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关于”好句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Good sentence。以下是关于好句的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Good sentence

1、He started finishing Madeleine’s sentences. As if her mind were too slow. 他开始接过玛德琳的话头把句子说完,就好像她的脑子太慢,好像他等不及她理清思路。

2、Better talk too little than too much. 少说几句总比多说几句好!

3、Learn this pattern well and use it , 好好学习这一句型并使用它,

4、Would you please send my words to the girl sitting besides you? 请把这两句话转告给你旁边的那个女孩子好吗?

5、While decompiler usually chop the chain of byte codes into meaningful pieces. In real world, it is like reading a book, one sentence and then the next sentence. 剽窃者则要把一段一段的代码分解成有意义的内容,好比在真实世界中一个句子接一个句子地阅读一本书(逐句)。

6、Listen, you've picked the wrong person to quarrel with. 你最好收回那句话。

7、No, his english is fine. Get real and get a life, although life sux. 我说他英语不好是实话,因为有好多句子会引起人的歧义!

8、So it's best to use "please" at the end of the sentence. 所以,最好在句子结尾加上“please”。

9、He used elaborate sentences, carefully balanced, and obsolete, resplendent words. 他的句子精心雕琢,用词讲究对仗,好用废字,华丽的字。

10、In other words, this is an example of good and bad prejudice, right? 换句话说,这个例子里有好先见和坏先见,是吧?

11、Ok, that's argument from sets of sentences and arguments themselves. 好,这就是论点中几组句子,和论点本身。

12、You'd better sew that loose on before it comes off. 一句译成 “你最好在那个松了的扣子掉下来之前把它缝好。”

13、Bad: Would this be a good idea? 坏例句:这会是个好主意吗?

14、I have no faith in misanthropes. (Fine word! 我不相信厌世者(好句子!

15、They'd be two wonderful verses but for his plagiary and alteration. 好好的两句诗,被他连抄袭带篡改的。

16、Water is the chemical substance with chemical formula H2O. 好了有10句了,你要100句都有.

17、The last two sentences are sarcasm FYI. 回楼上,最后两句好讽刺。

18、It appears that Gavroche overheard this remark. 伽弗洛什好象听到了这句话。

19、Who can translate this sentence better? 谁能把这个句子译得更好些?

20、Step 6 Read the page again and complete the sentences. 通过完成句子练习,能让学生更好地理解课文。

21、they are holding a birthday party now. 第四句看不太懂,翻译起来太奇怪了,不好意思啊,这句不会

22、May every good luck and happiness accompany you throughout the journey of life. 这个是那句话的意译,如果直译的话,句子会显得很生涩,这样效果好一点,希望我的回答对你有帮助!

23、Epigram is the best! Is the most perfect advice. 最好是那些警句,那是最好的忠告。

24、A good rule to live by: "Never stop learning." 有句话说得好:“学无止尽。”

25、The Cruxes of English Writing in NMET. --subjects points and sentences; 书面表达的关键——注重审题,抓住要点,写好句子。


26、Does the word sign that good? 这句话签写的很好吗?

27、DEREK JONES: Okay now say a sentence with the word "problems" in it. 德俚克.琼斯:好的, 现在说个带“问题”这个字的句子。

28、Everyone knows the adage: good fences make good neighbors. 有句众所周知的谚语:有了好篱笆,才有好邻居。

29、"Howdy," the man replied. "你好,"那个男人回了一句。

30、You should think about it for a while here. 你们可能要好好想一下这句话。

31、Can you say something for GK fans all over the world? 对广大的GK 爱好者说句话好吗?

32、Epigram is the best! 警句是最好的东西!

33、Please tell me when you have confirmed the meeting time. 这句话里面,使用IF不是很恰当,因为整个句子的意思其实是:当你确定好见面的时间以后,请告诉我。

34、Using these tools for any Chinese sentence is real fun, by the way. 说句题外话,用这样的工具来翻译中文句子,还挺好玩的。

35、A "new year", plus a "thank you", Huo Da cried. 一句“新年好”,外加一句“谢谢”,霍达哭了。

36、Will you say a good word for him? 你肯为他说几句好话吗?

37、The professor told us how to turn a good sentence. 教授给我们讲如何写出一个好句子。

38、A good sentence may be easy to pick out, but learning to understand what makes it great, says Fish, will help a student become a stronger writer and a "better reader of sentences. 菲什说,一个好的句子不仅仅是容易辨别的,通过学习理解它之所以伟大的原因,还可以帮助学生们成为更好的写作者和“更好的句子读者”。

39、Sometimes good intentions will only bring one intentionally or unintentionally. 有时 好心好意只会换来一句有意无意。

40、Prepa few new words expressions and good sentences to generally be taken just generally before you decide writing something. 其实学习英语的方法在写作前企图一些要用的好词汇好句子。

41、Good words are worth much and cost little. 好话不花钱,一句值千金。

42、There are some language missing in the text. Let's read the sentences. 明确句子意思,为理解课文细节做好铺垫。

43、Every word and phrase that drops from his pen is elegant. 他笔下写出来的字字句句都是好文章。

44、Look, look, can I be honest with you? 好吧,你看,我能说句实话吗?

45、Hi everyone. Quickly. 大家好,只说几句。

46、Let's start with the first line. 先看第一句就好。

47、Afterwards, half the students were unexpectedly told to forget the Tom sentences, so as to better remember the Alex sentences. 之后,一半的学生被突然要求忘掉关于汤姆的句子,以便能更好得记住和埃里克斯有关的句子。

48、If you switch the words round, the sentence sounds better. 你把这几个词换换位置,这句子听起来就好多了。

49、Take a vocabulary notebook with you all the time. Collect any good words, sentences or articles, particularly wisdoms and epigrams . 随时随地携带单词本,收集好单词、好句子、好文章!尤其是名言警句!

50、Okay, your friend is going on and on about their cat. 好吧,你朋友老是左一句他们家的猫右一句他们家的猫。


51、B: Well, yesterday the teacher wro-te some sentences on the board. B:好吧,昨天老师在黑板上写了一些句子。

52、Iam looking for a word. I am looking for a word that says...that youare the best! 我在寻找一句话,我在寻找一句话说……你是最好的!

53、All right. Look, look, can I be honest with you? 好了,听着,听好了我能和你说句实话吗?

54、They decide to go to Mary's home this afternnoon. 正好6句,求采纳

55、I wish you forever happiness, wellbeing! 如果不行,你造个句子给我来翻译好了。

56、Each one a line or two, I'm fine baby, how are you? 留着每封信的那一句又一句:“亲爱的我很好,你呢?”

57、Before supper, she can p my test and translate these sentences very well. 她可以很好的将这些句子进行中英文互译了。

58、“Where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow.”  (句子是说做好事必有好的报应,或者说,种瓜得瓜)

59、If you want your thing could be one sentence long but it could be longer. 你喜欢的话,写一句话也可以,最好就比一句话长。


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