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关于”春节“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Spring Festival。以下是关于春节的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Spring Festival


1、Liu Mengjie to LuoXiaoChun accepting heart, she would buy LuoXiaoChun restaurant, let owner to recover the leased LuoXiaoChun shops.


2、Heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures in China have left dozens of people dead and stranded millions of others trying to return home for the main holiday of the year.


3、In Feb. 2004,

12 migrant workers from Bazhong died when a bus taking them to Guangdong after Chinese New Year plunged off a mountain road.


4、QINGDAO - The world's fourth largest white goods manufacturer, Haier, has called a creative pitch, with first-stage presentations due to take place before Chinese New Year.


5、Also dubbed Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival symbolizes the beginning of the Chinese lunar year, which usually falls on about one month after New Year's Day on the Gregorian calendar.


6、News to spring and spring jiao ear haunted, spring for the first machine has been preparing to launch immediately spells lantern.


7、This new regulation will be valid before new yeas, but this benefit only for those who has bought and registered before 2009 December thirty-one.


8、Summer follows spring.


9、This custom in Shaanxi is practiced right before the Start of Spring.


10、As the winter vacation is so long for me this year, I have nothing to do, so I decide to make a trip to Beihai before the Spring Festival.


11、Colds are worse in winter while seasonal allergies are more common from the spring to early fall when plants are pollinating.


12、Yet, they have brought the great festival to countries where they served and brought the same warmth and conviviality to foreign people with whom they worked together.

13、 We grow old because we stop plating.我们长大了因为我们不再玩耍了


14、But it appears that warmer spring temperatures drive lizards to take cover and rest—rather than gather the food necessary to spur reproduction.


15、To greet the new year and welcome the new year (firecracker) in the past


16、It is reported that from the current two programs come up with Jiang Kun, Jiang Kun 2009 Spring Festival Evening return to the stage, it is essential that clinches it has been.

17、 Get bikini from Bikini, bikini in Bikini, swim to Bikini.购泳装来比基尼岛,泳装在比基尼岛,游水到比基尼岛。


18、Spring Festival this year, the person sending Yan Deli out of the village road, Yan in accordance with local customs and invited his father came to our house for dinner.

19、During the Lunar New Year, everyone and their families to watch the Spring Festival. 绝对正确的!

20、Wishing you and yours a happy happy new year. 万事如意,合家平安

21、We are looking forward to the arrival of the mission of Hubei Province, and wish "Happy Chinese New Year 2011-Experience Hubei Culture in Australia" a great success!期待着湖北省代表团的到来,并预祝湖北省“xx年欢乐春节——荆楚文化走澳洲”系列活动圆满成功!

22、During the vernalization, POD isoenzyme activity increased with lengthening of vernalization time and the cold hardiness of wheat improved.在春化过程中,POD酶活性在适宜春化时间内随春化时间延长而增加,且抗寒性增加。

23、During the Lunar New Year, everyone and their families to watch the Spring Festival.绝对正确的!

24、Because the rebirth of spring, the liver is also the main hair growth, liver sections at this time is strong, if the conditioning properly, disorders of liver.因为春天万物复苏,肝也主生发,此时节肝气正旺盛,如果调理不当,肝气就会失调。

25、Spring follows winter.冬去春来。

英文句子26:,26、In addition, the steel trade and business there is a "practice", the pursuit of the Spring Festival after the "good start", even if the "infinite space up" happily.此外,钢贸商还有一个“惯例”,追求春节之后的“开门红”,即使是“无量空涨”也乐此不疲。

27、 We don't stop playing because we grow old.我们不要不玩耍因为我们长大了。

28、Get lots of Chinese New Year Cards(得到许多新年贺卡)

29、As anyone who travelled around Britain earlier in the spring will have noticed, this has been a spectacular year for blossom. So expect apples, pears and plums to do well.早春时节在英国漫步的人们已经看到,今年会是个丰收年,苹果、梨、李子都长势喜人。

30、In particular the mother of chicken soup contains special substances, prevention and treatment of common cold and bronchitis, particularly suitable for consumption in winter and spring.特别是母鸡汤中含有特殊物质,有防治感冒与气管炎的作用,尤其适宜于冬春季节饮用。

31、Even the spring rain.甚至春雨。

32、At the time of the arrival of the Spring Festival, affiliated sincerely wish you and your family a happy New Year, good health, family happiness, all the best!在这新春佳节到来的时候,明宇衷心祝愿您和家人新年快乐,身体健康,家庭幸福,万事如意!

33、Women like beautiful flowers, bloom in spring; like bright stars, le in the sky. Here wish all women in the world happy and healthy everyday!女人如花,在春天里绽放;女人如星,在夜空中闪烁。衷心祝愿天下所有女人:节日快乐,幸福安康!

34、wishes you to progress, the health in the new year study, to be happy daily! 祝你在新年学习进步、身体健康、天天开心!

35、Yesterday, the orphanage sent a car to pick Sheng elderly couple came to visit around the Spring Festival will be able to put to use the new service building.昨日,福利院专程派车接盛老夫妇参观了春节前后就能投入使用的新服务楼。

36、As soon as the Spring Festival vacation is just over, the job markets in our province start being busy. The employers are all busy with grabing talents.春节长假刚刚过完,我省的人才市场就开始闹猛起来,用人单位纷纷打响新一轮人才抢夺战。

37、In a word, just before the Spring Festival comes, every household will give a thorough cleaning to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.总之,就在春节到来之前,为了告别旧年迎接新年,家家户户都会彻底打扫一下房屋。

38、This way they can avoid the regret of not receiving vaccination due to shortages caused by the large rise in people who want to be vaccinated during Chinese New Year.如此才能避免春节流感高峰期时,太多人同时施打而造成缺货无法施打的憾事。

39、May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love.愿新年带给你和你所爱的人许多美好的事物和无尽的祝福!

40、Changchun is famous for its FAW, its movie studio, and universities.长春以她的长春一汽,电影制片厂和大学著名。

41、A week-long break over the Lunar New Year is giving many people around the country the time and chance to take their minds of work and enjoy the sights.农历春节假期长达一周,这给予全国时间和机会,让他们决定工作或是旅游。

42、The celebration of the Tibetan New Year, which usually falls on the same month as Han people's Spring Festival, can be traced back to about 970 years ago.据悉,藏历年距今约有xx年的历史,它和汉族春节基本都在同xx月中,庆祝活动持续15天。

43、At that time, the mother-in-law will in the home of Beijing of king dawn Nan cross the Spring Festival, arrived early a month, the old person covers tightly unbearably a bit.当时,婆婆来到王晓楠北京的家中过春节,早到了一个月,老人有点闷得慌。

44、It originated in the Shang BCc. 1600 BC-c. 1100 BC) from the people's sacrifice to gods and ancestors at the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one.春节起源于商朝(公元前1600-公元前xx年)人们在年末岁初的时候供奉上帝和祖先。

45、In the Spring Festival, our family invited many relatives and friends to our house. My Mom prepared a table of delicious meals, everyone was happily chating and laughing.春节到了,我家里来了很多亲戚朋友,妈妈准备了一大桌丰盛的菜肴,大家有说有笑。

46、The bear market always goes easy and comes easy. In the depressive time, we should be composed, live an austere life, and wait for the spring of the market.因此,在这个哀鸿遍野的时刻,就应该沉住气,节衣缩食地过日子,以静待股市回春。

47、Angered, Luo Tao himself flies to Shenyang to find Ming, going to the family home where he himself spent a Spring Festival a few years before.罗涛一气之下飞到沈阳,决定找明算账。他去了赵家,几年前他自己也曾在赵家过春节。

48、These seasons cannot be forced any more than one can force the coming of spring by pulling at tender blades of gr to make them grow. It took me a while to understand.这些季节都无法人为改变, 就如无法用拔苗助长之法急令春天的到来。

49、The foods that people eat during the Spring Festival are also high in fat, a leftover tradition from the old days when food was scarce and meat was rare,”he said.春节期间人们摄入大量的高脂肪食物,这是过去食品匮乏、肉类缺少时传下来的传统。

50、The Fuchunjiang Lock Expansion and Renovation Project will not only help the enterprises save the cost of transportation, but also reduce the power consumption and pollution.富春江船闸扩建改造工程不仅能帮众多企业节省运输成本,还可以降低能耗、减少污染。

经典英文句子51:春节,51、 Go Bikini for bikini, Bikini sales bikini, swim with bikini.到比基尼岛购泳装,比基尼岛卖泳装,游水需泳装。

52、The ban was lifted about a month ahead of Basant, an annual festival that heralds spring and is marked by flying colorful kites in the eastern province of Punjab and its capital, La.这项禁令是在风筝节 前 一个月解除,该节日是预示 春天来临的年度庆典,透过在东部旁遮普省与其省会拉合尔飘放颜色鲜?的风筝来庆祝。

53、This occurs during the spring equinox season, and people believe this is when the dragon wakes up from its winter hibernation.这时正值惊蛰、春分时节,民俗认为蛰伏一冬的龙,在这一天开始抬头活动,从这以后雨水也就多起来了。

54、 Turn right get right, right is right, speak by right.到右边得权利,右边是权利,发言凭权利。

55、BEIJING – Painter Wei Haibin is carefully weighing every purchase as he heads home to Hebei province for China's biggest family holiday — a time when the economy typically enjoys a bounce.画家魏海滨正在仔细地衡量自己该买些什么东西以带回河北老家。 春节临近,在这个中国最重要的节日,万家团圆,往年此时经济也有明显的反弹。

56、In cold winter and spring, however, Legionella could not he detected in the cooling tower water, but it could be detected in bio-film.在气温较低的冬春季节,水中军团菌不能检出,但中央空调冷却塔壁生物膜上仍能检出军团菌。

57、Top Drop Wines (Beijing) Co. , Ltd was set up in Spring of 2010 and it is a new-emerging force in the field of import wine in China.鼎吉酒业(北京)有限公司创建于xx年春意盎然的季节,是葡萄酒进口行业的新生力量。

58、The market will still be under pressure from shrinking money supply after the holiday, as regulators tighten liquidity and add new share supplies to curb possible et bubbles.由于流动性收紧和新股发行挤压资产泡沫,春节假期后市场仍然受压于市场资金面。

59、Such as Vincristine Sulfate, Vinorelbine Bitartrate, NHDC and Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone.例如硫酸长春新碱、酒石酸长春瑞宪,NHDC。

60、I usually look forward to the Lunar New Year’s Day and the winter vacation when I can go to the village where the climate is warmer during these holidays.我总是盼望着春节或寒假,到时候我就可以去南方了,当地的气候在这时会暖和的多。

61、SR: Both consumer and business sentiment and confidence rebounded dramatically after Chinese New Year based on our interviews in different sectors throughout the country.SR:根据我们在全国范围内对不同行业的采访来看,春节之后,消费和商业行情以及信心都急剧恢复了。

62、MENTHOLATUM for men ANTI-ACNE Face Wash contains Tea Tree extract, effectively regulate oil secretion and prevent pore blockage, keeping skin refreshed and healthy.MENTHOLATUM 男士草本控油洁面乳蕴含天然茶树油,帮助调节皮肤油脂分泌,防止毛孔塞,有效预防青春痘;

63、Wishes you to progress, the health in the new year study, to be happy daily! 祝你在新年学习进步、身体健康、天天开心!

64、Spring snow soon melts.春雪易融。

65、The Zhuhai Disabled Persons' Federation launched the 2007 Spring Festival Visits on February 6th, giving out gifts and money to over 740 disabled people.市残联组织

6 日开展了2007 年春节走访慰问活动,740 多位贫困残疾人士领到了慰问品和慰问金。

66、May the beauty and joy of New Year remain with you throughout the new year.愿新春美景与欢乐常伴随你!

67、Zhao lived in the tent for more than one month before he left for his hometown last week for a reunion with his family during Spring Festival.赵铭在帐篷里住了一个多月的时间,直到上周他才返程回家,准备与家人团聚,共度春节。

68、Coloured powder is applied on an Indian student from Rabindra Bharati University during the celebration of Basanta Utsab, or Spring Festival, in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata March 在印度东部城市加尔各答的拉宾达大学内,学生脸上涂满颜色粉末以庆祝春节。

17, 2008.

69、The green set in the Chinese New Year, hurrah all of an inhalations is 春节中的青台,呼一口气都是一团白雾,在室外站十分钟,脸就冻得没有知觉。

1 corps white smog, stand outdoors because ten minutes, the face freezes have lost feeling.


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