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关于”梦想的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Dream sentences。以下是关于梦想的句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Dream sentences

1、The dream is flower seeds, the eagle's dream is ready to fly. 种子的梦想是开花结果,雄鹰的梦想是展翅飞翔。

2、My fantasy is just a distant dream. i-bing. cn. 我的幻想只是一个遥不可及的梦。

3、An often dream of dream man 一个常常梦zhi想着梦的男子

4、Dreams epitomize the way you want to live your life ------Goals, on the other hand, are simply a device to get you from Point A to Point B. 梦想是理想生活的影像——换句话说,梦想是一个把你从A带到B点的装置。

5、It is a touching piece that is full of fantasy. 是一部充满绮想梦幻的感人作品。

6、Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly. 紧紧地抓住梦想,因为一旦梦想幻灭,人生将是断翅的鸟儿,再也不能飞翔。

7、More harvest the seeds of dreams(更收获了梦想的种子)。

8、My fantasy is just a distant dream. 我的幻想 只是一个遥不可及的梦。

9、And they turn your dream to shame 梦想的实践,如同笑话幻灭。

10、Reimu: Which means that Gensokyo is now in peace? 灵梦:也就是说幻想乡现在和平了?

11、Hlod fast to dreams , For if dreams die, Lifeis a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly. 紧紧地抓住梦想,因为一旦梦想幻灭,人生将是断翅的鸟儿,再也不能飞翔。

12、Fantasizing in "Dargon"'s dream. 在《龙》的梦中幻想。

13、You know how I was thinking of the dream-like? 你怎么知道我的思想是梦幻似的?

14、Girls often daydream of handsome men. Is he as handsome as Beckham?Come and figure it out. 女孩子总幻想能遇到像Beckham一样帅的白马王子,可往往是痴人说梦啊。

15、Children of all ages and races were welcomed to Neverland. 所有年龄和种族的孩子都欢迎来到梦幻乐园。

16、A child should have a dream. 一个孩子是应该有梦想的。

17、This may, then, all be hallucination, image, dream. 所有这一切,可能只是幻觉、想象、梦魇。

18、It only takes one negative comment to kill a dream. 只是一句打击人的话,就能灭掉一个人内心的梦想。

19、An often dream of dream man 一个常常梦想着梦的男子

20、So the river is not dreaming; it's Richard who is dreaming. 因而并非河水如梦如幻;,而是理查在幻想。

21、"One day I'll have my own barbecue. " In other words, every generation gets to improve on the dreams of the last generation. 翻译为:“有朝xx日,我将拥有自己的烤肉(比喻:实现自己的梦想)。换句话说,每代人必须在他上代人的梦想上有所提高。

22、It can include pictures of your dream car, dream home, yacht, land, famous places that you want to visit, and so forth. 上面可以有你梦想中车子的图片,梦想中的房子,游艇,房产,以及你想要去参观的名胜古迹等等。

23、Having the nature of fantasies or dreams; 幻觉的具有幻想或梦性质的;

24、It wanted to be, and its dream of greatness was a prelude to a nightmare. 罗马当时就像青春幻想期的少年,关于未来的伟大梦想只是恶梦的曲奏。

25、If you had a chance to get a magic bottle, what kind of bottle would you wish for? 如果你有机会得到一只梦幻瓶,你想要个什么样的瓶子呢?


26、I have lots of dreams. I think my dreams can come true one day, because theres an old saying where there is a will, there is a way. 我有很多的梦想。我想我的梦想可以成真的一天,因为有句古话:凡有意愿,有办法。

27、I don't fancy or fantasise about other women. 我不梦想或幻想其他的女人。

28、Surreally, a man on a bench is playing the flute. 梦幻一般,一个男子还在那里吹着笛子。

29、If stripped of the ideal life, dreams, fantasy, that life is only a pile of shell. ⊙、生活若剥去理想、梦想、幻想,那生命便只是一堆空架子。

30、Dream Zhu Xian, claws can spend to buy a good number of RMB? 梦幻诛仙想买个好爪子能花多少RMB?

31、The phrasing is a reference to President Xi Jinping's much-quoted concept of a "Chinese dream. "" 这个句子提到了习所提出的一个广为流传的概念:“中国梦”。

32、In 《Dream of the Red Chamber》, the parrot of Lindaiyu could call girls to open door curtain, and repeat some poem. 《红楼梦》里林黛玉的鹦鹉会叫丫头打帘子,还会背《葬花吟》等若干诗句。

33、She was soon disillusioned. 她的梦想不久就幻灭了。

34、His brain was clouded by vapours and dreams. 他的脑子里充满空想和梦幻。

35、“Do you want fries with that” will no longer be a national punch line but rather an unattainable dream. “你需要配上炸薯条吗?”这句话将不再是一句民族的妙语,相反,将变成无法实现的梦想。

36、You are the island of the wonderland, peaceful and fantastic, providing hope, dream, resoluteness and spirit. 你是那仙境的岛屿,和平而梦幻,给予无限的希望,梦想,信念和意志。

37、Somniloquy calls balderdash again, be in namelyMorpheusSpeak in or give out some kind of sound, it is clear sentence sometimes, toot Nang of mutter to oneself does not know what to saying sometimes. 说梦话又叫梦呓,即在睡眠中讲话或发出某种声音,有时是清晰的句子,有时嘟嘟囔囔不知在说什么。

38、It puts our children to sleep and lulls us into a calm, dreamlike state. 摇晃能让孩子进入梦乡,也能将我们引人一种平静的、梦幻般的心境。

39、“One day I’ll have my own barbecue.” In other words, every generation gets to improve on the dreams of the last generation. 有朝xx日,我将拥有自己的烤肉(比喻:实现自己的梦想)。换句话说,每代人必须在他上代人的梦想上有所提高。

40、After recalling the nightmare in detail, the dreamer writes out the new script and envisions it several times a day. 在详细回想恶梦之后,做梦者会写下新的做梦脚本,然后每天幻想这种情景几次。

41、Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 机器人梦想电子羊吗?

42、Or to put it differently, when you close your eyes what's your dream of new society look like? 或者,换句话说,当你闭上眼睛时,你梦想中的新社会是什么样子?

43、And they turn your dream to shame 梦想的实践,如同笑话幻灭。

44、The difference between a normal, non-lucid dream and the lucid dream is that once you are lucid you are able to alter your dreamscape to suit your whims and desires. 模糊的梦和清醒的梦区别在于:在清醒的梦中你可以根据自己的幻想和期望改变梦中的幻景。

45、It was only a fancy; yet a fancy will sometimes be importunate. 它只是一个幻梦,但是有时幻梦是会纠缠不休的。

46、A phantasy in time's dream. 一个时间梦里的幻想。

47、This is how daydreams and fantasies typically work; 这是白日梦和幻想的起作用方式;

48、Don't daydream or spend time fantasizing. 不要做白日梦或者花时间幻想。

49、Aquarium fishes want to know the current time. 梦幻水族馆的鱼儿们想知道当前时间。

50、A word that Wang Shutong likes most is: Dreamy Gao Yuan, hardheaded . 王树彤最喜欢的一句话是:梦想高远,脚踏实地。


51、What do you fantasize and dream about? 你幻想或梦想什么?

52、Life if peeled off ideal, dream of, imagination, that life then just a heap of empty shelf. 生活若剥去了理想、梦想、幻想,那生命便只是一堆空架子。

53、Romance, emotions, possitive thoughts, sweet dreams and fantasies. 浪漫、情感、绮思、美梦、幻想。

54、In his novels about the western Hunan world, he have displayed unimportant person's illusion, also reposed his illusion on the nation. 他叙写着底层小人物的梦幻,同时也把民族的梦幻寄托在理想中的湘西世界。

55、Son, what is your dream? 儿子,你的梦想是什么?

56、If life peels off the ideal, dream, fantasy, that life is just a pile of mere skeleton. 生活若剥去了理想、梦想、幻想,那生命便只是一堆空架子。

57、Want to give the children a dreamlike world? 想给孩子们一个梦幻般的世界吗?

58、Dream world the Claw! 梦幻世界的大抓子!

59、Fancy flames for an more abstract, funky look. 梦幻的火焰的样子更抽象、更奔放。

60、His dreams were peopled with strange, terrifying fantasies. 他梦里充满了奇怪而又恐怖的幻想

61、I was attracted by it mentioned in primary textbook for years. From my childish initial gut feeling, I sweared to marry a girl in Guilin, which comes true at last! 小时候就曾为了语文课本上的这句话魂牵梦绕了好多年,心里暗暗发誓要娶一个桂林女子为妻,想不到儿时的梦想竟然成真。

62、Dream a reality, surging with hope, into a Grand answered. 梦想变为现实,澎湃着希望,化作一句气壮山河的回答。


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