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关于”梦想的诗“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Dream poem。以下是关于梦想的诗的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Dream poem

1、His brain was clouded by vapours and dreams. 他的脑子里充满空想和梦幻。

2、It is a touching piece that is full of fantasy. 是一部充满绮想梦幻的感人作品。

3、She has had her poem collection Wine Rose published, and Colorful Sail Boat, a poem collection written by herself and four co-authors. 出版过五人诗合集《五彩梦帆》,个人新诗集《酒玫瑰》。

4、" Like many songs on the al "Bon Iver" this one is soft, dreamy, and poetic. 像许多歌曲专辑“苯教艾弗”这个人是软的,梦幻和诗意。

5、Novalis, long before Freud, understood: The dream brings out our repressed fantasy. It is the kaleidoscope of images of all life. 早在佛洛依德之前,德国诗人诺瓦利斯就已经明白:梦境能发挥出我们被压抑的幻想,这是所有生命中影像的万花筒,千变万化。

6、There were three forms: somnambulate, wandering impulsion and dream impulsion, which created a mythological realm and affected later poets thoughts of writing lyrics greatly. “托游”有三种不同形式:梦游、神游和幻游,在诗中创造了风神迥殊的境界,并极大地启迪了后世诗人的抒情诗思。

7、Since junior high school years, he has been obsessed with poetry, a student of science and engineering, but to become a poet has always been his greatest dream. 自初中以来,他就一直醉心于诗,学的是理工科,但成为一名诗人一直是他最大的梦想。

8、One home, one dream, one poem. 同一个家同一个梦同一首诗。

9、So the river is not dreaming; it's Richard who is dreaming. 因而并非河水如梦如幻;,而是理查在幻想。

10、He also made poetry of the dream, I was afraid that one day Mengsui, he collapsed look. 他还在做出诗集的梦,我害怕有一天梦碎了,他崩溃的样子。

11、The poet reflected on this with growing amazement: The room he dreamt of was the stanza of a poem. 诗人惊愕不已,反复推敲着这个词:他梦到的房间是诗的一节。

12、Fantasizing in "Dargon"'s dream. 在《龙》的梦中幻想。

13、My fantasy is just a distant dream. 我的幻想 只是一个遥不可及的梦。

14、Let's look at the prototype of a dream business, our own See's Candy. 让我们审视一项梦幻般出色的业务的原型,例如我们的喜诗糖果公司。

15、In Lamia Keats exhibited the conflict between poetry and philosophy by wrestling with the conflicts among the characters. 在叙事诗《拉弥亚》中,济慈以戏剧性和梦幻般的情节,通过人物之间的冲突展现出诗歌与哲学之间的矛盾关系。

16、You know how I was thinking of the dream-like? 你怎么知道我的思想是梦幻似的?

17、Childhood is a poem, childhood is a song, a childhood dream. 童年是一首诗,童年是一支歌,童年是一个梦。

18、What memories it must leave in a soul who knows how to make connections between nocturnal life and daytime poetic reverie! 一个灵魂若知道如何将夜间梦境与白天诗意梦想结合在一起,可歌可泣的回忆真不知会有多少!

19、Poetess Inverting the Dream. 颠倒梦想女诗人。

20、Argentine poet, essayist, and short-story writer, whose tales of fantasy and dreamworlds are clics of the 20th-century world literature. 阿根廷诗人,散文家,和短篇小说家,他那些充满幻想和梦境的故事是20世纪世界文学的经典。

21、When, after stringing together a few words at my own sweet will, I found them turned into a payar verse I felt I had no illusions left about the glories of poetising. 在我随意地把几个词填成一行时,我发现它们变成了“帕亚尔”诗行。 我觉得作诗的梦幻破灭了。

22、"Kubla khan, " a poem is a poet of his dreams of magic describes a poem. 《忽必烈汗》一诗就是诗人记述他的神奇梦境的一首诗。

23、Throughout his entire life Rizal was nothing but an impenitent dreamer, a poet. 里泽尔一生就是一个从不后悔的梦想家,一个诗人。

24、My fantasy is just a distant dream. i-bing. cn. 我的幻想只是一个遥不可及的梦。

25、In terms of aesthetic qualities, they are the products of "dreams" and "poetry", endowed with a strong ideal flavor. 在审美品格上,它们是“梦”与“诗”的产物,带有强烈的理想主义色彩。


26、You are the island of the wonderland, peaceful and fantastic, providing hope, dream, resoluteness and spirit. 你是那仙境的岛屿,和平而梦幻,给予无限的希望,梦想,信念和意志。

27、After recalling the nightmare in detail, the dreamer writes out the new script and envisions it several times a day. 在详细回想恶梦之后,做梦者会写下新的做梦脚本,然后每天幻想这种情景几次。

28、The poet embroiders reality with his fantasy. 诗人以幻想来点缀现实。

29、In early time, Haizi explained the spirit of Pbus by persisting in the value of individual life and longing for the life illusion ideal in his poem. 海子早期的诗歌,阐释了日神精神执著个体生命,迷恋生命梦幻的理想。

30、The two works have co-established the tradition of and laid a solid foundation for Chinese Dream Literature. 《诗经》《楚辞》共同开创了中国梦幻文学的创作传统,奠定了梦幻文学的坚实基础。

31、He was an archeologist by trade, a dreamy poet. 就职业而言,他是个考古学家,和一个多梦的诗人。

32、Dream of Red Mansions is a poem-like novel. 《红楼梦》是一部诗化小说。

33、This is how daydreams and fantasies typically work; 这是白日梦和幻想的起作用方式;

34、Author is Meng Haoran (689-740), a Tang Dynasty poet. This poem describes his impressions waking on a spring morning. 孟浩然(689-740),唐代诗人。这首诗描写的是春日早晨梦醒时分的感受。

35、Dream and PoemAll are common experiences, All are ordinary images, Once they happen to come into dreams, What novelties they can make! 梦与诗都是平常经验,都是平常影象,偶然涌到梦中来,变幻出多少新奇花样!

36、Please keep dreaming and never give up on yourself. 永不言弃,勇往直前地去梦想吧!

37、The writing of "dreams for beauties" grows out of a conflict between desire and ritual, and the common need for a psychological complement amongst… 对“美人幻梦”的书写是由于爱欲与礼的冲突以及古代男诗人们普遍的心理补偿需要。

38、Want to give the children a dreamlike world? 想给孩子们一个梦幻般的世界吗?

39、She was soon disillusioned. 她的梦想不久就幻灭了。

40、The poems combined with the pictorial designs to conjure up for me a dream picture of the Ireland of old. 这些诗歌,连同里面绘制的插图,使一幅古老的爱尔兰梦幻般的图画呈现于我的脑际。

41、In his novels about the western Hunan world, he have displayed unimportant person's illusion, also reposed his illusion on the nation. 他叙写着底层小人物的梦幻,同时也把民族的梦幻寄托在理想中的湘西世界。

42、What do you fantasize and dream about? 你幻想或梦想什么?

43、His dreams were peopled with strange, terrifying fantasies. 他梦里充满了奇怪而又恐怖的幻想

44、Dream poems are a peculiar flower in the garden of dream culture . 梦幻诗是梦文化艺苑中的奇葩异秀。

45、The Dream of a Yi Nationality and Time. 代表作有诗集《初恋的歌》、《一个彝人的梦想》、《时间》等。

46、The difference between a normal, non-lucid dream and the lucid dream is that once you are lucid you are able to alter your dreamscape to suit your whims and desires. 模糊的梦和清醒的梦区别在于:在清醒的梦中你可以根据自己的幻想和期望改变梦中的幻景。

47、When the poet encounters the sleepwalker, he can't wake her. 当碰到梦游者时,诗人无法将她唤醒。

48、It wanted to be, and its dream of greatness was a prelude to a nightmare. 罗马当时就像青春幻想期的少年,关于未来的伟大梦想只是恶梦的曲奏。

49、Hlod fast to dreams , For if dreams die, Lifeis a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly. 紧紧地抓住梦想,因为一旦梦想幻灭,人生将是断翅的鸟儿,再也不能飞翔。

50、Because his psychological type is the introversive intuition type, his poems have the character of daydream, and his standpoint is novel and illusive. 因为他的心理类型是直觉内倾型,所以他的诗歌是白日梦性质的,他的观点新颖而虚幻。


51、Li Mengyang; He Jingming; literature thoughts; poetics; the Controversy of Li &He; the Former Seven Scholars; Literary Archaist Movement. 李梦阳; 何景明; 文学思想; 诗学; 李、何之争; 诗歌; 前七子; 文学复古运动。

52、To understand and grasp Li's poems, we must share his mind to a basic degree and then his illusional mood. 要了解并把握其诗歌,必须先有一个与诗人接近的心灵,然后才可进入他的心灵的梦幻境界之中。

53、"I never dream of success. I worked for it. " – Estee Lauder. 我从不梦想着要成功,而是去身体力行实现它。”——雅诗·兰黛。

54、Liu Yuxi(772-842)was a famous poet of the mid-Tang Dynasty. 刘禹锡(772-842),字梦得,唐代诗人,被白居易称作“诗豪”。

55、I don't fancy or fantasise about other women. 我不梦想或幻想其他的女人。

56、Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly. 紧紧地抓住梦想,因为一旦梦想幻灭,人生将是断翅的鸟儿,再也不能飞翔。

57、Here are magnificent epic of the Movement to death and Xibe and in the Middle East under the fantasy Turku households Temeng ancient tribes. 这里有史诗般壮丽西迁的锡伯人和在死亡和梦幻中东归的土尔户特蒙古部落。

58、The best lyric poems—think of Keats or Shelley, for example—are moments of epiphany, a sudden opening out onto magic cats. 最好的抒情诗,想想济慈和雪莱的诗,就像是一次次的顿悟,让我们醍醐灌顶,如梦方醒。

59、The land where dreams mix up with reality and love to bring you a beautiful epic. 梦想与现实成为一体,并给您带来美丽的史诗般爱的土地。

60、'Making an epic is every director's dream, ' says Mr. Woo. “拍摄一部史诗电影是每个导演的梦想,”吴宇森说。

61、And they turn your dream to shame 梦想的实践,如同笑话幻灭。

62、Romance, emotions, possitive thoughts, sweet dreams and fantasies. 浪漫、情感、绮思、美梦、幻想。

63、The lunatic, the lover and the poet are pf imagination all compact. (A Midsummer Night's Deam ) 疯子,情人,诗人,都是想象得产儿(仲夏夜之梦)

64、Don't daydream or spend time fantasizing. 不要做白日梦或者花时间幻想。

65、It was only a fancy; yet a fancy will sometimes be importunate. 它只是一个幻梦,但是有时幻梦是会纠缠不休的。

66、A phantasy in time's dream. 一个时间梦里的幻想。

67、Like many songs on the al “Bon Iver” this one is soft, dreamy, and poetic. 与“Bon Iver”中许多歌曲一样,这首歌曲调柔软、梦幻并且富有诗意。

68、Never admit defeat to a wasted life by forsaking your dreams! 永远不要觉得你征服了虚无的生命而将自己的梦想放弃。

69、Both"Sea Wave"and"Dream of Sea"are basi… 而《海浪》与《海的梦》基本上都是符合诗小说特征的。

70、Aquarium fishes want to know the current time. 梦幻水族馆的鱼儿们想知道当前时间。

71、The philosophical consciousness of existing destiny is the spiritual guidance! 生存宿命的哲学意识是陈梦家《梦家诗集》诗歌的精神指向。

72、And they turn your dream to shame 梦想的实践,如同笑话幻灭。

73、Reimu: Which means that Gensokyo is now in peace? 灵梦:也就是说幻想乡现在和平了?

74、The prefiguring vision of the heaven that saints and poets have imagined. This is what I. 最后,在爱的结合中,我看到了古今圣贤以诗人梦所梦想的天堂的缩影,这正是我追求的人生境界。

75、Tell me not in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dreams; 不要用悲哀的诗句,告诉我 人生如梦;

英文句子模板76:Dream poem

76、This may, then, all be hallucination, image, dream. 所有这一切,可能只是幻觉、想象、梦魇。

77、Having the nature of fantasies or dreams; 幻觉的具有幻想或梦性质的;

78、He practiced a kind of ideal, dream-like science. 他做了一种理想的, 梦幻般的科学实践。


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