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关于”中的句子成分“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Sentence components in。以下是关于中的句子成分的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence components in

1、Way everybody is happy for new year! 你自己分析下这句子的成分,算主谓宾还是主系表结构。

2、" may not be in your phrase book, but it is one of the most useful sentences in the English language. 这句话在你的英语小册子里可能没有,但它却是英国语言中非常有用的一句话。

3、A portmanteau sentence is a sentence which has a hybrid structure from two sentences in different languages. 溶合句是从两种不同语言的句子结构溶合在一起而生成的一种句内语码转换句。

4、my wife and I mix Chinese and English words in the same sentence. We call it Chinglish. 有时候我妻子跟我常把英语和中文混在一个句子里,我们称它中国式英语。

5、the children born here are kind hearted. 呵呵 born 是过去分词,它后面的成分是句子的定语。

6、The phrases are segmented from short sentences and modeled by the elliptical basis function(EBF) networks. 通过把词汇分割成句子、从句和 短语使意思变得清晰的一些符号。

7、Complete this sentence: "I wish Ihad someone with whom I could share …" 完成这句句子:“我希望我有一个能和他分享……的人。”

8、Subjectless clauses appear in written English quite frequently. 无主语分句在书面英语中出现的频率很高。

9、Accordingly, the generic reflexives in Russian belong to unaccusative verbs, which make up of middle constructions. 俄语中的一般反身动词属于非宾格动词,它构成的句子是中动句。

10、From distribution, Chinese and Korean rhetorical mood adverbs are mainly used in rhetorical sentence but they can also be used in interrogative sentence and indicative sentence. 从句中的位置分布上,汉韩反诘语气副词的位置比较灵活,多数成员可以位于句首和句中,有的还可以位于句末或独用。

11、Therefore, in translation from Chinese to English, Chinese topic is frequently arranged as object of English sentence. 因此,在汉译英中往往将置于句首的汉语话题转换成英语句子中的宾语。

12、We are doing exercises on dividing sentence elements. 我在做划分句子成分的练习。

13、Water consists of molecules composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, which we describe by the formula H2O. 水分子由两个氢原子和一个氧原子组成,因此可用分子式H2O来表示。(译成表示结果的分句)

14、This essay dwells on thc sentence structure of general negation and special negation in both English and Chinese, depending on the kind and position of the negatives in the sentences. 本文拟通过否定词在英汉一般否定句和特殊否定句中出现的位置,分析比较英汉一般否定句和特殊否定句的句子结构特点。

15、It often consists of English words used to directly translate Chinese phrases. 它通常是由英语词汇组合而成,语意直接翻译自汉语句子。

16、Change the attributive clause in the following sentences into participial phrase. 把下列句中的定语从句改为分词短语。

17、Omitting of sentence element is a language appearance which is most often found in English, it is a need of improving and developing language constantly, too. 省略句子成分是英语中最常见的语言现象,也是语言不断更新发展的需要。

18、In Chinese, causative construction is one of the most important types of syntactic constructions. 不论是在汉语还是在日语中,使役表达都是句子表达的一个重要组成部分。

19、( Grammar) referring to or qualifying another sentence element. (语法)指称或修饰限定另外一个句子成分。

20、As function words, Manchu mood words are used to express kinds of moods, tones and manners of speaking without lexical meanings. 语气词是满语虚词的一类,是本身没有词汇意义,表示句子各种语气,或为句子成分增加情态意义的词。

21、Postpositioning the sentence elements and prepositioning sentence elements are the two major means of stress by shifting the order of words in a sentence. 通过改变词序来实现强调的手段主要有“句子成分的后移”和“句子成分的前置”,而“成分后移”在这两种主要的强调手段中又占主要部分。

22、Why should we start from the sentence constituent? 为什么要从句子成分学起?

23、"Zhe NP"is a kind of common structure in our life, it can exist as the form of sentence element , sentence and so on. “这NP”是日常生活中的一种常见结构,它可以以句子成分、句子等多种形式存在。

24、If the tradition of ambition is to have vitality, it must be widely shared; and it especially must be highly regarded by people who are themselves admired, the educated not least among them。 本句是并列句,前一个分句中,“if”引导条件状语从句,主句主语“it”指代“the tradition of ambition”。 后一个分句中“who”引导一个定语从句修饰“people”,“the educated not least among them”是“people”的补语。

25、Change the following sentences into questions, using the Pive Voice. 把下列句子变成疑问句, % 要用被动语态。


26、By reading a book in English, you have fed your brain with thousands of English sentences. They become a part of you. 通过阅读一本英语书,你将成千上万个英语句子注入了你的头脑中,它们成了你的一部分。

27、While decompiler usually chop the chain of byte codes into meaningful pieces. In real world, it is like reading a book, one sentence and then the next sentence. 剽窃者则要把一段一段的代码分解成有意义的内容,好比在真实世界中一个句子接一个句子地阅读一本书(逐句)。

28、Compared with Indo-European family, Chinese lacks rich forms of word. Hence there are middle states between words and non - words, among the clification of parts of speech. 汉语与印欧语相比,缺少发达的形态,因此在词和非词、词类的划分、各种句子成分的划分之间都存在中间状态。

29、If you want to say something, check the English sentences in book and then show people the Italian sentences above them. People will know what you say. "He said." 他说道:“如果你想说什么,就查下书中的英语句子,然后向别人展示英语句子上面的意大利语句子。人们就知道你要说什么了。

30、My mother works as an English teacher in a middle school. 本人妈妈在一所中学当英语教师的英词句子?

31、In the first part, the framework of lian can be a sentence, be components or be a small sentence. 前者指出“连”字结构可以单独成句、充当句子成分及作分句;

32、Balanced sentence, aphoristic writing and active vocabulary are important component parts of the semantic structure. 英语平行句、警句和积极词汇是英语句级语义结构的重要组成部分。

33、Sentence comprehension is a process in which reader has syntactic and semantic parsing while retrieving meaning of word based on words recognition, and forms whole meaning of sentence. 句子理解是以字词识别加工为基础,在提取字义的同时进行句法分析和语义分析,最终形成句子的完整意义。

34、The traditional EFL reading teaching approach is mainly atomistic and form-oriented and the reading teaching only stays at the sentence level. 传统的英语阅读教学方法主要以语言形式、句子结构为中心,且停留在句子层面。

35、It is, of course, equally correct to write each of these as two sentences, replacing the semicolons with periods. 当然,其中的两个分句如果不使用分号,写成两个完整的句子也都是对的。

36、In order to reveal graphs' resolution process in neuter sentence context and biased sentence context, eye tracking method was used. 本研究采用眼动记录技术,分别考察了在中性句子语境和偏向句子语境中,同形歧义词的歧义消解过程。

37、the sun never sets and there is no night。 the sun never sets做为句子,加上and所连接的成分必须是另一个句子,这样才对称。

38、Neighbor: component expressing scene, subsidiary material and components of peripheral factors in a sentence. 邻体:句子中充当动作的情景、辅助材料及外围基因的成分。

39、I heard it spoken of in the next room. 在英语中有些及物动词,接了宾语意义仍不完整,还需要有一个其他的句子成分,来补充说明宾语的意义、状态等,称为宾语补足语,简称宾补。

40、Pive Voice is one of the most important grammar points in English. When active voice is used in the English sentence, the agent is accentuated by being at the beginning of the sentence; 英语被动句是英语的一大语法要点,当英语句子使用主动语态时,施事成为主位得到了突出;

41、In verb-copying construction, the verb-complement is the predicate while the verb-noun is deverbalized to be the topic. 动词复制结构中的动补短语为句子的谓语成分,动宾短语发生了去名词化而成为话题。

42、The reversed translation method is: to translate affirmative sentences in English into negative sentences in Chinese or vice versa. 英语中的反译法即将英语的肯定句译成汉语的否定句,或者将英语的否定句译成汉语的肯定句。

43、The left dislocation construction refers to a syntactic structure in which a constituent is moved to the beginning of a sentence and original position is usually marked by a ominal element. 左向移位是功能语法中的一种句法结构,其中一个成分被移至句首是主位结构分析中的一个分支。

44、The sentence made of "addressing multi-demonstrative" and "general demonstrative" is called multi-demonstrative sentence. 由“称代复指”、“总分复指”构成的句子可合称“复指句”。

45、Complete las oraciones con las palabras ofrecidas. 用指定词语完成句子。

46、In English a gerund and a present participle are alike both in form and in some functions, so it is difficult to distinguish them in a sentence. 英语中动名词和现在分词在形式上和某些功能上都相同,在句子中很难区分。

47、An adjunct refers to the categories adjoining to XP. It is the modifier that modifies a sentence, a predicate or a noun phrase. 附加语是附加在XP上的语类,是句子或句中谓词性和名词性成分的修饰语。

48、Furthermore, as opposed to its corresponding normal counterpart, the sentence with the locative subject receives an additional valency element, which in turn makes the monovalent verb bivalent. 与对应的常规句式相比,处所主语句增加了一个配价成分,小句中的动词由一价变成了二价。

49、Negation expressed without any negative words is called indirect negation or implied negation. 英语中不含否定词但表达否定意义的句子,叫间接否定句或含蓄否定句。

50、The English sentence structure is well-knit and regular, but in its use, the students usually come cross the phenomenon of English words separation that causes the difficulties in understanding. 通过对这些词语分离现象的分析,认为理解句子中的词语分离是一个认知模式,学习者在学习过程中应采取认知策略达到对这类句子的理解。


51、So, in english-chinese translation, we often pive sentences in English as much as possible in the active sentences into Chinese. 所以,在英译汉时,我们往往尽可能把英语中的被动句译成汉语中的主动句。

52、The teacher asked the students to translate those sentences from Chinese into English. 老师让学生把句子由中文翻译成英文。

53、Others are reasonable consequences of particular advances in science being to some extent self-accelerating. 在句子中又充当什么成分? 其实,如果我们把being看成是一个分词,形成being to some extent self-accelerating的分词短语修饰particular advances in science,结构就一下子清晰了,意思也通顺了。

54、By the survey, we found that accident-cl textual connective occur in the sentence-initial position connected with clauses, sentences, sentence groups. 通过分析可知,意外类篇章连接成分在篇章中主要是位于句首连接分句、句子、句群。

55、Sometimes my wife and I mix Chinese and English words in the same sentence. We call it Chinglish. 有时候我妻子跟我常把英语和中文混在一个句子里,我们称它中国式英语。

56、VI- Translate the five sentences underlined in the following Page into Chinese. Write them on the Answer Sheet. (20points) 将下列短文中划线的五个句子译成汉语。译文写在答题纸上。(本大题20分)

57、Happy new year to you all 祝大家新年快乐的句子中英文翻译例句如下:

58、English nouns and adjectives retain their form, unchanged, regardless of the grammatical role they play in a sentence. 因为,英语的名词和形容词保留它们的形式而不改变,不顾它们在句子成分里的语法规则。

59、Well, here are sentences with two-word verbs with objects, They all mean different things. 嗯, 下列这些句子里的成语动词有宾语,这些句子的意思都不相同。

60、The generation rules make up of the major knowledge resource of XMGEN, which include five submodules: Sentence, Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase. 生成规则构成了XMGEN的主要知识源,共分五个子模块,分别实现句子、名词短语、动词短语、形容词短语和副词短语的细化生成。

61、The shallow parsing theory is applied to partition Chinese sentence parsing into three procedures:TAG, CHUNK, BUILD and CHECK. 文中运用浅层句法分析理论,把汉语句子分析划分为标注、组块、构造和检查三个过程。

62、The discourse functions of marked initial elements in English declarative sentences will be examined in their textual and pragmatic aspects. 文章从语篇和语用方面,考察英语陈述句的标记性句首成分的话语功能。

63、Finally, by inducing sentence constituents, the syntactic structures are learned. 最后,通过逐步归约句子成分,推导出汉语句法结构树。

64、If you are learning English grammar you should take several different sentences and sort them. 学语法的时候,你要找几个难句,分析句子成分。 。

65、Whatever the position is, it is always accompanied by a nucleotrom syntactic component in the subject-predicate sentence, otherwise there would be no possibility of its appearance at all. 不管是哪种句法位置中的非向核性句法成分,它们至少同主谓句中的一个向核性句法成分同现,相互间存在语义指向关系;否则,非向核性句法成分不可能出现在主谓句中。

66、The CREATE PROCEDURE statement provides special syntax for Oracle routines in packages, a three-part name in the SOURCE clause where the middle part identifies the package. CREATE PROCEDURE 语句为包中的 Oracle 例程提供了特殊语法,即 SOURCE 子句中分三部分的名称,其中中间的部分标识包。

67、He turned those sentences into English. 他把那些句子译成了英文。

68、Chinese topic is always placed at the beginning of a sentence and regarded as normal word order. 因此,在汉译英中往往将置于句首的汉语话题转换成英语句子中的宾语。

69、Considering all these differences in sentence structure, translators find switching subject-predicate into topic-comment sentences is often necessary but difficult in English-Chinese translation. 由于英汉语在句子结构上的巨大差异,英汉翻译中,句式转换通常是必要的但也是十分困难的一个环节。

70、Non-clause post-positioned attributive is highly representative of English syntactic features, and it is also one of the differences between Chinese and English sentence structure. 非从句类后置定语是英语句子结构中极具代表性的句法特点,也是英汉句法结构区别所在。

71、Since the scientific writing has a great deal information, it usually apply the inversion to balance the information status. 科技英语具有信息量大的特点,在科技英语中,为了使信息突出,常使用倒装句以达到句子平衡。

72、As you may have seen in the screenshots of the previous examples, some statements have no costs igned to them. 正如您在前面例子的屏幕快照中可以看到的,一些语句没有成本分配。

73、The numeral consistency between sentence elements is the most important character of Mongolian grammar and sentence structure in the Middle Mongolian. 句子成分之间的数的一致性是中世纪蒙古语语法、句法的重要特点。


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