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关于”比较唯美的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:More beautiful sentences。以下是关于比较唯美的句子的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:More beautiful sentences

1、But his second wife is "more beautiful, more difficult, more of a torment". 但是他的第二任妻子 “ 更漂亮、更难相处、让他更痛苦 ” 。

2、Your English level will depend on the number of sentences you can eak. You can communicate much more with ten sentences than you can with one hundred isolated words! 你的英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。十个句子比一百个孤立的单词更能让你与他人沟通!

3、The materials cover question sentences, future tense , comparison and a lot more. 有疑问句、未来式、 比较级等等实用的句型。

4、Any of the other students in our cl is shorter than Tom. 除了第一句,其它句子都是比较级结构,但有最高级含义。

5、nose 鼻子 She's got a beautiful petite nose. 她有个漂亮小巧的鼻子。

6、His philosophy of aesthetics reminds me of a quote that went something like this: "Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later;" 他的美学理念让我想到一句话:「初看漂亮,随后变丑的,是时尚;

7、If we compare an English sentence with its Chinese version, we find a great difference in word order especially in the position of adverbs. 我们如果把英语句子和它的汉译句子比较,就会发现在语序上有很大的不同,尤其是在副词的位置方面。

8、Celebrities always seem to have a better life than the rest of us; nicer houses, cooler cars and even cuter children. 苏芮·克鲁斯名人们好像总是比我们其他人有更好的生活:更漂亮的房子,更酷的座驾,甚至有更可爱的孩子。

9、Verbs not only make your sentences stronger, but they tell the reader of the action. Look at how different verbs change the whole tone of these sentences. 动词不仅让你的句子更有力,也能告诉读者文章中的动作。看看以下的句子,不同的动词如何改变整句的语气。

10、The Lins ' house is more beautiful than the houses behind the museum. 林家的房子比博物馆后的那些房子漂亮。

11、I think half-blood prince would be more handsome. 我觉得混血王子会更漂亮。

12、It is Duane's wife Jeannie, looking more beautiful than ever. 她是杜安的妻子珍妮,她比过去更漂亮了。

13、Noses, legs, or statures that are not unusually large or small tend to be perceived as relatively attractive. 通常认为,大小、粗细适中的鼻子、腿、或者身材相对来说比较漂亮。

14、For TYPE 1, the comparative reading is inferred by juxtaposing two nominals or adversative clauses. 第一类结构利用两个对比的句子或名词来表现比较关系;

15、Mary recovered after a long period of stay in hospital。 (句子更加简洁)

16、The loveliest flower cannot beat her beauty. 再漂亮的花也比不上她的美丽。

17、The best looking girls always seem to love the bad guys. 最漂亮的美眉似乎总是喜欢坏小子。

18、Black and white children to previous sentence more general and begged linghu chong to preach him four sentences, so make fox blunt then and beard plait four sentences to black and white children. 黑白子一听先前句比较普通便央求令狐冲再传他四句,于是令狐冲便又胡编了四句传给黑白子。

19、You could also dye bits and pieces to embellish a handmade bag a pair of flip-flops and other spring and summer accessories. 这些漂亮的扣子可以装饰你的拼布作品了哦,比如给小包包加一个漂亮的扣子或者其余的附件!

20、Gardenia really beautiful, I love the beauty of gardenia, and the smell of cardiopulmonary. 栀子花真漂亮,我喜欢栀子花的美丽和那沁人心肺的香味。

21、If a particular sentence gives us trouble, your can write it and hang it on a wall or a door, Every time you see the sentence, speak it out. 如果某个句子比较麻烦,你就可以把它写下来挂在墙上或门上。每看到一个句子都将它喊出来。

22、她穿裙子很漂亮 She's very pretty skirt 她穿裙子很漂亮 She's very pretty skirt

23、M: It's difficult to own a house. 听了上面几个句子, 我想你已经注意到 it 的用法. 比方 "拥有一幢房子很困难" It's difficult to own a house. 在这个句子里 it 指的就是 to own a house.

24、"See," Helen says, "how much snappier this sentence is now? Cut these words. Take this out. Move this here." "瞧这里,"她说,"去掉这几个词,句子就漂亮多了.这段不要.这段要换个位子."

25、We compare dark solitons with bright solitons, the shifts of dark is smaller in same condition. 文中还将亮 狐 子与暗孤 子进行比较,证明了相同条件下,暗孤 子比亮孤 子所受的影响更小。


26、Another one I made. If you dig out more flesh of the mellon, the basket would have a more delicate touch. 昨天做的这个更漂亮。发现把篮子里的肉肉也都挖掉的话,篮子就更精致漂亮了。

27、Bill's big brother is building a beautiful building between the two big brick blocks. 比尔的哥哥正在两大排房子之间建造一座漂亮的房子。

28、Every time he comes to Keqiao, he will visit me. 每当你碰到一个漂亮的句子就把它抄下来。

29、There are fewer columns in the INSERT statement than values specified in the VALUES clause. 在INSERT语句中的字段数比VALUES条件子句中指定的值少。

30、We speedily produced a liberal edition of the pamphlet, tricked out prettily in red, white and blue, and ending with a resounding "God Save the King". 我们很快又将小册子出了个自由版,红、白、蓝三色装饰得漂漂亮亮,并以一句响亮的“主救吾王”作为结束语。

31、My daughter finishes her learning task early today. Because she just does some exercises and recites five new words in lesson 4. It is easy for her. She can write English sentences beautifully now. 我女儿今天早早就完成了学习任务。因为她只是做了一些练习并且背诵了第四课的五个新单词。这对她来说比较简单了。她现在可以将英语句子写得比较漂亮了。

32、When Aurora saw me, her first sentence was, "My dear, Gold Street is prettier than I imagined!" Arora见到我之后第一句话竟是:“亲爱的,金街比我想象的还要漂亮!

33、Beauty may have fair leaves, yet bitter fruit. 美丽长出漂亮白勺叶子,却生出苦辣白勺果实。

34、C. Rewrite the following sentences, using the right forms of the adverbs in brackets. 重写以下的句子,并采用括号里副词正确的比较形式。

35、They dressed the children up. 他们把孩子打扮得漂漂亮亮。

36、Guys don't actually look after good-looking girls. they prefer neat and presentable girls. 与脸蛋漂亮相比,干净而耐看的女孩子其实更有市场。

37、The vice-presidential debate suggests that longer sentences may not always correspond to greater eloquence. 而副总统的辩论表明,使用了比较长的句子并不等于你有更好的口才。

38、In this lesson, we have learned three grammar concepts: Negative Interrogative Sentence, Comparatives and Emphatic Sentence. Please fill in the blanks of the following sentences to practise them. 这节课,我们学习了三个语法点:否定疑问句,比较级和强调句。现在试着填上下面句子的空白来练习这些语法点吧。

39、You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile 这些句子比光说I love you和You are so beautiful要更有内涵一些,望采纳

40、Copy it down every time you come to a beautiful sentence . 每当你碰到一个漂亮的句子就把它抄下来。

41、ggotboda deo gobge (比星星更亮) byeoboda deo palkge (比獅子?

42、if you get Ephesians you have this long,long,long sentence that is longer than the similar sentence in Colossians but seems to borrow some from it. 《以弗所书》里的句子很长,比《歌罗西书》中类似句子更长,更像是借鉴后者写出来的。

43、He thought about kings and princes, who were clean and decent and lived in beautiful palaces. 他想着那些干干净净的、穿得漂漂亮亮的、住在华美宫殿里的国王和王子。

44、The children smartened up for the festival. 那一天孩子们都打扮得漂漂亮亮的。

45、Go into a store and chat to a good-looking clerk 到商店去,找一个漂亮的营业员,跟她聊几句。

46、Who can translate this sentence better? 谁能把这个句子译得更好些?

47、Are prettiness and sweetness the only standard for you to see your girlfriend? 漂亮和甜美是你选择女朋友的唯一标准吗?。

48、Your English level will depend on the number of sentenc you can speak. You can commun much more with ten sentenc than you can with on hundr isol words! 英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。十个句子比一百个孤立的单词更能让你与他人沟通!

49、The children smartened up for the festival. 孩子们为过节而打扮得漂漂亮亮的。

50、It was a gorgeous brown and had shiny black eyes with a pink satin nose. 它长得非常漂亮,有着漂亮的褐色绒毛,明亮的黑眼睛和粉红的缎子一般光滑的鼻子。


51、You could also dye bits and pieces to embellish a handmade bag, a pair of flip-flops, and other spring and summer accessories. 这些漂亮的扣子可以装饰你的拼布作品了哦,比如给小包包加一个漂亮的扣子或者其他的附件!

52、This study is an attempt to explore the following aspects concerning Korean and Chinese comparative sentences based on the summary of former insightful studies on this field. 第二章汉语“比”字句研究和韩语比较句研究综述。本章分成三个部分进行综述:汉语“比”字句研究、韩语比较句研究、汉韩比较句对比。

53、Roses in a silver bowl complement the handsome cherry table. 银碗中玫瑰更为这张漂亮 的樱桃色桌子添彩。

54、Syntactic elaboration is more effective than syntactic simplification on the listening comprehension of intermediate-level Chinese EFL learners. 句中增加冗余信息比简化句子结构更有助于中等水平的中国英语学习者的听力理解。

55、Copy it down every time you come a beautiful sentence. 每当你碰到一个漂亮的句子就把它抄下来。

56、The results showed that attractive males utterly defeated unattractive men, but the women who had been ranked most attractive invariably received the fewest votes. (332 words) 结果表明,漂亮男子完全击败了漂亮女子,但被排在最漂亮之列的那几名女子一律获得的票数最少。

57、Every day I am blurting out more sentences. 每一天,我都在脱口而出更多的句子。

58、The second part is also a research of the main special sentence patterns, such as pive sentence research, comparative sentence research, interrogative sentence research, and so on. 同时,对一些主要的特殊句式,如处置句、受事前置句、被动句、比较句、疑问句等进行了讨论。

59、她穿裙子很漂亮 she's very pretty skirt 她穿裙子很漂亮 she's very pretty skirt

60、My sister is more beautiful than I. 我的妹妹比我更漂亮。

61、For comparison, Figure 3 ilrates the access plan where I forced the DB2 optimizer to ignore the index by adding the clause SELECTIVITY 1 to the predicate in the WHERE clause. 为了便于比较, 图 3 显示了通过将 SELECTIVITY 1 子句添加到 WHERE 子句的谓词中,强迫 DB2 优化器忽略索引的访问计划。

62、Your English level will depend on the number of sentences you can speak. You can communicate much more with ten sentences than you can with one hundred isolated words! 你的英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。十个句子比一百个孤立的单词更能让你与他人沟通!

63、What a y little hat! 多漂亮的小帽子!

64、Short sentences are preferable to long in the presentation of complex information. Listings should be used to break up long pages of prose and to emphasize information. 在复杂信息的表述中短句子比起长句子更可龋列出次序的方式应该得以使用,来打散文章中的长段并强调信息。

65、A more efficient technique is to filter database rows by placing conditions in the WHERE clause, which is evaluated immediately after the tables are specified within the FROM clause. 更有效的方法是通过在 WHERE 子句中放置条件来过滤数据库行,在 FROM 子句中指定表之后会立即对 WHERE 子句求值。

66、Not many of the arrow the target. 哪句话表达的是箭射中靶子的更多?

67、Her beauty transcends that of her younger sister. 她比妹妹更漂亮。

68、I found some little decorative plates to make it look nicer. 然后找了几个漂亮的小盘子,把它们摆得漂漂亮亮的。

69、He has not a very nice pencil-box. He doesn't have a very nice pencil-box. 否定句)他没有一个很漂亮的铅笔盒。

70、The participial constructions are employed much more in Latin than they are in English. 拉丁文较英文有更多使用分词结构的句子。

71、Which sentence is clearer? 哪个句子比较清楚?。

72、Celebritites always seem to have a better life than the rest of us;nicer house, cooler cars and even cuter children. 名人们好像总是比我们其他人有更好的生活:更漂亮的房子,更酷的座驾,甚至有更可爱的孩子。

73、This essay dwells on thc sentence structure of general negation and special negation in both English and Chinese, depending on the kind and position of the negatives in the sentences. 本文拟通过否定词在英汉一般否定句和特殊否定句中出现的位置,分析比较英汉一般否定句和特殊否定句的句子结构特点。

74、The Chinese word order is rather agility, so different word order can often change the sentence frame and its meaning in syntax, semantics and pragmatics . 汉语的语序比较灵活,不同的语序往往可以在句法、语义、语用上改变句子的结构和意义。


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