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关于”跟学习有关的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Sentences related to learning。以下是关于跟学习有关的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences related to learning

1、Learning mathematic rules is the bridging from accepting ma thematic concepts to solving real mathematic its; it s one of the critical phases in high school mathematics learning. 数学规则学习是联结数学概念学习与数学问题解决学习的桥梁,是中学数学学习的关键环节。

2、Because read a book can accumulate some good sentences, sometimes also can accumulate some famous quotes about learning. 因为看书可以积累一些好词好句,有时还可以积累一些关于学习的名人名言。

3、Gordon: Today we are going to learn about T-MAC along with some fun basketball English. 戈登:今天我们要学习一些关于麦迪的事情,还要学习一些有关篮球的有趣的英语。

4、With the development of molecular biology, people had got to know something of learning-memory related to gene and its function. 随着分子生物学的发展,人们已经了解到一些与学习记忆有关的基因及其功能。

5、Fifth graders' English listening achievement has significant revelence to their English speaking achievement. 国小xx年级学童的「英语听力学习成就」与「英语口语学习成就」间有显著相关性。

6、My daughter learned six sentences in lesson 136 this evening. It took her lesson than three minutes to remember all these sentences. 今天晚上,我女儿学习了第一百三十六课的六个句子。她花了不到三分钟时间就把这些句子记住了。

7、Fish is something of a sentence connoisseur and he says writing a fine sentence is a delicate process — but it's a process that can be learned. 菲什有点像一个鉴赏句子的行家,他说写出一个好句子是一个精细的活-----但它是可以通过学习习得的。

8、We have conditionals. 我们学习了条件语句。

9、Follow the blues lessons on the site and learn the solos. In particular, learn how to play them without looking at the tab. 跟着本站的课程学习其中的独奏曲,有一点特别值得一提,学习如何扔掉谱子去学习。

10、Today, our focus will be on football idioms. 今天我们来学习与足球相关的习惯用语。

11、Our next pattern is the "There is" statements or questions. 接下来学习的是There is句型,它是陈述或是问题句型。

12、Part1, Analysis of the Teaching Material This unit is talking about ways of giving directions. 教材简介: 本课的教学内容是与方向有关的句子和问路的礼貌用语。

13、More findings are that their English test passing percentage has a positive correlation with the time they spend in English reciting. 因子分析得出所有被调查学生的英语等级水平、应用水平与英语学习时间等呈正相关关系。

14、Heims, "a language learner should identify whether the sentence grammatical rules of competence and grammatical rules of sentence Zaochu ability to …" 海姆斯“一个学习语言的人应该有识别句子是否合乎语法规则的能力和造出合乎语法规则的句子的能力……。”

15、Knowing how to thank someone using this phrase will set you apart from the average English learner! 懂得如何用这个句子来感谢别人,将使你与一般的英语学习者截然不同!

16、Many of the command line recipes shown previously in this series and others that you've likely cooked up have this sentence structure. 在本系列文章以及其他文章中展示的许多您可能已经学习过的命令行句式都具有这种句子结构。

17、When I go back home. I learn CRASH(3) for 180 sentences. 晚上回家后,我又学习了《撞车》(3)中的前180个句子。

18、The main abnormalities of morphologic indexes were closely correlated with the decline of learning and memory in the aged rat. 相关分析表明齿状回分子层的病理改变与老年学习记忆减退有密切关系。

19、Listen to the tape carefully and read after it. Try to remember the key sentences about Confucius. 听录音,学生跟读,进一步记忆有关孔子的关键句。

20、It is closely related with population genetic structure, environment heterogeneity and song learning. 它不仅与种群的遗传有关,而且与环境的异质性以及鸣声学习有关。

21、The electronic curricula created by LCMS are based on the two factors: firstly, is the management and re-use of learning object, it needs to create the excellent LCMS; 基于学习内容管理系统的电子课程质量的差别关键在于两个方面:一是学习对象的有效管理与复用,这就需要建构优秀学习内容管理系统(LCMS);

22、The vocabulary is very important in studying languages, studying words is relevant to the learners' memory ability, however, the ability is relevant to a lot of factors. 在语言习得中,词汇量至关重要。词汇的习得与学习者的记忆能力有关,而记忆能力又与许多因素有关。

23、M: Bob should have a passport, shouldn't he? 下面老师换了一个句子, 练习用 should not 也就是 shouldn't 作反问句, 说明鲍勃去中国应该有护照和旅游签证等等. 请你跟刚才一样作练习.

24、He said :"Today, we are going to study Punctuation. Punctuation in a sentence is very important. Look at this sentence please, boys and girls." 他说:“今天,我们开始学习标点符号,标点符号在句子中是很有用的,同学们请看这句话。”

25、EXAMPLE: You have to study hard, you must drill English into your brain. 例句:你得努力学习,你必须把你所学到的英语牢牢记在脑子里。


26、My daughter learned the sentences about six pictures in lesson 114 this evening. 今天晚上,我女儿学习了与第一百一十四课的六幅图片有关的一些句子。

27、Last time we learned how to talk with a passenger on traveling time, and we practiced the magic sentence "When can we arrive". 上次课我们学习了怎样与客人谈论行车时间,我们练习的魔术句子是 “我们什么时候可以到呢?”

28、I only spend this evening learning 110 sentences in Spidermania(1). 只是晚上学习了蜘蛛狂人(一)中的110个句子。

29、Step Three: Review some sentences about get-togethers. 第三步:复习一些关于联欢会的句子。

30、Confucius Institute at Nnamdi Azikiwe University carries out cultural and other educational activities that are necessary for the study of Chinese language and culture. 纳姆迪•阿齐克韦大学孔子学院还举行一系列与有关中国文化和语言学习有关的文化和教育活动。

31、While the students are doing the second scientific writing, in addition to the difficulty of sentences, each dimension has a positive correlation with the study achievement of science and Chinese. 学生在进行对现象做解释的科学写作时,除了句子深度外,各个向度与自然科以及国文科学习成就皆达显著正相关。

32、In this lesson, we have learned three grammar concepts: Negative Interrogative Sentence, Comparatives and Emphatic Sentence. Please fill in the blanks of the following sentences to practise them. 这节课,我们学习了三个语法点:否定疑问句,比较级和强调句。现在试着填上下面句子的空白来练习这些语法点吧。

33、The English sentence structure is well-knit and regular, but in its use, the students usually come cross the phenomenon of English words separation that causes the difficulties in understanding. 通过对这些词语分离现象的分析,认为理解句子中的词语分离是一个认知模式,学习者在学习过程中应采取认知策略达到对这类句子的理解。

34、In this course, students will learn about plasmas , the fourth state of matter. 在本课程当中,学生将会学习到有关物质的第四态-等离子体。

35、Yan Hui had been Confucius' student for a long time. 颜回跟随孔子学习已经有许多年了。

36、This forum aims at any person who study English and greets any topics in related to English. 本论坛是专门针对英语学习的自由人士,欢迎一切与英语学习有关的贴子。

37、In different genders, FOSS, FOSS with others the positive feelings are two obvious differences. 学习成功感因子中的与学习有关的积极情感方面存在极显著的差异性;

38、On the other hand, grammar is still taught by the traditional way of isolated presentation-practice and mainly on the sentence level. 语法被看作是孤立静态,仅限于句子水平上的语言规则,语法与词、语境、交际目的的关系等语篇水平上的语法未得到有效学习。

39、Step 6 Read the passage again and complete the sentences. 通过完成句子练习,能让学生更好地理解课文。

40、We are doing exercises on dividing sentence elements. 我在做划分句子成分的练习。

41、It is a matter of learning the word contextually as a fragment of sentences which one learns to bring forth as wholes under appropriate cirtances. 这样的学习过程中没有类比,没有描述,而是把所要学习的词当作在适当情况下习得的那些整句的共同片断。

42、In a word, cognitive linguists take a holistic view of language learning or teaching. 一句话,认知语言学家持有一种完型语言教学或学习观。

43、The learning burnout of graduate students is a seriously important problem. 2. There is minus correlation between the learning burnout and the playfulness in the graduate students. 研究生的游戏性与学习倦怠各因子都有负相关,即研究生的游戏性与情绪低落因子存在显著的负相关;

44、The child ecd every word of his mother. 孩子跟妈妈学每句话。

45、Syntactic elaboration is more effective than syntactic simplification on the listening comprehension of intermediate-level Chinese EFL learners. 句中增加冗余信息比简化句子结构更有助于中等水平的中国英语学习者的听力理解。

46、Writing business communications, whether they be letters, reports, or inter-office memoranda, is a discipline entirely separate from learning vocabulary, grammar, or sentence structure. 学写英文商业文书有别于学习一般的英语单词、语法和句子结构。

47、An Analysis on Some English Double-Negative Sentence Patterns and Their Translation; 英语中的双重否定句是初学英语者学习句法的难点之一。

48、My daughter learned other three sentences in lesson 118 this evening. 今天晚上,我女儿学习了第一百一十八课的三个句子。

49、Afterwards, half the students were unexpectedly told to forget the Tom sentences, so as to better remember the Alex sentences. 之后,一半的学生被突然要求忘掉关于汤姆的句子,以便能更好得记住和埃里克斯有关的句子。

50、A students' grades with learning how the choice of methods are directly related, the good study method can make learning received twice the result with half the effort. 一个学生学习成绩如何与学习方法的选择有直接的关系,好的学习方法可以使学习收到事半功倍的效果。


51、These reproducible, read-aloud plays combine fun with phonics and fluency practice for the perfect formula to help build reading confidence. 利用重复性句子朗读,与流畅有趣的韵文,加强发音的练习与听力技巧,并且建立学童的阅读信心。

52、Step Three: Review some sentences about class rules. 第三步:复习一些关于班规的句子。

53、Bonus: You may learn something about electronics and circuits by doing this project! 奖励:你可以学习做这个项目的有关电子电路的东西!

54、I don't wear contact lens. I'd rather buy a pair of good looking eyegl. 你xx年级开始就戴眼镜了。 (中国人都是爱学习的好孩子… 怎么又跟眼镜有关?)

55、Knowledge- and learning-related activities 与知识和学习相关的活动

56、Lifelong learning includes both formal, informal and non-formal learning. 终生学习句包含了正规、非正规及不正规的学习。

57、'Quiet please, children! ' Listen to a song about a teacher and some children in class. Practise words and phrases for the claoom. 听一听这首关于老师和学生上课的歌,然后练习关于课室的生字及句子。

58、Good study habits are very important for children to learn math, it played a key role. 良好的学习习惯是很关键的,它对于孩子学习奥数起到很关键的作用。

59、Teaching requirement: Master the learned vocabulary, basic sentence pattern and grammar, and can use that to make piratical sentence, passage. Can read and translate fluently and accurately. 教学要求:掌握所学词汇;掌握基本句型及语法;并能熟练运用这些基本词汇、句型写出实用句子、短文。通过学习能流利、正确地阅读与翻译。

60、Step Three: Review some sentences about the English speech contest. 第三步:复习一些关于英语演讲比赛的句子。

61、My daughter learned five sentences about the last five pictures in lesson 76 this evening. And she got 97 score in the second unit test of Chinese. 今天晚上,我女儿学习了跟第七十六课的最后五幅图片相关的五个句子。她在语文第二单元的测验中得了97分。

62、This one involves elementary school. 这个例子跟小学有关。

63、In the study, China has the old saying that you are never too old to learn. 在学习方面,中国有句古话叫活到老学到老。

64、Whether the English-learning habits are scientific has a direct close relationship with the learning effects. 大学生英语学习习惯的科学与否直接关系着学习效果的好差。

65、In many cases, language teaching and learning tend to devote to sentential level. 在很多情况下,语言教学和学习倾向集中在句子水平上。

66、" a phrase often associated with him. 这样的句式开头的,虽然这个句式常常被认为跟他有关。

67、The nature of students learning-that is, meaningful or rote-is related to the construction of "learning approaches". 科学学习的本质—有意义学习与机械学习,与学习者建构的“学习通道”有关。

68、The final term is coming, so please spend your time on study. Now there are some precious sentences about time, hope can give you waring and help. 期末就要到了,所以要好好学习:)这里有一些关于时间的句子,希望能给予一些警示和帮助。

69、There is a significant correlation between learning motivation and ways of learning. 小学教师的学习途径与学习动机之间存在显著相关。

70、Learning mathematic rules is the bridging from accepting ma thematic concepts to solving real mathematic problems; it's one of the critical phases in high school mathematics learning. 数学规则学习是联结数学概念学习与数学问题解决学习的桥梁,是中学数学学习的关键环节。

71、The strategies of English and Chinese relative clauses(RC) processing are studied through self-paced reaction time experiment. 通过对中国英语学习者关系从句的理解和产出行为的考察,探讨学习者句子的加工能力。

72、菲什有点像一个鉴赏句子的行家,他说写出一个好句子是一个精细的活-----但它是可以通过学习习得的。 Fish is something of a sentence connoisseur and he says writing a fine sentence is a delicate process — but it's a process that can be learned.

73、There is much still to be learned about the biology associated with cloning. 还有许多与克隆有关的生物学知识需要我们学习。

74、In order to get the semantic correlation of images, two learning methods based-on mutual information and image association factor, are proposed. 提出了基于互信息的图像间语义关系学习方法和基于图像关联因子的图像间语义关系学习方法。

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