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关于”基本句型结构“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Basic sentence structure。以下是关于基本句型结构的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Basic sentence structure

1、You'll find that conditionals are pretty much the same as in PHP: You'll have access to the familiar if/else-type structures shown in Listing 7. 您会发现 Phyon 中的条件语句与 PHP 基本相同:您可以使用熟悉的 if/else 型结构,如清单 7 所示。

2、This article has studied comprehensively and deeply in main, from the sentence grammatical culture, the foundation type , the art character , and so on. 本文主要从骈偶的句法结构、骈偶的基本类型,以及骈偶的艺术特色等六个方面对《文心》中的骈偶进行了较全面而深入的分析研究。

3、And there are fixed corresponding relationship between basic semantic structural patterns of sentences and syntax. 这些基干句模与句型之间存在着一定的对应关系。

4、Three basic types of model, j. e. geometricsimilar model, structural similar model and functional similar model; 模型的三种基本类型:几何相似模型、结构相似模型、功能相似模型;

5、The basic theories of neuron model-free control are introduced, which includes the neuron model for control, the learning strategy and the neuron control method. 介绍了神经元非模型控制的基本理论和方法,包括面向控制的神经元模型、学习策略、神经元控制系统的一般结构和神经元非模型控制的基本方法;

6、The procedure-based handler is best used for result set consumption or "one and done" type SQL statements such as MERGE. 基于语句的 Handler 程序最适合使用结果集或 MERGE 之类的 “一气呵成”型 SQL 语句。

7、She discusses parts of speech, basic sentence patterns, verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, relative clauses, imperative sentences, and so on. 内容包括词类、基本句型、动词、名词、形容词与副词、介词、关系子句、祈使句等等。

8、In the field of mechanics, linkage mechanism can be seen as the original structure model theoretically of all other basic mechanisms. 在机械学领域,连杆机构可视为其它基本机构的理论结构原型。

9、The structure of SQL-like nested queries is examined. It is shown that any SQL- like nested query can be decomposed into four basic nested types. 本文分析了SQL类查询语句的基本结构,指出任何一个嵌套结构的SQL类语句都可以由四种基本嵌套类型组成。

10、This study could provide the foundation for further establishment of non-stationary rheological constitutive model. 其研究结果为建立岩石损伤流变本构模型奠定基础。

11、Results 6 ABO genotypes were found in 14 samples. The result is consistent on phenotypes and genotypes of blood samples. 结果14例标本共检出6种ABO基因型,与表现型和血液标本的基因型结果完全一致。

12、The demonstration model basically tallies with the hypothetic theory model. 实证模型与理论构想模型基本拟合。

13、There are several variations that you can use to change this pattern slightly with basically the same meaning. 通过对句型做一些小的调整,我们可以有几种基本含义一致的变形。

14、As an organic part of Chinese grammar research, the research of sentences'semantic structural patterns must abide by the basic principle that the research should combine meaning with form. 作为语法研究的一个有机组成部分,句义结构的类型研究必须要遵循语形语义相结合的基本原则。

15、The study of the English identifying clause has aroused much interest since the 1960s, and the discussion on this type of clause is still going on. 本文阐述了小句的结构、类型和格分配,探讨了英汉小句的差异,认为小句的结构特点体现了语言学经济原则 的运用。

16、The texts used in Zhi illustrate a format consisting four sentences with seven Chinese characters each; all the melodies are composed basically of an up-low structure. 其唱词通常是七言四句的格式,所用的曲调则基本上是上下句的结构;

17、They tend to use basic words and short sentences, repeat target words and sentence patterns with high frequency and use Chinese translation and self-repetition as discourse modification. 实习教师倾向于使用基本词汇和简短的句子,目标词汇和句型的重复率较高;

18、These base roles include composit, landmark, roletype, structure, widget, and window. 这些基本角色包括复合(composit)、路标、角色类型、结构、小部件和窗口。

19、There are many ways to vary the basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object. 由许多方法可以变换英语“主—动—宾”基本句型。

20、Open types like CompositeData can represent complex (that is, non-primitive or structured) data in terms of the more fundamental types. 像 CompositeData 这样的开放类型可以用更基本的类型来代表复杂的(即非基本的或结构化的)数据。

21、The typed topics represent the fundamental structuring layer for DITA topic-oriented content. 类型化主题代表 DITA 面向主题内容的基本结构层。

22、The basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object can be varied in many ways . 英语“主-动-宾”基本句型可以用许多方法加以变换。

23、Eg: Libretto for the seven basic words, actors recite lyrics, and to put it plainly. 例句:唱词基本为七字句,演员吟诵唱词,兼以说白。

24、And it means basically the same thing. 这两句的意思基本是一致的。

25、Basic Patterns 1. What type of visa are you applying for? 根本句型你请求哪种签证?。


26、Delahunty and Garvey (1994: 207) state that"clauses are basic for several reasons." Delahunty和Garvey(1994: 207)指出:“有几个原因能够说明从句是基本的语法结构。

27、The basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object can be varied in many ways. 由许多方法可以变换英语“主—动—宾”基本句型。

28、It is benevolent to look after "Sth"(Sb) 这里的Sth可以是事物, Sb可以指人。

29、Knowledge-pursuing talents are the basic unit of the correspondent society and they contribute a lot to the construction of learning-oriented society. 学习型人才是学习型社会的基本构成单元,更是构建学习型社会的基础和平台。

30、Teaching requirement: Master the learned vocabulary, basic sentence pattern and grammar, and can use that to make piratical sentence, passage. Can read and translate fluently and accurately. 教学要求:掌握所学词汇;掌握基本句型及语法;并能熟练运用这些基本词汇、句型写出实用句子、短文。通过学习能流利、正确地阅读与翻译。

31、This thesis applies the Frame Semantics and other theories to approach the syntactic constructions and discipline on the base of description of frame-semantic construction. 本文运用框架语义相关理论,在框架语义结构分析的基础上,重点描述和研究复此类动词复合型词元的句法结构及其实现规律。

32、This posting has outlined the basic structure of VIEs using a typical example. 这篇博文通过一个典型样本概述了VIE的基本结构。

33、This is a brief report of author's research results about the characteristic of yield components combination, plant type and canopy structure. 本文为作者对小麦超高产基因型产量因素结构、株型和冠层结构特征的系统研究结果的简要报告。

34、The next pattern is the "I'm ~ing" pattern. 下一个句型是“I'm ~ing”句型。

35、Like I said, basically it's just asking permission to do something or asking for somebody else to do something. 就像我说的,这个句型的基本意思是征求做某事的允许或请求他人做某事。

36、Our next patter is "I'd rather" pattern. 下一个句型是“I'd rather”句型。

37、The model is basically an attributed tree-like structure. 模型的基本结构是带属性的树。

38、"The structure of subject predicate used as predicate of the sentence" is a basic sentence pattern in modern Chinese which possesses a typical Chinese characteristics. “主谓谓语句”是现代汉语的一种基本句型,具有典型的汉语言特点。

39、Mainly on basic grammar, such as nouns, basic sentence structure, pronouns , etc. etc. 主要讲解基本语法知识,如名词,句子基本 结构,代词等。

40、The Song of Mighty Valor Movement set up the narrative tradition for the Extolment of Zhou and a model for the style of temple songs and dances. 大武歌诗奠定了《周颂》的叙事传统,同时也为早期庙堂歌舞的体制提供了范型,以四节为基本单位,和《诗经》的四句成章遵循同一结构模式。

41、It also makes thorough and careful research into SunZi's compound sentences and sentence groups, including their structure gradations, semantic relations, conjunctive means and their differences. 本文对《孙子》的复句和句群作了较为深入细致的研究,对每一类型的结构层次、语义关系、连接手段都作了细致描写,并揭示了复句与句群之间的差异。

42、While Jianyu pattern in Chinese is one of the clause patterns with distinctive structures, SVOC clause in English belongs to the category of basic clause patterns. 汉语兼语句是一种具有独特结构特点的句式,英语的SVOC句式是英语中的一种基本句型。

43、Intuitect has Intuitect Basic and Intuitect Professional editions. Intuitect 有基本型和专业型两个版本 。

44、The next basic structure is the subtype or ROW type. 接下来的一种基本结构是子类型或 ROW 类型。

45、Listing 4. The basic syntax for the if statement 清单 4. if 语句的基本语法

46、In other words, the Basic Dynamic Load Rating provides a basis of Life Calculations based on the size and type of ball screws. 换句话说,基本额定动载荷提供了一个基于丝杠类型和尺寸来计算寿命的基础。

47、Imperative sentences are an essential sentence pattern in Lao-Qi-Da and Piao-Tong-Shi, two textbooks meant for teaching Chinese to Koreans in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties. 祈使句是《老乞大》和《朴通事》中的一种基本句类,类型多,分布广,本身又积淀了丰富的历史语言信息。

48、Professor Zhao: To learn this kind of sentences, one is to grasp its syntax structure and semantic characters; 赵教授:对“把”字句这种句型一个是要掌握它的句法结构、语义特征;

49、They haven’t decided where to go next. She stopped teaching English two years ago. 英语基本句型4 双宾语结构:此结构由“主语+及物谓语动词+间接宾语(人)+直接宾语(事物)”组成。

50、A collection of fundamental type implementations, such as integers, doubles, enums and structured types, to name a few. 一个基本类型的实现集,如整型,枚举型和结构型等。


51、NVS is based on Trojan horse architecture and facing to network attack. 在此基础之上,本文提出了一个基于木马体系结构的漏洞扫描模型。

52、Simple sentence and complex sentence are two kinds of basically sentence pattern in modern Chinese . 单句和复句是现代汉语中的两种基本句型。

53、So in other words, what it's saying is the configurational energy is zero, because everything is stuck in the ground state. 换句话说,它表示构型能量是零,因为所有分子都冻结在基态。

54、Upon reviewing four kinds of the basic DRO topologies, we choose the series feedback DRO. 在对DRO的四种基本电路结构分析基础上,我们选择串联反馈型DRO电路结构。

55、Product knowledge and S-B-F representation model based on ontology were designed. 设计了基于本体的产品知识结构-行为-功能表达模型。

56、Learning Chinese Bracketing Knowledge Based on a Bilingual Language Model. 基于双语模型的汉语句法分析知识自动获取。

57、A derived data type is a derivative or structure of existing base types or other derived types. 派生数据类型是已有的基本类型或其他派生类型的一个派生物或结构。

58、The result shows that there are three basic types of sound speed profile structure in sea areas of China: D-type, S-type and T-type. 结果表明,中国近海的声速剖面结构可分为深海型、浅海型和过渡型三个基本类型。

59、The basic structure of single pile and micro-pile composite structure and the layout of the slope reinforcement is combined. 介绍了微型桩组合结构单桩的基本构造和微型桩组合结构的基本构成以及微型桩加固边坡的布置形式;

60、Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake。 英语基本句型3 主谓宾结构:本结构是由主语+及物的谓语动词+宾语构成。

61、The causative verbs and their sentence patterns are one of the English basic characteristics. 使役动词及其句型结构是英语的基本特色之一。

62、Two basic methods, namely the structural and non-structural, are used in the measurement. 形象测量方法可分“结构法”和“非结构法”两种基本类型。

63、Simple types -- The basic building blocks, like int and float 简单类型 —— 基本构建块,如 int 和 float。

64、Love you,little Gao Mi to honey,Zhang Yu 以上基本为逐字逐句原文翻译,需调整句子,某人to/for某人要放

65、The basic function of the Cantonese final particles is assisting the intonation to convey moods. 广州话句末语气助词的基本功能是辅助句调表达语气。

66、T he basic aspect sense of "(?)" is progressive aspect. In this chapter, it studied Chinese pattern usage which express the progressive aspect sense. “-(?)”的最基本的体意义是进行体,在本章中考察了表现进行体意义的“-(?)”在汉语中的惯用句型。

67、I may add, too, that I was largely self-taught. 补充一句,我基本上是自学的。

68、The author believes the structural approach in English teaching can reach a strong effect, specially in the further consolidation of the English training in basic skills. 对结构法在句型教学、听说教学和电化教学等方面的应用作了探讨,认为把结构法应用于英语教学中,对强化英语的基本功训练有着明显的效果。

69、This article firstly uses the abstract, creation, recursion of the sentence model to demonstrate the rationality that the modifier has no affects on sentence model. 本文首先以句型的抽象性、生成性和句法结构的递归性论证"修饰语不影响句型"在理论上的合理性,并指出其在实践上的优点及理论上的瑕疵;

70、It is taken granted that all English SVO constructions can be converted into their passive counter-parts, with their basic meaning remaining unchanged. 不少人以为英语“主谓宾”结构都可以转变成被动句,而且语态转换不会改变句子的基本意义。

71、The main structure of the explosion-proof is similar to that of the common one. 防爆型主体结构与普通型基本相同;

72、The baseline, in other words, selects one version of each file in the component. 基线,换句话说就是,选择在构件里的每个文件的一个版本。

73、LMWXJ-1 has a typical glutenin structure similar to those of published LMW-GS genes. 序列分析的结果表明LMWXJ-1具有典型的低分子量谷蛋白亚基基因的基本结构。

74、An argument is a logical participant in a predication. It is generally identical with the nominal element(s) in a sentence. 论元指的是述谓结构中的逻辑参与者,基本上等同于句子中的名词部分。

75、This course covers about 400 new words, 50 grammar points and sentence patterns. 该课程收集了收入近400个生词,50多个语法点和基本句型。

英文句子模板76:Basic sentence structure

76、The first chapter seeing about the structure characters and types of the syntax and semantic of the Verb-copying sentence. 论文第一章考察了重动句的句法和语义的结构特点及类型。

77、It's basically the same as the "may I" question. 它与“May I”问句的意思基本一致。


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