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关于”背的方法“的英语句子60个,句子主体:back method。以下是关于背的方法的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:back method


1、Background structure for CME propagation is obtained by the time relaxation method, which guarantees it stable and self-consistent.


2、Complex pipe can be established by the method of back pressure pigging, caliper.


3、BACKGROUND: Two-stage revision is an effective method of treating total knee replacement.


4、Objective To investigate the clinical characteristics and therapy methods of dorsolateral medullary syndrome.


5、By a rejection apriori of such hypotheses, the utopian approach violates the principles of scientific method.


5.11 Tactical Vests is a great alternative to conventional concealed carry methods.



7、So I tried to recreate the idea behind these things in the same aesthetic manner.


8、The first chapter is prolegomenon, which introduces the background, object, significance, and method of research.


9、Do you think that France has violated its commitment in the China-France Press Communiqué?


10、Objective To introduce an operation for repair soft tissue defect of proximal phalanx finger.


11、Pick from hundreds of premade backdrops, or customize your own presets.


12、An obvious one is to abandon the memorized pieces and to re-memorize later as needed.


13、Then maximum entropy-based optimization method needs strong mathematical background.


14、Our segmentation method requires only a small amount of user intervention, which is to select a subset of acceptable segmentations of the object movie after the initial segmentation process.


15、He alleged the surveillance ship "broke international and Chinese laws in the South China Sea without China's permission."


16、Behind this divergence of literary view is, actually, the historical gap between their literary approaches:socio-historical criticism and cultural studies.


17、Background: Complex regional pain syndrome type I is treated symptomatically .


18、Methods The missing anterior axillary fold could be reconstituted by the method of latissimus dorsi muscle transposition and the free autologous fat granules injection.


19、RESULTS & CONCLUSION:Drug retailing was considerably influenced by policy factor, this issue of "Regula_tion" may change some unfair business beha.


20、First, an improved graph cut method is used to enhance the cutting results.

21、Objective To discuss the surgical treatment of deep burns on the dorsum m of children so as to decrease the occurrence of function disability.目的探讨小儿手背深度烧伤的手术治疗方法,减少小儿手背深度烧伤后手部功能残障。

22、John 约一 违背律法就是罪。

3:4 – Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.

3:4 —凡犯罪的, 就是违背律法。

23、Conclusion This operation is an effective method for the treatment of finger dorsum skin defect.结论应用逆行指背动脉皮瓣修复邻指指背皮肤缺损方法简便,效果可靠。

24、However, EFG method was not a "truly" meshless method, since mesh was still used to conduct numerical integration.但EFG方法需要背景积分网格进行高斯积分,离真正的“无网格”方法还有一定距离。

25、Two methods are discussed which are heating flux and temperature difference of the furnace water wall.对炉膛水冷壁局部在线灰污监测的两种方法——热流计法和背面温差法进行了论述。

英文句子26:,26、Back stress is attained by using KWL' s method.背应力的计算主要通过使用KWL方法而获得。

27、A new method of map symbols recognition was proposed based on numerical background expression.提出一种基于数值背景表达的地图符号识别方法。

28、BACKGROUND: Venipuncture is one of the most common methods in the clinical treatment.张萍背景:静脉穿刺是临床治疗最常用的方法之

29、Then the feasibility of ultrasonic backtering coefficient imaging method is discussed. And an outlook on the further research work is presented.然后对基于背散射法的超声背散射系数成像方法的可行性进行了分析和讨论,最后对进一步的研究工作进行了展望。

30、Future trends of reservoiring period studies are combining geochemistry method with geologic setting study, traditional method with new methods, and qualitative method with quantitative method.地球化学技术方法与地质背景相结合,传统方法与新方法相结合,定性与定量方法相结合,是今后油气成藏期研究的发展方向。

31、Because the marine scene is complicated and interferential, a modified mixture Gaussians approach and a moving detection method are suggested.针对海事场景背景复杂、干扰大等困难,提出了改进的混合高斯背景模型及运动检测方法。

32、These methods include back-calculation, which the authors developed;这些方法包括背计算,作者发展哪个;

33、By using the Monte Carlo method, we simulate the backtering coefficient and the thickness contrast of low loss energy and coaxial backtered electrons in thin film targets.用蒙特卡罗方法模拟计算了薄样品中的高能同轴背散射电子的背散射率和厚度衬度。

34、The sky-water line extraction under complicated inland waterway background;提出了一种在复杂内河背景下进行天水线提取的方法。

35、This approach might seem counter-intuitive to many managers.对于很多管理人员来说,这种方法似乎是违背直觉的。

36、Gently on each other's sit back, and secondly, back: let each other e bed.轻轻跨坐上对方的背,


37、Optical plate, method of manufacturing optical plate, backlight embly and liquid crystal display device.光学板,制造光学板的方法,背光组件及液晶显示装置。

38、Set the breakpoint inside the worker thread callback method.在背景工作执行绪回呼方法内设定中断点。

39、Methods Among the psychotherapies for acute lumbago and dorsalgia, the methods of relaxed and hypnotic suggestive therapies were searched.方法对心理治疗中的放松术和暗示催眠术治疗急性腰背疼痛的方法进行了探讨。

40、Rote memorization is an inefficient way to learn.在学习上,死记硬背是一种低效的方法。

41、Methods:To observe types of the thoracodorsal nerve branches and locate entrance points of muscular nerve in 60 cases.方法:观察60侧背阔肌的胸背神经分支类型并定位神经入肌点。

42、Then, the experiment results show that in all of four filtering methods, the open residue filtering method is the best for background drop.实验结果表明:对于含有目标信息的起伏背景图像,背景对消的最佳滤波方法,应采用开余滤波法。

43、A background processing method based on phase congruency is put forward. The experiments show the method is resultful .本文提出采用相位一致法去除车辆图像中的背景,实验结果表明这种方法能够有效的去除背景图像。

44、This method is so ancd in the context of construction that it seems difficult to change.这种方法是立足于建设的背景下,这似乎很难改变。

45、According to my experience, however, the multiplication table should be memorized, so that he can calculate and work in a more convenient way.以我过去的经验,“乘法口诀表”是要背的,背下来之后,对于以后的计算、工作都方便得多。

46、The background model can be initialized by using previous empty scene background images, or by an automatic restoring program.提出了直接法和恢复重建法两种获取初始背景图像的方法。

47、Firstly, the background image is extracted in the RGB space by improving pixel grayscale clification, and is updated real time with selective update and background adjustment.该方法首先在RGB空间对像素灰度归类法进行了改进,并用其提取了背景图像,同时结合选择更新和背景调整来实时更新背景;

48、Besides, the scheme extending the background of the image estimates is described in NAS-RIF. All of these will improve the efficiency of image restoration.在NAS-RIF算法中,提出了观测图象背景扩展的方案,并引入了支持域确定方法和改进的搜索算法,这些都提高了算法的效率。

49、The first chapter is a brief introduction of the background, aim, method of the study.首章对本文的背景、目的、方法及意义做了一个简要介绍。

50、The results showed that the censoring performance of ODV was good, which had the merit of adaptive censoring, and did not require any prior information about the background.结果表明,ODV方法在韦布尔背景下的筛选性能是理想的,而且此方法不需要知道任何关于背景的先验信息,且具有自适应筛选的优点。

经典英文句子51:背的方法,51、That, I think, is the moral intuition lying behind the universalization test.我认为,这是这个检验方法背后的道德理念。

52、The impact method adopts the two ends seal, contracting & pressing clamp valve back working test.压紧方法采用法兰端面密封,抱压爪夹紧阀门法兰背面进行工作试验。

53、Common trap factor calculation methods are suitable for anticlinal trap, but they are not applicable to complicated fault block traps.以往所用的取值方法是沿用背斜圈闭的要素统计方法,不能适用于复杂的断块构造圈闭。

54、BACKGROUND & AIM:To investigate suitable methods for detecting mutagenicity of hair restorers.背景与目的:探讨检测育发剂致突变性的适宜的方法。

55、The method divides the background of fingerprint image into two layers: outboard black area and inboard tint area.该方法将指纹图像的背景分为两层:外层黑色背景区域和内层浅色背景区域。

56、Summary of Background Data:Instrumented spinal arthrodesis is a common procedure to correct scoliosis.背景资料:内固定脊柱融合术是纠正脊柱侧弯的常用方法。

57、Methods Variation of the first dorsal metatarsal artery was observed intraoperatively in 方法术中发现第一跖骨背动脉有变异。

2 cases.

58、This is the basic premise behind the evolutionary approach to RUP.这是 RUP 的演进方法背后的基本前提。

59、Aimed at the problem of obtaining background frame in background subtraction algorithm, a new method based on background reconstruction is presented by using the dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm.针对背景差分算法中的参考帧提取问题,引入动态时间弯折(DTW)算法,给出了一种新的基于块的背景重构方法。

60、It's a truly international program…Master of Quantitative Finance M. SC .这是一个真正的国际化背景下的创新方案和教学方法。

61、It may be true that rote learning is over-emphasized in Chinese education.也许,中国的教育体制确实是过于注重死记硬背的学习方法。

62、Methods The reverse flap from the dorsal of the middle phalanx was harvested for coverage of the distal phalanx for 方法应用指动脉终末背侧支血管蒂的中节指背皮瓣逆行转移修复指端软组织缺损5例。

5 cases.

63、In chapter

3, the advancing - by - layer method and the backward principle are proposed to improve and control AFT .

第3章提出按层推进方法和背后原理对AFT 方法进行改进和控制。

64、Based on the basic theory, real-time calculation methods are proposed for the structural dynamic anlysis.实时计算方法就是在这样的背景下应运而生的。

65、Methods: ZFI injected on parts of body cooperating with functional exercises on lumbar muscles.方法:采用正清风痛宁局部注射加腰背功能锻炼的方法治疗。

66、And the GA optimization algorithm in product ergonomics form design is also ilrated by the case of wheelchair's backrest.最后以轮椅靠背的曲面设计和优化为例,阐明了遗传算法在产品人机形态方面的设计和优化方法。

67、BACKGROUND: At present, the preparation methods of acellular vascular matrix include enzyme digestion and decontaminant.背景:目前脱细胞血管基质的制备方法有酶消化法和去污剂法。

68、Firstly the background segmentation algorithm was proposed combined with direction field information. Fingerprint image and the background could be segregated simply and effectively.提出了一种结合方向信息的背景分割算法,能简单有效地将指纹从背景区域分割出来。

69、That broke the rules of bank rescue.用这种方法拯救银行,显然违背了规律。

70、A curriculum designed on traditional rote-learning methods.基于传统死记硬背学习方法制定的课程。

71、This hack fixes the background-rendering problem.这种方法修复背景显示问题。

72、The terms, ways, and forms of back-appellation are closely linked.背称语、背称方式和背称形式这三者是紧密联系的。

73、You use humor in the book. What's the strategy behind your approach?你在书中运用了幽默诙谐的表达方式。这种方法背后是一种什么策略?


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