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1、By this time, I felt sad and small and now my own tears had begun to fall.


2、NEXT time a sentimental movie makes you cry, blame your serotonin levels.


3、We report what we believe to be the first case of bacteremia with Bacteroides pyogenes resulting from an infected cat …


4、The development and prognosis of the infection were related with burn area, shock, various degrees of inhalation injury, administration of antibiotic and so on.


5、There was a sorrow and a shame, which my judgmental attitude had forced to rupture like an ugly scab torn from the skin.


6、She loves soppy love stories, old films, that sort of thing.


7、Mortality rate of deep sternal wound infection in our series is 41.7%.


8、Strengthen body resistance, antibiotic can be used to heal wound. Improve gingiva, asthma, rhinitis, cold, and gynecological inflammation.


9、We should not "offend the feelings of another, even though he be an evil-doer".


10、If you never felt sadness, how would you know that I'm a Comforter?


11、Infection was aggravated by forcing wood shavings and ground glass into the wounds.


12、But if it is messy and occasionally mawkish, “The First Grader” is rarely dull.


13、For bruises, bruising, swelling and pain and various skin diseases.


14、The with gratitude hurts my person, because he whetted to practice my heart ambition;


15、Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. But these feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of days.


16、Is listening to Peng Jiahui deep and the melancholy singing sound lets the human feel feels sorry not to have met sooner moved.


17、DG should be enjoying this part of the loneliness – "a temporary moment with his emotions and deep feelings, loneliness without sorrow".


18、Sucre seems to be hurting and Michael appears to be very dizzy.


19、Cut cut teeth to cut teeth and gums, don't hurt, prevent bacteria infections;


20、The pathogeny is the toxin in the environment and the deficiency of Qi.

21、AIM To observe the long-term cerebroprotective effects of Buyang Huanwu decoction BYHWD on the sensorimotor function and brain damage after focal cerebral ischemia in rats.目的:观察补阳还五汤对大鼠脑缺血损伤后感觉运动功能和脑损伤的长期影响。

22、"When you keep the wound area clean, you prevent follow-on infections," Cole said.科尔说:“只要伤口清洁,就可以预防继发感染。”

23、This experiment mainly used general maize inbred lines H99 and 7922 as materials and did sensitivity experiments by using salt to confirm the suitable selection pressure.以普通玉米自交系H99和7922的胚性愈伤组织为材料,通过愈伤组织对碱性盐的敏感性实验,确定愈伤组织适宜选择压。

24、Has anyone else ever found a better pretext for a sloppy snog?对于这个庸俗伤感的吻,还有谁能找到更好借口吗?

25、Sensors in our clothes will leap into action if we are hurt.当我们受伤时,衣服上的感应器会马上采取行动。

英文句子26:,26、At the beginning of the upkeep of enchanted creature's controller, Festering Wound deals X damage to that player, where X is the number of infection counters on Festering Wound.在受此结界生物之控制者的维持开始时,溃脓创伤对该玩家造成X点伤害,X等同于溃脓创伤上面感染指示物的数量。

27、They are encouraged to solve problems through mediation by old people of high prestige, since filing a lawsuit could be costly and harm people's feelings.打官司既劳民伤财,又伤感情。 人们应当通过德高望重的长者调解来解决矛盾。

28、Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad, but these feelings are usually fleeting and pass within a couple of days.每个人偶尔会感到悲伤或忧郁,但是这些感情通常在几天里一过而逝。

29、I think I rationalized that I was trying to spare his feelings.我想我是在为我的“尽量不伤害他的感情”找借口。

30、Yeah. Like when you get a sprain, you have a feeling of tenderness.好比,当你扭伤了手或脚关节,你会感到碰触了就痛。

31、Frequency sensitivities obtained from a defect-free finite element model are applied to calculate the theoretical frequency changes.基于频率敏感度和振型,在损伤定位准则的基础上,提出一种确定圆柱壳中损伤位置和程度的方法。

32、One day the hunter came by---and stepped on her. ---She was going to die---and she felt so sad.某一天,一个猎人走过她身边踩过了她的身体,她将要死了,她感到很伤感。

33、Circulatory problems can manifest themselves as numbness and tingling in the feet; so can peripheral neuropathy, or damage to the nerves that often begins at the extremities.脚部的麻痹感和刺痛感可能预示着循环系统的题目、外部神经的题目或者神经的损伤,神经的损伤通常都是从神经末梢开始的。

34、Cheng Fan saw e always has a kind of sad mood, flash.程帆看出了丽君总有那么一丝,一闪的伤感情绪。

35、“Now ...” His voice trailed off sadly.“在恐怖袭击以前,这儿大堂里到处是人,可现在……,”他的话音不无伤感。

36、Hyperbaric chambers are sometimes used to literally bombard the wound area with pure oxygen, boosting blood flow and encouraging healing.高压氧舱有时被用来利用纯氧来精确轰击伤口感染区域,进而加强血流和促进伤口愈合。

37、Always put yourself in others' shies . If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts others, too.要经常站在他人的位置上思考。一件事,如果你感到对自己有伤害,就可能对他人同样有伤害。

38、Conclusion SLPI can inhibit LPS-induced inflammation in lung of newborn rats.结论SLPI对LPS致新生大鼠急性肺损伤有抗感染作用。

39、The feelings of Gaotang pour out the sentiments of the middle-aged.高唐心境倾吐人到中年、风雨旅途的感伤情怀;

40、His sad voice to a vine life after made at a loss.那伤感的声音把一棵藤的后半生弄得不知所措。

41、You hurt my feelings by betraying me when I'm in trouble.你太伤我感情了,居然在我身陷困境之时背叛了我。

42、In addition, long-term smoking, eye trauma, infection, inflammation and other factors, would harm the delicate macular organizations, impede vision center.此外,长期吸菸、眼部外伤、感染、炎症等因素,也会伤害黄斑部的精致组织,妨碍中心视力。

43、Growth has permitted the social stratification which even the Daily Mail now laments.经济增长使社会分层,甚至《每日邮报》都为此感伤。

44、The tussis that this models after to snifters early phase turn up is especially efficacious.此法对伤风感冒早期出现的咳嗽尤其灵验。

45、Do not apply butter to the burn. Butter will trap heat in the damaged tissues, which can potentially cause more damage and increase your chance of developing an infection.不要将黄油涂抹于烧伤部位,因为黄油会使受伤组织聚热,从而有可能导致更多损伤并且加大了引发感染的几率 。

46、It is easier to pronounce a colleague's wound infected than your own.对同事伤口感染的判断比对自己的容易得多。

47、To using for common cold headache, rheumatic arthralgia, rubella pruritus, tetanus and so on.用于感冒头痛,风湿痹痛,风疹瘙痒,破伤风等症。

48、"Selective bilateral, unilateral left and unilateral right LC lesions impair recovery after subsequent right sensor motor cortex injury".有选择地损伤双侧, 左侧或右侧蓝斑核无助于(继)此(之)后感觉运动皮层损伤的恢复(康复)。

49、The more that comes up, the more that can be healed and released.情感越被激发起来,伤痛就越能被治愈并释放。

50、it's more indirect, more polite and a little bit less abrasive perhaps.这样来得更委婉、有礼貌,也相对不会伤人感情。

经典英文句子51:伤感,51、The E2EH sensor offers increased sensing range (up to 12mm) that also helps avoid collision damage with passing objects.E2EH传感器提供的增加遥感范围(高达12毫米)有助于避免碰撞损伤与传递对象。

52、Do you worry that your reaction may hurt the feelings of the Rottweiler?你是否担心你的反应可能会伤害了这条狗的感情?

53、No-one in my team would laugh at an opponent being injured.我的队伍没有任何人对对手的受伤而感到开心。

54、Conclusions:The results indicate that the prognosis of traumatic patients with ARDS depends on injury severity, infection, shock, primary lung injury and inhalation injury.结论:创伤严重程度、感染、休克、原发性肺损伤和误吸是并发ARDS的主要危险因素。

55、HuXiaoYue hamstring beginning infection, king minister r's disease is also becoming increasingly heavier.胡晓月的腿伤开端感染,王部长的病也越来越重。

56、Cover the burn with clean, non-fluffy material to protect from infection.用干净的没有绒毛的材料包扎伤口来防止感染。

57、Results All patients could take semi soft diets or soft diets after the operations, 结果术后均能张口进半流质或软食,

20 patients' incisions healed well, and

1 patient infected.

2 0例软组织伤口I期愈合,1例伤口继发感染。

58、People should not make movies like "Blood Freak, " because it hurts my feelings.人们不应该像电影“血奇人” ,因为它伤害了我的感情。

59、The collagen or the mineral in bone matrix showed respectively an evident corresponding change after the sensory or the motor nerve injury.感觉神经损伤后骨基质胶元变化明显,运动神经损伤后骨基质无机盐变化显著。

60、The Insensate Foot Following Seere Lower Extremity Trauma: An Indication for Amputation?无感觉足伴随严重下肢创伤:一项截肢的指征?

61、The major infectious source was the dogs, and the main route of transmission was bitting(97.25%).传染源主要是犬,感染方式以咬伤(97.25%)为主;

62、Hammers physio George Cooper described the injury as a 'major shock' because Faubert had no history of Achilles trouble.西汉姆的队医乔治“库本说这次伤病让人感到震惊,因为法本特的跟腱以前从来没有受过伤。

63、The structural damage alarming indices based on wavelet packet energy spectrum were sensitive to damage and robust to noise and they could be used in actual structures.基于小波包能量谱的结构损伤预警指标对结构损伤具有敏感性、对测试噪声具有鲁棒性,可以用于实际结构损伤预警。

64、I would like to be a single-cell organisms, heartless creature alive.我想做个单细胞的生物,没心没肺的活着。 伤感日志。

65、' Spalletti talked about the condition of Baptista: "He got a knock above his knee, he's feeling pain, we'll see tomorrow."斯帕莱蒂还谈了巴普蒂斯塔的伤势,“他膝盖受伤了,他还感觉到疼痛,明天还需要观察下。”

66、I would have cried and laughed less while watching television - and more while watching life.我会更多的关注生活,而不去对着电视感伤。

67、Famine will return, and death, and citizens will grieve for their townships.饥荒和死亡会重现,居民会为他们的镇区而感到悲伤。

68、Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection and cover the bite with a clean bandage.用肥皂和水彻底清洗伤口,涂上抗菌素膏以阻止感染,用干净的绷带盖住伤口。

69、‘I want you to understand, doctor, you are hurting my innermost feelings.’我想让你知道,医生,你伤害了我内心深处的感情。

70、Results 85 cases of patients with severe brain injury after tracheotomy complicated with pulmonary infection, the infection rate was 61.59%.结果85例重型颅脑损伤患者气管切开术后并发肺部感染,感染率61.59%。

71、You can feel hurt from an insult, but you can evaluate the attack afterward and prevent it from wounding you.受到侮辱后你可能会感觉到伤害,但你立刻就评估这些批评意见,阻止它们伤害你。

72、We parted at curbside , without too much soppy stuff and no tears.我们在路边分手,没有太多感伤的情节也没有流泪。

73、Graduation, we wake up at midnight, touch and the infinite sad words.毕业,是我们夜半梦醒,触碰不到而无限感伤的虚词。 。

74、River of exceeding lofty or great has inspirational king block to break the journey, harm life;通天河有灵感大王阻断行程,伤害性命;

75、Scientology preaches that, if you touch the wound to the object that caused the injury and silently concentrate, the pain lessens and a sense of trauma fades.山达基鼓吹,如果你对着伤到你的对象触摸自己的伤口,并且默默地全神贯注,那么疼痛就会减轻,受伤的感觉就会渐渐消失。

英文句子模板76:Sad,76、For impetigo and other purulent skin disease and burning, infected ulcers.用于脓疱疮等化脓性皮肤病及烧伤、溃疡面感染。

77、A feeling of sadness and longing, that is not akin to pain, and resembles sorrow only as the mist resembles the rain.那是一种感伤和期盼,并非痛苦与伤害,像是一种忧愁和哀怨二者如同雾雨难辨。


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