼代言人”,则会对不一致的地方熟稔起来,并转而挑战左脑的模式。

27、The main objectives of the SDGs have already been agreed.可持续发展目标的主要内容已经达成了一致。

28、MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Primary end points were atheroscl events, including fatal or nonfatal ischemic heart disease, fatal or nonfatal stroke, and peripheral arterial disease.主要结果评价:主要终点是动脉粥样硬化事件,包括致命或者非致命缺血性心脏病、致命或者非致命卒中以及周围动脉病。

29、At present, most people had realized that grafting and fertilizing are major measures to increase the height of main trunk at the same conditions.目前,人们一致的看法是在造林用的苗木高度和立地条件一致的情况下,接干和施肥处理是提高泡桐主干高度的主要措施之

30、There is an agreement among all the partints in the Geneva talks, so-called 'international discussions,' that an agreement, in principle, on the very fact that such a mechanism is necessary.参加日内瓦讨论,就是所谓‘国际讨论’的所有各方原则上一致认为,这样一种机制是必要的。

31、The ’90s were an eventful time for an international economist like Roubini.对于像洛比尼这样致力于国际经济学研究的学者来说,上世纪xx年代可谓多事之秋。

32、On the one hand, this covenant theme evidences the integrity of the chapter as a whole.一方面,圣约的主题证明了本章是整体一致的。

33、Apparently, I am the only person not surprised by the alleged events that took place in Sofitel Hotel in New York City that lead to Dominique Strauss Kahn's arrest.很明显我是唯一一个不对在纽约Sofitel旅馆发生的所谓导致斯特劳斯卡恩被逮捕的事件感到惊奇的人。

34、Undershirts must be the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve;内衣颜色必须与衣袖主色一致;

35、The results of research on precision FM synchronous broadcasting by using common source modulation method are introduced.所谓共源调制法,即利用微波或卫星、光缆链路传输共源调制信号,保证了各同步台之间的调制度一致。

36、Age is one of the key risk factors for falls.年龄是导致跌伤的主要危险因素之

37、This leads to another keynote of Iyengar yoga: meditation in action.这导致艾杨格的另一个主题:在动作中冥想。

38、Each objection led some utilitarians to give up some of the original claims of clic utilitarianism.每个反对导致一些功利主义者放弃了原来的古典功利主义的一些要求。

39、The Chinese language has given "Zhisheng" deep and abundant meanings, implying the remarkable features of the car and the excellence of its users.所谓顾名思义,汉语的博大精深赋予了“致胜”深刻的含义,辉映蒙迪欧-致胜及其用户不同凡响的内涵。

40、Results The progressive myopia (892 cases) was one of the main diseases that caused blindness.结果高度进行性近视致残共892例,为主要致残致盲眼病。

41、The uniform boundedness, uniformly ultimate boundedness and global exponential stability for non-autonomous neural networks with time-varying delays are investigated.主要研究了一类变时滞的非自治神经网络的一致有界性、最终一致有界性和全局指数稳定性。

42、" Because legislation is indeterminate , on understanding of "fleeing causes one's death", opinions vary.由于立法的不明确,在理解“因逃逸致人死亡”的问题上,众说纷纭,可谓百家争鸣。

43、'We've got one that protects mice from an infection called listeriosis that causes vomiting and nausea and can affect pregnant women.我们已经有了一个从所谓的李斯特菌病的感染,导致呕吐和恶心等症状,并能影响孕妇保护小鼠。

44、That is how they addressed him: don plus his given name and without the family name, a form of address somewhere between what might seem like familiarity and the veneration owed to a feudal lord.他们就是这么称呼他的:“先生”加上他的名而不加姓。 这种称谓方式听起来有几分亲切,也有几分像是向封建主致敬。

45、Its intimate understanding of those customers could become the envy of established luxury brands around the world.尚品对这部分中国人消费需求的了解得可谓细致入微,这一点可能让世界许多知名奢侈品品牌羡慕不已。

46、The hurry-up, put-out-there, iterate attitude of agile could actually lead to even worse security problems.敏捷所谓抓紧时间、赶紧交付、迭代式的态度真得会导致更严重的安全问题。

47、"YASUKICHIMONO" means a series of novel that "Horikawa Yasukichi" plays the leading role written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.所谓「保吉物」,是指芥川龙之介以「堀川保吉」为作中主角进行书写的一系列作品群。

48、By horizontal coordination, we mean the friendly and harmonious working relations among divisions of coupons, control and finance.所谓横向协调,即指致于票证、监控、财务等各科室融洽和谐的协调工作。

49、Wealth in a socialist society belongs to the people. To get rich in a socialist society means prosperity for the entire people.社会主义财富属于,社会主义的致富是全民共同致富。

50、The memory model allows what is known as "out-of-order writes" and is a prime reason why this idiom fails.内存模型允许所谓的“无序写入”,这也是这些习语失败的一个主要原因。

经典英文句子51:主谓一致,51、On the basis of respect, equality, consensus, and voluntarism.遵循互相尊重,平等互利,协商一致,自主自愿的原则。

52、I photograph the main attraction and then discover the lesser known yet still photo-worthy subjects.我拍摄主要景点,然后致力于发现不太为人所知、但仍值得一拍的主题。

53、The fall in the dollar is important, but mainly because as a store of value the dollar stinks.美元的下跌之所以重要主要是因为作为一种价值储存手段美钞可谓臭名昭著。


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