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1、) 162. It is going to snow very soon.(过不了多久就要下雪了。


2、And above it the snowfall still hung in a thick and moving cloud.


3、Snow there were numerous underground night.


4、The snow had no sooner started but it stopped.


5、It was cold and starting to snow .


6、I think I'm going to snow!


7、Snow, snow all over the sky in a flying, floating for a day and two nights.


8、Below the snow, but also hidden what?

“雪下得真大啊。” 我爸说。

9、“Snowing like a mother, ” Dad says.


10、Fresh powder can cover up ice patches.


11、The snow balled under the horse's feet.


12、Days freezing, snowing, and fast black.


13、Today is snow in Haibin.


14、When he went out, it was snowing.


15、I can't wait until the next snow day.


16、There will be heavy snow in the coming few days.


17、Yes, it does snow in winter in Beijing. And now it is snowing.


18、Soon, there is snow in the air.


19、In snowy weather, wear bright clothing.

i don't like the weather in guangdong. 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步!

20、what's the weather like in shanghai tomorrow

21、Snow sugars if the weather becomes warm and the cold again there after.下雪之后天气转暖又变冷,雪就变成了颗粒状。

22、i don't like the weather in guangdong. 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步!

23、Life is just like a field of newly-fallen snow, which you chose to walk, every step will show.人生就像一片刚下过雪的原野。 你选择走出的每一步,都会在雪地中留下印记。

24、We would ski against snowflakes dancing in the sky.君云君将于阿尔卑斯山畔待妾,滑雪于雪花飞舞之天空下。

25、Does it snow in spring, too? ~Sometimes.有时,台北曾经下过雪吗?

英文句子26:,26、Pepartout and Fix jumped off, stretched their stiffened limbs, and aided Mr Fogg and the young woman to descend from the sledge.路路通和费克斯先跳下雪橇,活动一下冻麻了的四肢。 他们又帮助福克先生和年轻的夫人下了雪橇。

27、Snow on the ground , on the road , on the trees , on the … …Snow is very big .雪落在地上、房顶上、树上,落在… …雪下得很大。

28、Here it began to snow today. I took some photos on the snow.今天这儿开始下大雪,我在 雪地中拍了一些照片。

29、The sledge coasted down the slope.雪橇沿著山坡向下滑行。

30、After the snow it is really cold.下过这场雪, 就觉出冷来了。

31、It was snowing and the road was very slippery.天下着雪,路很滑。

32、It had previously snowed before Monday.周一以前,一经下过雪了。

33、According to the weather report(forecast):it's going to rain(snow: clear).遵循天气预告,天要下雨(下雪,放晴)。

34、Dad brings me to a bamboo below, and then he went to the steps, forced shaking bamboo tree, snowflakes were falling, I have almost become a snowman, but gave me the feeling of snow.爸爸把我领到一棵竹子下面,然后他走到台阶上,用力摇那棵竹子,雪花都落下来,我都快变成雪人了,但给了我下雪的感觉。

35、Snow in the next, plum in the open.雪在下,梅花在开放。

36、If a sledding snail went down a slippery slide, would a sail or slide down the slide?如果一只滑雪橇的蜗牛从光滑的斜坡上滑下来,那蜗牛是从斜坡上滑雪橇下来的还是滑下来的?

37、It had already snowed before Monday.周一以前,已经下过雪了。

38、Shirley walks downstairs after the eye examination.视力检查完后,雪莉下楼来。

39、Kim: You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If.金:你看,在他来以前,这里从来没有下过雪,但后来下雪了。现在他不在这了,我。

40、Have a break in Swensen.在双胜吃雪糕休息一下。

41、Stop, sit, and wait for the ski patrol.停下,座着,等雪场巡逻车。

42、On cue, the first snowflakes started mixing with the raindrops, and within minutes, a heavy snow began to fall.话音方落,雪花开始(begin)夹杂着雨点落下,几分成钟后,就降下一场大雪。

43、If it's snowing the mail will be late the mail will be late therefore it is snowing. Let's create the counter set of that.如果下雪,送信就会晚,送信晚了,所以在下雪,我们来创造一个反例。

44、It is not half snowy today.今天的雪下得很大。

45、I bet that it will snow tomorrow.我敢说明天一定会下雪。

46、A middle snow fell last night in Shanghai.昨天晚上下了中雪。

47、Snow is falling in large flakes.天开始下起了鹅毛大雪。

48、Water appeared from no where; coming and going underneath snow; fast or slow on its own wish.水流不知从何处来,只见从积雪下流出,又消失在积雪下面, 或快或慢完全在它。

49、The snow thawed in the sun.雪在阳光下融化了。

50、The most interesting thing is having a little snow.最妙的是下点小雪呀。

经典英文句子51:下雪,51、The snow was crisp underfoot.雪踩在脚底下是酥松的。

52、It snowed heavily the night before yesterday, but it is rainy today.前晚下大雪,但是今天却下起雨来。

53、The snow sheeted down last night.昨天夜里下起了鹅毛大雪。

54、Such a heavy snow this year has.今年的雪下得真大!

55、I dare not drive after snow.下完雪,我不敢开车。

56、Today morning it snows, my friends and I play the snow and we enjoys ourselves.今天早晨下起了鹅毛般的大雪,我和伙伴在雪中玩耍。

57、The snow fell so fast that our footsteps were soon covered up.雪下得这么快,以致我们的脚印很快就被雪盖住了。

58、When entering a trail or starting a descent, yield to other skiers.进入滑雪道或开始下滑时,要给其他滑雪者让路。

59、It was a cold and snowy day.那天下着雪,很冷。

60、it's snowy and horrible out, so...都下雪,天气不好,所以……

61、Albert: Look at the dark, cloudy sky! It looks like more rain. Maybe even sleet or snow.艾伯特:看看那乌云密布的阴天!好像还要再下更多的雨。也许还会下雨夹雪或雪。

62、He is watering the horses.他正在饮马。像好像在下雪。


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