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关于”鼓励学好的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Encourage good sentences。以下是关于鼓励学好的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage good sentences

1、His mission, after all, was to encourage future generations, and here was this eight-year-old looking for encouragement. 毕竟他的任务是鼓励下一代,而此时此刻一位xx岁的孩子正渴求他的鼓励呢。

2、One of the greatest ways to motivate our children towards an end is by using encouraging, positive words. 鼓励孩子走到终点的最好的方法之一就是使用鼓励性的,积极的语言。

3、我的妈妈鼓励我好好画画 My mother encouraged me to paint 我的妈妈鼓励我好好画画 My mother encouraged me to paint

4、Do groups that encourage nonconformity and disagreement function better than those that discourage it? 鼓励不一致和不同意见的群体是否比不鼓励那样做的群体运行得更好?

5、I encourage my children to attend Mothers' Day Carnival. 我会鼓励孩子参加母亲节园游会。

6、He often encourages me to study maths. 他经常鼓励我学数学。

7、Let them watch cartoons and movies in English. 鼓励孩子多看英语卡通片和英语影片。

8、Copying academical articles are also encouraged and rewarded. 鼓励复制者,复制学术贴也可获得奖励。

9、I can't help but continue to encourage you to study hard. 我可忍不住继续鼓励你好好学习哦!

10、The kindly woman left cookies for her and spoke words of love and encouragement. 这位好心的女士给孩子留下饼干,对她说鼓励和慈爱的话语。

11、He seemed to be there for the encouragement of all. 他在那里好象是为了鼓励每一个人。

12、Ask several Ss to read the word, and gives Ss who read better encourage. 抽一些学生读单词,并对读得好的学生给予鼓励。

13、In a learning organization, workers are encouraged to pick up good ideas from everywhere. 学习型组织鼓励员工们从每个地方摭拾好的创意。

14、If a child lives in encouraging, he learns self-confidently; 如果一个孩子生活在鼓励中,他就学会了自信;

15、Encourage your child to ask the teacher for help. 鼓励孩子去找自己的老师。

16、Encourage your child to express feelings of fear. 鼓励你的孩子,将恐惧表达出来。

17、A good case in point parents may encourage their children to take part-time jobs during summer or winter holiday. 一个很好的例子,父母可以鼓励他们的孩子在暑假或寒假期间做兼职工作。

18、Promotion made loosened chicken for the third try, the third think soya sauce taste good, encourage the promotion into the goods. 晋升做了豉油鸡给三子试味,三子均觉得豉油味道好,鼓励晋升入货。

19、If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. -----by Dorothy Law Nolte. 在鼓励中成长的孩子,充满自信。

20、They reinforced good behaviour with some kind of reward to direct a child's pattern of behaviour. 他们以某种奖赏鼓励好的行为来指导孩子的行为模式。

21、Andrea Bocelli in his autobiography, saying for a long time I was touched by his father encouraged him "little guys, do not be discouraged!" 安德烈·波切利 他自传中有句话让我感动好久 是他父亲鼓励他的话 “小家伙,别气馁!

22、I'm not good at English, so my teacher often encourages me to learn it well. 我英语不大好,因此老师经常鼓励我学 我英语不大好, 好它。 好它。

23、Encourages parents and children to read together to improve parent-child relationship. 鼓励家长与孩子共读故事,促进亲子关系。

24、Singapore prods locals to speak better English 新加坡鼓励当地人说更好的英语

25、I ate the fish, he is very delicious.(赠人玫瑰,手有余香,点“好评”是莫大的鼓励!


26、They encourage boys to be sensitive and artistic 他们鼓励培养男孩子的敏感和艺术气质。

27、The principle of combining moral encouragement with material reward shall be applied in rewarding judges. 对法官的奖励,实行精神鼓励和物质鼓励相结合的原则。

28、So here's a sneakier idea: Encourage her to start a blog and post all that fascinating stuff she finds online. 有个小点子:鼓励她开博客然后把网上好玩的东西都放上去。

29、Encourage one another. Many times a word of praise or thanks or appreciation or cheer has kept people on their feet. 互相鼓励吧!一句赞扬,一声感谢,由衷的赞扬或叫好,往往会使别人从此站立起来!

30、And I encourage them to be their best. 同时我鼓励他们努力做最好的自己。

31、David:There are two solutions: encourage foreigners to study Chinese and encourage Chinese to study English! 有两种方法:鼓励外国人学中文和鼓励中国人学英语。

32、Thirdly, we must establish the encouragement mechanism, encourage the teacher to take their responsibilities seriously. 三是建立激励机制,鼓励教师开好课;

33、Encourages "good-enough" quality 鼓励“足够好”的质量

34、Encourage the child to be neurologically “bilingual.” 鼓励孩子能够“神经双语”。

35、I also told him something about my school. He often encouraged me to work hard. 他经常鼓励我要好好学习。

36、My child's middle school encouraged this behavior and set up teacher-supervised, kid-to-kid tutoring sessions. 我的孩子上中学的时候,我就鼓励他采用的这种行为,在有教师监督的情况下,鼓励孩子互帮互学。

37、He urged parents and children to have good communication and respect each others views ; 他鼓励父母积极与子女好好沟通、尊重彼此意见; 学校鼓励年青人讨论家庭面对的困难;

38、Encourages self-documenting code through good organization. 鼓励通过较好的组织获得自记录代码。

39、Parents are trying to encourage the children to be thrifty. 家长们在试着鼓励孩子节约。

40、Peter, my English teacher, never fails to encourage us to study hard. 我的英文老师彼得总是鼓励我们要好好用功。

41、You affect this gayety to inspire me with courage. 你是为了鼓励我才装出高兴的样子。

42、In that setting, she said, a teacher has power to draw out the best in a child. 她说,在这种环境中老师应该鼓励孩子将自己最好的一面发挥出来。

43、My mother encouraged me to paint 我的妈妈鼓励我好好画画

44、Mother also encouraged me: learning learning, do not know want to ask, you must be a dedication to study and ask questions of the child. 妈妈也鼓励我说:学问学问,不懂就要问,你一定要做个勤学好问的孩子。

45、Everything was said that could encourage, every encouragement received with grateful joy, and the gentlemen parted the best of friends. 凡是能起鼓励作用的话全都说到了,每一句鼓励的话都给喜不自禁、感激不尽地接受了,两位先生分别时成了最好的朋友。

46、Our general policy is to place moral encouragement first , material incentives second. 我们实行精神鼓励为主、物质鼓励为辅的方针。

47、Today I want to encourage you to be an encourager. 现在,我想要鼓励你去成为一名鼓励别人的人。

48、Pierre de Coubertin proposed the motto, having borrowed it from his friend Henri Didon, a Dominican priest who taught sport to students. 顾拜旦借用了他的好友修道院院长迪东鼓励学生时用过的这句话。

49、Encourage humour. 鼓励幽默。

50、Encourages participation. 鼓励参与。


51、I encourage my children to attend Memorial Weekend Camping. 我会鼓励孩子参加国殇假期露营。

52、People perform better and more efficiently when they are encouraged, and your job as the boss is to be the main encourager. 当受到鼓励时人们会工作得更好、更有效。 作为雇主,你的工作主要是鼓励他人。

53、"If people will definitely constitute finding inspiration, OK, but the book is for my kids, " Pausch said. “假若大众能从中取得鼓励,那很好,但这本书是给我的孩子的。”波许说。

54、" Confucius replied, "Ran Qiu usually hangs back, so I urged him on; 孔子说:“冉求做事好退缩,所以我鼓励他大胆干;

55、Articles like this should stimulate discussion and encourage us to share our experiences — both good and bad — of working on these little-heard-of Web apps. 我这样的文章应该鼓励讨论和鼓励我们分享大家的经验,有好的也有坏的。

56、“We want to push each other creatively, ” Pam told Good Housekeeping. (“我们想要创造性地互相鼓励(英文push基本意思是‘推’,也有鼓励、力劝之意,故下文说给‘鼓励到楼梯下’去——译注),”帕姆告诉《好主妇》杂志说。

57、This encourages discussion - and the sooner, the better. 这鼓励讨论,越快越好。

58、In Xia Dynasty, the rulers bestowed rewards in court in order to make eminent the good. 夏代在朝廷上奖励有功的人,是为了鼓励好人。

59、鼓励小朋友上学的故事的英文翻译 鼓励小朋友上学的故事 The story of encouraging children to go to school

60、The vision of son Jin namely apt his best encouragement. 子衿的目光,就是对他最好的鼓励。

61、She encourages her kids to adopt the same attitude. 她鼓励她的孩子以同样的态度对态。


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