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关于”超美的短句“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Super beautiful short sentence。以下是关于超美的短句的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Super beautiful short sentence


1、Shadow-casting Supernova Supernovas are exploding stars that often briefly outshine entire galaxies.


2、Aesthetics is an existence on the basis of transcendence. It transcends the reality and the antagonism between subject and object and fulfills the inter-subjectivity.

在本实验条件下, 超短波可以安全的应用于体内有金属的部位。

3、In this experiment condition, USW can be used safely on tissues around metal.


4、Conclusion The biological characteristics of BMSC have no changes after short-term cryopreservation.


5、Our exports exceeded imports by $80 billion last year.


6、METHODS The matrine liposomes were prepared using the reverse-phase evaporation-ultrasonic technique.


7、In this sense, the pre-plasma is advantageous for energetic electrons generation in the ultra-short ultra-intense laser-solid interaction.


8、Yes, on Jianshe road, across from the Meet all supermarket.


9、The sets and perfect sets in hypergraphs are researched, and the conditions of sufficient and necessary of sets and perfect sets are given.


10、She had raised more than twelve thousand dollars.


11、In fact, the S&P is nearly short-term oversold following recent consolidation.


12、"Truth, Empathy & Beauty"probes the relationship between Man and Soul, drawing out the beauty of tranquility and transcendence.


13、She sidled on to a bar stool and her skimpy black skirt slid up her thigh.


14、It is just the beauty that awakens a certain sublime emotion that oversteps material, surpes reality and exceeds fame.


15、An upside breakout points to around $14.50 but is currently trading over a dollar in excess of the 40 day moving average down at $10.90.




16、Ratepayers bore well over $200 billion (in today's dollars) in cost overruns for completed nuclear plants.


17、The company lost more than $14.6bn last year.


18、I heard you are into painting. Remember not to let women who are too pretty or dressed to scandalously into the exhibition, it would distract your guests from your paintings.


19、Revenue was $4.39 billion, beating the average projection of $4.09 billion in a Bloomberg survey.


20、This article tries to sort out the brief development of cyber hypertext literature, and manifests its aesthetic features compared with traditional one.

21、"Gold's strength is unnatural and $1,000 is overshooting, based on very short-term technical factors driven by trend followers," said Wakako Harada, senior trader at Mitsubishi Corp."金价的强势不合自然,

1,000美元已属超涨,是建筑在趋势投资人推动的极短线技术面因素上,"三菱商事交易员Wakako Harada指出.

22、I'll have a sweet dream when I sleep in a kingsize bed.睡在超大号的床上我会做美梦。

23、Her entry auctioned at the event for over $7,000.她进入拍卖活动超过7000美元。

24、The blessed union led to text messaging volume that was more than six times normal in the United States and the United Kingdom at the start of the wedding.在婚礼伊始,英美的圣民们发送的短信量已超过平日的六倍。

25、The cost of this earthquake was more than $400 million (这次地震造成的损失超过4亿美元(相当于今天的51亿美元)。

5.1 billion today).

英文句子26:,26、March revenue guidance: $22 billion vs. $20.6 billion Street consensus, anything over $20 billion solidxx月份收益指导:220亿美圆对206亿美圆的华尔街市场预测,只要超过金额200亿美圆

27、If you add a photo, it will be shared via a shortened URL (ff.im).如果你添加图片,将会使用一个超短链分享(ff.im)。

28、The proposal totals more than $3.5 trillion.这个预算计划的总金额超过


29、As of the end of June, Apple had more than $76.2 billion in cash and short-term securities. It probably has more now.截至今年xx月底,苹果公司拥有超过762亿美元的现金及短期证券,而现在可能更多。

30、The average premium for Brent jumped against Dubai crude to more than $3 a barrel in 2016 from around $1.80 in 2015.xx年布伦特原油的平均溢价相对xx年涨幅大大超过迪拜原油,从


31、Meanwhile, the top 0.001 percent, ultra-rich households holding at least $5 million in ets, commanded $21 trillion -- a fifth of the world's wealth.同时,家产超过500万美元的超级富豪占0.001%,他们的财富占据世界财富总量的五分之一,达到21万亿美元。

32、But physical beauty can only ever be held fleetingly . Real beauty is far greater—it's a life force, an energy, which radiates from within and transcends the physical.身体上的美丽是如此短暂,真正的美则长久得多——它是一种生命力,一种能量,从里向外辐射,超越了身体。

33、She teamed her over-the-knee boots with a very short grey jersey dress, giving off more than a mere glimpse of her toned thighs.她穿的是一件超短的灰色针织连衣裙,搭配一双过膝长靴,健美的大腿一览无余。

34、Whenever parents can make that leap of faith, their children’s short lives can become fruitful far beyond their expectations.只要父母能超越信仰,不管早晚,他们孩子短暂的一生都可以变得远远超出他们的期望而富有成就。

35、So if we can be both, can we be both while wearing a miniskirt?因此,如果我们都可以,我们才能既而穿着超短裙?

36、Are there procedures in place for detecting and reporting shortages or overages in incoming shipments?是否有相应程序,检查或汇报入厂货物的短缺或超量?

37、The driver paid a fifty-dollar fine for speeding.司机因超速行驶付了五十美元的罚金。

38、Geological prediction is divided into long-term forecasting and short-term forecasting, which are the two successive steps in the work of geological prediction.超前地质预报分为长期和短期两类,它们是超前地质预报工作步骤中的先后两步。

39、Inasmile iG Ultra Thin Slim Fit and Fashion Case, to make your I9000 full of personality, and provide good protection from damage;超薄极简,完美贴覆, 超薄时尚保护外壳,让您的I9000独具风格,并提供全方位的完美保护,使之免受外界伤害。

40、The women with the much-abbreviated skirts wore peculiar earrings, in the shape of keys.女人们穿超短的筒裙,戴很别致的耳环,形状像钥匙。

41、The pulse spectrum broadening and dispersion compensation compression phenomenon when focusing the laser pulse into bulk media are experimentally investigated.实验研究了超强超短飞秒激光脉冲在经过块状介质后的光谱展宽和色散补偿压缩现象。

42、The results show that: the main reasons for the platen superheater tube failure are the inter-action results of long-time over temperature and short-time over temperature.结果表明,该屏式过热器管失效的主要原因是长时超温与短时超温共同作用的结果。

43、Mutual funds have topped $3. 145 trillion in ets…共同基金的资产已经超过


44、Foreigners bought nearly $22 billion in Korean shares this year, more than five times the $4 billion worth of Japanese stocks they purchased, according to Nomura International.根据野村国际的数据,今年外资累计买超近220亿美元韩股,是40亿美元日股买超额的五倍以上.

45、Trade surped $120 billion last year (see chart 去年的贸易额超过1200亿美金(见图表



46、The ultrashort mid-infrared pulses have been proved to be essential in the investigations for ultrafast phenomena in the area of physics, chemistry, biology and semiconductors.超短中红外脉冲对研究物理、化学、生物学和半导体内的超快过程等有非常重要的作用。

47、This pa-per briefs the development of the over-the-horizon radars, and their features and key technologies.本文简要介绍了苏美等国超视距雷达的发展概述,超视距雷达的特点,研制超视距雷达的关键技术等。

48、The design and fabrication of BAW delay lines with ultra short delay time are described.叙述了超短延时声体波微波延迟线的设计和制作。

49、Armani's aesthetic concept has resulted in the ultimate meaningfulness of the definition.阿玛尼的美学理念,已经超越时尚轮回,而具有了定义美的终极意义。

50、Sure, then you should get a miniskirt so you can really show it off.当然,然后你应该穿上超短裙去街上秀给别人看。

经典英文句子51:超美的短句,51、That in turn would help keep long-term interest rates low and could allow the Fed to keep the short-term rates it controls at ultra-low levels for longer.反过来将有利于保持长期的低利率而且允许美联储在长期的超低利率水平上控制短期利率。

52、Not even supermodels think they are perfect.甚至是超模都不会觉得他们的身材是完美的。


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