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关于”短小精悍的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:A short sentence。以下是关于短小精悍的句子的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A short sentence

1、Relax the muscles of your jaw. Use short sentences. Minimize the use of interjections, such as "um" and "ah. 放松上下颌的肌肉,用简短的句子,避免不必要地加插“唔”“啊”等语气词。

2、This suggests the small, stocky Indohyus spent a lot of time in the water. 这证明了,这种短小精悍的生物,在水里待了很长的一段时间。

3、This article is short and pithy . 这篇文章短小精悍。

4、Short sentences are preferable to long in the presentation of complex information. Listings should be used to break up long pages of prose and to emphasize information. 在复杂信息的表述中短句子比起长句子更可龋列出次序的方式应该得以使用,来打散文章中的长段并强调信息。

5、The elaborate building of long sentences and its ingenious, vivid short sentences in poetic novel entitled Eugene One. 在诗体小说《叶甫盖尼·奥涅金》里,长句的精心布设和短句的灵巧传神是一项重要的句法特色。

6、The regions that lit up only for word-order sentences are known to be involved with short-term memory. 对于语序式的句子,这些区域和短时记忆的大脑区域有关。

7、And syntax refers to those rules and principles that allow us to combine words into phrases and phrases into sentences. 语法是指使我们将词组合成短语,以及将短语组合成句子的规则和原则

8、One week of effort isn’t going to get you a finished ebook, unless you’re working on something very short. 仅仅忙活一周可写不完一本书,除非你的那本极其短小精悍。

9、Pet alligator found travelling in train by startled customs officials 这个星期挪威海关官员在去奥斯陆的火车上截获了一个短小精悍的的乘客。

10、Marshall was small and wiry, with bright dancing eyes. 马歇尔个头不高,短小精悍,明亮的眼睛一闪一闪的。

11、" they said to Mrs and Mr Brown. They enjoyed the nice food and had a good time that evening. 根据短文,完成下面句子。

12、This is a nice reading, but short. Enjoy! 这是一篇短小精悍的文章,希望您能喜欢!

13、Step2:Let ss discuss which words will be used to describle a new teacher in groups and write them on notebooks. 让学生想出人物简介中可能用到的词汇、短语或句子结构。并挑出好的请同学在黑板上写出来。

14、The whole novel is short snappy and rich in meaning, thought-provoking like a modern fable. 整部小说短小精悍而寓意丰富,犹如一部现代寓言发人深省。

15、Short, powerful, does not contain any plug-in is your weapon stocks. 短小精悍,功能强大,不含任何插件,是您炒股的利器。

16、The meeting " short , small , fine , bold ". 会议“短、小、精、悍”;

17、Most captions are short, just one or two lines in small type. 大多数文字说明短小精悍,仅有一到两行小型字体。

18、In verb-copying construction, the verb-complement is the predicate while the verb-noun is deverbalized to be the topic. 动词复制结构中的动补短语为句子的谓语成分,动宾短语发生了去名词化而成为话题。

19、Symmetrical structure of the sentence has a flowing sense about it. Projecting the innovative technique and reliable quality of Canon printer. 简短对称的句子结构,给人朗朗上口感觉。突出了佳能打印机技术的创新,与品质的可靠。

20、Avoid short, py sentences and long straggling sentences with more than one maid ideas. 避免写那些短而拗口和长而散落,包含不止一个主旨的句子。

21、Coordination has two structural forms: sentence coordination and phrase coordination. 并列结构有两种构成方式:句子并列和短语并列。

22、Don't tell me about these complicated sentences from Balzac's short story. 不要给我讲巴尔扎克短篇小说里的这些复杂的句子。

23、This could mean that listeners need to hold words in their short-term memory to understand word-order sentences, while processing word-tag sentences is more automatic, Newman says. Newman对此说道,这意味着对于语序式句子来讲,其使用者会将这些句子保存在他们的短时记忆中,对应的标签式句子则相对来说更为自动化一些。

24、The sentence with subject_verb subject refers to a sentence in which a subject_verb phrase acts as subject, which has not yet been put on the list. 主谓主语句就是主谓短语作主语的句子,它至今还没有一个正式的名分。

25、The Chinese poems are short but the meaning is deep. 中国诗歌短小精悍却意境幽远。


26、They tend to use basic words and short sentences, repeat target words and sentence patterns with high frequency and use Chinese translation and self-repetition as discourse modification. 实习教师倾向于使用基本词汇和简短的句子,目标词汇和句型的重复率较高;

27、It is important to recognize the prosodic phrase breaks in text-to-speech. 句子的韵律短语识别是语音合成的重要研究内容。

28、REBOL introduces the concept of dialecting - small, efficient, domain-specific sublanguages for code, data, and metadata. REBOL引入了方言的概念——专为编码、数据与原数据处理工作的一种短小、精悍、有特定领域的子语言。

29、Simplicity of language demands, in the first place, that the texts should be colloquial rather than literacy; that they should be written in short sentences, not in long and complicated clauses. 语言的简洁首先要求用语通俗,不要艰涩,还要求构句简短,不要使用复杂冗长的从句。

30、A general idea of a sentence or a phrase is always better than that of a single word. 对句子或短语的大概理解总比对单词的理解来得好。

31、Use short words, short sentences, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and short pages. 使用简短词语、句子、段落、项目符号。 页面不要太长。

32、More and more young students go abroad because they want to get better education and find a better job in the future. 如:避免“学生出国”,只写“出国”;避免“他们想要…”,只写“想要…”。 这样,上面的句子就可以写成:go abroad to get better education and find a better job in the future,不但很客观,而且把原来的主句和从句两部分精简处理成了一个动词短语。

33、Sentences vary, the cadence isn't too long, nor too short. 句子要有变化,韵律不宜过长,也不宜过短。

34、As Ann Landers gained fame so did many of her words. People began to repeat some her short, pointed sentences. 随着安。兰德丝名声大振,她的一些话也是名声鹊起,人们开始时常重复她的一些简短、精辟的句子。

35、Afanti stories which spread in Xinjiang , China have short and pithy form , charming and witty content. 我国新疆地区流传的阿凡提故事,形式短小精悍,内容风趣幽默。

36、Great! Now open your book at the page 21. I'll ask one student to read it to the cl. 学生先自己阅读这段文章,然后让学生依次翻译一句,并将重要的句子和短语划出。

37、But you can make a first step by writing short sentences, avoiding page-long paragraphs, and being careful to signal transitions. 但你可以从写简短的句子做起,避免长达一页的段落,注意主题转换不要太突兀。

38、This Pipe Candlestick is a fine, dapper and slightly quirky accessory for your home! 这款短小精悍的有点怪的烟斗烛台最适合家居!

39、Twins intuitively understand each other and use shortened sentences and words when they talk. 因为他们心领神会,谈话时只需简短的句子和言词。

40、To achieve conciseness of your letter-writing , try to keep your sentences short , avoid unnecessary wordiness or repetition , and eliminate excessive details . 要达到你信件写作的简洁,就要努力保持句子简短,避免不必要的多嘴和重复,清除多余的细节。

41、Finally, I will share three short snappy articles with you that I read recently. 最后,我想跟大家分享做最近读到的三篇短小精悍的美文。

42、The header of a DP is an adverb, and the whole phrase plays the adverbial role in a sentence. 副词短语以副词为核心词,同时整个短语在句子中,仍然为副词的功能。

43、Mary recovered after a long period of stay in hospital。 (句子更加简洁)

44、Use each of the above italicized phrases in sentences of your own. 用以上斜体印出的短语各造一个句子。

45、Use short, succinct sentences that get to the point immediately; remember, your goal here is to dispense important information, so give that to the reader right up front. 使用短小简洁的句子直奔主题;记住,写电邮的目的是为了传达重要信息,所以要让读邮件的人首先看到要点。

46、The study of paraphrase is about the synonymy phenomena of phrases or sentences. 复述研究的对象主要是短语或者句子的同义现象。

47、In Chinese, a sentence can be embedded in a noun phrase to modify its head noun and such a process is called relativization. Relativization usually results in relative clauses or adjectival clauses. 汉语可以把一个句子内嵌在一个名词短语中作中心语的限定语,这种过程就是“关系化”,而关系化的产物就是关系小句或形容词性小句。

48、Although the words of Liu Song of the mismanagement of the answer a little short, word for word but all the true heart of the speech. 虽然不善言谈的刘子歌的回答略显简短,但逐字逐句都是内心的真实感言。

49、The ladies who meet regularly in a museum cafe in Cologne skip the gossip and get straight down to haiku, an ultra-brief poetry style that has spread from Japan around the globe. 一些女士们定期在科隆博物馆的咖啡厅里聚会。 她们不闲谈八卦,而是直接切入正题探讨俳句——一种从日本风靡至全球的短小精悍的诗体。

50、When speaking to a child who has the tendency to stutter, use short sentences and speak in a slow and clear manner. 和有口吃问题的孩子对话时,速度应放慢、句子改短、咬字清晰。


51、She sounds dis­abled when she speaks, and she can talk only in very short sentences. 她的语言功能受到了损伤,现在只能说些很短的句子。

52、Like wearing mini-skirt, sentences in speech or writing should be the shorter, the better. 也有人打趣的说:「讲演或写作的句子,就像穿迷你裙,愈短愈好。」

53、Some nice little and useful applications have been built around our service. 一些建立在我们服务的短小精悍和游泳的应用程序。

54、An idiom is a phrase refined from a longtime use with the features of conciseness , metaphor and penetration, etc. 习语是经过长时间的使用而提炼出来的固定短语或短句,它一般具有文字简练,比喻形象,含义精辟等特点。

55、Basically he gave very short, concise answers. 他给出的答案大多短小精悍,逻辑清晰。

56、Thellos article on the bacon, dapper beauty of concise language expression by vivid the comprehension of beauty. 培根的这篇《论美》短小精悍,通过生动简练的语言表达了作者对美的领悟。

57、From the choices given below, choose the one phrase that you hear in the sentence. 从每题给出的选项中选出所听句子中包含的短语。

58、Simple Sentences, Substitution, And Intuitions. 简单句子,替代,和直觉。

59、There are 60 funny video clips on the web-site (in the 'Record and playback' folder). 网页内“录制回放”提供了60个短小精悍的趣味录像。

60、In 2010, this trend will move away from the quirky navigation and become more minimal in its approach. 在xx年,这种风格会摆脱花哨的导航变得更加短小精悍。

61、The solution is to go short wherever possible: short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. 在任何情况下,都要尽量使用简短的词汇、简单的句子、简洁的段落,做到简洁明了。 这才是解决之道。

62、Be involved. Verbal "I'm paying attention" signals might be brief interjections when appropriate. 多投入:在合适的时候说句“我在注意听”来表示一个简短的感叹。

63、So that makes blog writing shorter and faster and more exciting. 所以,务必保持博客短小精悍、更新及时,还有更加激动人心。


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