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关于”骂人的句子霸气“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Abusive sentences are domineering。以下是关于骂人的句子霸气的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Abusive sentences are domineering

1、Swear if I want. 想骂谁就骂谁。

2、Easily angered people don't always curse and throw things; sometimes they withdraw socially, sulk, or get physically ill. 容易愤怒的人并不总是骂骂咧咧、扔东西,他们会回避社交、生闷气或生病。

3、While playing the Wood Elf, should you ever feel the need to swear, follow your character's example and do so in Elvish ! 玩木精灵的时候,当你想要去骂敌人,学习你的人物的说话例子,然后用精灵语来骂。

4、He swears at people till all is blue. 他骂人骂得极凶。他骂人骂得人们脸色都发青了。

5、She will never accept any dictates, no matter where they come from. 她决不会接受无论来自哪一方面的任何霸道行径。(译成定语从句。)

6、有一种范叫霸气 There is a fan called domineering 有一种范叫霸气 There is a fan called domineering

7、For so long humans have known only abusiveness towards one another; 很久以来,人类只知道彼此咒骂;

8、Embroider cloud scolded said officer with silver is relief, MaXiaoHu black eat black fundamental and wu is the day, is not justice. 绣云斥骂说官银是赈灾之用,马小虎黑吃黑根本和吴霸天无异,是天理不容。

9、When someone starts hurling derogatory comments at you, hold your head high and stay strong. 当某人开始用侮辱性字眼大声叫骂时,你要抬头挺胸,保持坚强。

10、Well, Gorillaz are well-known and its easy for people to just think about them. 答:不错,“街头霸王”名气很大,人们很容易只想到他们。

11、I don't normally blame anything on the refs. 我一般不怎么骂裁判。

12、Xiao Ming is a bully, playing a long time also not retire. 小明很霸道,玩了很长时间也不让位。

13、Since he had made the blasphemy he did not apologize. 既然已经骂开了,他索性也不道歉。

14、They become rather abusive, denouncing the foreigners as "foreign devils", the warlords as "robber generals" and the local tyrants and evil gentry as "the heartless rich". 他们有点骂人了,骂洋人叫“洋鬼子”,骂军阀叫“抢钱司令”,骂土豪劣绅叫“为富不仁”。

15、'Yes, 'the captain told him, swearing again. “对,”老船长说,又夹着一句咒骂。

16、He has a very bad temper. Yelling at his kids and beating his wife has become a habit. 这位父亲平常脾气很不好,骂孩子、打老婆已经成为习惯。

17、My writing characteristics more like qian zhongshu's fortress, because I appreciate his curse and scold the profound. 我的写作特点更像钱钟书的《围城》,因为我很欣赏他骂人骂得深刻又不露骨。

18、Do not have via confirming a seat later by accident, man still be foul-mouthed , arrogance aggressive. 经后来确认座位无误,男子仍骂骂咧咧,气焰嚣张。

19、Tom replied " She never beats anybody . " She scolds , but talking doesn't hurt – unless she cries . 汤姆答道:“她从不打人,她责骂,但不会责骂伤人—除非她哭。”

20、The course of history has proved that the Afghan people are bullies. 历史的进程已经证明我们阿富汗人是很霸道的。

21、Idea 1: Mark is upset that the men wearing blue tracksuits called him stupid. What does he do? 想法一: 马克很气那些骂他迟钝的蓝衣男子,他会怎麽做?

22、This made Confucius really angry, and he knocked Yuan Rang on his shins with his staff, scolding him, "You!" 孔子真的生气了,就用手杖敲敲原壤的脚胫,骂他道:“你啊!

23、The hen-pecked man was on tenterhooks when his wife scolded her way into the room. 当妻子骂骂咧咧闯到房间来时,这个得了“气管炎”的男人便有些手足无措。

24、I think just to call you four-year-old year, then yelled not cheap, it started from that important first Zaima time, infuriating! 我想想刚刚骂你xx岁那xx年的话骂得不够贱,就从那年开始重头再骂一次,真气人!

25、"Scab! " he yelled. "Scab! " “工贼!”他大声骂道,“工贼!”


26、Nobody gives a horse's who you are,puss ball. 没人在乎你是谁,女里女气的男人,明显的骂人的话。

27、The rest of his lads were striking as well, and the forest was filled with hoots and hollers, curses and insults as the gryphons darted past. 其他的蛮锤也攻击的很好,森林里满是骂声和叫喊,当狮鹫飞过时咒骂和侮辱声不绝于耳。

28、The foreman is always swearing at the workers. 工头总是对工人骂骂咧咧。

29、He entered vociferating curses. 他骂骂咧咧地走了进来。

30、He vituperated his son. 他痛骂他的儿子。

31、Mrs. Parker always scolds her little son. But her bark is worse than her bite. 帕克太太老是骂她的小儿子,但她也就是骂骂而已。

32、I knew Mrs Linton's nature to be headstrong and domineering,' cried I; `but I didn't know that you wished to foster her fierce temper! “我知道林惇夫人的性子拗,霸道,”我喊叫,“可我不知道你甘心情愿听任她发作!

33、Later.Speak to your sister in English ! 霸道一点,体现姐的风格!

34、BDBD hedge anger snarls Han Jinquan Han Jinquan can only apology. 魏东篱气得怒骂韩金铨,韩金铨只能连连道歉。

35、When he was often beaten at school the teacher, often an insult to students. 小时候的他在学校里常被老师打骂,常被同学侮辱。

36、Find less domineering friends. 帮孩子找一些不那么霸道的朋友。

37、In nine sister flay will present everyone scold, four xi unbearable, too too much noise to scold her. 九妹一气之下将在场的所有人都骂了一遍,四喜忍无可忍,便出声骂她太过份。

38、Besides, the people in cars scold you. 另外,车子里的人会骂我们。

39、I'm gonna beat the out of you! 我也得学几句骂人的话。

40、"T. rex is really just the tip of the iceberg of tyrannosaur diversity, " Brusatte noted. Brusatte在其中也注释了这么一句话:“雷克斯霸王龙实际上只是霸王龙多样性的一小部分而已。”

41、A pity me, dese me, scold me, insult me, I laugh away. 有人同情我,鄙视我,骂我,辱我,我一笑了之。

42、The old man ripped out with a curse. 这位老人气愤地咒骂起来。

43、The Ousters:eon-long mutated humanoids bent on overthrowing the Hegemony. 驱逐者:经过万年进化、决心推翻霸权的猿人。

44、Ailey scold product such as occupied her Venus, loud to product such as the Venus her back. 艾莉责骂品如霸占了她的维纳斯,大声的要品如把维纳斯还给她。

45、An angry curse not open Xing said those macabre cursing, I am not going to listen. 一生气不开兴就说那些骂人不堪入耳的脏话,我很听不下去。

46、His behavior toward the waiter was insufferably overbearing. 他对待仆人的行为太霸道了。

47、This man is for ever hurling insults against me. 这个家伙一直在大声叫骂些侮辱我的话。

48、" Therefore, the so-called high-handed "the convincing force"; 因此,所谓霸道就是“以力服人”;

49、But, like Smith, Jingsheng doesn't mean to scold or otherwise sit in judgment. 但是,像史密斯,景并不意味着骂人或坐在判断。

50、Big bully, and citizens made up of cheaters. 大土霸,而且其都是骗子。


51、Harsh speech refers to scolding people which creates mouth karma. 就是骂人,骂人就是造口业。

52、Who, you all daytime long scold here…Don't want prenatal influence for well… 谁啊,你整天就在这骂骂骂的…也不想想胎教…

53、They hurled abuse and insults at the speaker. 他们漫骂和侮辱演讲人。

54、Post-colonial feminism sharply criticizes the West's knowledge hegemony on the East's. 后殖民女性主义以其强烈的批判性直指西方对东方的知识霸权。

55、Any negotiation - whether for personal or business reasons - would more resemble a smack down than a cordial handshake. 各种谈判,无论是个人还是商务性质的谈判,彼此叱骂的可能性远高于热忱地握手。

56、The hen-pecked man was on tenter-hooks when his wife scolded her way into the room. 当妻子骂骂咧咧闯进房间时,这个得了“妻管严”的男人便有些手足无措。

57、But the education experts think the kids can form some bad habit like arrogant and bully from all these activities. 然而教育人士认为,家长极力满足孩子物质享受的同时又可能养成孩子骄纵、任性、霸道的性格。

58、Don't swear black powder, scolded fireflies didn't quality! 黑粉勿骂人,骂了说明萤火虫没素质!

59、He couldn't speak for five minutes without cursing. 超不过五分钟就会咒骂一句

60、When I do not want to have a shower, neither shame me nor scold me… 当我不想洗澡,不要羞辱我也不要责骂我…

61、A wife is difficult, but one angry mother, had to listen quietly to her mother scolded; 媳妇很为难,但婆婆一肚子气,只好静静地听婆婆骂;

62、In fact, I used the Kingsoft a few years ago, but I had no acquaintance with the iciba at that time. 其实很早就在用金山词霸了,只是那时还不知道有个爱词霸。

63、intenational fation 丶 狂少 拽爷 狂拽 吊炸天 霸气 royal 主流皇朝 自己拼 多霸气!

64、Inveighing and mocking won't solve any problem. 谩骂嘲讽能解决什么问题?

65、But I know that this is not the Lyrics scolded me : because he is scolded by Kang Youwei. 但我知道,这并非借题在骂我:因为他所骂的还是 康有为。

66、Harsh speech refers to scolding people, which creates mouth karma. “恶口”就是骂人,骂人就是造口业。

67、When angry, he cursed everyone in sight. 他生气的时候见谁骂谁。

68、You'll just love Tuesdays. Do you like to swear? 周二你一定很爽,你爱骂人吗?

69、Daddy speaks always extremely temperately, never say hit the person, curse at people are also few, calculated scolded people not to be big. 父亲总是十分温和地说话,从不说话打击任何人,也很少咒骂别人,责骂他人的次数,也很少的。

70、The piquant twist is that Cohen had no idea who was writing about her. 很糟糕的是,科恩不知道谩骂她的人是谁。


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