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关于”写的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Written sentences。以下是关于写的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Written sentences

1、On the blackboard the teacher wrote a sentence, the meaning of which I don't understand. 老师在黑板上写了一个句子,句子的意思我不明白。

2、It is, of course, equally correct to write each of these as two sentences, replacing the semicolons with periods. 当然,其中的两个分句如果不使用分号,写成两个完整的句子也都是对的。

3、Each son inquiry only carried on one LDBS. LDBS can not distinguish with the overall son inquires which writed by the language of overall inquiry. LDBS不能识别用全局查询语言书写的全局子查询,因此必须将全局子查询转换为用LDBS上的查询语言书写的查询语句。

4、She jumbles the words when she is supposed to write a sentence. 将要写句子的时候,她搞乱了字词的次序。

5、Look at the book on pa 41 write 11 sentences . 对照课本第四十一页上的图画,写11 个句子。

6、Make these words into sentences and write them down. 把下列单词变成句子,并把它们写在四线格内。

7、that the food of plant differs from that of animals that people pay to support their government 我们很容易看出,上面的所有这些句子既不是陈述句、疑问句,也不是祁使句,更不是感叹句。

8、Only the subject and the predicate are sentence elements while the rest are phrase elements. 句子成分和短语成分属于不同层面,只有主语和谓语属句子成分,其余均属短语成分。

9、In the sample below, the WHERE clause uses ? 在下面的样本中, WHERE 子句使用 ?

10、The quote is engraved along the front, and where it ends, the clasp for adjusting the bracelet begins. 那句话被镌刻在手镯的正面,句子后是用来调节镯子大小的金属扣。

11、The sentence can't transpose. 这个句子改写不了。

12、Correct the sentence run-on sentences by rewriting the following page in the space provided . 在指定区域内将以下段落重写一遍,将不完整的句子或长句子…

13、How can I improve my writing if I cannot write complete sentences? 我发觉写不出完整的句子,该怎样做才能提高我的写作水平?

14、Use others writer’s sentences and paragraphs as models and then emulate the syntactic structure with your own content. 用其他作者的句子和段落作模板,随后模仿那些句子结构写出自己的内容。

15、The Cruxes of English Writing in NMET. --subjects points and sentences; 书面表达的关键——注重审题,抓住要点,写好句子。

16、If you want to say something, check the English sentences in book and then show people the Italian sentences above them. People will know what you say. "He said." 他说道:“如果你想说什么,就查下书中的英语句子,然后向别人展示英语句子上面的意大利语句子。人们就知道你要说什么了。

17、I know many students are told to write long, complicated sentences, but it's not very useful. 我知道很多学生被告知要写长难句,但是那样的句子并不管用。

18、Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. 看图完成句子, 每格填写一个单词。

19、M: It's difficult to own a house. 听了上面几个句子, 我想你已经注意到 it 的用法. 比方 "拥有一幢房子很困难" It's difficult to own a house. 在这个句子里 it 指的就是 to own a house.

20、I started to write my own oblivious sentences using the grammer i was learning. 我利用我所学的语法知识,开始书写自己忘记的句子。

21、Chapter four is about the research of adjective clauses in a sentential level. 第四章为对形容词性分句在句子层面上的研究。

22、Re-read your favorite book and write down the sentences or pages that you love. 重读你喜欢的书,把你最喜欢的句子和段落写下来。

23、You sort out these sentences, then copy them, taking care with capital letters. 你把这些句子分类抄写,注意一下首个字母大写。

24、IX. Write the sentences correctly. 请按正确形式书写下列句子。

25、I crossed out the mistakes in my sentence and wrote it again. 我把句子里的错划掉, 重写了一遍。


26、Writing business communications, whether they be letters, reports, or inter-office memoranda, is a discipline entirely separate from learning vocabulary, grammar, or sentence structure. 学写英文商业文书有别于学习一般的英语单词、语法和句子结构。

27、While decompiler usually chop the chain of byte codes into meaningful pieces. In real world, it is like reading a book, one sentence and then the next sentence. 剽窃者则要把一段一段的代码分解成有意义的内容,好比在真实世界中一个句子接一个句子地阅读一本书(逐句)。

28、Analyse a complex sentence into several clauses. 把这个复合句分析成几个句子。

29、Put the sentences and questions below in order. 按顺序排列下面的句子和问题。

30、a. Many students say that their time at university is when they can experience pure love. 这里的when相当于“the time when”,所以a句可改写成:“Many students say that their time at university is the time when they can experience pure love.” 改写之后,句子中的when引导的就是一个定语从句了。

31、All the sentences were well written except the last one. 所有的句子写得都好,除了矗后一句话。

32、Writing causes one to have to coagulate their thoughts into sentences and then combine those sentences into coherent paragraphs. 写作的原因之一,必须要凝聚其思想的句子,然后把这些句子连贯的段落。

33、SS:Point to the card and read it. 板书重点句子,领读,小组读,男女生读。

34、if you get Ephesians you have this long,long,long sentence that is longer than the similar sentence in Colossians but seems to borrow some from it. 《以弗所书》里的句子很长,比《歌罗西书》中类似句子更长,更像是借鉴后者写出来的。

35、The teacher says as the following and asks the students try to change them into indirect speech using "The teacher says…" 老师口述以上几个句子后让学生上黑板把这些句子以“老师说…”开头改写成间接引语。

36、The children are flying kites in the park. 浏览308 20160430 如何写五个一般现在进行时的英文句子?

37、Write a T if the sentence is true. Write an F if it is false. 如果句子时正确的写T,如果句子是错误的写F。

38、What's the meaning of the word? (这里的mean为什么这样用) mean作为动词在这个句子里面,句子结构类似于what do you do …

39、There are some bottles of milk in the box. ▲ 在个别句型中,主语在整个句子后面,这时前面用it作形式主语。

40、You write a sentence - you must know this yourself. 你写一个句子 - 你必须知道这个自己。

41、A long story can sometimes be condensed into a few sentences. 一个长篇故事常常可以缩写成几个句子。

42、Make a postcard and write it in English. Please send it to your friend. 制作口袋书,把今天学过的单词和重点句子写在口袋书中。

43、Try writing the same sentence now in cursive, then read on to see how graphologists might characterize you. 现在你也可以试着用草书写下相同的句子,看下笔迹学家对你是怎么评论的。

44、More and more young students go abroad because they want to get better education and find a better job in the future. 如:避免“学生出国”,只写“出国”;避免“他们想要…”,只写“想要…”。 这样,上面的句子就可以写成:go abroad to get better education and find a better job in the future,不但很客观,而且把原来的主句和从句两部分精简处理成了一个动词短语。

45、Turn the following into questions and write them in your exercise book. 把下列句子变成问句,并写在作业本上。

46、Don't forget to capitalize the first letter in the sentence. 不要忘记把句子中首词的第一个字母大写。

47、Rewrite the sentences in the answer key using a present participle . 用现在分词短语改写上面的句子。

48、dress,Monkey ,Tom,to,King,up,wants,as ( Tom wants to dress up as Monkey King) 根据句意和所给汉语提示填写单词,使句子完整

49、Draw some pictures and write some sentences about what will happen next? 画画续编故事,并写出简单的句子。

50、He read several extracts from the poem. 他从那本书中摘录了几个句子。


51、Writing a book in tweets is like writing a very long #Haiku series. 在tweet上面写书就像写一本非常长的悱句系列。

52、Fill the blanks in there sentences, then write them neatly. 给些句子填空,然后工整地抄写下来。

53、LJ: I have two inspirations to write the book. One is my new born son, the other one is actually a Chinese saying. 刘京:写这本书的灵感来自两个方面。一个是我刚出生的儿子,另一个实际上是一句中国的谚语。

54、He even recited certain pages from the book without a single error. 他还背诵了书中的句子居然一字不差。

55、Go over what you have wrkten and see if there are mistakes in spelling, punctuation, expression, transition and sentence structure. 把写过的文章重新看过,检查有无拼写、标点、表达、过渡和句子结构方面的惜误。

56、let him show you around the newlybuilt library which floor is your clroom on? 提醒一下你以及下面的回答者 句子首字母大写 呵呵

57、B: Well, yesterday the teacher wro-te some sentences on the board. B:好吧,昨天老师在黑板上写了一些句子。

58、We copy sentences from the text. 我们抄写课文里的句子。

59、The professor told us how to turn a good sentence. 教授给我们讲如何写出一个好句子。

60、Practice writing compound sentences with this compound sentence writing exercise. 利用下面的练习来试着写写复合句。

61、My mother is very beautiful,my father is very handsome and i am very naughty。 这句子有点太单调了,如果你自己写的话不行的啊,都是简单句。

62、Text refers to any piece of spoken or written language that forms a continuity in meaning. 语篇是指口头语或书面语中,由连续的句子或语段构成的意义统一体。

63、With over 200 situations and 18-20 useful sentences and phrases to go along with each situation, students can achieve a level of competence they didn't have before. 全书包含200则以上的状况情境,每个状况都有18-20句实用句子。透过练习这些句子,读者的英文水平将能迅速提升。

64、B. Listen to and repeat the following sentences. 听下面的句子,然后跟著念。

65、In that way you won't get stuck after writing one sentence. 那样你就不至于写完一个句子后就哽住了。

66、不要忘记把句子中首词的第一个字母大写。 Don't forget to capitalize the first letter in the sentence.

67、( Tom wants to dress up as Monkey King) 根据句意和所给汉语提示填写单词,使句子完整

68、Rewrite the sentences on their books after the model on P52. 根据52页的例子重新写出句子在书上。

69、Idea 4: At set periodic times of the day send one line of an e-mail letter to your love. 创意4:用电子邮件把情书一句一句的定时发送给TA。

70、You fill the blanks in these sentences, then write them neatly. 把句子中的空添上,然后工整的抄写下来。

71、Women write ongoing paratactic, impressionist, digressive, -- ad hoc sentences: sentences without ego-- being without structure more or less corresponding to being without ego. 女人喜欢写流水样的,印象主义的,离题的,特别的句子:,没有自我的句子-,句子一旦没有结构那么,或多或少就少了自我。

72、Show me your quotation marks And I’ll tell you which. 给我写个有引号的句子,我就告诉你答案。

73、Challenger quoted a sentence he said he came across in a geology textbook. 张廉吉教授引述一句他在地质学教科书偶然看到的句子。

74、When a nonrestrictive clause appears in the middle of a sentence, place commas around it. 如果这组单词是两个句子,则需在相应位置添加句号。 两句的句首单词均应大写。

75、⑦A year's plan starts with spring. 前面是2篇随笔啊,写春的句子很多呢!


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