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关于”鼓励人的经典语句“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Classic sentences to encourage people。以下是关于鼓励人的经典语句的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Classic sentences to encourage people

1、If the visitors have so chosen, you're not encouraging them actively, proactively or otherwise, you're just letting them. 如果游客已经选择了,是不积极鼓励他们,主动地鼓励他们,还是相反,随便他们选。

2、Economic policy is liberalized to encourage initiatives in production. 放宽经济政策以鼓励生产的积极性。

3、We all deserve a standing ovation, at least once in our lives… . 脸部残缺的男主角奥吉说的这句话时充满勉励,其中deserve是常见动词,表示值得~东西、鼓励或奖励,他的形容词是现在分词deserving,表达某人值得别人用某种特别方式对待。

4、She always encourages us to speak and read more English. She often says,"Practice makes perfect." 她经常带鼓励我们多说多读英语,常常说“熟能生巧”。

5、David:There are two solutions: encourage foreigners to study Chinese and encourage Chinese to study English! 有两种方法:鼓励外国人学中文和鼓励中国人学英语。

6、Each winner will be given a gift card and a certificate during the closing ceremony. 他们在结业典礼上将会得到一张礼券和一张奖状,以资鼓励。

7、At the beginning of our economic reform, we abandoned egalitarianism in income distribution, adopted many policies to encourage investment, encourage some people to become rich sooner than others. 经济改革一开始,我们打破了收入分配方面的平均主义,采取各项政策,鼓励投资,鼓励一部分人先富起来。

8、There was big red banners hanging from every building, encouraging people to vote. 每座建筑物上都挂有鼓励人们投票的红色大标语。

9、Mother often encourages me to learn English. 母亲常鼓励我学英语。

10、He often encourages me to study maths. 他经常鼓励我学数学。

11、I also encourage you to do personal Bible study. 我也鼓励你们个人查经。

12、We encourage this. 我们鼓励这样。

13、We implement the policy the spirit encourage as the main and material encourage as the facilate. 我们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的总方针。

14、Today I want to encourage you to be an encourager. 现在,我想要鼓励你去成为一名鼓励别人的人。

15、 It’s better to be alone than to be with someone you’re not happy to be with. 宁愿一个人呆着,(经典语句 www.lz13.cn)也不要跟不合拍的人呆一块。

16、People perform better and more efficiently when they are encouraged, and your job as the boss is to be the main encourager. 当受到鼓励时人们会工作得更好、更有效。 作为雇主,你的工作主要是鼓励他人。

17、One of the greatest ways to motivate our children towards an end is by using encouraging, positive words. 鼓励孩子走到终点的最好的方法之一就是使用鼓励性的,积极的语言。

18、This thesis is base on neoclassic economic development policies, and tries to use human capital investment to promote economic development of western area. 本研究以新古典经济增长理论为基本理论基础,试图从鼓励人力资本投资来促进西部地区经济增长。

19、This kind of contest encourages people in China to speak English.这种比赛鼓励中国人踊跃学说英语.

20、But a few people have begun to innovate to encourage people to save. 但是有一小部分人已经开始改革,他们鼓励穷人存钱。

21、“That emboldens people, ” says Mr. Oommen. “这鼓励了人们”,欧门先生认为。

22、Older men know what they want out of life; they are not uncertain about themselves, as younger men sometimes can be and can help bolster a woman financially as well as bolster her self-esteem. 成熟男人知道她们在生活之外想要什么;她们做事情犹犹豫豫,正如年轻的男人有时候也会这样,他们会在经济上鼓励女人也在鼓励她们的自尊。

23、Some of the best-remembered words of presidents came from their inaugural addresses. 有一些总统的经典语句出自他们的就职演说。

24、Encouragement - Ones that refuel and inflate, encourage the person that does not dare to go ahead. 鼓励-加油打气的,鼓励不敢往前走的人。

25、Technology serves genuinely the driving force for economic development. 科技起着经济成长鼓励力的作用。


26、Encourages separation of persistence layer (CRUD) statements from the rest of the application inside the data access object. 鼓励将持久层(CRUD)语句与应用程序在带注释接口中的其余部分分离。

27、"Before this, I first thank "Yuyue Cengjing"'s encouragement. Also has Lingshui community's all populace's encouragement. " 大概意思:感谢预约曾经的鼓励,以及陵水社区全体群众的支持鼓励。

28、Articles like this should stimulate discussion and encourage us to share our experiences — both good and bad — of working on these little-heard-of Web apps. 我这样的文章应该鼓励讨论和鼓励我们分享大家的经验,有好的也有坏的。

29、He urged parents and children to have good communication and respect each others views ; 他鼓励父母积极与子女好好沟通、尊重彼此意见; 学校鼓励年青人讨论家庭面对的困难;

30、The Bible invites us to pattern our lives after the "noble" Bereans, who seriously studied the messages Paul preached. 庇哩亚人认真研究保罗传讲的道,圣经鼓励我们以他们为榜样。

31、The principle of combining moral encouragement with material reward shall be applied in rewarding judges. 对法官的奖励,实行精神鼓励和物质鼓励相结合的原则。

32、A smile encourages the depressed. 微笑使颓唐的人得到鼓励。

33、Encourage the child to be neurologically “bilingual.” 鼓励孩子能够“神经双语”。

34、They've done a good job. let's give thema big hand. 他们真是干得不错,让我们给他们掌声鼓励鼓励吧!

35、Our general policy is to place moral encouragement first , material incentives second. 我们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的方针。

36、The classic solution, and a key strategy to support and foster Agility, is co-location. 针对前述问题,经典的解决方案是联合驻扎(co-location),这也是支持和鼓励敏捷的关键策略。

37、Self-help books through the ages, including Norman Vincent Peale's 1952 classic, "The Power of Positive Thinking", have encouraged people with low self-esteem to make positive self-statements. 多年以来,“自助”书籍一直鼓励那些自信不足的人对自己说些积极鼓励的话,其中就有诺曼·文森·皮尔写于xx年的经典之作《积极思维的魔力》。

38、When we encourage others, we say "Come on." 鼓励别人时我们说加油

39、He often encourages us to speak and write in English. 他经常鼓励我们用英语交谈和写作。

40、May: Yes, the Forrest’s experience can encourage the people in trouble. 阿美: 是啊,阿甘的经历可以鼓励处在困境中的人们。

41、Singapore prods locals to speak better English 新加坡鼓励当地人说更好的英语

42、Encouragement also needs to be regular- don't be stingy with your encouragement. 也需要经常鼓励他人,不要吝惜。

43、That kind of inspired me to start up SparkPeople. I wanted to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals. 那些鼓励我创立sparkpeople,我想鼓励千千万万的人去达到目标。

44、老师鼓励我们说英语 the teacher encourages us to speak english

45、Encourage people to get out of their offices and silos. 鼓励人们走出他们的办公室和小天地。

46、Please use fluent English to encourage others! ——请用流利的英语去鼓励别人

47、it's better to be alone than to be with someone you're not happy to be with。 经典人生哲理英文句子。

48、The classical Art of Memory indeed recommends that anyone forms a Memory Palace of his own with personalized rooms, connections, images. 古典的记忆之术鼓励每个人建立具有个人特色的记忆之宫。

49、Grounded in breath, the 5Rhythms practice invites discovery, expression, release, celebration, and integration through your unique body and journey. 以呼吸为基础,五韵律的练习鼓励探索、表达、释放、庆典及通过你自己独特的身体和经验进行融合。

50、Goodwin encouraged Allingham to share his experiences. 古德温鼓励阿凌汗和大家分享他的经历。


51、He urges introspection. 他鼓励他们反省。

52、Let them watch cartoons and movies in English. 鼓励孩子多看英语卡通片和英语影片。

53、When students complete an English Learning Passport, and it is approved by the English Department, they will be rewarded. 每完成一本英语学习护照者,经由外语部审核后,即可依照奖励方式给予鼓励。

54、I hope my story will encourage you and that you will encourage others. 我希望我的故事能鼓励你,而你又胡鼓励他人。

55、We get implemented general policy which consists of major spirit stimulus or minor substance stimulus. 咱们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的总方针。

56、Self-help books through the ages, including Norman Vincent Peale's 1952 classic, "The Power of Positive Thinking", have encouraged people with low self-esteem to make positive self-statements. 各个时代自我提高书籍,包括曼文森特皮尔的xx年经典“积极思考的力量”曾经鼓励了那些自尊心低的人们去进行积极的自我肯定。

57、It’s better to be alone than to be with someone you’re not happy to be with. 宁愿一个人呆着,(经典语句 www.lz13.cn)也不要跟不合拍的人呆一块。

58、We often encouraged Qiaolin Lee to study hard. 我们经常鼓励乔林李刻苦学习。

59、We encourage to learn good English together, because English is in our lifes already very important, hope everyones can learn good English! 因为英国人在我们的生活方面已经非常重要,所以我们鼓励一起学习好英语, 希望每个人能学习好英语!


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