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关于”小诗“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Little poem。以下是关于小诗的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Little poem

1、Lyric: A poem, usually a short one, that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts or feelings. The elegy, ode, and sonnet are all. 抒情诗:一种比较短小的用来表达作者个人思想或感情的诗。挽歌、颂歌、和十四行诗都是抒情诗。

2、Like many poets, Mr. Transtromer began his career in poetry by writing for small journals. 与很多诗人一样,特朗斯特罗姆的写诗生涯始于为小型报纸写作。

3、Children like to read little rhymes. 小阿子喜欢读一些轻松的诗歌。

4、It's not a question, in other words, of poetry or of a novel being somehow or another strictly a matter of poetic language. 毫无疑问,诗歌或小说是,诗化语言的严格体现。

5、The brooks sing carols and glees to the spring. 小溪向春天唱赞美诗和四部曲。

6、Wang Duan is one of poet, the poem comments and the writer of fiction in the Qing Dynasty renowned. 汪端是清代嘉庆、道光时期著名的女诗人、诗评家和小说家。

7、Dream of Red Mansions is a poem-like novel. 《红楼梦》是一部诗化小说。

8、Mock epic: A comic literary form that treats a trivial subject in the grand heroic style of the epic. A mock epic is also referred to as a mock-heroic poem. 模仿史诗:以史诗的状丽、英雄主义的风格针对一件小事所写的一种诗。

9、His other books include the book of short stories I'm a Man (2003 the chapbook Love Poems for the Millennium (1998 the poetry collections Pretty Happy! 他的其他著作包括短篇小说集《我是一个男人》(2003);小册子《太平盛世的情诗》(1998);诗集《绝对快乐!

10、Elizabeth liked to read poetry and romantic stories. 伊丽莎白喜欢读诗和浪漫小说。

11、Poet: I hope you have received the little volume of poems I sent you. 诗人:我希望您收到了我寄给您的一册小诗集。

12、He has published over twenty collections of poetry, prose poems, essays, literary commentary, and translated works including poetry and novels. 出版有诗集、散文诗集、散文集、理论集、小说集翻译诗集等二十余种。

13、The four collections, i. e. Airs of the States, Psalms Major, Psalms Minor, and Chants constitute the Poems or Book of Odes, a rich resource of poems. 《国风》、《大雅》、《小雅》、《颂》,合称为四诗,构成《诗经》这部内容丰富的诗歌总集。

14、The infiltration between the two styles and the logy of languages lay the foundation for the poeticized novels and make them possible in theory. 文体间的渗透和语言的同源性是小说诗化的理论基础,也是小说诗化的理论可能。

15、She was famous for his novels and poetry. 她以小说和诗歌而闻明。

16、One small step in Sibu. 诗巫的一小步。

17、It’s a lesser example of what is called Courtly Poetry; the best example of which is said to be Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 这首诗是关于宫廷诗的一个小小的例子,而宫廷诗最好的据说是《Sir Gawain and the Green Knight(高文爵士与绿衣骑士)》

18、This poem has five stanzas. 这首诗有五小节。

19、Should be Sang Lan a verset. 应该是桑兰的一首小诗。

20、Tenebrae Motets, Op. 72: Second Nocturn. 赞美诗小步舞曲,作品.72:第二次夜祷。

21、I'm fond of being whispered soft short poems. 我爱听那轻吟的小诗。

22、The poet could carry all his effusions about in his pockets. 我这个“小诗人”把所有的诗作都揣在口袋里。

23、It took me one hour to write a poem. 我花了一个小时写一首诗。

24、People even wrote a poem for it. 人们还为它配了一首小诗呢。

25、This is me reading poetry Xiaoya feeling. 这就是我读小雅诗集的感觉。


26、It displays Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, an anthology of 100 poems by 100 poets, using digital technology from Nintendo. 利用任天堂数字科技展示日本小仓百人一首,这是一本由100位诗人的100首诗组成的诗集。

27、I've liked poetry since I was little, and especially ancient poetry. 我跟你不一样,我从小就喜欢诗歌,特别是古诗。

28、As a poet, Xiaoya is quiet. 作为诗人,小雅是宁静的。

29、The poem's first stanza tells how the speaker meets a fellow "ody" — a friend. 这首诗的第一段描写诗人如何遇到了另一位“无名小卒”-- 一位朋友。

30、Tenebrae Motets, Op. 72: Third Nocturn. 赞美诗小步舞曲,作品.72:第三次夜祷。

31、There are two poetic features in Shen Congwen's Xiangxi native novels:poetic lyric and poetic philosophy. 沈从文湘西小说有两种诗性:抒情诗性和哲理诗性。

32、Not so with poems, essays and novels. 但对诗歌,散文和小说就不能如此。

33、The poematic novel is synthesis of the poem and the novel; writers" emotion can fully express in the narration." 诗化小说是一种追求诗意美的小说,作家的情感可以在小说的叙事中获得诗性的张力。

34、Besides, he composed some novels and poems. 另外还著有小说、诗歌等数篇。

35、The renowned poetry critic, "soul " said assertor Yuan Mei "the Small Cangshan Poetry anthology" saves the poem more than 4480 . 著名诗论家、性灵说的主张者袁枚《小仓山诗集》存诗四千四百八十多首。

36、Although he is thought of one of initiating persons of the modern poetry fiction, but 《Bridge》 is thought of "Obscurely", "Hard comprehend", not liking other poetry fictions being comprehensible . 他是现代诗化小说的开创者之一,但他的小说代表作《桥》却诗化得“晦涩”,解读《桥》比读一般的诗还要“难懂”。

37、I started with small poems, but now I think I most like long poems. 我是从阅读小诗开始的,但是现在我觉得我还是喜欢读长诗。

38、The poem has five stanzas. 这首诗有五个小节。

39、The children murmured as they memorized the poem. 小孩们背诵诗时发出低吟。

40、Guo Xiaochuan won the title of a soldier-poet for many of his fighting songs sung. 郭小川以其奉献于当代诗坛的大量战歌赢得了“战士诗人”的称号。

41、He has published poems, proses, short stories, reportages on magazines such as "Poetry", "Star Poetry Journal", "Hunan Literature", "Hunan Daily", "Prose Parterre" and so on. 有诗歌、散文、小说、报告文学等发表于《诗刊》、《星星诗刊》、《湖南文学》、《湖南日报》、《散文百家》等报刊。

42、In two years) out two this personal poetry anthology, totaling more than 300 first prose poetry. 在两年地时间里编印出两本小我诗集,共计300余首散文诗。

43、The boy gabbled off the poem as though he neither understood nor enjoyed it. 这个小男孩急促而漫不经心地朗诵着诗,他好像既不懂这首诗又不喜欢这首诗。

44、I like being whispered soft poems. 我爱听那轻吟的小诗。

45、Both were great admirers of poetry, and began to try their hands in little pieces. 两个人都欢喜作诗,每以小诗示人。

46、Chinese audiobooks including essays, poems and occasionally novels. 床头书,散文诗歌偶尔小说。

47、Lyric: A poem usually a short one that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts or feelings. The elegy ode and sonnet are all forms of the lyric. 抒情诗:一种比较短小的用来表达作者个人思维或感倾棠诗。挽歌、颂歌、和十四行诗都是抒情诗。

48、And I wove the thing to a random rhyme, For the Rose is Beauty, the Gardener, Time. (我聊将此事写一首小诗,因为玫瑰虽美,园丁却是时间) 本诗…

49、Wang Xiaoni s the road toward poetry is in the 1980s of 20th century. 诗人王小妮走向诗歌之路是在二十世纪xx年代。

50、Can you name this rhyme? 你能给这首小诗起个名字么?


51、A poet, a man named "Fan Xiaoya" woman. 一个诗人,一个叫“范小雅”的女子。

52、This means it is difficult to get rid of precaution. the poet expressed his atti… 诗人通过这首情节简单的小诗表达了他的处世态度和人生哲学。

53、Tang poetry didn't grow synchronically with Tang novels but the latter contained large quantities of Tang poems. 唐诗与唐人小说的发展并不同步,但唐人小说中拥有大量的诗歌。

54、Therefore, the author chose and started the practice and research in the subject "Explaining the poetry with poetry" in primary school ancient poetry teaching. 因此,笔者选择了“小学古诗教学‘以诗解诗’教学方法”进行实践与研究。

55、"I have seen" is the sentence pattern frequently used in Wang Xiao ni's poetry and is a key to understand her poetry. “我看见……”是王小妮诗歌的最常用句式,也是理解王小妮诗歌的一把钥匙。

56、Feng (The Book of Songs) and Ya (Odes and Epics) of Shijing (Book of Poetry) are basically four-character poetries. 《诗经》中的《国风》、《小雅》、大雅》等都是以四言诗为基本体裁。

57、Poet and gourmet Su Dongpo had "cookies, such as chewing is crisp and Yi, " the poem. 诗人兼美食家苏东坡就有“小饼如嚼月,中有酥和饴”的诗句。

58、Write an acrostic love note or poem. 用离合诗体形式写几句充满爱意的话或一首小诗。

59、Mock epic: A comic literary form that treats a trivial subject in the grand, heroic style of the epic. A mock epic is also referred to as a mock-heroic poem. 模仿史诗:以史诗的壮丽、英雄主义的风格针对一件小事所写的一种诗。

60、He Juxue (1963·2—), fictionist, proser and poet. 何炬学(1963·2—) 小说家、散文家、诗人。

61、As a Chinese classical novel, dream of the red chamber is a concentrated embodiment of poetic thinking and it presents a consanguineous relationship with poetry. 小说《红楼梦》是中国诗性思维在小说中的集中体现,与诗呈现出一种血缘的关系。

62、Your monument shall be my gentle verse. 我这些小诗便是你的纪念碑。

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