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关于”激励人的短句“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Motivating Short Sentences。以下是关于激励人的短句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Motivating Short Sentences


1、These two principles, especially when used together, can be powerful motivators.


2、She would comfort us, with her native feelings of life invigorating us to know toleration and content, not to fight with others.


3、It is comforting and heartening to know that he longs for us to be reconciled with him, just as a shepherd goes out in search of the lost sheep.


4、Analysis results show that enlargement of incentive strength can not only cause increase of effort degree of agent, but also cause decrease of opportunism behavior of agent.


5、And it also offers some new methods to solve the problem of human resource allocation in multi-project management for enterprises.


6、The key of enterprise's reserving and using talent is how to encourage school staff to develop their creativeness and latent capacity .


7、This should be grounded in robust knowledge based on programme outcomes and evidence of the interests and motivations of health professionals.


8、I hope the book sells well and would encourage the author to write another book helping Westerners acclimatize to Chinese culture.


9、Pandemics can cause large surges in the numbers of people requiring or seeking medical or hospital treatment, temporarily overwhelming health services.

但他补充说并非对所有的人都会激励效果。 他提示说消费者研究要充分考虑个性。

10、But he adds that not everybody may react favorably; consumer research needs to pay attention to personality types, he cautions.


11、If you have built your credibility in the organization, demonstrating your commitment will go a long way towards inspiring others to follow.


12、But in essence the tower inspires simply by being there---a blank canvas for visitors to make of it what they will.


13、These forays posit a version of what it means to be voiced in a post-modern world, and encourage a consideration of H.


14、Staff training and incentive mechanism are important part of corporate human resources development and management. They are closely related to each other.

移情: 社会媒体将公司具体人形化,它使我们看清楚我们想要触及的人群,是什么在激励他们呢?

15、Empathy: Social media personifies companies. It allows us to see who it is we’re hoping to reach, and what motivates them.


16、Diane Disney-Miller, Walt's daughter, says he was spurred to create Mickey.


17、"The job market could be even more competitive as improving job prospects entice people who abandoned their job searches out of frustration to re-enter the labor l," he said.

xx日之计在于晨 A single flower does not make a spring。

18、 An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening。


19、Enterprises have to do their best to motivate middle-cl managers, to enhance their willingness to contribute to the organization.


20、His theory of historical evolution encouraged the Chinese of his time to save and protect their nation and is therefore of great significance.

21、That promotes efficiency, PepsiCo says, while letting managers function more as coaches of self-motivating teams.百事公司表示,这种做法提高了效率,而经理人的角色更像是在自我激励的团队中充当教练。

22、It is very important to set up and perfect the inspiration restraint mechanism and competition cooperation mechanism in human resources development.在企业人才资源开发工作中,建立和完善激励约束机制和竞争合作机制是十分必要的。

23、It develops profit and utility functions for firms and agents in different stages via information symmetry hypothesis and intrinsic motives of agents.通过信息对称性的不同假设和引入代理人的内在激励的概念,构建不同阶段企业和代理人的利润和效用函数。

24、All things are difficult before they are easy. 外事开头难。

25、JA: Thank's for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. Your long-standing contributions are an inspiration!问: 非常感谢在百忙中抽时间来回答我的问题。 您对计算事业的长期贡献将永远激励着人们!

英文句子26:,26、But again, perhaps problematically, they are beautiful statues – inspiring, optimistic, and utopian; totems to the radiant future that was always promised, but never quite arrived.也许问题在于,这些雕像很漂亮---能激励人,给人以乐观和乌托邦的理想。 许诺给一个光辉的未来,但从来就不会兑现。

27、This is about understanding what will motivate people to stick with your tool after a day or a week of using it.这是关于理解人们使用了你的工具一天或者一周以后,这个工具可以发挥的激励作用。

28、nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。

29、The camera is equipped with a laser that emits extremely short bursts of light every femtosecond -- one-quadrillionth of a second.摄像机装备了一个每飞秒发射超短激光脉冲(光猝发)的激光发射器。

30、Unlike Jack, however, who saw the importance of encouraging and protecting underlings, Nina managed staff by being blunt.两人的不同之处在于,杰克认为激励和保护下属至关重要,尼娜的领导风格相对生硬直率。

31、The study shows effective teachers idiosyncrasy and characteristic shall include encouraging personality, success orientation, higher expectation, professional quality.研究表明有效教师的个人特质与特征分别是具备激励性人格、以成功为导向,具备较高的期望值、专业品行。

32、The player who inspired me as a child was always Rai, who played for Sao Paulo and Paris Saint Germain .小时候,雷始终是激励我的的那个人,他曾先后效力于圣保罗队与巴黎圣日耳曼队。

33、And little-known is, promoting share price the likelihood is yellow when undertake in incentive to already carrying out equity measure adjust.而鲜为人知的是,提升股价可能是黄在对已实施股权激励措施进行的一次调整。

34、The provoking SMS messages were circulated to people so fast that the security personnel could not prevent it.这则激怒人的短讯如此迅速地在民众间流传,以致安全人员未能阻止。

35、Yes, we’ll win medals – but the lasting value of the Olympics lies in motivating our youth, writes Boris Johnson.没错,我们将赢得奖牌,但奥运会的长远价值在于激励我们的年轻人,波利斯.约翰逊写到。

36、 良好的开端是成功的一半 A good book is a good friend。

37、Another study , published in November, shows that pedometers motivate people to walk more, improving blood pressure as well as weight.另一项发表于xx月的研究显示,计步器会激励人们走更多步,改善血压以及体重。

38、The mouse’s tearing the blouse and trousers aroused the housewife’s anger.老鼠撕咬短衫和裤子激起了主妇的怒火。

39、Providing an answer to that question -- even before it's asked -- will help you motivate others in your organization to get behind your initiative.提前准备好问题的答案,将会有助于你激励组织中的其他人支持你的倡议。

40、xx日之计在于晨 A single flower does not make a spring。

41、This conclusion shows that chronically happy and unhappy individuals differ in the specific thoughts and types of motivational strategies they use.该结论说明长期幸福和长期不幸福的人,他们某些方面的思维和采取的激励方式不同。

42、Therefore, the thesis of The Research on Incentive Mechanism for Human in Enterprise Based-on Human Resource Value has theoretical significance and practical value.因此,本文基于人力资源价值的企业激励机制研究具有重要的理论意义和实用价值。

43、With the incentive of collateral, the devastating consequences of forced haircuts could be avoided.在抵押物的激励下,毁灭性的强制性债券减值情况有望避免。

44、We use the management concept which is humanized. At the same time, we encourage our staff by the benefit and influence them by the affection.神泉颐康内部实行人性化的管理方法,以效益激励员工,以亲情感化员工。

45、凡事不可半途而费 Don't claim to know what you don't know。

46、That answer will vary from person toperson, depending on individual goals, motivations, and personalities.This is where understanding your co-workers comes in handy.答案因人而异,这取决于个人的目标,激励因素以及个性。 这在理解你同事的事情的时候就能派上用场。

47、GOOGLE engineers are encouraged to take 谷歌鼓励其工程师们用20%的时间去从事一些公司里面能激发工程师们个人兴趣的事情。

20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally.

48、About a third of employees have bosses like this – considerate, sincere and motivating.约有三分之一的雇员拥有此种类型的老板——体贴、真诚、善于激励。

49、He also wrote extensively on design principles and his words still inspire many in the field to this day.他也写了大量文章谈论设计原理,而他的文字至今仍激励着许多这个领域的人们。

50、In the meantime, it inspires the today's people in Zunhua County to make greater achievements in building socialism with Chinese characteristics.同时,也激励着今天的遵化县在建设有中国特色社会主义的进程中再创辉煌。

经典英文句子51:激励人的短句,51、On the basis of the static model, the dynamic model considered the incentive effect of piece-rate contract in the long term.在静态模型的基础上,动态模型考虑委托人和代理人之间存在长期关系时,计件工资合约的激励效应。

52、Inspiration, for me, comes from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it.对我而言,在其他那些完成了我想去做的,或那些正在做的人们身上我会得到激励。

53、Finally, on the umption that the supplier is risk-neutral the risk cost, incentive cost and total agency …最后,在代理人为风险中性的假设下,进一步分析了物流外包方的风险成本、激励成本和总代理成本。

54、“Well-structured private property rights allow individuals and firms to feel secure and provide them with an incentive to innovate and produce,” he said.他说:"完善的私有财产权给予个人和公司以安全感,并激励他们进行创新和生产。"

55、Experience among surname that is surnamed Hu getting one strength of encouragement while being very difficult.也很难感受到从胡姓的姓氏当中得到一种激励的力量。

56、It (society) needs men who can be prompted without an aim except the aim to be on the move , to function, to go ahead.社会需要这样的人:他们只为一种目标所激励,即积极行动,恪尽职守,奋发向前。

57、High-quality talented people in finance and management have become a focus in banking competition for talent which needs banks inspirit personnel's potentials in these aspects.高素质的金融人才和管理人才日益成为银行业人才竞争的焦点,这就需要对员工所具有的潜力进行激励。

58、Have team approch to our business with committed , motivated and trained employs.配备职责分明,充分激励和训练有素的员工团队发展我们的业务。

59、the world will give way to those who go ahead for their aim. 向着自己的目标前进的人,整个世界都会给他让路。

60、For a self-described "stat , " there's something powerfully motivating about all the data that Nike+ collects.对于一种自称“贴身数据统计”玩意,有一些强烈激励人的东西体现在Nike+收集的所有数据上。

61、The skimpy trunks sported by Singapore's men's water polo team at the Asian Games are causing denounce back home, with many embarred by their design.新加坡水球队在亚运会上所穿的游泳短裤在新加坡国内激起一片声讨,很多人认为短裤设计让他们“颜面尽失”。

62、The thesis about the research on R&D staffs'incentive mechanism of Changsha Huayu Environmental Protection Tech Company Limited is composed of four parts.论文分为四个部分对长沙华宇环保科技有限公司研究人员的激励机制进行了研究。

63、He is over 80 years old and still travels around the world attending motivation seminars to help people get stuff done.如今已到xx岁高龄的金格拉,仍然周游世界参加激励研究,帮助人们获取动力支持。

64、Today, the instinct that drew Jiang from his farm and Yan into business inspires hundreds of millions of other rural Chinese.如今,驱使姜太平和陶然居餐馆老板严琦离开农村的那种本能激励中国亿万农村人。

65、The asymmetric information between technologic staff and supervisor will make the former idle, which is the result of lacking property incentive.科技人员与监督者之间的信息不对称会使他们磨洋工,这是缺乏产权激励的结果。

66、Both channel and echo response can be shortened at random with a single FIR equalizer by following the minimum mean square error rule.使用最小均方误差准则 ,用一个FIR均衡器联合缩短信息与回波冲激响应 ,有效地缩短了回波和信道冲激响应长度 。

67、The incentives, paid at three intervals, played on the greater value people often place on immediate, rather than delayed, gratification.此项激励机制分三次付款,其依据是人们通常认为直接而非延迟的满意感具有更大的价值。

68、The enterprises which want to take an invincible position in the market competion must have a strong reserve force of personnel.企业要想在激励的市场竞争中立于不败之地就必须有强大的人才后备作支持。

69、Another: "I think he was definitely energized, and he realized there was added responsibility now of that fork in the road."另一位报料人说:“我认为他很受激励,他意识到在这个分岔的路口,他肩上的担子更重了。”

70、With the increasingly fierce competition for talents, the wage incentive plays a direct and significant role in stabilizing and building qualified talent ranks in colleges and universities.随着人才竞争的日趋激烈,工资的激励作用对高校人才队伍的稳定与建设起着直接和首要的作用。 解放以来,我国经过了多次的工资制度改革和调整工作。

71、At present, shortage of workers capable to manage larger-size farms has become the key difficulty in agriculture.个人务农年收入和农业生产流动资本的投入是激励农民扩大土地意愿经营规模的两个重要因素;

72、 自信是走向成功的第一步 Constant dripping wears away a stone。

73、Rehabilitation has the function of encouraging the criminal to repent actively. Therefore, the Chinese criminal law should adopt the theory of rehabilitation.由于复权制度具有激励受刑人自新复归的积极功效,我国刑法应加以借鉴和吸收。

74、Jack Welch has his "4E" framework for what makes for a great leader: positive energy, ability to energize others, edge to summon the courage to make tough decisions, and ability to execute.积极的干劲、激励他人的能力、果断决策的勇气、及高效的执行能力。

75、So, application of stock option in a creative way to incent is very essential.所以,对企业来讲,创造性的应用股票期权进行激励是必要的。


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