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1、With inflation there is no connection between the physics of one universe and that of another.


2、Back then, there were two major rival theories about the origin of the Universe: the Big Bang theory and the Steady-State model of the Universe.


3、Another possibility, depending on the initial conditions, is that the Universe could have undergone a bounce, resulting from the collapse of a previous Universe.


4、At the time, the universe was confined to a single point, encomping all of the universe's matter.


5、This theory holds that out universe if only one bubble in a larger cosmos and that other universes,which will have different physics to our own, all exist at the same time.


6、Remember the word for world I said last time was cosmos, the entire universe.


7、Arguments from string theory, cosmology and observational astronomy have led some cosmologists to suggest we live in one of many universes.

宇宙飞船可以遨游于宇宙中的任何一个地方。 。

8、Spaceships scan travel anywhere in the universe.


9、Why did another universe intermix itself with the universe of which Earth is a part?


10、Cosmologists reconstruct the history of the universe by integrating data from cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, spectroscopy, general relativity and quantum mechanics.


11、A new spectrograph slices across billions of light-years to map the filamentary structure of the universe and trace the distribution of elements that are fundamental to life.


12、Expert in home-cosmography.


13、In a closed universe, there is enough matter to reverse expansion. Eventually, such a universe will collapse on itself.


14、The world is not simply the physical world that you and I know, it's the cosmos,the Greek word where we get the word cosmology, all the universe.

正曲率的宇宙是 封闭的宇宙 。

15、If the universe has a positive curvature, it’s a closed universe .


16、Most cosmologists today concur that our universe resembles an FRW universe , one that is infinite , has no boundary and will go on expanding ad infinitum.


17、Masters of the universe, indeed.


18、So the universe like a pocket watch?


19、Unlike Plato and astrological cosmology, in the modern cosmological model, universe has no soul and spirit but the dark matter and dark energy.

宇宙学家将负曲率的宇宙模型称作 开放的宇宙。

20、Cosmologists call negative curvature models of the universe open universes .

21、Do Black Holes Have Rivals in Space?宇宇宙中有与黑洞匹敌的物体吗?。

22、He stands on the top of universe to discover the mystery of universe operation.他站在宇宙的最高点,认识到宇宙运行的奥秘。

23、Either it is a well-arranged universe or a chaos huddled together, but still a universe. But can a certain order subsist in thee, and disorder in the All?无论宇宙是井然有序还是浑沌一团,它还是宇宙,但当宇宙混乱不堪时,你内心能够保持清明?

24、Enters actual universe resonating condition, is accommodating with the universe. " I add on the thought."“进入实际宇宙共振态,同宇宙相容。”我加上意念。

25、In this multiverse theory, you have a static universe in the middle.在这个多元宇宙理论里,你假设在中间有一个静止的宇宙。

英文句子26:,26、This universe came into existence as soon as sentience perceived it. The Gods looked upon the universe, and it existed.宇宙的诞生和被感知是同一过程,神感知到宇宙,宇宙就成为具体的存在。

27、The Law Of Macrocosm and Microcosm is the first Law of infinity.大宇宙和小宇宙法则无限的第一法则。

28、Intra-universe wormholes connect one location of a universe to another location of the same universe.宇宙内 虫 孔将宇宙的一个地方与相同宇宙另外的一个地方连接起来。

29、The concept of creationism states that God made the Universe in the form in which it exists today.创造宇宙说的理念认为上帝创造了整个宇宙。

30、That would be good news for proponents of eternal inflation theory, which suggests that the universe should actually be composed of "mini-universes" that have bubbled off from one another.这些建议将为那些主张宇宙正在永久膨胀的支持论者提供有利的消息,宇宙膨胀论,认为宇宙本质上应由若干“小宇宙”所组成,而这些小宇宙相互形成泡沫而冒了出来。

31、The CMB is the radiation that exists everywhere in the universe, thought to be left over from when the universe was only 300,000 years old.宇宙微波背景辐射被认为是大爆炸的“余烬”,是宇宙年龄约30万岁时遗留下来的,均匀地分布于整个宇宙空间。

32、Univeral event is a sort of physical existence generated from information interacting with vacuum ;宇宙事件是宇宙信息在真空的物化作用下生成的一种物理实在;

33、I’m fitting in with a line of thought in modern cosmology that says that the observable universe is not all there is. It’s part of a bigger multiverse.我与现代宇宙学的一系列观点相一致,现代宇宙学说我们观察到的宇宙并非现存的这些,它只是更大的多元宇宙(multiverse)的一部分。

34、I. The universe is balanced.宇宙是平衡的。

35、Before the turn of the millennium, cosmologists had narrowed the list of cosmic ingredients.公元xx年以前,宇宙学家们就已经把宇宙成分的范围缩小了。

36、The puzzle of the cosmic age is a long-standing key problem in big bang cosmology.宇宙年龄是大爆炸宇宙学中的一个关键性的问题。

37、The temple is built in the likeness of the universe and i alsos its reduced image.寺庙被构建的和宇宙相当近似甚至就是宇宙的翻版。

38、The find adds to the case that chunks of matter got pushed outside the known universe shortly after the big bang—which in turn hints that our universe is part of something larger: a multiverse.这一发现增加了一种理论的佐证,即:宇宙大爆炸之后,大量物质迅即被推出已知宇宙之外,因而暗示着我们的宇宙是一个更大系统——多元宇宙——的一部分。

39、Only universes with laws like the ones in our universe can support life–at least life as we know it–and explains why we find ourselves in this particular kind of universe.只有与我们所处宇宙的物理法则相似的宇宙能够孕育生命——至少是我们所知的生命形式——同样也只有这类宇宙能解释为什么我们会处于这个特定的宇宙中。

40、The accelerated expansion has been attributed to the energy of space-time itself, dubbed dark energy.宇宙的加速膨胀是由于宇宙自身的能量,被称作暗能量。

41、The most incomprehensible thing about the Univers is that it is comprehensible.宇宙中最不可理解的事,是宇宙是可以理解的。

42、The habitable zones of the cosmos are vast, it seems, and they may be teeming with life.宇宙中的宜居地带似乎非常辽阔,宇宙中可能充满了生命。

43、Another exception is the “cosmological arrow of time,” which points forward from the Big Bang in the direction of the universe’s expansion.另一个例外是“时间的宇宙箭头”,该箭头从大爆炸指向宇宙膨胀的方向,其可能与热力学箭头相连,指向宇宙最终的热寂。

44、Look up at the spaceship, the spaceship, the spaceship.向上看宇宙飞船,宇宙飞船,宇宙飞船。

45、Spaceships can travel anywhere in the universe.宇宙飞船可以遨游于宇宙 中的任何一个地方。

46、Most cosmologists today concur that our universe resembles an FRW universe, one that is infinite, has no boundary and will go on expanding ad infinitum .今日,多数的宇宙学家都同意,我们的宇宙类似于FRW宇宙,这是个无限、无边界,而且不断膨胀的宇宙。

47、"We think cosmic web tendrils feed directly into galaxies, dump matter onto them and build them up," Ibata said.我们认为宇宙网络的枝蔓直接延伸到星系中间,上面布满了宇宙灰尘,而且就是由宇宙灰尘组成的。

48、This cosmic microwave background radiation, they said, represents the ancient afterglow of the big bang.他们说,这宇宙微波背景幅射代表着宇宙大爆炸的余辉。

49、Cosmos big voyage ages ……宇宙大航海时代……

50、Universe University.纸张背面的宇宙韵文在宇宙大学很受欢迎。

经典英文句子51:宇宙,51、只有与我们所处宇宙的物理法则相似的宇宙能够孕育生命——至少是我们所知的生命形式——同样也只有这类宇宙能解释为什么我们会处于这个特定的宇宙中。Only universes with laws like the ones in our universe can support life–at least life as we know it–and explains why we find ourselves in this particular kind of universe.

52、The book discusses the latest best guess by cosmologists to explain the universe.这本书讨论了宇宙学家们为了解释宇宙所做的最新的奇思妙想。

53、The world outlook of the Easterners results from "Taiji", which is the symbiotic universe platform.东方人的宇宙观源于太极,太极就是宇宙万物的共生平台。

54、Cosmologists already ascribe cosmic inflation, and perhaps the dark energy (distinct from dark matter) that is now causing cosmic acceleration, to scalar fields.关于宇宙暴胀,以及引发宇宙加速膨胀的暗能量(有别于暗物质),宇宙学者已经将之归因于纯量场。

55、An entire set of parallel universes is called a multiverse.这样一整个平行宇宙体系被称为多重宇宙。

56、It was connected therein with a background of microcosmic-macrocosmic thinking.这与微观宇宙-宏观宇宙观的背景相关。

57、Because our home is the universe, and we are the universe, essentially.因为我们的家园是宇宙,实质上,我们就是宇宙。

58、Traveling in empty space.巡行在空旷的宇宙。

59、Modern-day explorers set out in spacecraft to explore the moon and the universe.现在的探险家们,乘坐宇宙飞船,去探索月球和宇宙。

60、I looked around at the monitors into a vast horizon of heavens, feeling like I was on a space station in the center of the universe.我环顾监视器看着这个小宇宙,感觉就像是呆在处于宇宙中央的空间站里环顾整个宇宙。

61、"We think cosmic web tendrils feed directly into galaxies, dump matter onto them and build them up, " Ibata said.我们认为宇宙网络的枝蔓直接延伸到星系中间,上面布满了宇宙灰尘,而且就是由宇宙灰尘组成的。

62、Inter-universe wormholes connect one universe with another.宇宙间虫孔将另外一个宇宙连接在一起。

63、What is cosmological finitism?宇宙有限论是甚麽?

64、Seangilchukahamnida (在地球 在宇宙) Gigueseo ujueseo (最?

65、2302 – New important laws and secrets of the universe revealed.xx年,新的宇宙秘密和宇宙定律被发现并公布。

66、What are the similarity and difference between the cosmology of Elihu and current view?以利户的宇宙观与今日的宇宙观有何异同?

67、So, one part of the multiverse theory is that eventually our own universe will become empty and static.所以,多元宇宙理论的一部分是我们自己身处的宇宙最终将变成空的、静止的宇宙。

68、Latest universe research news, cosmos topics and other science discoveries & technology improvements.介绍宇宙的前沿研究与宇宙学进展及相关科技动态。

69、In these universes, there’s not enough matter to reverse or slow expansion, and so the universe continues to expand indefinitely.在开放的宇宙模型中,没有足够的物质来阻止或减缓宇宙膨胀,因此宇宙将无限膨胀下去。

70、The sidereal diurnal variation of cosmic ray ties up with the most basic and important problem in cosmic ray physics such as the origin, propagation and the acceleration mechanisms of cosmic ray.宇宙线的恒星日变化紧密联系于宇宙线的起源、其传播途径的性质,以及宇宙线的加速机制等宇宙线物理中最基本的重大问题。

71、He holds the worldview that the universe consists of oppositions.他的宇宙观是:宇宙是以对立物而存在的。


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