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关于”较难的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Difficult sentences。以下是关于较难的句子的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Difficult sentences

1、I find the subordinations are very confusing. 我觉得从句很难。

2、He wants to know how she goes to school. 他想知道她如何去上学。(超级难句,宾语从句知识)

3、But they said it is difficult not to talk in begging. 又有人说,跟人讨饭不说句话那太难了。

4、love you more than i can say! 爱你在心口难开:) 再来些表达爱意的句子吧 最直接的说法: -------------------------- I love you. 我爱你。

5、A word of caution here: it’s easy to get upset when we hear criticism. 这里有一句名言警句:当我们听到批评的时候容易难过。

6、Usually what is wrong is that the construction has become too involved at some point; the sentence needs to be broken apart and replaced by two or more shorter sentences. 当你在一个句子中陷入苦境时,最好重新开始;不要迎难而上,在可能性极低的句法上费神。 通常情况下,错误之处在于从某种程度上来说,句子结构已经变得甚是复杂;要把这样的句子拆开,用两三个短句。

7、It's not easy to describe the work of a producer. 很难用简单几句话来描述完制作人的工作。

8、A dear, don't be sad, you still have me. 一句亲爱的,别难过,你还有我。

9、We asked the teacher to explain the difficult sentences again. 我们要求教师再解释(explanation)一下这些难句。

10、Children acquired the compound sentence from easiness to difficulty gradually. 儿童复句由易到难逐步发展起来;

11、What does it mean that " readerships are 'sticky'" (p. 48)? “读者是‘难缠的’”这句话是什么意思(第48页)?

12、Translating the words, idioms, phrases is such a difficult thing. 翻译字词成语文句是非常困难的一件事。

13、In Japanese-Chinese machine translation, the translation of the negative expression is one of the difficult problems. 在日中机器翻译中,否定词的不对应和否定词在句子中的位置的不对应是否定句翻译的难题。

14、Which sentence is clearer? 哪个句子比较清楚?。

15、My daughter recited the sentences about four pictures in lesson 130 after she finished her homework this evening. These sentences are not so difficult for her to remember. 今天晚上,我女儿在做完作业之后,背诵了与第一百三十课的四幅图有关的句子。这些句子对她来说并不难记。

16、I'm not trying to offend you. I'm simply stating the truth. 别嫌我说话难听,我说的句句都是实话。

17、Three hardest utterances :I need you! Sorry! Don't be mad! 三句难一启齿的话:我需要你!对不起!别生气!

18、We asked teacher to explain the difficult sentences again. 我们请求老师把难句在讲解一次。

19、Merged into one sentence: Everything is hard in the beginning! 汇成一句话:万事开头难!

20、I have found it a difficult sentence. 我发现这是一个难句。

21、I know he had those funny-shaped glasses and he spoke in never-ending, hard-to-understand sentences. 我知道他戴很搞笑形状的眼镜,说话时句子很长并且很难懂。

22、An Analysis on Some English Double-Negative Sentence Patterns and Their Translation; 英语中的双重否定句是初学英语者学习句法的难点之一。

23、Modern poetry is difficult and these are difficult lines. 现代诗是很难读的,这些诗句也非常难以理解。

24、Things have become more difficult since he had his bike. 两句句意相同,都表示“他丢了自行车后,事情变得更困难了”。

25、New words, phrases and difficult sentences. 单词短语及难句讲解。


26、It's not too difficult,but I can't string together these words into a complete sentence. 不算太难,可我还是不能把这些单词组成一个完整的句子。

27、With the red pen difficult sentences will long sentence, figure out what meaning, unknown division of consulting guangzhou new Oriental summer camp teacher; 用红笔将长难句句子成分划分,弄懂意思,不明的就咨询广州新东方夏令营老师。

28、Experts say it is exceedingly difficult for a computer to break a sentence into parts, then translate and reassemble them. 专家们表示,用计算机分句、翻译并重新组成句子,这极为困难。

29、In other words, the fewer the fish in the pond, the harder it is to catch one. 换句话说,池子里的鱼越少,想钓到鱼就越难。

30、In other words: it censures content. 换句话说:它责难内容。

31、The teacher is interpreting the difficult sentence to the class. 老师正在给学生解释这个难句。

32、Chinese passive sentence is nowadays one kind of sentences with high frequency of appearance in modern Chinese, which is really an obstruct to Vietnamese students. 汉语被动句是现代汉语中使用频率较高的句型,对越南学生来说是突出的难点。在现代越语中也有被动范畴。

33、Do say "I love you" really that difficult? 难道说一句“我爱你”真的那么难吗?。

34、M: It's difficult to own a house. 听了上面几个句子, 我想你已经注意到 it 的用法. 比方 "拥有一幢房子很困难" It's difficult to own a house. 在这个句子里 it 指的就是 to own a house.

35、The teacher was asked to explain the difficult sentences again. 教师被要求再解释(explanation)一下这些难句。

36、It's easier to translate a sentence than a passage. 翻译段落要比翻译单句难得多。

37、Those are shelves . She washes the clothes every day . 难道机器人没有洗衣服吗?这是个反问句。

38、If you are learning English grammar you should take several different sentences and sort them. 学语法的时候,你要找几个难句,分析句子成分。 。

39、Now I'll explain the difficult sentences. 现在我来解释难句。

40、What are the main difficulties of the text? Lexis? Syntax? Sentence structure? Style? 文章主要的难点是什么?词汇?语法?句子结构?体裁?

41、Not one word of reproach. 一句责难的话也没有。

42、Was the well-spring of invention drying up? 分第四句:难道发明的源泉已经枯竭了吗?

43、The teacher is interpreting to the class that the sentence is difficult. ? 老师正在给学生解释这个句子是个难句。?。

44、A kindly word in grief's dark hour. 伤恸、困难的时候,一句亲切的话。

45、Ask yourself: Doesn’t this make more sense than the original? 扪心自问:这句修改过的话难道不比原句更有意义吗?

46、Guessing meaning from context and understanding of the long and difficult sentences both are reading skills. 猜测词义,长句难句的理解都是阅读中的技巧。

47、If you find it difficult to write complete sentences, you are still in the first stage. 如果你发觉写出完整的句子尚有困难,这说明你还处于第一阶段。

48、I know many students are told to write long, complicated sentences, but it's not very useful. 我知道很多学生被告知要写长难句,但是那样的句子并不管用。

49、It usually causes people difficulty in understanding and translating. 句子过长通常会造成明确和翻译上的困难。

50、This may be the most memorable sentence in modern poetry: "a terrible beauty is born". 这是现代诗歌里,最令人难忘的句子了:,一种惊人之美诞生了。


51、Experts are collating and annotating difficult sentences in The Romance of West Chamber. 专家们在校注《西厢记》中比较难懂的字句。

52、If you ask him to name a favorite career experience he struggles to narrow it down. 若问他最难忘的工作经历,他很难用几句话就说得清楚。

53、Any of the other students in our class is shorter than Tom. 除了第一句,其它句子都是比较级结构,但有最高级含义。

54、love you more than i can say! 爱你在心口难开:) -------------------------- 再来些表达爱意的句子吧 最直接的说法: -------------------------- I love you. 我爱你。


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