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关于”诗的单词“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Poetic words。以下是关于诗的单词的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetic words

1、It reflects the development of Ci cultural psychology. The second section describes that the study of Ci and Poetry had a coexistent developmental momentum. 第二部分描述宋代的词学与诗学在共时存在的发展势态下,“以诗为词”的诗学内涵。

2、Finally, study the academic values of poesy in clic novels. 研究小说卷中诗词的学术意义。

3、The Greek word used for workmanship is poema; that’s where our word for “poem” comes from. 希腊语中,工作的意思就是诗歌;也是我们的词“诗歌”的出处。

4、Lü Ben-zhong, a renowned poet, poem commentator, Ci poet, philosopher in the Song Dynasty. 吕本中,南北宋之交的著名诗人、诗论家、理学家、词人。

5、A word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. 正读、反读都相同的一个单词、词组、诗节或句子。

6、Yu Ou Collection" is one of the latest issued collection of ancient poetry which spans 154 years." 《馀沤集》是最新出版的一本古体诗词集,收集的诗词跨度1 xx年。

7、Since 1919 when he began to create the first modern Chinese poem "Mei Yu", he has created nearly 1,000 poems in his whole life, including old style poems, modern Chinese poetry, lyrics and so on. 自xx年创作第一首新诗《梅雨》开始,田汉一生写作的旧体诗词、新诗、歌词共计有将近一千首,诗人田汉的称号确实是名至实归。

8、Readers of poetry will know that modern poets like to use big and esoteric words. 读过诗的都知道,现代诗歌惯用大量晦涩的词汇。

9、In the poetry of Tang and Song dynasties ever appeared so many poems of "Red Mansions", in which the "Red Mansions" image have relative abundant connotations. 唐诗宋词中有不少的“红楼”诗词,这些诗词中的“红楼”意象内涵丰富,尤其“红楼”意象中鲜明而浓郁的悲情美与《红楼梦》凄迷的悲情意境有密切联系。

10、This collection of poetry includes ten modern poems. 这本诗词选集收录了十首今体诗。

11、And has learned poetry, odes, and quatrains instead. 却学得了诗词、颂歌、绝句来替代。

12、Using reiterative locution arts to write poem is one of the skills the ancient poem writers often used. 叠字是汉语修辞的一种方法,运用叠字艺术进行诗词创作是古代诗词作家常用的艺术手法之一。

13、I'd be engaged in studying Chinese poetry. 因为我会学习中国诗词。

14、The color words in ancient poetry, divided into rhetorical ones and non-rhetorical ones, are explored from the perspective of Xu Yuanchong s theory of Three Beautifulness when translated into English. 本文首先将古诗词中出现的色彩词汇分为非修辞性色彩词与修辞性色彩词,然后结合许渊冲先生的译诗“三美”论来探讨它们在英译中的处理。

15、If the words of a verse of poetry are taken and mixed together, it will be very difficult to remember them. 如果把一首诗里某些诗句的词打乱再随机排序,那么这些词就非常难记。

16、The complex imagoes of the moon comes down in one continuous line of 《The Book of Songs》, and it greatly broadens the culture connotation and stature of poetry, enrich the artifice of poetry as well. 中国古代诗词中月亮意象的多元化,与《诗经》 六义一脉相承,极大地拓宽了诗词的文化内涵和思想境界,也丰富了诗词的表现技巧。

17、He inherits the tradition of Han Chinese poetry in the ancient Western Regions, expands the genre and his poems are characteristic of grand structured and new settings. 星汉诗词自觉接续西域汉诗传统,拓展题材,结构宏阔,创造新境,自成高格,在全国诗词界影响出众。

18、He compared the two dictionaries and those poems. 他比较了那两本词典和那些诗。

19、Firstly I use the mode getting from the context of p3C:ii to lead the students to appreciate the poem. 首先,借助诗词的常见的呈现模式来鉴赏诗词的意境,这为教师提供了一种可用来很好指导学生的途径。

20、The popularity of Qin Guan"s poets was exceeded by ci-poets in the course of diffuseness. This reflected the track of literary notion"s evolution. 秦观诗词在传播过程中逐渐形成了诗名为词名所掩的状况,反映出文学观念的嬗变轨迹。

21、Liu Guo's Longzhouji embodied the achievements of his literary works. 南宋诗人刘过的《龙洲集》 ,集中体现了刘过的诗词艺术成就。

22、A particular arrangement of words in poetry, such as iambic pentameter, determined by the kind and number of metrical units in a line. 格律:诗歌中字词的特定安排,由一行诗中韵律单位的类型和数量而定,如抑扬格五音步诗行。

23、But the poet has no one term. 但是此诗人并无这样一个语词。

24、诗人有时改变词的重音。 A poet sometimes falsifies accent.

25、And his shy nature and poetic lyrics have also given him the nickname "Poetic Musician". 他腼腆的性格、充满诗意的歌词,则让他拥有了“音乐诗人”的雅号。


26、Ancient poetry word middle have the verse "translating" the sum "day lily"? 古诗词中有“译”和“萱”的诗句么?

27、Poems about partridges are part of poems about birds in Tang and Song Dynasity, as well as part of poems about flowers and birds literature . 唐宋鹧鸪诗词是唐宋禽鸟诗词的一部分,也是花鸟文学的一部分。

28、Through such poems, something about the scholars marriage in Tang and Song Dynasties, and about the creation of such poems can be learned. 透过“悼亡”诗词 ,可以窥视到唐宋文人们的婚姻状况、唐宋“悼亡”诗词的创作情况 ;

29、Xing Han is a well-known poet in the modern poetic circles in our country. His poems have wide-spread influence at home and abroad. 星汉是我国当代诗词界的著名诗人,其诗词在国内外有着广泛的影响。

30、And poets wanted to use the image of wide goose to realize their individuation. 同时诗人和词人也力图用大雁意象实现诗词的个性化。

31、The second section consider of Ma's artistic style. 第二节探讨马氏诗词的艺术风格。

32、In addition, Tao Yuanming's poetry also has an impact on this school. 此外,苏词还以唐诗为中介接受了陶诗的影响。

33、Zhang Shunmin; friendship; ideology; works; poetry. 张舜民; 交游; 思想; 著述; 诗词。

34、Today the top of my speech is learning to be thanksgiving and uming the responsibility. 如果生活是一首充满诗情画意地诗,感恩之心则是诗中最华丽的词藻;

35、As a result, Ming Poetry may not be neglected o… 因而,在诗词研究及文学史研究中,不可再忽视明词这一段了。

36、He doesn't care how many words there are in the line as long as the last words rhyme, so the meter is appalling. 他不管一行诗里有多少个词,只要最后一个词合韵就行,因此他的诗几无韵律可言。

37、Affection poems are the essence of Mr. SUN Ji-shan' "Kong Yun Zhai Poems". They have the sincere and restrained style. 亲情诗词是孙继善先生《空耘斋诗词选》的精华,具有真挚恳切、自责内敛的风格。

38、Her research interests center on Ci study and Chinese Ci-poetry in early modern Japan. 学术研究领域为词学、日本近代汉诗词。

39、Samuel Johnson the famous dictionary maker was also into poetry and within a much longer poem included these lines 与许多大学问家一样,著名的词典编纂者 塞缪尔·约翰逊 不仅对诗词韵文很着迷,而且还热衷于诗歌创作。

40、The same set of six words ends the lines of each of the six-line stanzas, but in a different order each time; 六节中诗行的结尾必用同样的六个单词,但六个单词的排序又都不同。

41、The word now features in both, and while Eliot's place is the sea, mine is the forest. 在两幅文字云中,“现在”这个单词都特写了;至于关于地点的单词,艾略特的诗中是“海”,而我的是“森林”。

42、I’m crazy about the ancient China poetry. 我迷上了中国古代诗词.

43、It is normal to put new words in old poem in the history of China poetry. 在中国诗歌史上,以新词入诗之举,古已有之。

44、In Chinese ancient poetry, sensibility was often expressed with diverse images by poets. 在中国古代诗词中,情感常常被诗人和词人通过不同意象表达。

45、The Yijing theory originates from the Chinese clical poem. Wang Guowei first established the poetic Jingjie theory in his literature RenjjianCiHua. 意境说源于中国古典诗词,王国维先生在其著作《人间词话》中首次明确地建立了诗词的境界理论。

46、Ou's Ci poems were regarded as elegant works by critics in the Song Dynasty, however, its tendency of poeticizing has encountered the criticism. 宋代词论家将欧词视为雅词代表,而欧词的“诗化”倾向也遭到了部分词论家的批评。

47、Of these poems, some described partridges directly, some only mentined the name in the titles, and others just used the images of the bird. 这些诗词有些是咏鹧鸪诗词,有些是鹧鸪意象诗词,有些是以鹧鸪入名的词调作品。

48、Included in "The Complete Collection of Tang Poems" are 130 poems and Ci poems extolling and descriding the peony, only a few of which are Ci poems. 《全唐诗》共收录吟咏和涉及牡丹的诗词130首左右,其中词占极少数。

49、She chanted hymns and prayers with the voice of a cantor. 她用圣诗领唱者的嗓音吟唱赞美诗和祈祷词。

50、They are no ancient poems at all! 这哪是什么古诗词啊!


51、Chapter two: China clical poesy sing. 第二章、中国古典诗词演唱。

52、The lyrics almost read like a W.B. Yeats poem. 歌词读起来几乎就象叶芝的诗。

53、Labor poetry, the words express the country seen their homes destroyed more than the miserable death. 工诗词,其词多表达国破家亡之凄苦。

54、Therefore, the "colour of clouds" cannot be simply explained as an equivalent to the words "scenery". 不能简单地把《全唐诗》中的“云物”一词解释为“景物”。

55、Qing documents of ci theories are represented by comments, selections, prefaces, epilogues, notes and essays. 清代词学理论文献的主要形式有词话、词选、论词诗词、词律词韵、序跋批注、书札专论文等。

56、Secondly, the Song Frontier Poems'inheritance and development of the Tang Frontier Poems. 宋代边塞诗词对唐代边塞诗的继承与发展。

57、A poet sometimes falsifies accent. 诗人有时改变词的重音。

58、The swan goose is an important imagery in Na Lan lyrics and clical poetry. 雁在我国古典诗词中是常见的意象,其原始意蕴起源于《诗经》。

59、My poems are written to Cantonese rhyme and rhythm. 我作的诗词都是采用粤音韵律的。

60、Our English word "poem" comes from this Greek word translated "workmanship." You're God's handcrafted work of art. 在英文中,“诗歌”这个单词翻译自希腊文的“技巧、手艺”。

61、The duty of music then became to en- hance poetic expression by adding to it what words cannot express. 音乐的功能提升了诗词的意境,加入了音乐表现出文字所不能表达的诗词。

62、It is distinctive that Zhu Xiang praised traditional culture about poem and Ci highly and he imilated it in his lots of poems. 在诗论中对传统诗词文化的推崇及在自己的大量诗作中对传统诗词文化的融解,是朱湘的独特之处。

63、Tao Yuanming's poems are said to be perfect unity of naturalness and artistry. 陶渊明诗歌“癯而实腴”,陶诗叠词平实中透着纤巧,诗意盎然。

64、Without the hoof shaped rhyme, Chinese antithetical couplets may not be differentiated from poetry, Ci and Qu. 马蹄韵使对联与诗词曲特别是诗的界限变得清晰。

65、He Qifang s early works were influenced both by French symbolic and Chinese traditional poems. 对待中国传统诗词文化,朱湘是一个客观平和的诗人。

66、Alliteration: The repetition of the initial consonant sounds in poetry. 头韵:诗歌中单词开头读音的重复。


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