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关于”正在进行时态“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Ongoing Tense。以下是关于正在进行时态的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Ongoing Tense

微软刚刚宣布他们正在为公共语言运行时构建一个新的扩展,成为动态语言运行时(Dynamic Language Runtime,DLR)。

1、Microsoft has announced that they are building an extension to the Common Language Runtime called the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).


2、Your researchers are now conducting experiments demonstrating that Life is a form of inter-dimensional Light.


3、The definition of load average is complex and driven by the status of the processes that are executing.

验收 测试 应在正常工作时间内进行。

4、The taking-over tests shall be carried out during normal working hours.


5、Therefore, cellulose is crosslinked when it is dry so that it will have crease recovery or crease retention properties under normal use.


6、And the establishment's seal of approval for photography has been renewed in two current museum exhibitions.

TeamSite 所使用的表示模板必须包括相关的 JSP自定义标记,在 WebSphere Portal 中进行执行时,这些标记可以创建正确的动态链接。

7、The presentation template used by TeamSite must include relevant JSP custom tags which, when executed in WebSphere Portal, can create the right dynamic links.


8、Clutch on the car in normal driving, is in a close bonding state, the clutch should not slip.


9、This kind of DMO correction can be performed before or after NMO correction.


10、Consultations are under way.

继续下一步,执行 cat /proc/mdstat 命令,以 检查正在进行的 RAID-1 重构的状态。

11、Go ahead and cat /proc/mdstat to check the status of the RAID-1 reconstruction that's now in progress (see Listing



12、TASK_TRACED: A process arrives at this state while it is being monitored by other processes such as des.


13、Is your operations team manually performing tasks that should be automated, wasting time and money?


14、The work is going on smoothly.


15、Intensified to the nature of human conduct destructive looting when an unprecedented ecological crisis is taking shape.


16、You will need your physical energy as the shift gets underway, so don't fritter it away it on unimportant activities.


17、Ecological studies are in progress to identify the natural reservoir of both Marburg and Ebola.

我想,我对于”使用手机进行购物” 是持正面的态度的。

18、I think that I have positive feeling toward "mobile phone as a purchasing channel".


19、My hometown is on the Loess Plateau, where the vast ecological rehabilitation project mentioned in the article is taking place. In parts of the area, people have been relocated for ecological reasons.


20、The newborn's mother was on a flight from Tripoli, Libya, to Niamey, Niger, when she started going into labor.

21、Viewing the state of your running flow instances.查看正在运行的流实例的状态。

22、This indicates that the sensitivity of force sensor should be modified in the high frequency range.这表明,在较高频带上进行实验时,力传感器的灵敏度有必要进行适当修正。

23、Fuel dump is in progress.正在进行放油。

24、进行大扫除 The house has been given a thorough cleaning. (这房子正在进行大扫除。

25、My mother is cooking while my father is drinking water.当我爸爸正在喝水时,我妈妈正在做饭

英文句子26:,26、Much of the Foundation’s work is a matter of timing, coming onto the stage at the right time.基金会的许多工作就是时间问题,就是要在正确的时间进入状态。

27、To "reconstitute" means that the process has become ongoing and implicitly functions in respects in which it previously was not ongoing.“重建”意味着过程正在进入进行的状态,在这些方面,暗在功能在此之前还没有发生。

28、Right. -So I would say we were back now to the ordinary, the ongoing cultural war.所以,我认为我们现在回到了,正常状态,回到了不断进行的文化论战中。

29、At the moment, I’m quarrelling with Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.此时,我正在和瑞典外事部长进行争执。

30、Wheat harvesting was steaming ahead when we came to the commune.我们来到公社时, 麦收工作正在紧张进行。

31、When because this is of Grain Rain season, undertaking.因为这是谷雨时节的正在进行时。

32、Impulse excitation and sine stable sweeping tests of local bending modes of the frame columns were conducted.对框架柱进行了局部挠曲模态的脉冲激励试验和正弦稳态扫描试验。

33、Miyazaki had been planning a semi-secret project, but is now directing Howl's Moving Castle.宫崎骏本来一直在进行一个处于半保密状态的计划,但现在,他正在导演《哈尔的移动城堡》。

34、Gets the address at which the thread was executing code at the time the process was stopped for debugging.取得在程序被停止以进行侦错时,执行绪正在执行程式码的位址。

35、State matrix is diagonalized according to the orthonormality of left and right eigenvector series about the state matrix.最后根据状态矩阵的左右特征向量系的正交性,对给出的状态矩阵进行对角化。

36、A male patient is avoiding open criticism of the male the but behaving in a hostile manner.一个男性来访者正在避免对一个男性咨询师进行公开职责,但是在行为中流露出一种敌意的态度。

37、How many generators are in use when in normal sailing? When entering and leaving port, how many?在正常航行时用几台发电机?在进出港时用几台?

38、Robot 0 is searching.机器人 0 正在进行搜索。

39、Avalokita, the Holy Lord and Bodhisattva, was moving in the deep course of the Wisdom which has gone beyond.观自在!这位神圣的尊者与菩萨,正在进入超越的智慧的甚深修行状态之中。

40、Static and dynamic qualification address Web service selection and the on-going relationship between service providers and consumers.静态和动态鉴定分别针对 Web 服务选择以及在服务提供者和消费者之间正在进行的关系。

41、A dynamic spinal stiffness sment being conducted over the L4 spinous process using a modified spinal manipulation device.脊柱的动态刚度评估正在进行腰椎棘突设备在使用过程中修改脊柱推拿。

42、那要结合上下文语境,人称,以及时态之类的,如果是我正在喝酒时,大概可以翻译成“When I was drinking wine" ,你得提供准确的语境才行的。

43、Social structure requires that things be done to maintain it, some of which involve negative attitudes toward others.社会结构要求我们继续做正在进行的事,其中包括对他人的消极态度。

44、We have this great thing going.我们正在进行这样的行动。

45、Implications of local adaptation and some affecting evolutionary factors, such as selection and gene flow, were also discussed.在进行生态恢复时也要考虑局部适应,对影响种群局部适应的因素(如选择和基因流)也进行了分析。

46、It can be used to provide attitude of GPS-Buoy in Under-water Positioning System which used to calibrate the coordinates of GPS antenna center.在差分GPS精密水下立体定位系统中,可以用于GPS浮标姿态测定,进行GPS天线坐标实时三维改正。

47、Now I'll ask five groups to act out the dialogs about the five pictures. Who wants to act out your dialog?请五组学生分别表演这五幅图的对话练习,用正确的现在进行时态填空。

48、Rescue efforts are underway.救援工作正在进行。

49、The charged state data is counted each time it is stored in the nonvolatile memory.每次在将充电状态数据存储到非易失性 存储器中时,对所述充电状态数据进行一次计数。

50、The test is Wednesday the 29th, and it will be written during the normal class time.测试是在周三29号,并且在正常上课时间进行。

经典英文句子51:正在进行时态,51、Ring counters should be always preset because without presetting their operation is undermined.环形计数器必须进行预置,否则其工作状态是不正确的。

52、He condones eco-activism but only if done with the right motives他容忍生态激进主义,但是只限于出于正确动机完成的行动

53、She is under treatment.她正在进行治疗。

54、The active activity states are: running, waiting, ready, claimed, and stopped.处于活动状态的活动状态包括:正在运行、正在等待、就绪、已请求和已停止。

55、When we entered, the Mass was in process. I immediately knew why we were there.当我们进入时,弥撒正在进行中,我立刻知道我们为什麽会在那里。


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