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关于”表达心情“的英语句子41个,句子主体:express mood。以下是关于表达心情的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:express mood


1、Now think about stones striving to reach the center of the earth .


2、The author expounds the key problem how to express one's true feelings on one hand by telling the truth with emotions; on the other handy cherish a deep affection for life, think deeply about life.


3、As to sight, the expression is apter to distinguish the other side's mood , clue of the attitude.


4、When you are talking with others, you are not just using words, but also using expressions and gestures. For example, waving one's hand is to say "Good-bye."


5、It informs painter's heart information of the deep place and the realistic affection of the hour of the performance sceneries, it contact true view with true bounds .


6、Mrs. Dashwood entered into all their feelings with a warmth which left her no inclination for checking this excessive display of them.


7、Recently a robot was able to teach itself human facial expressions by randomly contorting its face and receiving feedback on what resembled real expressions.


8、With expressive detailed style, the large-size painting portrays a young Tibetan girl, which shows the artist's yearn for the pure life and sentiment.


9、Objective To study the expression change of NMDA receptor in medulla oblongata cardiovascular center of the rats after CPR.

福克斯同样具备这些品格。 他总是以通情达理、将心比心的方式来处理自己与他人之间的感情和利益。

10、Such also was the character of Fox, who commanded the affection and service of others by his uniform heartiness and sympathy.


11、The first time I saw a T-shirt that said "mean people suck, " I thought, Now, there is a heartfelt sentiment, succinctly expressed.


12、Silent Night is a beautiful carol which encapsulates the feeling of Christmas entirely", said Mike Dalby, Lead Reporting Analyst at PPL."


13、Therefore, the gifts will become the best expression Dayi a mode of communication.


14、We like to express our feelings with the word "return" after the weather gets warm. As if the parents are extremely delighted for their son who comes back after travelling far away from home.

摘 要 目的: 测定A蛋白基因在R25及NM105中的表达情况。

15、Objective: Determined the expression condition of protein A in R25 and NM105.


16、Many of these people expressed their sadness after hearing of Sager's death.


17、Conceit,in many cases, describes a state of serious emotional insecurity.


18、with a piece of popular music you get a single ethos, a single feeling,a single mood associated with the piece, and the piece will tend to be shorter.


19、The expression of art mind and poesy in her novels.


20、To identify signal transduction-related genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from intracranial aneurysm patients using oligo-microarrays.

21、VEGF-C expression of the infiltrative border was stronger than the central portion and the superficial part. But the expression of VEGF-C was negative in normal oral mucosa.大部分舌癌浸润前沿细胞VEGF-C表达强于表层或中心区域的肿瘤细胞,而正常口腔粘膜VEGF-C表达为阴性。

22、This would also bring the expression more in line with spoken Mandarin, though there is always an incentive to get away with using fewer characters in writing, even at the expense of lucidity.然而总是有用较少的字来表达的侥幸心理,哪怕是以表达不清为代价。

23、Long-distance love is full of risks even today, no matter how developed transportation and telecommunication devices have become.浙江大学著名心理学家姜乾金表示:“即使是在当下,交通和通讯设施如何发达,异地恋情仍然充满未知数。

24、"Of course, our old acquaintance Bill Gates also expressed regret for the leader's death:" that Steve Jobs died, my heart is heavy.当然,我们的老相识盖茨同样对教主的离世表达惋惜:“ 得知史蒂夫·乔布斯辞世,我的心情十分沉重。

25、Their works, which have woven the emotions and wishes of people into an art from, are movingly powerful and thus reflects the spirit of their times.他们的艺术创作以激动人心的力量,反映了他们时代的精神,表达了他们时代的情感和愿望。

英文句子26:,26、Or shows streamline amorous feelings and linear color surround charm combining feeling, reservation conveys modern society peculiar rhythm and a variety of warmth.要么展示流线风情与直线风格的围合情韵,含蓄表达现代社会特有的节奏和种种温情。

27、As the "three no Girl" (no inadvertent expressionless mouth) is ancestor ayanami not without affection.作为“三无少女”(无口无心无表情)的始祖,绫波并非没有感情。

28、Parrots express their emotions vocally and with attitudes and postures, as well.鹦鹉用声音同时也会藉态度和姿势表达他们的情绪。

29、Just read microexpressions and subtle expressions correctly, however, and Ekman reckons your accuracy in detecting an attempt at deception "will increase from chance to 70% or better".靠着正确解读微表情与细微表情,埃克曼估计揭穿谎言的可能性“将达到70%或者更高”。

30、The conventional monopulse radar will track a power weighted centroid of target and be interfered when centroid-interference is present.存在质心干扰情况下,普通单脉冲雷达将跟踪干扰与目标的能量重心。

31、Psycholinguists are also interested in the way in which a speaker formulates some intention, or expresses some idea in speech, in a conversational setting or otherwise.心理语言学也关注在对话的背景中或其他的情况下,说话者如何用言语阐明意图和表达观点。

32、These discourses co-compose main expression contents of public opinions of new media.这些话语共同构成了新媒体舆情的主要表达内容。

33、The conventional monopulse radar will track a power weighted centroid of target and be interfered when troid-interference is present.存在质心干扰情况下,普通单脉冲雷达将跟踪干扰与目标的能量重心。

34、each does the same thing more concisely and more expressively.list.each 可以做相同的事情,而且看上去更简洁,表达更清晰。

35、Soldiers in the barracks then visited the resident, the first book of a soldier named Xing, wrote a poem can not help but improvise on the spot presented to me to express his joy.在随后参观战士们的营房驻地时,一名叫邢书第的战士,情不自禁即兴写了一首诗,当场赠送给我表达他的喜悦心情。

36、Fireworks lit up the sky, as the inner expression.烟火照亮了天空,照不清众人内心的表情。

37、You can be very indirect and just express what you'd rather do instead.你可以非常间接地表达你宁愿做其他一些事情。

38、It is impossible (emoticons aside) to convey the subtle cues that facial expression and body language impart to face-to-face communication.与面对面的直接交流相比,它无法(表情图标除外)通过面部的表情和身体语言来传达微妙的暗示。

39、The cultures are represented by concentric rings, and the emotions are represented by slices of the circle.同心圆代表不同的文化,而小方片代表了不同的情绪。

40、Willfulness is a very intense character, but common sense should be a character, I hope I know a friend is a reasonable person, a good heart and a sincere heart!任性是非常尖锐的性格,但是要通情达理才会有个性,希望我认识的朋友是个通情达理的人,有一颗善良的心,有一颗真挚的心!

41、They agree that actions are more important than words and communicate their caring through mutual thoughtfulness.他们认为行动比语言更重要,他们通过彼此的细心关照来表达心意。

42、No doubt, reasonable levels of confidence and emotional resilience help.毫无疑问,适度的信心以及情绪的达观会对我们有所帮助。

43、Martin Druyan, Choudhri's lawyer, called the ruling "very reasonable.而乔杜里的律师马丁·德鲁杨则表示,这一裁决“非常通情达理”。

44、Subjects in this study were 123 dyads of supervisors and employees from the creative department of advertising companies.本研究结果显示:(


45、You have to discipline your emotions, body, and mind to do this.你必须控制自己的情绪、身体和心理来达成这一目标。

46、The degrees of intimacy, expression of feelings, contradiction and organization of FEV-CV have a great influence on the psychological health of these left-behind rural children.FEV-CV中亲密度、情感表达、矛盾性、组织性等对留守初中生心理健康的影响作用很大。

47、Objective: To detect neutral endopeptidase (NEP) expression in lymphocytes of patients with congestive heart failure.目的:观察中性内肽酶(NEP)在心力衰竭(心衰)患者淋巴细胞中的表达。

48、An article entitled Body Language: The Art of Nonverbal Communication found that women are expected to be more expressive, while men are supposed to “internalize” their emotions.关于非语言沟通的艺术,发现女人应该更善于表达,而男人则被认为愿意把情感藏在心底。

49、It lets you express your thoughts and process all of the internal drama that has bottled-up in your mind.它允许你表达那些闷在心中的那些想法和内心的挣扎。

50、Pragmatically and textually, it is an important discourse marker for expressing emotions.在语用、语篇方面,它是人们表情达意的重要话语标记。

经典英文句子51:表达心情,51、In order to do that,we need to cultivate these traits.为了达到这目的,我们需用心经营这些情感因素。

52、A GRIM expression in a yearbook photo or family snapshot could mean more than just a passing bad mood.年鉴上照片上或者家庭合影上一个难看的表情也许不仅仅代表了一时的心情不爽。

53、Think about it, which of the following is more compassionate?想一想,下面哪项更表现你的同情心?

54、Well, I am a very elegant woman. I am tolerant, kind, funny and understanding .我是个很文雅的女人,我有包容心、善良、有趣、通情达理。

55、Palin adopted a touchy-feely tone during the hour long interview. Photograph: Reuters在长达一小时的采访中,佩林表现地颇为煽情。

56、We've found that we are either too overlooked or too overexcited about the familiar people or places, it's unbeneficial to deliver our inner feeling faithfully.我们发现,面对熟悉的人与景,要么视而不见,要么太过热情,都不利于表达我们真实的、平常的内心感受。

57、Non-textual oral performance has merits over written texts in terms of kinesics , expression, intonation, situation, etc. , all "conspiring" to convey metaphors containing rich intuition.非文本的口述有文字表达所不及的优势:身势、表情、语调、场景的“合谋”,生动地传达寓意,包括大量直觉。

58、With the absence of mentors, comeuppance which was originally important chain from lust to emptiness became the expression of the male- centered conception.在启悟者缺位的情况下,本应为由色到空转换链条的因果报应成了男性中心的理念表达。

59、Objective To investigate the expression of CD55/CD59 on peripheral blood cell in healthy population.目的了解健康人群外周血细胞CD55/CD59表达情况。

60、They then examined the expression of TLR genes. The team detected large variations among individuals, but found that p53 generally led to the activation of several TLR genes in patients' cells.研究小组随后测定了TLR基因在不同个体间的表达情况,发现尽管个体间的表达差异较大,但P53可显著地激活几个TLR基因的表达。

61、Conceit, in many cases, describes a state of serious emotional insecurity.在许多情况下,自负表示一种严重的情绪上的惶惶不安的心理状态。

62、The expression of brain aquaporin 脑内水通道蛋白4(AQP4)在细胞分化不同阶段表达情况不同,内皮细胞也影响其表达分布;

4 (AQP4) is different at the different stages of cellular differentiation, and distribution of brain AQP4 is affected by the existence of endothelial cells.

63、Zeena sat beside her with a guilty look on her face.齐娜坐在她旁边,一副心虚的表情。

64、As a mere would-be spectator, I didn't expect an essay competition would make my relation with the Shanghai Expo a more intimate one.没想到的是这次征文活动把我从一个“世博”的被动观看者,推动成为表达城市心情的参与者。

65、May want to greet Ann live like a normal child, Ann although not much, but the expression seems to express themselves want to go to school, do not want to stay at home.可心问安安想不想和正常的小朋友一样生活,安安虽然话不多,但是表情上似是表达自己想去学校,不想呆在家里的想法。

66、Aim: To explore the expression of ATP7B in human gastric cardia adenocarcinoma(GCA) and its significance.目的:了解贲门癌组织中ATP7B的表达情况。


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