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关于”鼓励自己的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Encourage your own sentences。以下是关于鼓励自己的句子的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage your own sentences

1、And I encourage them to be their best. 同时我鼓励他们努力做最好的自己。

2、If one child is fighting with another, the parents will encourage their child to fight more toughly and learn to protect himself. 当两个孩子打架时,家长就会鼓励他们要学会如何保护自己。

3、So people are very much encouraged to set up and work on their own. 所以,很鼓励人们去成立自己的公司。

4、She encourages others to make their own choices, and to respect hers, too. 她鼓励其他人作出自己的选择,同时也尊重她的决定。

5、On the other hand, they are egocentric, undisciplined , and lack self-control. Therefore, our education program stresses collectivism, mutual help and love. 因此,我们的教育强调集体主义、互助友爱,鼓励孩子们自己照顾自己,并且教育他们与人分享、共同分担的好处。

6、Realizes under the sober condition, must encourage the child to test own strength, the effort coughs the foreign matter. 意识清醒状态下,要鼓励孩子考自己的力量,用力咳出异物。

7、By giving out lots of awards you encourage lots of people to think of themselves as good neighbors. 通过给予较多人奖励,可以鼓励很多人把自己看成是好邻居。

8、Her grandmother would always encourage clients to educate themselves about finance and their investments. 她祖母常常鼓励客户自学金融知识,研究自己的投资。

9、Encourage openness to yourself and to novelty. 鼓励自己心胸开阔,接受新奇事物。

10、I continuously use when the examination own give own that speech to encourage own: Has strength which the dream only then has runs! 我一直用考学时自己送给自己的那句话勉励着自己:有梦想才有奔跑的力量!

11、So they're encouraging in England for people to grow their own vegetables and fruit, 他们鼓励在英格兰的人种植自己的蔬菜和水果,

12、She had been conscious of something faintly maternal in her efforts to guide and uplift him.     过去,她曾意识到自己尽力帮助他,鼓励他是出自朦胧的母爱。

13、What father should remember well is, get along well with the father of pron yourselves, accept true oneself, will conduce to you encouraging a son to pass that bridge so. 父亲们要牢记的是,与你们自己的父亲和睦相处,接受真实的自己,这样将有助于你们鼓励儿子通过那座桥。

14、I believe in myself .I can do it well. 我相信我自己。

15、In that setting, she said, a teacher has power to draw out the best in a child. 她说,在这种环境中老师应该鼓励孩子将自己最好的一面发挥出来。

16、It was Terman who encouraged Hewlett and Packard to launch their business. 休利特和帕卡德创建自己的企业正是因为受到特曼的鼓励。

17、Self-help books through the ages, including Norman Vincent Peale's 1952 classic, "The Power of Positive Thinking", have encouraged people with low self-esteem to make positive self-statements. 多年以来,“自助”书籍一直鼓励那些自信不足的人对自己说些积极鼓励的话,其中就有诺曼·文森·皮尔写于xx年的经典之作《积极思维的魔力》。

18、The future is in my hands. It's totally up to me.我的未来我作主。

19、鼓励自己从失恋中走出来 encourage oneself to step out of the love failure

20、Give employees a chance to grow and develop new skills; encourage them to be their best. 对员工成长完善自我、学习新技能的机会;鼓励他们做最好的自己、。

21、If his achievement not promptly admitted, talent will wither and because of lack of power. To those poor children, using this method to develop his self-respect and self-confidence. 尽量找出优点及时给予鼓励,这不仅对一般孩子有效果,即使是优秀的孩子也很需要鼓励,天才也需要从自己的成果中获取进一步发展的动力。

22、That plus cheap money encourages consumers to leverage their own balance sheets. 还有低利借款鼓励消费者撬动他们自己的资产负债表。

23、By visiting schools, the actors hope to inspire children _to _put_ on_ their own productions. 演员们希望通过访问学校鼓励孩子们演出自己的作品。

24、Cut yourself some slack and be encouraged by things that give you meaning. 别让自己有这么多闲功夫,鼓励自己把注意力集中在对你有意义的事物上。

25、are initiating more incentives for residents and business-owners to manage water on their own property. 提出了激励措施,鼓励居民和商户对自己的物业内的排水进行管理。


26、The father smiled and looked at his son encouragingly, “Dear son, you have thought it to be very complex and stunned yourself. 父亲微笑着,用鼓励的眼神看着儿子:“儿子,你把这条路想得太复杂了,你被自己吓坏了。

27、How do you encourage yourself? 你是怎样鼓励自己的?

28、Steve: I see myself chiefly as an inspirer. 我把自己看成一个鼓励者。

29、Can be seen from this matter, Crusoe to encourage to encourage yourself, don't be discouraged, for all the negative things also can feel it. 从这件事可以看出,鲁滨逊在鼓励鼓励自己,不气馁,对于各种消极的事情也能感受到极积的一面。

30、Give yourself a hand and maybe a break to prepare for the final stretch. 鼓励自己一下,也许稍微休息为最后的一段时间做好准备。

31、Young people should be encouraged to choose their careers according to their own strong points. 应该鼓励年轻人按照自己的特长选择职业。

32、Even if you think you're encouraging interaction, it 'speaks to an underlying belief you may have that you're an impostor, and unqualified to be speaking on the matter', writes Melody. 梅洛迪写道,即使你认为自己是在鼓励互动,“这句话指向了你可能持有的潜在观点——自己是个冒牌货,不够格在这件事上发表意见。”

33、“Know thyself” is an old saying passed down through the ages, to encourage us to engage in self-exploration. “知己!” 这个古老的谚语鼓励我们勇于探索自我。

34、Write notes to yourself for encouragement and place them in pockets of clothing you'll wear next season. 写几句鼓励自己的话,然后把它放在下一季所要穿的衣服口袋里。

35、Replace self-criticism with encouragement and motivating inspiration. 用鼓励和激励取代自我批评。

36、It really pays to surround yourself by self-disciplined people who'll encourage you. 让自己置身于一群有自我约束能力的人中间是有好处的,他们将会鼓励你。

37、During that time, Nana gave me encouragement very much, give me confidence, let me feel good about myself. 那段时间,娜娜给我的鼓励非常多,给我自信,让我觉得自己很棒。

38、Give yourself a pat on the back—you’ve made it two-thirds of the way there. 鼓励一下你自己吧——你已经完成了三分之二的旅程。

39、Its format is grassroots because it encourages and rewards people who take responsibility for their own health. 它的格局在于基层,因为它鼓励,奖励那些为自己健康负责的人。

40、But I'm going to encourage you more than anything to look inside yourselves. 但最主要的,我会鼓励你们去看自己的内心。

41、Angela's new interpretation, singing sweet, and give ourselves confidence, while giving others encouragement. 张韶涵的全新演绎,歌声甜美,给自己信心,同时给别人鼓励。

42、Mothers unconsciously allow more latitude to sons, and open encouragement, and with daughters they treat them as they would treat themselves. 对儿子,妈妈总会无意识的给予他多的从容自由与鼓励;而对女儿,她们怎样对自己就会怎样对女儿。

43、Besides looking great, a neat, well-organized closet can encourage children to dress themselves, hang up their clothes, and stow their dirty laundry. 除了自己觉得好看以外,一个整洁的,安排合理的壁橱也可以鼓励孩子自己穿衣服,挂衣服,和收拾脏衣服。

44、Give yourself permission to pat yourself on the back. Recognize your accomplishments and positive qualities. 允许自己鼓励自己,认识到自己的成就和积极的品质

45、It’s called mirror work. She encourages people to look into a mirror several times a day and say things like, “I love you. 这成为“镜子工程mirror work”,她鼓励大家每天几次对着镜子,然后对自己说:我爱你,我真的很爱很爱你!

46、Or they thought that the gym buddy was really only encouraging him- or herself. 或者他们认为视频伙伴只是在鼓励他们自己。

47、Victory in the heart very relieved, encourage GuanWenJun to pursue their own happiness. 胜利心中十分宽慰,鼓励管文军追求自己的幸福。

48、Once in a while only a hortative smile can encourage youeself to carry on. 偶尔需要一个鼓励的微笑,就可以说服自己继续坚强下去。

49、In Sudan, Aisha Humad, where's Aisha? Aisha is empowering women by teaching them to stand up for themselves and to stand up for their own rights. 苏丹的艾沙.胡马德鼓励妇女为她们自己站起来,挺身争取自己的权利。

50、You can try some self-talk to encourage yourself. 你可以多试试跟自己说话,来鼓励你自己。


51、Encourage them to be self-forgiving when they make mistakes--help them to see what they have learned from them and what you have learned from yours. 鼓励孩子为自己的成功欢呼雀跃——告诉他们庆贺自己的成就能够激励他人,做法可以既不夸耀自己也不贬低他人。

52、We encourage brothers and sisters bring their own cups and leave it on the shelf in the fellowship hall. 我们鼓励弟兄姊妹能带自己的杯子来并存放在交谊厅的柜子里。

53、If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. -----by Dorothy Law Nolte. 在鼓励中成长的孩子,充满自信。

54、Encourage children to put aside some of their pocket-money to buy Christmas presents. 应鼓励孩子为圣诞礼物而积攒自己的零用钱。

55、Parents need to be reassuring and supportive, encouraging children to think positively about themselves and building up their self-esteem. 家长需要安慰和支持鼓励孩子去积极思考他们自己是谁,以及帮助他们培养自尊心。

56、There was a DIY boom as people were encouraged to style and decorate their own homes. 风靡一时的DIY潮流,鼓励人们亲自去设计和粉饰自己的家。

57、She even encouraged me to stand up from all the faults and wrongs i did to my ruined life. 她甚至鼓励我从自己自暴自弃毁掉的生活中从新站起来。

58、Ou ou see doing depressed, in her novel to encourage him, believe that he will succeed. 卉卉看到小春沮丧的样子,便用自己的小说来鼓励他,相信他一定会成功。

59、Encourage your child to ask the teacher for help. 鼓励孩子去找自己的老师。

60、Now he encourages his own son to learn some fighting skills, but would never want him to use them in earnest. 现在他鼓励自己的孩子学习一些搏斗技巧,但并不希望他专攻此术,取得成绩。

61、An encourager is a caring and compassionate person. 要鼓励他人首先自己要具有爱心和热情。

62、We also encourage you to use them in your own animation reels , short films etc… 我们也鼓励您使用自己的动画辘他们,短片等…

63、Since then, I have encouraged myself to speak out so that I wouldn't look back with regret. 从那以后,我一直鼓励自己说出自己的观点,这样我回过头来的时候就不会后悔。

64、The religion encourages parents to let their children make decisions for themselves. 这种教派鼓励家长让孩子自己为自己的事情做决定。

65、If a child lives in encouraging, he learns self-confidently; 如果一个孩子生活在鼓励中,他就学会了自信;

66、It took his tutors’ encouragement to convince him that he should concentrate on his own talents. 受到导师的鼓励,他坚信应该专注于自己的天分。

67、Why should teachers encourage self-correction? 老师为什么要鼓励学生自己改错呢?

68、Swordbird is the most inspirational book for kids wanting to write their own books. 《剑鸟》这本书最能给自己想写小说的孩子带来启发和鼓励。

69、Encourage hem to talk about themselves and what they have done. 鼓励他们谈论自己和介绍他们都做过什么事。

70、Encourage them to take a full hour-long lunch break, if possible, and take one yourself. 鼓励他们休息一个完整的午休时间,如果可能,还有你自己的。

71、Motivate Yourself. Get the motivation when things get tough. Check out 20 Motivation Hacks for some good ways to do that. 激励自己。当前进之路困难重重时,不要忘记为自己加油鼓气,激励自己。

72、Treat yourself to rewards that will give you a 16)lift as you accomplish each sub-goal on your road to success. 在你的成功之路上,每完成一个次级目标,都给自己一份奖励作为鼓励。


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