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1、Performances, the hands of the Bawangbian issued rhythmic, burst pleasant beep.


2、Other media outlets catering to young people have also adopted anti-bullying stances.


3、Japan is still in the absolute quantity, 57 dominating in 200.


4、It pursues a hegemonist line and policy in foreign relations.


5、Dinosaurs that lived at that time were the Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.


6、Ok, but be quick please! We must fight decepticons to death.


7、Ratchet : I sense the deceptions are getting ready to mobilize .


8、The CIA acts like bullys and expects nobody to fight back?


9、This is Kantona which stride forward with one's chin up forever with cocked coller and emit a strong hegemony. This is Kantona, the "King" in the hearts of the soccer - fans of Manchester United.


10、Oh, and you need to have StarCraft: Brood War, doh !


11、It is not in the genes of the Chinese nation to invade other countries or seek world hegemony. China does not subscribe to the outdated logic that "a strong country is bound to seek hegemony".


12、TVGB: Great news if you love the StarCraft mythos and comic books.


13、I've trained four famous hookers, they are the top ones in the capital.


14、It is critical that teachers be on the lookout for signs of bullying.


15、As the second in command, he pretends to be loyal to MEGATRON, but is always looking for an opportunity to weaken his leader's rule and take control of the DECEPTICONS.


16、What's the difference between pirate and "overlord meal" ?


17、In his later years, there occurred an obvious change in his psychology from being self-opinionated to self-knowledge, from believing in talent and ability to believing in destiny.


18、It is a challenge to traditional discourse supremacy fort…


19、Bonecrusher:Closest to Constructicon; Hates other Decepticons except for Megatron.


20、The dark war between the Autobots and Decepticons comes to Earth.

21、For further information on the program, see The ABCs of Bullying Prevention.对此计画更进一步的资讯,请看 霸 凌防止初步。

22、and of course, this is a part of Yale's plan for world domination.当然,这也是耶鲁建立,"世界学术霸权"的大计

23、Resistance groups try to break the Decepticon's hold on the planet.抵抗组织尝试击破霸天虎之严密控制。

24、Recently, Kuala Lumper beat Chicago in a battle of skyscrapers.最近吉隆坡在一场摩天大楼的争霸中击败了芝加哥。

25、Installed air-conditioning and Yuba Water heaters for me this afternoon.这一天苏宁电器的人过来给我装了空调和浴霸。

英文句子26:,26、The arms race is rooted in the hegemonist policy of the superpowers.军备竞赛的根源在于超级大国的霸权主义政策。

27、The first is the idea of hegemony, developed by Antonio Gramsci. Hegemony is defined as the common sense view of the world that is imposed on a society by the dominant interest.其一是安东尼奥•葛兰西发展出来的“霸权”概念,所谓“霸权”就是指由统治阶级所施加给社会的那些“常识”。

28、Longrich discovered a T. rex fossil with large tooth gouges in it.Longrich 发现一具霸王龙的化石上有许多大大的牙印。

29、Only the Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong could address him, and the Supreme Overlord was ritually scarred and modified to resemble Yun-Yuuzhan.只有遇战疯的最高霸主可以和他联系,而最高霸主会按照仪式在自己身上留下伤痕并整容来使得自己的外形与云-遇战相似。

30、Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to succe .自信是走向成七雄争霸怎么过重楼功的第一步。

31、Who says Russia's going to help China with her global ambitions?谁说俄罗斯会帮中国实现称霸全球的野心啊?

32、Flying, trampleSimic Sky Swallower can't be the target of spells orabilities.析米克蔽空霸不能成为咒语或异能的目标。

33、European influence gradually brought an end to this regional power.欧洲势力的逐渐地入侵,结束了这种地域性的霸权。

34、Tyrannosaurs where the largest land - living, meat-eating animals that ever lived.霸王龙是陆地上生存过的最大的肉食性动物。

35、Therefore, the non-hegemony is the inevitable choice of China for the…从四个方面来看,不称霸是中国必然的选择。

36、This is the Ba Jin's development is an important milestone in the history.这是劲霸公司发展史上的一个重要里程碑。

37、The final key to Europe's world hegemony was her military superiority.世界霸权的地位的最终关键是其军事优势。

38、The most famous PPP calculation is the Economist's Big Mac index.最有名的PPP计算方式是“经济学人”提出的巨无霸指数。

39、In the 1980’s, Japan seemed to be becoming the new economic hegemon.在xx年代,日本好像变成了一个新的经济霸主。

40、So control ink film thickness is an important means for color reduction.所以把持不朱膜薄量是色彩还原的不主给霸术。

41、Alongside Dirk of late, they've been like two Duracell bunnies.最近与库伊特的合作,他们就像是两只金霸王宾尼兔。

42、Indeed, before T. rex hit the scene, tyrannosaurs were relatively petite.在霸王龙出现之前,暴龙类的成员是比较娇小的一群。

43、Additionally, Spinosaurus teeth and Tyrannosaurus teeth were completely different.另外, 棘龙的牙齿与霸王龙的牙齿有着本质的不同。

44、Michael Jordan used to reign as the number one basketball player in NBA.迈克尔乔丹曾是称霸篮坛第一把交椅的球员。

45、Microsoft's deep pockets keep AOL from dial-up domination.相反,微软的雄厚资金阻止了AOL独霸拨号上网业务。

46、The option of Kingsoft Cloud Security is preset as "Enable" in default.金山词霸云安全的选项是预设为“启用”默认。

47、Matt: No, I've been a bit caught up in Battlestar Galactica recently.麦特:没有耶,我最近在迷「星际大争霸」。

48、Therefore, the non-hegemony is the inevitable choice of China for the four reasons.从四个方面来看,不称霸是中国必然的选择。

49、What would it take for Street Fighter to have character specific stages again?它采取什么街头霸王有性格的特定阶段呢?

50、The discovery overturns scientists' thinking about how Tyrannosaurus rex evolved.这一发现推翻了科学家们对霸王龙进化过程的假设。

经典英文句子51:霸气的,51、This is a young emperor with his domineering, he ascended the throne, but he is also a good emperor, in his empire under the rule of the Qing period of rapidly reaching a peak.这是一位年轻的皇帝,他带着他的霸气登上了皇位,可他也是一位优秀的皇帝,在他的统治下大清帝国很快达到了鼎盛时期。

52、Welcome to the 12th ICIBA online lecture live from ICIBA.com.欢迎光临爱词霸英语大讲堂第十二期的访谈现场。

53、For half a century the dollar has been the hegemonic currency.美元处于霸权地位的情况已持续了半个世纪。

54、Films have become both box office and critical successes because of his star power.他的巨星魅力让电影称霸票房、佳评如潮。

55、Nokia dominates the global handset market but it has lost some ground to new smartphone entrants like Apple, which entered the market with its iPhone in mid-2007.诺基亚在全球手机市场称霸,但苹果等厂商推出智慧型手机,侵蚀了诺基亚的霸主地位.苹果在xx年中推出iPhone.

56、There are plenty of reasons to doubt the dollar's dethronement.有大量的理由让人怀疑美元会失去霸主地位。

57、That early cultivation has ensured diving supremacy for the People's Republic.早期培养为共和国确保了跳水的霸主地位。

58、At present, Seedling-breeding with sowing is the main way of propagating Zygophyllum xanthaxylum (Bunge) Maxim.目前播种育苗是繁育霸王的主要途径。

59、" They replied, "Five gold tumors and five gold rats, according to the number of the Philistine rulers, because the same plague has struck both you and your rulers.他们说∶“要照非利士人霸主的数目、用五个金鼠疫疱(或译∶痔疮)、五个金老鼠,因为你们众人和你们的霸主们都遭遇了一样的疫灾。

60、“The bicep alone—and this is a conservative estimate—could curl 430 pounds,” Conrad says.保守估计,霸王龙的二头肌有430磅的曲力。


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