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A sees of counterfeit brand-name pducts, such as mobile phones, DVD, MP3 and so on, have made deshanzhai the most popular word this year. Now we wear Shanzhai watches, chat thugh Shanzhai mobile phones, play Shanzhai video s, use Shanzhai comrs, and n watch Shanzhai TV dramas once a semester. Before some electnic pducts, they are used to indicate the infeor quality of the imitated version.

Shanzhai now implies many Chinese people With the se of Shanzhai culte, public opinion is obviously divided. People always associate it with innovation, fashion, DIY spit, openness and practicality. Bee Shanzhai pducts often combine imitation with innovation - similar skin, different heart - the final pduct is usually powerful and cheaper than the oginal pduct.

In addition, bee of them, they respond to the quickly and are thoughtful in desi. More and grassots people can enjoy the benefits of modern technolo. Howr, others, including me, hold a conservative attitude towards the Shanzhai fr.

Although the Shanzhai fr has won so much populaty, it is the plagia of Shanzhai. The dicule of famous brand pducts not only steals their pfits, but also distbs the competition. Under the guise of anti supeoty slo, Shanzhai pducts make illegal pfits by infnging intellectual pperty ghts and tax evasion.

In addition, the so-called innovation is just meaningless empty talk. Real innovation always faces huge costs and potential failes, and plagia is only It's based on the sk of others' success.




2:文化,Based on the Manchu language of the Manchu population census in China, the Manchu language of the Manchu people in the northern part of China is mainly based on the Manchu language of the Manchu people in the northern part of China In part, as the Manchu moved fm the north to central China, they learned and adopted the dominant Chinese language. Today, only the old people in the remote areas of Heilongjiang pvince still know and can use their ancestral language. Age belief: in ancient times, people belid in Shamani.

Influenced by Buddhi, Taoi and Coniani, their beliefs showed diversified charactesti, and Bodhisattva statues were not rare In addition, human beings dloped agculte, fishing and animal huandry based on their literary and artistic achiments. Especially after the founding of modern China, Manchu people had unique dishes, including hot pot, so soup, blood ssage and "Bobo". This is a kind of steamed cake in human culte, and does not eat dog meat or any pducts dd fm dogs.

The festival is the traditional festival In the Spng Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, the man and the Han nationality all put skating and other distinctive sports activities into the human festival activities. The tradition is that men are brave, athletic and good at ding and shooting. Women and children in Qing Dynasty are as capable as men.

Men comb their hair on the left and shave off the hair nd their forehead. The woman was weang hairpins, earngs and a dress cheongsam.




3:文化,How to learn English well maybe some people don't know how to learn English. English is a popular language in the world. First of all, you must understand the world and pnunciation.

Learning English words is very easy and important. If you don't pnunciation, yo school is not English words. Then you can read English articles and recite English words, pay attention to grammar ry day, and finally do English listening I wish you success in yo study.



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