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关于”记句型“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Remember sentence patterns。以下是关于记句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Remember sentence patterns

1、For now, though, always ensure you have the variable defined in your for clause reappearing in your return clause. 目前,先要记住必须保证 for 子句定义的变量同时出现在 return 子句中。

2、Know and memorize the precise construction of each transitional sentence. 请记住每一个转折复句的精确结构。

3、Remember, the supertype relation is reflexive. 记住超类型的关系是反身的。

4、Our next pattern is one of my favorites. It's the "I think" pattern. 下面一个是我最喜欢的句型之一,那就是“I think”句型。

5、The next pattern is the "I'm frustrated that" pattern. 下面一个句型是“I'm frustrated that”句型。

6、In sentence fill-ins, always read the whole sentence up to its end, understand the context, and only then address the grammar point at hand. 在做填空题的时候,要记住先通读句子,理解句中情景,然后敲定语法点。

7、Then I remember the second sentence about "show" words -- don't always flaunt himself. 于是我记住了第二句关于“炫耀”的话——不要总是炫耀自己。

8、The flexibility of the sentential capacity constitutes the main feature of SVOVC, which best ilrates the value of this sentence pattern. 句容的可谐调性是分理型句元复说句的主要特征,集中地体现其句型价值。

9、Use it often. Remember that "what do you say" does not mean literally "what do you say". 尽量多多使用这个句型。记住, “what do you say”并不表示字面的意思。

10、P. S. Rremember a smile is worth 1000 words! 请记住,一个微笑胜过1000句话。

11、Our next pattern is the "There is" statements or questions. 接下来学习的是There is句型,它是陈述或是问题句型。

12、And you will find this pattern useful for when you are talking about something in your memory. 当你在谈论记忆中的某事时,这个句型非常有用。

13、Temember the famous saying, "Heaven helps those who help themselves." 记住这句名言:“天助自助者”。

14、Vietnamese also have passive sentences that may have the signal sentence or the non-signal sentence expressed. 它也可以由有标记的句子或无标记的句子来表示。

15、The "I want to" pattern is a great pattern that you probably have been using and you should use often. I want to”句型是一个非常棒的句型,你可能之前早已用过,你也可以多多使用这个句型。

16、You have to find your one-sentence if you want people to remember it. 你必须要找到别人能够记住你的一句话。

17、Memorize sentence patterns, especially good quotes and speeches. 记忆一些句子类型,特别是好的名句和演讲。

18、As a kind of marked negation, metalinguistic negation is usually marked by the double-sentence structure, consisting of a basic negative sentence plus another positive or negative sentence. 元语否定作为一种标记否定,它的标记形式一般为由本句和义句构成的复句结构式。

19、So, I hope you'll remember the power of doing well by doing good. 因而,我希望你们将记住为善者诸事顺这句话的力量。

20、"Copy down this sentence and keep it in mind, please. "said the old teacher. “把这个句子抄下来,并把它记住,”那位老师说。(直接引语)

21、Our next patter is "I'd rather" pattern. 下一个句型是“I'd rather”句型。

22、In order to overcome this difficulty, a 6-tag set was designed and a method based on cascaded Conditional Random Fields was proposed. 为了解决这一难题,设计了一种六字位标记集,提出了一种基于层叠式条件随机场模型的古文断句与句读标记方法。

23、Remember, the SET PASSTHRU statement itself does not test the connection. 记住,SET PASSTHRU 语句本身并不能测试该连接。

24、The three types are format, statement or procedure-based handlers. 这三种类型是基于记录格式、语句和过程的 Handler 程序。

25、this is really a good pattern to keep in mind. 这是一个很好的句型。你应该记下来。


26、So remember that it has two different meanings. 所以,请记住这个句型有两种不同的意思。

27、Remember the saying: You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you. 记住这句话:如果他们真的会套住你,多疑就是褒义词

28、To use all the words and sentences you have encountered, take notes. 用你见过的词和句子来记笔记。

29、(Remember useful expressions, and make sure it's right. Practice makes perfect.) 5.尽量用第一人称来记习惯用语和句型,以便记忆牢固。

30、We should always remember the saying, "Pride comes before a fall." 我们应当随时记住这句话:骄者必败“。

31、Appointing some sentences as the passing questions and answers. 指定一些句型作为要传下去的问句和答句。

32、Remember the famous saying, "Heaven helps those who help themselves." 记住这句名言:“天助自助者。”

33、Every word I don't love, is the performance impressed me. 字字句句都表现我不爱人, 就是要我铭记。

34、Remember, this is pattern that we use when the question relates specifically to the person you are speaking with. 记住,我们使用这个句型时,所提的问题仅仅针对谈话的对象。

35、I'll alaways remember that I've love you. 亲爱的你,要记住我说的这句话哦。

36、In other words, we don't know the data but we remember lots of ways to get at it very quickly. 换句话说,我们记不住具体数据,但我们记得住快速获取数据的大量方法。

37、Who remembers what the first line is? 谁记得第一句?

38、Try to Remember idioms and setences with the first calling, make sure to remember deeply. 尽量用第一人称来记习惯用语和句型,以便记忆牢固。

39、The next pattern is one of my favorites. 下一个句型是我最喜欢的句型之一。

40、Keep in mind that once you have a handle to a valid message, SQS locks it. 请记住,在有了有效消息句柄之后,SQS 会锁定它。

41、How many" is a pattern that you use in a question. How many”句型应使用于问句中。

42、Try to Remember idioms and sentences with the first calling, make sure to remember deeply. 尽量用第一人称来记习惯用语和句型,以便记忆牢固。

43、Now keep that scripture in mind,that's a quotation from Genesis. 记住这句话,那是引自《创世纪》中的一句话。

44、Master the "I wonder" pattern and all of these patterns. 掌握这一句型以及其他所有句型,

45、The next pattern is the "I'm ~ing" pattern. 下一个句型是“I'm ~ing”句型。

46、a. Intensive Reading: When we read the intensive articles, we should make notes of the new words and phrases and good sentences. 精读:在精读课文时,我们要把生词,词组,句型做成笔记。

47、Remember words: child is out of Kwame, you have the issue of educational methods. 记住一句话:好孩子是夸出来的,你的教育方法有问题。

48、Remember these words, you will get better and better. 记住这几句话,你会变得越来越好

49、Remember, if you take an umbrella, it won't rain. 记住这样一句,晴带雨伞饱带干粮。

50、She had hardly had supper when she went out. 句型33、By the time+从句,+主句.(注意时态的变化。


51、Then 4. Repeat until you have memorized every sentence in your notes. 然后4. 重复一直到你记住笔记上面所有的句子.

52、The nominal predicate sentence (NPS) is a sentence model characteristic of Chinese, and frequently used in modern Chinese. 名词性谓语句是一种很常见的句型,也是体现了汉语自身特色的句型。

53、Next, re-read the article several times, and then organize notes, active memory is not expected. 接下来,再朗读文章若干遍,然后整理笔记,主动记忆典型例句。

54、Ms. Yin, who lives in Itakura's first words after seeing reporters. 家住板仓的殷女士见到记者后的第一句话。

55、NOTICE You would be well-advised to memorize the sentences before you want to bear the words in mind. 在记忆单词之前,不妨先记忆单词所在的句子,由于单词在句子中有了…

56、Yes, remember, but enjoy the day and live in peace. 这句话说的很对,记住它,但要好好享受这一天,并和平相处。

57、Take for example the study of English. In the beginning, it seemed hard to me to ounce each word correctly and to memorize the grammar rules, sentence structures, the whole texts. 比如英语学习,一开始,我似乎很难发准每一个字,很难记住语法规则、句型和整段课文。

58、We may not remember the verses to "Give Peace a Chance, " but we will always remember the chorus. 我们可能不记得的诗句“给和平一个机会”,但我们会永远记住的大合唱。

59、Dozens of undergrad students were first told to memorise an initial list of 16 sentences about the imaginary men, Tom and Alex. 许多本科生一开始被要求记住16句句子,这些句子是关于两个虚构的人物:汤姆和埃里克斯(Tom and Alex)。

60、Read the materials, remember the sentences and knowledge. 熟读听力材料,记住重点句型。

61、Repeat the sentence pattern ten times, then you will never forget it. 重复十遍这个句型你就能记牢了。

62、This is a useful sentence pattern. Can you make a sentence according to this pattern? 这是一个很有用的句型,你能照这个句型造一个句子吗?

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