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关于”连读的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Continuous sentences。以下是关于连读的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Continuous sentences

1、Analysis from the function, the modal particles used in succession that breaks away from the sentence can't load the pragmatic information. 从功能上分析,连用的语气词脱离句子之后不能负载句子的语用信息;

2、So, first organize your thoughts, then tie the end of one sentence to the beginning of the next one using a phrase, a word, a variation in sentence structure. 所以,首先想法要条理分明,然后利用词句或不同的句子结构,使前后句子首尾相连;

3、Put aside those sentences that even foreigners wonder at! 抛弃那此连外国人都不懂的句子!

4、When we read a text, you should pay attention to sentence stress, sense groups, incomplete. 当我们读课文的时候,注意句子重音,句群,不完全爆破和连读。

5、Serving to connect elements of meaning and construction within sentences, as and and since, or between sentences, as therefore. 连接词的在句中用作连接意思和结构词的,例如和及自从,或位于句间的词,如因此。

6、Different sorts of if-conditionals constitute a fuzzy category and the relation between the clauses is a continuum. IF条件句的关系在逻辑与语用两个端点之间构成一个连续系统,这表明条件句是一个模糊变量。

7、Text refers to any piece of spoken or written language that forms a continuity in meaning. 语篇是指口头语或书面语中,由连续的句子或语段构成的意义统一体。

8、When we read the text we should pay attention to sentence stress pause and liaison. 读课文的时候,大家要注意句子的重音、停顿和连读现象。

9、The second line includes your join clause. 第二行包括了连接子句。

10、Repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning and another at the end of successive clauses i. e. simultaneous use of anaphora and etrophe. 在连续分句的句首重复一个词或词组,在句尾重复另一个;即首语重复和词尾重复的同时使用。

11、A subordinating conjunction connect the clauses, makeing the clauses that follow the conjunction a subordinate clause. 从属连词链接从句,使从属连词后面的从句变成附属从句。

12、The two clauses are joined by a conjunction. 这两个分句由一个连词连在一起。

13、At these points, the managed connection is dissociated from the connection handle, and only when a method attempts to use the handle is the managed connection reassociated. 这时,托管的连接与连接句柄解除关联,只有当方法试图使用这个句柄时,托管连接才会重新关联。

14、While she was waiting for a taxi outside the studio, she met Sam Parish. 此处while是并列连词,连接两个同一时刻发生的动作的句子,while从句中的谓语动词应为延续性动词,可以置于句首或句末。

15、A few of these are serial sentences prose, what Ron Silliman dubbed "the new sentence": a quick succession of complete sentences, juxtaposed one to the next, without logical connectives (paratactic). 其中有些是是由一系列句子组成的散文,让· 希里曼称之为“新句子”,即一连串的完整句子并置,全然没有逻辑上的(并列)连接词。

16、When we read any text we should pay attention to sentence stress sense groups pause and liaison. 在读课文时,我们要注意句子重音、意群和连读。

17、这两个分句由一个连词连在一起。 The two clauses are joined by a conjunction.

18、So-and-so begat,so-and-so begat,so-and so,and it goes on like this for sentences and sentences and sentences. 谁生谁,谁生谁,谁生谁,接连不断,一句一句又一句。

19、Writing causes one to have to coagulate their thoughts into sentences and then combine those sentences into coherent paragraphs. 写作的原因之一,必须要凝聚其思想的句子,然后把这些句子连贯的段落。

20、Tracking metadata information about connections or statements lets me group statistics across each request for equivalent connections or statements. 跟踪连接或语句的元数据信息让我可以跨越请求,针对连接或语句把统计值分组。

21、A compound proposition that has components joined by the word and or its symbol and is true only if both or all the components are true. 综合命题由和或其符号所连接的子句组成的复合命题,只有当所有子句为真时,该句才为真。

22、For example, you could define read stability (RS) at the connection isolation level, but you are using the WITH UR clause in the statement itself. 举例来说,您可在连接隔离级别上定义读取稳定性(RS),但要在语句本身内使用 WITH UR 子句。 RS 是否占优势地位?

23、In the first part, the framework of lian can be a sentence, be components or be a small sentence. 前者指出“连”字结构可以单独成句、充当句子成分及作分句;

24、Choices D and E produce sentence fragments since Because makes the clause subordinate rather than independent . 出现连词引导的分句一定要有对应的主句。

25、A mark of punctuation (; ) used to connect independent clauses and indicating a closer relationship between the clauses than a period does. 一种用来连接主句的标点(;),其显示的主句间的关系比句号连接的主句间的关系更密切。


26、the sun never sets and there is no night。 the sun never sets做为句子,加上and所连接的成分必须是另一个句子,这样才对称。

27、Conjunctions are an important grammatical means used to combine words, phrases, and sentences. 连词是连接词与词、短语与短语、分句与分句的重要语法手段。

28、Coordinating conjunctions, except the sentence connectors yet and so 除句子连接词 yet 和 so 之外的并列连词

29、This rule refers especially to loose sentences of a particular type: those consisting of two clauses, the second introduced by a conjunction or relative. 这条法则尤其针对一种特殊的松散句:两个松散句,而且第二个松散句由连词或关系词连接。

30、Below are common expressions used in asking or telling the way. Listen to the recording and then read the sentences aloud. Pay attention to each one's connected speech. 以下是从本课对话中挑选出来的在表达问路时的常用口语句子,请跟读录音,并注意每个句子中的连读发音。

31、Ask students to combine the words and expressions in the chart and write out a paragraph. 学生们连词成句,连句成文。这有利于对学生进行写作训练。

32、跟踪连接或语句的元数据信息让我可以跨越请求,针对连接或语句把统计值分组。 Tracking metadata information about connections or statements lets me group statistics across each request for equivalent connections or statements.

33、Pay more attention to the sentence stress sense groups and liaison. 在读课文时,我们要注意句子重音、意群和连读。

34、Couplet: Two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme. A heroic couplet is an iambic pentameter couplet. 对句:两个连续押韵的诗行。英雄双行体的对句一般都为抑扬格五音步。

35、Compound sentences which do not connect with each other between their clauses by connectives or conjunctions, but by meaning, intonation and so on, are compound sentences without connectives. 各分句间不用连接词或关联词,而用意义、语调等手段连接起来的复合句叫无连接词复合句。

36、Paratactic relation at the sentential level refers to constructions whose components are linked in meaning through juxtaposition and punctuation / intonation and not through the use of conjunctions. 在句子层次上的形合是指句子的各个组成部分是通过连接词来连接的。

37、You may also use a semicolon to connect two otherwise complete sentences even if they are connected by a conjunction, if the first sentence already has one or more commas in it. 即使分句之间已经用了连词来连接,只要第一个子句里已经有了一个或多个逗号,也可以使用分号来连接两个中间已经加了连词的两个完整子句。

38、When the language in literature is artful, I would choose to read every word. 如果所读的文学作品妙语连珠的话,我会选择逐字逐句地拜读。

39、A sentence of two or more coordinate independent clauses, often joined by a conjunction or conjunctions, as. 包括两个或多个并列句的句子,通常是由一个或几个连词连接,例如。

40、Although multiple getConnection calls in a LTC may return multiple connection handles with the same physical connection, the physical connection are serially reused, but not shared. 虽然在 LTC 中调用多次 getConnection 可以返回具有同一物理连接的多个连接句柄,该物理连接被连续重用,但是并没有被共享。

41、By the survey, we found that accident-class textual connective occur in the sentence-initial position connected with clauses, sentences, sentence groups. 通过分析可知,意外类篇章连接成分在篇章中主要是位于句首连接分句、句子、句群。

42、When we read the text, we should pay attention to sentence stress, pause and liaison. 读课文的时候,大家要注意句子的重音、停顿和连读。

43、Chapter three discusses some problems of SVS in syntactic dimension. 第三章论述连动句的句法平面中的若干问题。

44、Part II Combine the following words into one correct sentence. Choose the right sentence. ( 从下列连词成句练习中,选择正确的句子。

45、You don't use a semicolon to connect two complete sentences if there's a conjunction between the clauses (and, but, etc.). 可以不使用分号来连接两个完整的句子,只要在子句之间用了一个连词(and、but等)。

46、I am a middle school student. My name is Jerry. 也可以用and连接两个句子,显得句子结构更复杂一些,

47、He wouldn't breathe a word. 他连半句话都不说。

48、We believe that from the "V1+N, V2+N" to the development of the process in other complex sentence phenomenon at the same time, we just start on the general outline of the evolution of routes. 高增霞把“复句——连动句”视为一个连续统,我们认为,在该结构从复句“V1+N,V2+N”发展到连动句的过程中,一定存在多种句式同时并存的现象,在此只是抛砖引玉,对大体的演变路线进行勾勒。

49、Read the sentences. 强调句子认读。

50、English logical connectors, as we sometimes call signal words, name relationships between ideas in a sentence or a group of sentences. 英语逻辑连接词是连接句内或句子间语义关系的逻辑纽带。


51、The article makes the contrasts between predicate and pivotal sentences, Which are grammar research key points. 连谓句和兼语句的区分是语法研究的一个重点,是对一些特定形式句子的归属问题。

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