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关于”五种句型“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Five sentence patterns。以下是关于五种句型的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Five sentence patterns

1、The "I'm sorry" pattern is a great pattern. And it has at least three separate meanings. I'm sorry”句型是一个很棒的句型,它至少有三种不同的意思。

2、A study of karyotypes of 5 species in Larix. Title 五种落叶松的核型研究。

3、It's something that you can use in so many different situations and 你可以在各种场合使用这个句型,

4、It's fifty-nine yuan. 五十九元句号。

5、Your text outlines five types of e-commerce marketplaces. 你的文字概述了五种类型的电子商贸市场。

6、Dongyaozhuang gold deposit located in Wutai County of Shanxi Province is a new type of greenstone gold deposits. 东腰庄金矿位于山西省五台县境内,是五台山绿岩带金矿中发现的一种新型式的金矿床类型。

7、"Sunshine welfare program" divides into five basic categories and a combo product. “阳光福利计划”共分为五大基本类型和一种组合型产品。

8、The three types are format, statement or procedure-based handlers. 这三种类型是基于记录格式、语句和过程的 Handler 程序。

9、Learn five species of birds, five erflies, five trees, five bird songs. 了解五种鸟类,五种蝴蝶,五种树木和五类鸟声。

10、Five-type doctrine, which includes the theory of "Huan-di's Internal clic "and Liu Shao's five-type doctrine; 五类型说,包括《黄帝内经》的五类型说与刘劭的五类型说;

11、Try to find out the key sentences from U5. 从第五单元找出重点句型。

12、This is probably what you've used most in the past. 这可能是你过去最常用的一种句型了。

13、Look at the pictures on page fifty-five. Let's do the pattern drills imitating the example. 看第五十五页的图片,让我们仿照例句做句型训练。

14、The disjunctive question structure of several kinds of special sentence patterns is discussed. 从几种特殊句型来探讨其反意疑问句的句式。

15、No wonder people say bamboo is a useful plant. 第五句是结尾句,说明竹是一种有佣的植物。

16、Chapter V"complex sentence (three)". 第五章“复句(三)”。

17、I ask you over the fifth sip of tea. 喝你五口茶呀,问你五句话。

18、Air Cannons produces five models of launchers, ranging in size. 空气炮公司生产五种型号的发射器,按大小排列。

19、Three function types of ma -questions (inquiry, surmise and query) are distinguished on a basis of researching historical evolvement of ma ; 2. 根据“吗”字的历时演变过程析离出了现代汉语“吗”问句的三种功能类型:询问求知句、猜度求证句和反诘质疑句;2。

20、The concept of the term′unmarked sentences′is raised and defined for the first time. 英语非标识性语句的概念首次提出与界定了语言的五种主要形态。

21、So remember that it has two different meanings. 所以,请记住这个句型有两种不同的意思。

22、He gathered earlier writings to prepare what are called the Five Clics. 句型宝典他搜集以前的作品,编成了所谓的五经。

23、There will be no possibility for a girl to like me. 各种句型和专业说法任您挑选使用!

24、Wysocki and Legorreta define five types of project management Wysocki和Legorreta定义的项目管理的五种类型是

25、Ss: sentence structures, tenses, ouns, adverbials of time and place and verbs should be changed. 五变:一变句型、二变指代、动;三变时、地;四变时态;


26、Chapter 2 gives details in seven types of Siyang Dialects as well as formation, usage and requiring of concerning words. 第二章分析泗阳方言正反问句的七种独特形式,包括这七种类型的构成形式、对入句词语的要求以及使用情况。

27、We concluded with five major categories of usage behavior: the affection-oriented type, popular-taste type, pragmatic type, economical type, and specific application type. 研究发现五种认知类型,分别是:「情感依归型、流行尝鲜型、实务应用型、经济导向型、特殊功能型」。

28、We end the study with the conclusion that Role and Reference Grammar is powerful enough to describe and explain the grammatical problems in the Chinese language. 最后,得出了角色参照语法对于汉语的各种句型,包括单句、复句、和特殊句型都具有很强的解释功能的结论。

29、the old man always tells stories about the heroes to the children in the long march. 句型5: subject(主语)+verb (动词)+object (宾语)+complement(补语) 这种句型中的“宾语 + 补语”统称为“复合宾语”。

30、A sentence a day makes three hundred and sixty-five in a year! 一天一句,xx年就是三百六十五句啊!

31、Chapters 5 and 6 introduce mixed types in statements and methods. 第五章和第六章介绍混合型语句和一些编程方法。

32、星期五晚上他传来了这句话。 On Friday evening he ped this word along.

33、Hall said there are essentially five styles of flirting: physical, traditional, polite, sincere and playful。 他说,调情方式有五种基本类型:肢体型、传统型、礼貌型、真诚型和戏谑型。

34、Qingyang sachet There are five general types: head-mounted, shoulder horizontal type, chest hanging type, shoulder type, pedal type. 庆阳香包大体有五种类型:头戴型、肩卧型、胸挂型、背负型、脚蹬型。

35、In syntax level, we clify the question into four categories by C4.5 algorithm, such as yes-or-no interrogative, specially related interrogative, and so on. 在语法层面,本文采用C4.5决策树算法将问题分类为是非问句、正反问句、特选问句和特指问句四种类型;

36、Basic Patterns 1. What type of visa are you applying for? 根本句型你请求哪种签证?。

37、It's a total of fifty-four sentences. 总共有五十四个句子。

38、Professor Zhao: To learn this kind of sentences, one is to grasp its syntax structure and semantic characters; 赵教授:对“把”字句这种句型一个是要掌握它的句法结构、语义特征;

39、It's a very easy, very direct, not at all impolite way to express your desires in any situation. 这是个非常简单而直接的句型,用这样的句型在各种情形下表达你的愿望也不会显得不礼貌。

40、It was how the young man had learned five foreign languages( )attracted the audience's interest. A. so that B. that C. what D. in which B 强调句型“正是这个年轻人学会五种外语的办法引起了观众的兴趣。”

41、He couldn't speak for five minutes without cursing. 超不过五分钟就会咒骂一句

42、The verb predicate sentence pattern of Huian dialect is quite complicated with its own characteristics. 惠安方言动词谓语句是一种极具特点又相当复杂的句型。

43、Ss: Not so good. Ss have a free talk. 用一到五单元所教的句型进行对话。

44、The next pattern is an example of an affirmative statement. 下一个句型是一种肯定的陈述。

45、Altogether five major sentence patterns and four kinds of positive semantic carriers are disclosed. 这集中反映在五种常用句式和四种褒义词类上。

46、We learned four types of sentences , the last one of which is compound - complex sentences that are not mentioned in our textbooks. 我们学习了句子的四种类型,其中最后一种并列复合句是我们教材里未重点提到的。

47、And it's a great way to use the pattern. 这也是这个句型一种很不错的用法。

48、This opens a question wide for the respondent to really given any type of response. 这一句型的回答是开放式的,对方可以给出各种类型的回答。

49、Our next pattern is the "There is" statements or questions. 接下来学习的是There is句型,它是陈述或是问题句型。

50、The JMS Message cl and its five subtypes are automatically supported. 自动地支持 JMS Message 类及其五种子类型。


51、The cup is filled with water 房间里充满了烟(用两种句型)

52、From 154 Gsp genes, a total of 19 haplotypes were defined. The median-joining network of the 19 haplotypes indicated that five haplotype groups were indentified. 利用中介邻接网络法对19种单倍型之间的关系进行分析表明,可将19种单倍型分为五种单倍型组。

53、Researches on syntactic processing are mainly concerned with the ambiguity of sentences and two representative models including shift-reduce parsing and unification space were developed. 句法分析重点关注句子歧义的问题,主要有移进——归约句法分析和联合空间两种模型。

54、In chapter five, we calculate the conductance of two typical open periodic structures. 在第五章中,我们计算了两种典型的开放周期型结构的电导。

55、You can also use it if you're feeling emotional about something 当你对某事有某种感觉时,你也可以使用这个句型。

56、   He bought some bananas for us。 通常用于这种句型的动词有:give, hand, read, show, tell, throw, wish, buy, do, make, ask, leave等。

57、For instance, Guangdong' s Yueyue has three types and Chaoyue has four, all of which inherited those in ancient China. 广东的粤乐,它有着三种类型的五声音阶;潮乐也有着四种类型的五声音阶。这都是中国古代仿承发展过来的。

58、De Man's point is a question is both rhetorical and grammatical, and the one cannot be reduced to the other. Both readings are available. 德曼想指出的是,一个问句既是修辞型问句又是语法型问句,那么一个不能变成另一个,两种理解都有效。

59、The contents include nouns, 5 kinds of ouns , adjectives, 3 kinds of adverbs, tenses, verbs, phrase and clause types, sentence patterns and structure, etc. 内容涵盖名词、5种代名词、形容词、3种副词、时态、动词、片语和子句、句型和句构等等。

60、Secondly, the double-object construction can be divided into two types: extro-orientational sentence and intro-orientational sentence by the moving direction of Direct object. 其次,我们根据直接宾语位移的方向将双宾句分成两种类型:外向句和内向句。

61、There are five types of fear, and therefore there are five remedies, one for each type. 有五种类型的恐惧,因此有五种疗方,各对应一种恐惧。

62、The existential construction, representing a typical feature of Chinese as a topic-prominent language, is a special kind of sentence pattern in modern Chinese. 存现句体现汉语作为话题突出型语言的典型特征,是现代汉语中比较有特点的一种句式。

63、On Friday evening he ped this word along. 星期五晚上他传来了这句话。


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